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Today's Music Monthly

Today's Music Monthly


Music No.1


Fender Mustang

Music of Taylor Swift

Gemeinhardt Flute Review

How Does Jay Gou Encourage His Fans
With His Songs?

A way to Give Back!

Gibson's Game Changing

Music Therapy Used For Mental

Death of The Music Industry
Music Industry In China


Louis Eastham The grit of the distortion knob sounds good until you
Dr. Wright pass the 5“ ” mark, at which point the tone loses all
ENG 111-08 brightness and clarity and begins to sound like a
failed 90s metal band.
A guitar amp is a must if you want to play electric
guitar. A challenge that many face is deciding which This amp is targeted for beginners looking for a
amp to get. This review may help in this challenge as cheap amp with great usability but not necessarily
I am reviewing the Fender Mustang I™ 20 watt performance readiness. It accomplishes these goals
guitar amp. This amp is aimed for beginners looking quite well. In terms of performance power, the
for a usable amp that is fairly inexpensive costing Mustang falls short. The amp itself is only twenty
$120 compared to the $1,200 price-tag that comes watts, and while it gets plenty loud, it’s just not
with some amps. enough for a performance. Once you really crank it
up the tone becomes muddy and difficult to
While the build of the Mustang I is high quality, the distinguish between notes which would leave an
tone and sound has its ups and downs. In several audience quite disappointed. Also, from personal
places the sound quality can be great, ethereal even. experience, the volume knob is overly sensitive. The
But this is not always the case with the Mustang. In difference between too loud and too quiet for the
terms of a clean tone, this amp does very well. One performance is no more than 1/16 of an inch. But, if
of the included effects is a reverb setting that could you are a beginner this will more than likely not be a
make you swear that you are using professional problem as you strum away in your bedroom.
grade equipment. You can pull either a deep hollow
type clean tone or a bright, twingy one from this This amp is very well built. It has many control knobs
amp. Then we come to the distortion setting of the made of metal and durable plastic. The amp itself is
Mustang I. In some cases the distortion setting can sturdily made with dials and LED lights.
be great, giving you the tone of a classic Gibson
being played through a Marshall half-stack, and in
other cases giving you a muddy mess of noise.

The mesh covering the speaker is things such as “British 80s” or The Mustang I amp includes four
heavy duty as well as the Fender “Supersonic”, are simply different different input jacks for instruments,
emblem on said mesh. It stands arrangements of the effects on the headphones, auxiliary input, and a
freely on four durable rubber feet amp. This is targeted towards people footswitch. These are good quality
and is electrified by a well made who do not know how to produce the features, except for the fact that the
three-pronged power cord. The sound they desire. They can be changed amp does not come with a
instrument cable is plugged into if you move a knob or switch an effect. A footswitch to use. After owning this
the input jack that is out of the way, downside to this is if you change a preset amp for 2+ years, I can personally say
yet still conveniently placed. Behind and do not press the “Save” button, all of that this is quite inconvenient. You
the input jack is a plug-in for a your progress will be lost. In my personal can purchase a footswitch
footswitch, although the amp does experience of owning this amp, I have separately, but the specific model for
not come with a footswitch. In many times worked tirelessly to craft a the Mustang I is not cheap. With no
terms of durability, the Mustang I is specific tone only to have all of my hard footswitch that leaves one input
a great product. work deleted. This can either be a pro or completely useless. The other three,
a con; on one had it makes accidentally on the other hand, are well built and
The Mustang I has many handy editing a setting difficult, and on the extremely convenient.
presets. These are the sound presets other hand losing a great tone very easy. The Fender Mustang I 20 watt amp is
that are loaded into the amp at the one of the best “bang for your buck”
factory. These presets, labeled amplifiers on the market. It is well
built and great for beginners to
practice on. But, this amp would not
be ideal for performance grade use.
All in all, if you are looking for a
starter amp, consider the Mustang I.

11 |



Beibei Zhou
Dr. Wright
ENG 111-08
15 Sept. 2015 When we talk about music, Pennsylvania state in her
it reminds me of my favorite childhood. She is interested
American singer-------Taylor in singing and got talents in
Swift. She also participates this when she was young.
in other areas such as Then She was encouraged
acting. But the music she by her mom to put more
creates is the most effort on country music.
meaningful marks in her After watching the country
life. music video, she became
Taylor Swift was born in crazy in it. This is the reason
1989 and in 2006, she why she is so addict to the
became a singer. She is the country music.Since she
seven-time Grammy winner released her second album
and owns the highest honor “Fearless”, it hit the
in the music industry----THE champion for 11 times and
GRAMMY AWARD FOR won the Grammy award in
ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Her that year. The “white horse”
albums got over one million in the album “Fearless” won
hits. She was the the best country music of
representative person of the year. In 2008, the song
country music and then she “you belong with me “was
shifted to be a pop music released. It is a love song
star. The change of her style which can motivate people
in music is really successful up and has power in it. The
and she is known as the meaning of the song is to
global pop star in the world. tell people never give up
She is much more popular your hope and to love who
now. The country music is you love. Later on, this song
her life musicShe lived in won the best female video
the countryside of in the next year.

In the several years later, she held a lot of her Cite: these songs were once about
personal concerts to sing her songs to the public. In my life. (Taylor swift); She is, quite
2012, she released her forth album “Red”. According simple, a global superstar.
to her achievement, she held her concert all over the
world and got a lot of good reputation. She gets a lot
of fans through the concert.

In 2014, her fifth album <<1989>> was released . The
name of this album is her birth year, 1989. It is a
newly pop album which she began to try something
new in it. This album is her significant shift through
country music to pop music. One of them “welcome
to New York” is a song that is easy to sing and easy to
remember. It expresses the spirit of equality and
welcome people from all over the world to visit New
York. Another song is called “shake it off”, it is a
different style compare to the one before. The
meaning and the melody is full of the positive
energy. Those songs helps her to take over the
position in pop music.
She is, quite simple, a global superstar. What we
saw on the stage is always the most perfect images
and wonderful shows she brings to us. It seems that
everything is excellent. But what we ignore is that
the time she spent on it over and over nights and the
changes she made through everyday. She would
also make mistakes. However, her attitude to the
problems is not afraid of it and then escape. What
she chooses to do is to face it and make changes on
it. Every step she takes is worth to get respect from
people. This is why people like her so much.

From my own perspective, she is the most power
women who worth me to learn her spirits and
hardworking. When i feel upset, i would play her
music over and over again.


ASHLEIGH MCKENZIE The sound quality on the Gemeinhardt 1SP - Factory
ENG 111 08 2nd Flute is better and I found that it doesn’t dent as
26 SEPT. 2015 much as the Sky Flute did.

Throughout the years that I have played the flute I have The next advance would be the 3 flute with opened
had two different flutes and have seen many others. holed keys. This is for flute players ready to take that
When I got to high school I was told that Gemeinhardt next step. The holes are to help with the sound
Flutes were the suggested brand. The Gemeinhardt quality and allows you to do neat tricks that a regular
Company has been around for many of years. The flute would not according to The Hub. The
company was founded by Kurt Gemeinhardt. He came Gemeinhardt flute comes with plugs for the holes so
to America in 1928 and worked for a flute company and you can put them in and remove them on at a time as
then decided to start his own company. Today the you become more comfortable. The flute has a few
company has many types of flutes. They range from the benefits which is it is silver plated and has an extra
beginner, 1SP – Factory 2nd C Flute, The 3 Flute, and the key on the foot joint. The flute comes with a hard-
33SB Flute for professionals. shell plastic case and plastic woodwind cleaning rod.
According to reviewers, the Gemeinhardt 3 flute is
Reviewers say that the Gemeinhardt 1SP - Factory 2nd well made and has great sound quality. The flute has
Flute is one of the best starter flutes, because it is easy good response time as well as the keys having good
to play and has just the basic keys that every flute has. response to fast movement. The flute is not that
The flute has a lot of benefits and features that comes heavy and because of its silver plating it is more
with it. Some of these benefits is you get a hard-shell durable. There are a few setbacks being that if you are
case, as well as a cleaning rod. There are also great just starting out you may have a little trouble playing
features, like the great tone quality and the playing because you may not be used to playing with the
range the flute has. The flute also comes with a three open holes, which is where the flute plugs come into
year warranty from Gemeinhardt themselves. The play. As well as the price which ranges between $900
Gemeinhardt 1SP - Factory 2nd Flute is Silver-Plated and $1000. If you order from Gemeinhardt, the flute
which is a really good quality, which means the finish comes with a five year warranty. Over all the flute is a
won’t rub off like other flutes. It is durable and lasts for great starter for flutists advancing on to the open-
many of years according to some reviewers. There is hole flutes.
one setback which a lot of reviewers say is the price of
the flute. The price ranges between $200 to $300
dollars but other than that the instrument is great. I
had a Sky C Flute when I had first started out and it
had some of the same qualities as the Gemeinhardt
flute did. When I had switched I found a great
difference between the two.

The next advance would be the 33SB flute for Citations
professionals. This flute is for advanced players "1SP - Factory 2nd." Gemeinhardt
because of it B foot and this is for professionals. The Student Flute. Gemeinhardt Music Company, n.d.
flute has a lot of features, the head joint and the Web. 14 Sept. 2015.
body and foot finish is sterling silver. The key style is 3" ." Gemeinhardt Student Flute.
open-holed and it also comes with flute plugs for Gemeinhardt Company, n.d. Web. 14 Sept. 2015.
the holes. It comes with the standard flute case and "33SB." Gemeinhardt
cleaning rod. The con of getting this flute is the price Professional Flute. Gemeinhardt Company, n.d.
which ranges from $3400 to $4000. Through Web. 22 Sept. 2015.
Gemeinhardt you get a five year Warranty. "Gemeinhardt 33SB Series Professional Flute."
According to reviewers on the Gemeinhardt website, Gemeinhardt 33SB Series Professional Flute |
the flute is great. You don’t have to use much air to WWBW. Woodwind and Brasswind, n.d. Web. 22
play the high notes. Overall the 33SB is great for Sept. 2015.
professional players. "Buying Guide: How to Choose a Flute | The HUB."
The HUB from Musician's Friend. The Hub, 04 Nov.
There are many options when it comes to choosing 2014. Web. 27 Sept. 2015.
which flute is best for you. You have to take in
account which level you are at and also whether you
think you could play on certain ones versus others. In
my opinion the best flute for beginners is the1SP –
Factory 2nd Flute not only for the tone quality but it
is really easy to play and is very reliable throughout
the years of use.


ENG 111-08

Playing guitar is a hobby enjoyed by many people in Luckily, after Orville’s departure, the company attained
many countries across the world. What many do not great luthiers, which brought remarkable innovation to
know is that the guitar revolutionized the music guitars. One such employee was Ted McHugh who
industry. One company in particular is responsible invented the adjustable truss rod and the height-
for several milestones in guitar history, and that adjustable bridge, which made the sound of the note
company is Gibson. Gibson guitars were first made played sustain longer and reduced buzz at the same
by Orville Gibson in 1902, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. time. Another employee, Lloyd Loar, was a sound
Being the excellent craftsman that he was, Orville engineer and designed the L-5 acoustic guitar which
produced acoustic guitars and mandolins that were many believe was the first modern acoustic guitar,
based on the “arch-top” design of a violin. Five referring to the flat-top style which is one of the most
financiers in Kalamazoo formed an agreement with popular styles of acoustic guitars in history (Hall).
Mr. Gibson and created the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar
Manufacturing Company. From here the company After the invention of the electric guitar in 1931, the
exploded into the twentieth century with guitars music industry began branching out as more genres
that would rock the world. became popular. Gibson released the EH-150 electric
guitar four years later which was a “Hawaiian” guitar
Despite the Gibson guitar company being named (“First Ever”). One year later the ES-150 electric guitar
after him and starting with his models and designs, was introduced. This became the instrument of choice
Orville Gibson never owned the company but rather for famous jazz musician Charlie Christian. This was a
received shares of stock and $2,500 for rights to use crucial point in music history because of the impact
his name. He was with the company until 1904, the electric guitar had across many
working only as a consultant, not a guitar maker.

genres. For example, should Gibson have never for many famous guitarists including Slash, Randy
released the ES-150, jazz may have never given way Rhoads, Peter Frampton, and Jimmy Page. The Les
to rock and roll. Imagine an entire genre not Paul has never been limited to rock; many jazz
existing because of a single model of guitar! players cling to it for its smooth, thick, and rich tone.

After the invention and popularization of the From the revolutionary Les Paul, Gibson released
electric guitar, luthiers begin to innovate and push more radical, yet popular, models in the ten years
towards the future once again. With guitarist and following the Les Paul. Many of these models are
guitar makers alike pushing toward better tones and recognizable by their extreme shapes such as the
smoother guitar sounds, Gibson’s guitars were Flying V and the Explorer. In 1961, Gibson then
becoming more and more popular and widely used. released the SG which has retained its popularity,
Fortunately, during this time, the workers at Gibson partly due to being immortalized by AC/DC’s Angus
were able to perfect the single-coil-pickup called the Young and Black Sabbath’s guitarist Tony Iommi.
P-90, which was used by John Lennon (Hall). After
this invention, Gibson released the ES-5, the first, but The guitars produced at Gibson revolutionized guitar
certainly not last, triple-pickup guitar featuring a making and performance with their innovations.
pickup near the neck, near the bridge, and a third From revolutionizing jazz music to the birth of hard
pickup in between the two. This pickup rock, Gibson has paved the road in both solid body
arrangement was very popular; in fact, Peter and acoustic guitars. Today, models feature further
Frampton’s signature model included a triple pickup inventions such as self tuning guitars and cryogenic-
arrangement. Modern Stratocasters along with a few treated fret wire. With the great leaps and bounds
other models still employ this style of orienting Gibson has taken, the future design and capabilities
pickups. of guitars are unlimited.

Gibson had made many strides to this point and was Works Cited
leading the industry in guitar innovations. It was at Hall, R. “120 Years of Innovation: A Gibson
this point that the company partnered with the Timeline.” 8 Jan.
legendary recording artist Les Paul in 1952 (Hall). 2014.
Together they released the ever popular and iconic Web. 18 Oct. 2014.
Les Paul guitar. It’s safe to say that this guitar “First Ever Electric Guitar Patent Awarded
changed music history forever due to the fact that it to the Electro String
has been used in virtually every genre of music. The Corportation” A&E 2009.
four models that were available for the Les Paul are Web. 18 Oct. 2014.
as follows: the Junior, the Special, the Standard, and
the Custom (Hall). It was the company’s first solid
body, electric guitar and was also a signature guitar.
Then it became a standard that other guitars are
held to today. This guitar has become so iconic that
even those who do not play guitar are able to
recognize it. It has become the trademark model

GIVE BACK Ashleigh McKenzie (George Varga, Switchfoot
blog-article/news/634/ ENG 111 08 opening music school for
28. Oct. 2015 kids, The San Diego Tribune).
Today there are a variety of Not only is this foundation a
different genres of music surf contest but they also
that range from pop, started a music studio called
country, to rock and many 'Bro-Am Studios.'
more. I have listened to The band hosts a day event
many genres of music and I which consists of a surf event
can tell you that one band I and auction as well, which
still listen to is Switchfoot. usually brings in 10,000
They are a contemporary people to the beach a year,
Christian band that started according to Houck. Also
in 1996. Kerry Smith said from the band themselves
that Tim Foreman told they just recently hosted
Rolling stone magazine in their 11th annual event of
2003, "We're Christian by bro-am on July 11, 2015. They
faith, not genre." (Kerry also give back to the
Smith, Switchfoot, community with the Bro-Am
Encyclopedia). In 2005 the studios, "This is a non-profit
group wanted to give back organization for students to
to their community. stimulate their interest in
According to Kristina music," as said by the band
Houck, Switchfoot started members themselves.
the Bro-Am Foundation (Switchfoot, Giving Back to
(Kristina Houck, What's San Diego, broam).
Better than Surfing, According to the band the
Encinitas Advocate). I am bro-am studios provide
here to tell you why they guitar and piano lessons for
started the foundation, how kids, ages range from eight
they give back to their to eighteen. With the Bro-
community, and how much Am Foundation they raised
of an impact they have funds for quality instructions,
made. instruments, computers and
When they decided they more according to the band
wanted to give back to their themselves. The studio is
community of San Diego, located 1057 S Coast Hwy 101
California, they started the in Encinitas, CA. The
Bro-Am Foundation. . They organization also has a
decided what better way program implemented for
than to have a day were those who can’t pay full
people get together for price for a lesson with the
surfing and rock n' ' roll, opportunity to pay what you
while doing it all for charity, can. The band goes on to say
said Drew, guitarist of that they hope to extend the
Switchfoot. According to workshops on all aspects of
Switchfoot themselves the music, film and other
Bro-Am surf contest performing arts to help
consists of a surf contest celebrate and strengthen
and concert. The Bro-Am is their
a contest that is to raise
money for homeless
children and at-risk youth
kids, Jon Foreman told
George Varga.

community. Work Cited.
Smith, Kerry. "Switchfoot."
The band has given back to their community not HighBeam Research, 01 Jan. 2004. Web. 08 Oct.
just in money but also helping kids who aren’t as 2015.
lucky as others. According to Kristina Houck since Jones, Kim. "Switchfoot - The Story Behind the
2005 the foundation has raised over one million Band." Entertainment. About
dollars for San Diego. Houck also tells us that 2014 Entertainment, n.d. Web. 08 Oct. 2015.
was the most successful years bringing in $140,000 "Switchfoot 2000 Interview."
for the bro-am surf contest and auction event. They Switchfoot 2000 Interview.
raise the money from the surf contest by having surf Jesus Freak Hideout, 25 Sept. 2000. Web. 08 Oct.
team entries as well as sponsors and vendors 2015.
throughout the beach. Along with contributing back Hailes, Sam. "Entertainment." Review: Fading West,
to the community with the Switchfoot Bro-Am by Switchfoot. Christian Today, 21 Jan. 2014. Web. 08
Music Studio. George Varga tells us that friends of Oct. 2015.
the band members were handpicked to serve as "Switchfoot Awards." Aceshowbiz. Aceshowbiz, n.d.
teachers. (George Varga, Switchfoot opening music Web. 9 Oct. 2015.
school for kids, The San Diego Tribune). Foreman <
told Varga that the band was thinking about how wards.html>.
the bro-am contest is one day a year so why not Moring, Mark. "The Vices and Verses of Switchfoot's
have a physical location to have open all year round. Jon Foreman." Christianity
Foreman also told Varga that the band is hoping this Today, 27 Sept. 2011. Web. 09 Oct. 2015.
will help fill a void, considering at a time when <
music and the arts are declining in schools today. He erweb-only/vicesverses-september27.html>.
says the goal is to take the place of music lessons "Switchfoot." - Chart History. Billboard, n.d. Web. 11
when schools no longer fund them. Foreman then Oct. 2015.
later on states that after the day is done the music <
school will be open to kids as a hangout as well as a chart>.
performance area. "Bro-Am Foundation | Music, Surfing, and Youth
Development Programs."Bro-Am Foundation. BLVR,
Switchfoot has made some successful moves in their n.d. Web. 11 Oct. 2015. <>.
time and I can honestly say this is the best idea on Bautts, Jonathan. "Jon Foreman - 06/01/15
how they wanted to give back to their community, [Interview]." AbsolutePunknet RSS. Jonathan Bautts,
as well as the success they have done and the 1 June 2015. Web. 11 Oct. 2015.
impact they had made on their community! <

Music Industry In 21

Nowadays, people enjoy listening to music especially for the young people. 36
Therefore, more and more people gradually pay more attention to the music 48
industry, even it has a lot of problems need to be solved.
Due to the loophole of both the management of internet in China, the music Cited
sharing has really became a hot case and is not easily to be controlled and 1. Fader, The Chinese Beat, 4
changed in a short period of time. The Chinese government makes very public color photographs, March
decrees about regulating music downloads on the internet and sanctioning CDs 2007, issue 44, page123
and films (officially there are 20 western movies allowed screening rights in 2. KOVSKAYA MAYA, Focus on
China each year) but the reality of a country with 1.3 billion people and an China, Billboard,2000, vol 112
impossibly massive pirate industry looks a lot less stark[1]. Because of the rapid issue 48,page 6.
development of technology and the internet in China in the past several 3. 5 music industry news to
decades, people have more demands on the music. However, it has became a keep up to date with,2015
problem in China because it doesn’t charge any money for the music on the 4. An introduction to modern
internet. Therefore, the citizens in China are able to download whenever they Chinese music
want freely, which is considered to be “stolen” from the singer. Because the 5. Mary Einbinder, Harmonizing
internet in China is too easy for people to get access in and there are no any international relations through
protection from the internet, it becomes one of the reasons that music is lack of music
privacy. “The number one problem with music in China is still piracy,” says Steve
Schwankert, a Chinese music pundit who founded the online retail and news
site in 1998. “Pirates have the product selection and distribution
that legitimate record companies have in other nations. Until intellectual-
property rights are protected with the same fervor that Chinese officials use to
control culture and art, no improvement on the part of the artists or the industry
can have a lasting impact.”[2]
The management of the music industry still has a large space to develop
because it still didn’t make up a complete system yet. Monitoring and staying up
to date with the music industry is a big challenge and a lot of news and
information needed to be digest everyday. Here are several sites which are
considered to be the must-have resources and almost take charge of a very large
percentage of the music industry. The major five are Hypebot, Digital Music
News, Thump, Billboard Biz, Music Business Worldwide. Hypebot is a industry
standard trade site that is the go-to blog for the music industry and has more
specifically music-tech news. Digital Music News is a site that has legal cases and
major announcements.
Thumps has a great mix of industry news and editorials as well as reviews on
festivals and new releases. Billboard Biz is the largest-running and possibly most
well-known music industry site, while mostly known for it’s chart system, their
business blog is regularly used as a platform for major announcements from
tours and albums to business acquisitions. Music Business Worldwide tends to
give a more international angle to the industry as opposed to the more
commonly US/EU focused news which is no doubt refreshing and insightful.
[3]With their efforts and improvement on trying to find a way that is suitable for
the Chinese music industry, it has gradually became the Chinese own style
instead of copying directly from the foreign countries.

Except the management of the music industry and the internet in China, it 21
also needs to pay attention to the international relationship between 36
countries. Today’s Chinese music is very similar to the western music in the 48
30 years ago. It is developing really quickly and has became a totally different
form compared to the past. The music that combined with the western
instruments is much more multi-culture. However, there are a lot of good
master pieces that kept for hundreds of years and is still popular now. Like
westerners, many Chinese people attend the concerts of famous Chinese pop
stars. They are not limited by the form and status to enjoy the music now.
[4]Modern Chinese orchestras still play adapted versions of traditional pieces,
but they also play classical and modern symphonic compositions. Popular
modern music incorporates many aspects of western music from electric
keyboards to guitars.[5] pop music uses the piano and guitar which is from
western culture to play and create the “Chinese style”, with Chinese elements
in it.

In conclusion, the music industry still has a long way to go. The
management of internet and the privacy of music is a hot case that need the
government to put more efforts on it. The monitoring is not enough to
develop the better situation for the music industry in the future. What truly
needed is to solve them by action. And with the help of the Chinese major
sites, it is more able to create their own style. Except this, there are an
undeniable significant aspect that requires is the international relationship
with the foreign music from different countries.



When you think of the music industry, what comes take those files and arrange them into order or “mix”
to mind? Perhaps the biggest pop star you can think them until the finished album is complete. At this
of? Is it big concerts and platinum records? But does point the album gets sent to the producers who will
death come to mind? A sad fact is that the music take care of the distribution, including the following:
industry is dying. Due to talentless stars and CDs, iTunes, YouTube, et cetera. This process is, in
computerized instruments, the industry is taking a essence, the music industry.
turn for the worse. Some modern singers are only The term “dying” when used with an industry usually
making it worse by synthesizing their vocals and means that it is being eliminated or obsolete.
refusing to write their own material and others by However, this is not the case with music. Music will
using pre-recorded samples instead of actually never truly die; therefore, it holds different meaning
recording the instruments themselves. Also, new here. Instead of vanishing, the term means that the
advances in technology have made it easier for industry would become “hollow”, devoid of all talent
people to create music with little to no effort. and passion, and without any real meaning other
Whether we like it or not, the music industry is than to make money.
The music industry has been around for a long time
The music industry is more than just singers on a and has met a similar phenomenon in its history
stage or selling CDs and song downloads. The music once before. Sheet music was sold before any other
industry goes back to even before a song is recorded, type of recording device had been invented. Sheet
in the writing process. After the writing process, the music made up the majority of the industry for a
artist will go to the studio to actually create the very long time until more modern techniques were
audio for the record. After all of the instruments and invented. As Steve Jones of the University of Tulsa
vocals have been laid down, the audio engineer will once said,

“the ascendancy of pop music marked the decline in So many artists today have realized it is easier to hire
sheet music as the main distributed form of popular someone to write their songs for them rather than
music,” (Jones, 15). A similar thing is happening to actually writing lyrics themselves. This would be
music today only instead of removing a form of acceptable in an instance where an individual is an
distribution it is talent that is being removed. excellent artist but has little or no writing skills.
However, an artist who pays for pre-written songs
Many popular artists today have become icons out of laziness or arrogance is simply putting
simply because of their singing. But what the another nail in the coffin of music. We can turn to
populous does not know is that many of the same history to see an example of true passion and
artists extensively use synthesizers as well as auto- meaning in music. The song “American Pie”, written
tune to achieve the voice they desire. For example, by Don McClean in 1972, paints the picture of the
the rapper T-Pain’s voice is entirely auto-tuned in social scene transitioning from the 50s to the 60s by
every song he has produced. Auto-tune has even using metaphors and characteristics to illustrate the
made it into Time’s list of “The 50 Worst Inventions” decline in culture as well as the death of several
in 2010 (Fletcher, Par. 15). It was first used in the ‘90s important music icons of the time (Townsend, Par.
to slightly alter the pitch of a voice so that it 67). This kind of craftsmanship and meaning is
matched the instrument tone, thus creating a scarce in today’s music, and this is in part what is
perfect harmony. But unfortunately the potential causing the industry to hollow.
innovation was abused to the point where one
barely had to try in the recording because the end Not only do artist use a voice that does not belong to
product would be perfect regardless. them, along with lyrics that they did not write, but
they even record using instruments that are not
Passion plays a vital role in the life and existence of played but rather generated. The most popular of
music. Without passion, music would be completely these being drum samples and guitar samples. This
dead. It is disturbing to think that some modern is essentially plagiarism of the recording world only
artists lack passion for music, but rather, passion for without the legal implications. Artists will use drums
being famous and making money. This is axiomatic that are either created through a computer program
in today’s music industry through the lyrics of songs or synthesized on a keyboard to stand in place of
being produced. It’s easy to see because the lyrics actual instruments. This is acceptable for an
have no meaning; their purpose is nothing more amateur who perhaps cannot afford high quality
than to be just “some song”. An example is of this is a instruments but one expects more from a
song by an artist named Rihanna called “Birthday “professional” recording artist. John T. Partington
Cake”. The song goes as follows, “Cake, cake, cake, said that, “For a musician, you have to have talent for
cake, cake, cake, cake, cake,”(Fenty, 2011). The only what you have chosen. I believe that everyone is fit
thing more destructive to the industry than such an for something,” (Partington, 15). So if one is very
atrocity as these lyrics would be if she had not passionate about music but does not have any
written it herself (Fenty,2011). musical talent, perhaps they would be better suited
to become a recording engineer as opposed to
altering an audio file to make it seem as though they
have talent.

From auto-tune to fake instruments, technology
definitely has a stranglehold on the modern musical
industry. Music has had a love/hate relationship with
technology, such as auto-tune, for many years and
many years to come (Altschuler, 131). from So do
some research on your favorite artists and their use
of recording technology and writing methods, you
might be surprised at what you find.

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ASHLEIGH MCKENZIE (Humpal184). Music therapy has four different
ENG 111-08 experiences; listening, recreating, improvising and
15 NOV. 2015 composing, according to Kenneth Bruscia (page 7.)
“When listening to music the patient takes in a reacts to
Today the world uses music for everyday life. When recorded music. The client shows these through
driving, in restaurants, almost anywhere you go relaxation activities” (Bruscia7).
there is music. Music has been around for a very long
time and has evolved through the years. Music can Music also helps people with dementia. According to the
be used for many things, one of those being music Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) music has
therapy. Music therapy is when “the therapist and power especially for people with Alzheimer’s. AFA says,
client use music and all of its facets physical, “When used appropriately, music can shift mood,
emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to manage stress-induced agitation, stimulate positive
help the client improve or maintain his or her reactions, facilitate cognitive function, and coordinate
health.” (Bruscia184). Music can help with patients motor movements.” When a song comes on that I have
with many mental diseases like autism, dementia, heard it brings up memories from my childhood that
and multiple sclerosis. According to the U.S. otherwise I don’t remember. AFA also states, “Most
Department of Veteran Affairs, music therapy began people associate music with important events and a
after World War 1 and 2. wide array of emotions. The connection can be so strong
hearing a tune long after the occurrence evokes a
Music therapy can help people with autism. memory of it.” According to Kenneth E. Bruscia, from the
According to Autism speaks, Autism is classified as world health Association, Alzheimer’s international
“complex disorders of the brain, and are (2009) reports there are about thirty million people in
characterized in varying degrees. Some of these the world with dementia/ Alzheimer’s, and two thirds of
include difficulty of social interactions, verbal and those living in developing countries. This was estimated
non-verbal communication and repetitive to increase to more than one million by the year 2015.
behaviors.” There are many cases that music helps AFA states that “Even music that is not familiar to them
children with autism, one case in particular is with can help because it develops new responses like
Justin a four-year-old European-American boy with relaxation and to help enhance sleep.” Music therapy
ASD. “Even though he has bonded with the people helps with patients who have a hard time with
in his class, he prefers being alone and often movement. According to AFA music with upbeat
engages in repetitive behaviors such as spinning in tempos help with the movement by simply tapping your
circles” (Humpal184). He goes on to state that, “Justin toes to the beat. AFA also states that “Playing sedative
hums many children’s songs to himself and music, like ballads and lullabies to prepare for bed or
responds positively to music. Whenever music is changes in routine to help patients from becoming
involved in classroom activities, Justin is very agitated.”
attentive and motivated to participate, and he
seems to stay engaged with tasks for a longer time.”

AFA states that, “Patients with dementia, when it listening to music. The USDVA states, “Studies show
progresses they lose the ability to share their that the physical task of learning to play an
thoughts and be affectionate with their family. But instrument can improve cognition and memory.” I
they can cling to the ability to move with the beat of play the flute and I used to have a really bad
the music through very late stages of the disease.” memory but with the help of playing an instrument
My great grandma is not always affectionate with it has helped me remember. I can even to this day
family but every time someone plays music it gets play music from when I first started playing. Music
her going. AFA gives you some ways to help therapy can also help MS on the depression and
stimulate a person that has dementia. For early anxiety side of the disease. According to the U.S.
stages you could go out dancing even dancing in the Department of Veterans Affairs “Expressing
house can help. Listening to music that the person emotions by playing or listening to music can help
liked to listen to before the disease, if the individual some people cope with their past or present
says to turn it off then you should do so to keep feelings.” I have noticed that sometimes the music
them happy. If the person played an instrument try someone listens to reflects and tells you how they
to encourage them to play it again. Make a musical are feeling at that moment.
playlist of their favorite music, this can help them
remember things from their past. For early middle In conclusion music has many great aspects and
stages try singing karaoke so they can sing along helps with many things in life. Music can help with
with their favorite songs. For middle and late stages autism, dementia, and even multiple sclerosis. With
playing music or singing can help the individual knowing more about music therapy people can use
with balance. Play soothing music to help keep it to help with everyday life and know how to deal
them calm and to comfort them. Exercise to music. with certain situations.
While doing these activities use facial expressions to
communicate feelings.

Music has many of great aspects and helps people
all around the world. Another way music therapy
helps is with multiple sclerosis (MS). According to
the U.S. Department of Veterans affairs, music
therapy helps with MS by trying to get patients to
match repeating motor skills with rhythmic beat to
improve coordination. This helps to stimulate the
impulse to move, this helps because it helps them to
use their brain to think about the moves where
otherwise they can’t think. USDVA says that “Unlike
speech, music involves many areas of the
brain.” According to USDVA memory changes are
common with people suffering from MS. . I know on
a personal level, even though I do not suffer from MS,
when I can’t remember something and I listen to
music I tend to remember better than without

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