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Guide to frequently asked questions.

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Published by Avery Phipps, 2020-04-13 14:44:06

FHS Frequently Asked Questions

Guide to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get a hold of my school counselor?
All of your high school counselors are still available, and ready to help.

● Avery Phipps (A-Ga): ​[email protected]​​Remind​: @7cea8g G​ oogle Voice:​ (830)

● Chelsea Lyssy (Ge-O): ​[email protected]​​Remind​: @mrslyssyc ​Google Voice:​ (830) 484-

● Cindy Valdez (P-Z): c​[email protected]​R​ emind:​ @4g9acd G​ oogle Voice:​ (832) 930-7379
● Kimberly Ackley( College, Career, Military Counselor): ​[email protected]​G​ oogle

Voice:​(830) 391-9137
● Priscilla Guerra, LPC (VOCA Counselor): ​[email protected]​G​ oogle Voice​: (210)


What if I’m needing mental health support?
During these times of change we know that feelings and emotions can be all over the place. In
addition, increased stress can trigger symptoms of anxiety, depression, and sometimes more. If
you are in need of someone to talk to, counseling, or resources we are here for you.
For counseling via telephone or google meet contact :

● Priscilla Guerra, LPC (VOCA Counselor): ​[email protected]​G​ oogle Voice​: (210)

Or you can complete this google form: C​ ounseling Request Form
For resources for counseling, coping skills, or any other social service need you can go to the
Department of Social Services website: ​

Can I still get my transcript?
Yes, of course you can. The process is still the same as before the school closure. You will
need to visit the campus website and click on the Academic tab. From there you will select the
Counseling department. Once you are in the Counseling tab, there you will see a Transcript and
Immunization request. Click the tab and it will take you to the link. If you are wanting an
unofficial transcript, they are linked to your skyward accounts. If you have trouble accessing the
unofficial, you can reach out to your counselor or Ms. Denise Rocha (d​[email protected])​.

What about my GPA and rank?
GPA & Rank will be available in June and will be calculated as normal for 9th - 11th grade.
Senior GPA & Rank is currently in the process of being finalized. Once it is ready, students and
parents will be notified.

Are we still having our graduation ceremony?
Yes, as of today 4/6/2020, we are still having our graduation commencement ceremony.
Graduation will continue as scheduled until the mayor, governor, or President of the United
states extends the limitation on public gatherings. Should there be an extended limitation of
public gatherings, we will notify parents and seniors immediately. We will work on available
options to celebrate the accomplishment and achievements for the senior class of 2020.

How will this impact my final transcript/GPA?
There will be no impact on final grades and transcripts. Class work is still just as important today
as it was before. FISD had adopted a grading policy,

Are we still having prom?
No, Prom was scheduled for Saturday, May 9​th​ and is now canceled. Please understand that
when we return to school on May 4th, the turnaround time to prepare for Prom will make this

Will we still have our senior trip?
Yes, as of today April 6th 2020, we are still having our senior trip which is scheduled for May
15th. The plan is that school will resume on May 4th. In the event that school closure is
extended we will continue to work with the Senior Class Officers on alternatives for the Senior
Class Trip. The safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community is our top priority.

If I am in a credit recovery class, who do I notify when I complete something on
Edgenuity? Do I notify every time I complete something? What is the deadline?
Students enrolled in Edgenuity courses are to continue working and c​omplete the courses
they are enrolled in before the end of the school year, May 28, 2020​, in order to meet
graduation requirements. The Edgenuity teachers are keeping track and monitoring progress of
Edgenuity students to make sure students are staying on track.

After a class is completed, Edgenuity teachers are completing Credit Recovery Forms, as they
were prior to distance learning, and turning them into counselors. The counselors are then
turning the forms into the PEIMS clerk to get the credits added to each student’s transcript.

If you want to make sure that your credit gets put onto your transcript, as a double check, you
can email your counselor to let them know you have completed a course as well.

A-Ga: a​[email protected]
Ge-O: c​[email protected]
P-Z: c​[email protected]

Will I still need to pass an EOC exam to graduate if I did not get a chance to retake them?
For students who are still working to meet graduation requirements as seniors in the 2019-2020
school year, required performance on academic assessments for graduation under §28.025(C)
and § 39.025(a) are being waived for spring 2020.

This means that current seniors who are needing EOC assessments will go through an IGC
committee process and may still graduate regardless of the number of EOC assessments they
have passed .

When are final grades due?
All final grades are due by Thursday, May 28th by 4:00 PM.

What if I was failing a class I needed before our school closure?
We advise for you to be in constant communication with your teachers(s). Any work you are
submitting during our school closure that demonstrates mastery will be used to augment your
grades when we return. It will be important for you to complete all assignments for any class you
were enrolled in before our COVID-19 school closure. The assignments given on your choice
boards will increase the opportunities for you to demonstrate mastery of the content. Please do
your very best to complete the work provided for any classes. If you are unaware of your current
grades, please contact your teacher or look in Skyward. Additionally, Seniors, your counselor
will be reaching out to your parent/guardian to discuss any further concerns regarding failures
and measures you will need to take to demonstrate mastery of learning prior to graduation.

When can I take the SAT or ACT?
All national testing has been moved to June and July, at this time. Many colleges are also
looking to allow students to apply for college without the exams since testing was cancelled.
Please check the colleges you are interested in for updates.

When are AP exams?
College Board has sent out emails to students who are registered for exams. Students can also
check the College Board website for frequently asked questions/answers.You will be allowed to
test online (computer, a tablet, or smartphone) and at home May 11-22. Check online for your
specific testing date. Testing will be open book and notes and will last only about 45 minutes.

How can I get my scholarships added to the graduation program?
You can email Mrs. Phipps (​[email protected])​. She will need the name of the scholarship,
verification of the scholarship awarded, and the amount given. Once she has the following, your
name will be listed along with the scholarship in the award and graduation program.

What about National Honor Society?
The National Honor Society sponsors are working to deliver information pertaining to NHS. If
you qualified for membership this year, the NHS sponsors will be inviting you (via snail mail and
email) to a virtual induction ceremony to be held at the end of April.

For current member, the NHS sponsors are sending out information via Remind.

What about the Military/ASVAB for students going into armed forces?
All ASVAB testing has been cancelled. FHS will be setting a test date for Fall 2020. You can
contact a recruiting office to check availability of testing at a specific branch office.

What about TSI exam?
TSI testing has been suspended. Once testing can resume, new dates will be established.
Students can take this opportunity to take practice tests to better prepare for future testing.

How will my schedule for next year be made?
The counselors are currently working to input course requests into Skyward for next year in
order to create a t​entative ​schedule. When those are ready, you will be able to view the
schedule via Skyward though your student account.

Your schedule will be created by your counselor, and they will be looking at your 4-Year plan as
well as personal needs in order to create the requests.

Once the schedules are available to view, the counseling department will be putting a video out
via social media, this Q&A pamphlet, and other means of communication so that you are able to
understand how to view those.

How can we make schedule changes?
After you have looked at and reviewed your tentative schedule in Skyward, you will be able to
complete a ​Course Request Change​ (​ please click on the link to go to the form). The form will
go to your counselor and changes will be made as they are available. If your change cannot be
made for any reason, your counselor will contact you through your s​chool email.​

Are we still planning to follow the 5X5 schedule next year?
We are still going to be on a 5X5 schedule next year. You will have 5 courses for the first
semester, and 5 for the second semester. We are not able to tell you which courses will be
which semester because our master schedule is still in progress. However, the goal is for
students to have two core classes and three elective classes per semester.

When the school year starts, can I still work from home?
When we are able to go back to school and regular schedules, distance learning will stop.
Students will be back in classrooms and in attendance in order to receive credit for their courses
and graduation requirements.

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