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English project

By Loren Ohevzion

Loren Ohevzion
Grade: 9th
English Project

An Inspector calls

By: Loren Ohevzion


J.B. Priestley’s Biography…………………………1
Animals in the war………………………………… 2
Spanish Influenza…………………………………. 3
Inspector's Monologue……………………………. 4
Playscript Gerald and Daisy……………………… 5
Persuasive Speech……………………………….. 6-7
Dialogue for the end of the play………………….. 8-9
Book Review………………………………………. 10-11

J.B. Priestley’s Biography

J.B. Priestley was born in 1894, in England. Priestley’s father,
Jonathan worked as a headmaster at a school, his mother, Emily,
worked as a mil girl. At the age of two Priestley experienced a tragic
incident, his mother passed away from cancer. Four years after his
mothers passing, Priestley’s father remarried a young woman
named Amy. Amy was a kind-hearted step mother. She treated J.B.
with generosity, and was very affectionate.

Priestley attended a school called, “Belle Vue Grammar School." At
the age of 16 Priestley decided to drop out of school to become a
clerk. Priestley had a goal in mind, he was intent on becoming a
successful writer. While working as a clerk Priestley began to write
short articles to achieve this goal. His first extraordinary writing was
an article called, “Secrets of the Rag-Time King.” A few years later
not only did he achieve his goal, but he also became a playwright,
screenwriter, broadcaster, and a social commentator.

Most of J.B’s political views were inspired by his father. J.B.
believe in social justice and democracy. After years of hard work
Priestley wrote a novel that soon became his most successful. This
novel was called, “The good Companions”. Priestley’s hard work
and determination inspired many people. It taught people to fight for
what they believed in. An important quote was once said by J.B.
Priestley, “If we openly declare what is wrong with us, what is our
deepest need, then perhaps the death and despair will by degrees
disappear.” A library was named after J.B., and a statue was built in
his honor. Until this day Priestley is well-known and appreciated for
his hard work.

Animals in the war

World war one was one of the largest wars in history. Everyone
had a lot of dangerous and important roles to fulfill, including animals.
More than 16 million animals were used to aid and fight in World War
one. Many animals were used in World War one, such as horses,
donkeys, mules, camels, dogs, cats, and pigeons. Horses and mules
were the most commonly used animal in this war. Eight million horses,
donkeys, and mules were lost during war. These two animals including
donkeys, and mules were used to provide food, water, ammunition, and
medical supplies to the soldiers. Horses were also used to carry the
wounded soldiers. Pigeons were trained to deliver messages to soldiers,
and most messages were received. 200,000 pigeons served in the war,
whenever they released 20 pigeons for an important message,19 would
succeed in delivering. Dogs were the most important, and loyalist
companions on the battlefield. They were trained to find injured soldiers
and to help them by letting the soldier use the medical equipment
attached around the dog. Dogs were also taught to stay on guard and to
give a signal when danger was nearby. Both dogs and cats were used to
scare away the rats hidden in the trenches. Many animals suffered from
this war. More than one million dogs and cats suffered or died because
of this war. Without the use of these animals the outcome of the war
might have worsened or changed completely. Animals were an
extremely crucial part of this war. Thanks to these animals a lot of
soldiers who would have died had survived.

Spanish Influenza

The Spanish Influenza was one of the deadliest pandemics in
human history. This virus took place in 1918 during the cool down of
World War 1. This virus was deadly because it attacked the respiratory
system, causing many young adults to die. 500 million people suffered
from this dreadful virus and about 50 million people unfortunately died.
Scientists couldn’t discover where this virus originated from because it
was seen in different places such as France, China, Britain, and the
United States. This virus hit Spain hard, which is why it was soon given
the name the Spanish Influenza. During that time there were no
vaccines, or medicines to treat this virus. Doctors and scientists were
unsure what caused the outbreak of the virus, but suggested taking 30
grams of aspirin which was very unsanitary. This caused many
unnecessary deaths from aspirin poisoning.

Corona and the Spanish influenza are both similar and different in
many ways. These viruses both took a huge dull on everyone's lives.
Both of these epidemics took many people's lives and made people
struggle financially. People feared for their lives and took many
precautions. During both of these time periods people were forced to
wear masks and to avoid physical interactions. People were forced to
quarantine and were advised to stay clean. Many places such as
schools, theaters, and stores were shut down or became bankrupt.

Although these two viruses were frightening and caused many
people to struggle, both of them taught us an important lesson. We
should always be cautious, and aware of our surroundings. Sometimes
life will pull us down and we will struggle, but it doesn’t matter how hard
we get hit, it matters how hard we fight to get back up.

Inspector’s Monologue

Hello my name is Inspector Goole. Eight years ago I was a
businessman working in a small company. I was getting engaged to the
love of my life, my fiancé. I thought that I was going to live a life filled
with happiness and no regrets, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. My
manager asked me to stay late at work that night, and I thought nothing
of it. I worked hard and long until finally I finished. I felt an uneasy feeling
as I walked through the dark. It was as if the closer I got home the more
panicked I felt. I started to walk faster as the feeling grew, until finally I
made it home. The door loudly creaked open, and before my eyes laid
my fiancé motionless on the grown. (Inhales anxiously) She was
bleeding from her chest, and her skin was as pale as a white flower.
Without thinking I ran towards her and tried to stop the bleeding,
although deep in my heart I already knew it was over. That was the day
when my life changed completely. I became an investigator and fought
for those who couldn’t fight for themselves. Today I was assigned to
investigate the Birling family. Throughout this investigation I have an
important goal, I have to discover who contributed to Eva Smith’s
suicide. To achieve this goal I must question the Birling’s, and discover
the truth hidden beneath the lies. Being an inspector isn’t as easy as it
seems. (exhales excessively) You must have patience and see through
deception. I'm very suspicious of the Birling family for many reasons.
The Birling’s are filled with deception, mystery, and have many secrets. I
will soon uncover their secrets and put an end to this horrendous
tragedy. (inhales steadily) Though it will be hard I will not give up until
this enigma is solved. (hollers) Under no circumstances will this be
forgotten or pushed aside. Justice must be served and I will be the one
to do so. I have an important role I must play, and I will be the one to
discover the truth.

Playscript Gerald and Daisy

After entering the bar, Gerold noticed a brown haired girl. Her face was
covered by the dim sunlight, making it vague. Gerold curiously walked
towards her until her face became clear.

“So, what's your name?” Gerald asked while taking a seat next to the
beautiful girl.

She smiled and responded with, “Daisy”.

Gerald waved to the bartender signaling him to bring over some drinks. It
was late in the afternoon and the perfect time to have a few drinks.

“My name is Gerald,” he continued, “Why is a gorgeous lady such as
yourself at the bar alone?”

She exhaled heavily, “I lost my job today because of some lady who
complained about me.”

The bartender placed two glass cups of liquor on the table.

After taking a sip Gerald asks her, “So what will you do now?”

Daisy drinks her liquor and says, “I’m not sure, I'm all out of options.”

Gerald spoke in a calm manner, “I might be able to help you.”

Daisy looked up and met Geralds gaze, “How so?”

“I'm willing to financially support you, but it will come with a price.” He
says confidently.

Daisy finishes her glass of liquor and remains silent.

Gerald smirks, “So, what will it be?”

Persuasive Speech

In our society, in the 1900s every man must fight for themselves. Upper
classes hold more power, use it to harm others, and cause more destruction. We
believe there needs to be a change in the world we live in for the greater good. We
need to create a society that is more developed and progressive. To create a more
desirable society we must have social responsibility. What is social responsibility?
Social responsibility is the ability to cooperate with others, own up to your mistakes,
and to care for those around you. In this essay we will discuss how this way of life
can help prevent wars, unfair treatment between classes, how businesses can
exceed and develop. We will also d​ iscuss the following quote and convince you of its
validity, ​“We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other. And I tell
you that the time will come soon when men will not learn that lesson then they will be
taught it in fire and blood and anguish.” -inspector Gool

In today’s world, we live by rules that control us. There are four ranks in our
classes, upper class, middle class, lower-middle-class, and the poor.​ T​ hese rules
determine that some people are more superior, and hold more power than others.
This leaves the lower-classes in distress by feeling inferior. The lower class should
not have to feel this way! It shows us how divided our community is, everybody is
treated differently based on their rank, and those who are not born into wealthy
families suffer from discrimination. If you were in the lower class, how would you feel
to be treated so cruelly? To change this way of life, to prevent the low classes from
suffering, we need to develop a more inclusive community and be more socially
responsible. Everybody would be treated equally, fewer people would be
discriminated against, and everybody including the lower and upper classes will get
equal opportunities. People will have access to better jobs and poverty rates will
decrease. People would be happier and live better lives.● It is only a matter of time
until the lower classes will want better treatment and start to fight and stand up for
themselves. We can already see it starting, people protest as their tempers are
flaring up, and no one is enjoying it. If this situation continues, our society will
crumble, and we will end up fighting each other. Everyone will lose in the end,
businesses will collapse, the lower classes will go on strike and no one will be
working. The upper classes will lose money from their businesses and everything will
go up into flames. ​“The disposition to admire, and almost to worship, the rich and
the powerful, and to despise, or, at least, to neglect persons of poor and mean
condition is the great and most universal cause of the corruption of our moral
sentiments.” –​ Adam Smith Scottish Political Economist (1723-1790). The system is
getting more and more corrupted as the higher classes gain more power and
respect. Some higher classes do not understand that helping the lower classes live a

more stable life will not affect their economical income or their own way of life. ​How
much longer will we be able to survive if we continue this selfish way of life?

Tension in Europe rises, as relations between countries are fragile as ever.
Something terrible is going to happen worldwide. As written in the papers the
relations between the nations are fragile. Rivalry rises and countries seek power.
Germany and Britain are neck to neck, the situation is like a ticking bomb about to
explode. People need to stop denying the facts and open their eyes to see the reality
we live in. War is inevitable if we do not change our ways we will face the
consequences. Our leaders are arguing while we turn a blind eye for at this point we
as a society are the ones who can prevent a global catastrophe. The desire of the
empires to conquer the greatest amount of land is as old as time, and relations
between countries in the past few years have been put on thin ice. If we do not take
action now it will soon be too late, and we will regret it.● But to make a change we
must first improve within ourselves, between our people and our society. The Thirty
Years War was a dreadful war, 8 million innocent civilians and military personnel
alike were slaughtered in cold blood. As you notice by the name this war lasted for
30 years, 1618 to 1648. It was one of the longest and deadliest wars in European
history. How many more wars will we face before we realize the truth? These are the
consequences we will face if we do not change our ways. If we are not cautious and
if our society continues to protect only themselves more deaths will occur. Only when
we put our differences aside and work together for the greater good we can improve
our country and be able to resolve bigger problems. Wars will die down and people
will not have to fear for their lives or their country.

The rise of our society will cause it to develop quickly as people could get
better opportunities regarding jobs and education. This will benefit our economy as
new and improved businesses will be created and people will come up with more
inventive and profitable ideas to improve our way of life. Look how Machines such as
automobiles changed our lives, the world is advancing. By opening opportunities to
all, we could advance even more and create Many more products and our country
will develop quickly in many matters. ●More Money will be guaranteed in
businesses, our health will improve, new inventive businesses will rise, and our
economy will climb. Nobody will be strangled in the chains of our society to work in
laboring jobs based only on their status. The Upper Class would benefit from the
situation as well as business will grow, more customers will be able to afford things
and will buy things more often, and their companies could progress and change to fit
into the evolving community with help from more people. Solve problems more
collectively and How much longer will it take for people to start opening their eyes?

By working together we will be able to succeed in life, including business and
society. “

To create a better world, we must all have social responsibility. We must treat
others the way we want to be treated otherwise there can be consequences. Our
classes and looks should not determine who we are, or how we should be treated.
We can not judge a book by its cover.​ Instead of seeing others through money and
power, we must see them for who they truly are within. Everyone must know that
power does not make us stronger, it is the people around us and the bonds we share
that helps strengthen our world. Right now our country is just like a crumbling
sandcastle, in order to keep it from falling apart we must work together. If we
continue this cycle of inequality and hatred, it will destroy our world. If we change our
ways, wars will come to an end, and we will be at peace with other countries. We
can not dwell in the darkness forever, we must change the past and create a brighter
future. We need to be as strong as soldiers in order to make a change and rise up.
We will accept and respect each other and by doing so society will thrive! Are you
willing to fight for what's right?

Inspector Calls

The room was filled with silence. No one spoke a word, they all just stood there lost
in thought full of regret. Until finally Sheila broke the silence.

Sheila: So what now?

Eric: Isn't it obvious? We have to tell the truth.

Birling: He could be a fraud, just like that other inspector. We need to take a course
of action, let's come up with a plan.

Sheila: It doesn't matter if he's a fraud or not, we still all played a role in this young
girl's death. We need to take responsibility for our actions!

Birling: For all we know this might be another lie and if we confess it will ruin us.

Sheila: You mean ruin your business.

Mrs. B: Sheila!

Eric: No mother, she's absolutely right. All father cares about is his reputation and
business, that's why he wants Sheila to marry Gerald.

Mrs. B: That isn't true, we want what's best for Sheila.

Gerald: (G​ erold nervously changes the subject.)​ This isn't helping our situation, Mr.
Birling’s right we need to come up with a plan right now!

Sheila: We do have a plan, we will tell the inspector everything, and accept the

Gerold pays no attention to Sheila's words, he signals Mr. and Mrs. Birling to follow
him into the other room. Once the door shuts, Eric turns around to face Sheila.

Eric: They won't listen to us no matter what we say, and that fiance of yours...

Sheila: (​She cuts off Eric.)​ He's not my fiance anymore.

Eric sighs, grabs a contour of whisky, pours it into a whisky tumbler, and takes a

Eric: So what's going to be our course of action, eh?

Sheila: We can tell the inspector everything, the only problem is we have no idea
what mother, father, and Gerold are planning. For all we know they might be
planning a way to keep us quiet.

Eric finishes his drink in one sip, he places his empty tumbler on the table, and looks
up at Sheila with a grin look.

Sheila: (​Sheila nervously stares back at Eric.)​ Oh no, what are you planning?

Eric: We have all the evidence.

Sheila: What?

Eric then hastily gets up, and runs out of the building. Sheila stands there befuddled
awaiting his return. Soon after 10 minutes had passed, Eric returns with the previous
“inspector”. Sheila is at a loss for words.

Eric: Now listen sheila-

Sheila: (​Sheila loudly shouts​) Eric! what on earth! How did you find the inspector?
Why didn't you tell us!

Eric quickly covers Sheila’s mouth, and the inspector hand signals Sheila to lower
her voice. Sheila realizes her mistake and remains silent.

Eric: This might be a bit shocking, but i've been working with the inspector.

Sheila: (S​ he gasps in disbelief.) ​This is insane Eric, but why haven't you told me

Inspector: We weren't sure if it was safe to tell you, for all we know you could have
been just like Birling.

Eric: (Erics grin widens) We’ll get them, we’ll get them all.


Book Review   

Title: An Inspector Calls 


Author: J. b. Priestley 


Genre: mystery 


My Personal response to the book:  

An Inspector Calls is a very mysterious and exciting book. Personally I really 

enjoyed it. The thriller and action made me more interested in the book. I 

also enjoyed the way it was written, it made me feel as if I was a character 

inside the book, trying to solve mysteries, and making predictions based 

on evidence I gathered. My favorite thing about this book is the lesson I 

received from it. In this case the lesson was that we should be more 

socially responsible, in my opinion this is a very important and strong 




Language style of the author:  

The language style the author uses are cliffhangers and dramatic Irony. 

The cliffhangers make the reader want to read more and it catches their 

attention. Lots of dramatic irony is also displayed in this book. Sometimes 

the reader knows what will happen, or knows a situation that might arise, 

but the character is oblivious and unaware. For example when the 

inspector was questioning Mrs. Birling she put the blame on the man who 

got Eva Smith pregnant. At the time she was unaware it was her own son, 

but the readers knew exactly who it was. 


Action moments in the play: 

To me the most shocking action moment in the play was at the end when 

Mr. Birling got a call from the police station. He was told that a girl had 

died and an inspector was on his way to question him. Another intense 

action moment was when Eric admitted having a relationship with Eva 





Key components of the Genre Style:  

The key components of the genre style are well-made play, morality play, 

and crime thriller. This play is a well-made play because each event is 

connected to Eva Smiths suicide. It's also a morality play because Gerald 
and the Birling family all committed serious crimes. These crimes can get 
them punished, or taken into custody. Another Genre style is crime thriller 
because this book revolves around the suicide of Eva Smith and solving 
the case of who lead her into that option. 
My Opinion of the characters/ specific character:  
In my opinion I aspire to be more like Sheila. Although she made a huge 
mistake she still owned up to it, learned from the past and created a better 
future. I want to be as courageous as she was, to be able to speak up, and 
fight for what I believe is right. Sheila is an important character in this book 
and we wouldn't learn as much as we did without her. 
My favourite moment of the play and why:  
My favorite moment of the play was when Sheila handed her ring back to 
Gerald because she figured out he was cheating. She didn't listen to her 
mother when she tried to persuade her into continuing the engagement. 
This is my favorite moment because back then if a man cheated on his 
wife it didn't usually matter, they would still end up getting married 
because of business or because it was normal. This shows us that Sheila is 
different from the rest, she is strong and wont let anyone change her 
I would recommend this play to… because: 
I would recommend this play to people who enjoy reading mystery and 
action plays because it's filled with it. I would also recommend this play to 
people above or at the age of 12 because a few words written in the play 
might be hard for some kids to understand. This play should also be given 
to students in school because it's a good book for them to read. 

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