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Published by bneibuzz, 2019-05-30 10:00:55

Bnei Buzz (01-06-19) (Bechukotai 1)

Bnei Buzz (01-06-19) (Bechukotai 1)


15| Bechukotai
5:06pm | 5:57pm

What do your Roshim never leave the house without?
(page 8)


nd yet another week are we closer to witnessing the spectacular Winter Camp

Machaneh Nissim, Hadracha in the Holy Land and Gurim Seminar at the super Sarabi lodge
#excitement #whatfancyaccommodation. But otherwise amidst the exam stress #panic and
anticipation for holidays I hope you are all getting pumped for Yom Yerushalayim. What
better way to celebrate our beautiful Jerusalem than with a yum breakfast and insanely
inspiring EQT on Sunday. Also, can I mention that there might be a sneaky announcement
on the Bnei Akiva South Africa Facebook Page involving camp? #watchthatspace.

But if you will not listen to Me and will not perform all of these commandments… I will assign
upon you panic. (Lev. 26:14)

God warns, "If you transgress the Torah, you will be punished with suffering." The Torah then
elaborates on the punishments, beginning with 'I will visit upon you confusion." Rabbi Zalman
Sorotzkin explains this curse to mean that we will be beset with confusion and nervous tension.
He notes that this curse has been fulfilled in our time; people live hectic, pressure-laden lives,
rushing from one activity to the next.

In today's "instant generation" no one has patience for anything. Driving is a good example: if
you want to know the smallest unit of time, try measuring the amount of time it takes from
when the light turns green until the car behind you starts beeping! Our worst nightmare is
getting stuck by a red light, or even worse - behind a school bus letting off children, whether we
are actually in a rush or not. Stores have video screens to keep people waiting on the checkout
line occupied. E-Z pass is no longer sufficient, rather we need E-Z pass Express, so that we don't
have to slow down for a second. Soon we'll be able to take care of all our errands without
stepping out of the car; everything will be Drive-thru!

We may think that this is all a blessing, because we can accomplish so much more in less time.
However, not only is it a curse - it is the first curse mentioned in this week's Torah portion.
Rabbi Sorotzkin goes on to explain that this lack of inner tranquility is a punishment for having
lost our patience in our service of God. In order to regain our sense of inner peace we must set
aside time for prayer and mitzvot. Then God will bless us with a life of physical and mental
tranquility. Therefore, don’t feel bad to take a breather when learning for exams or just in the

constant chaos of life. #maybeabreakmeansyouget100%ontheexam

Weekly Positive Word Power Ideas :

Remember to slow down, take a break

and don’t skip any mitzvot because of


(Adapted 1 minute vort @ #goodthoughtsforlife 2





Maddies Name:

Q. Funny childhood nickname?
A. Baby shoes

Q. Choose a movie/book title for the story of your life?
A. A star is born ⭐

Q. What are two truths and one lie about you?
A. I went on holiday to Australia for 3 days, I auditioned for
Matilda the Musical,My lecturer acted in Maze Runner 3.

Q. If you could fill a swimming pool with ANYTHING in the
world, what would it be?
A. Chuckles

Q. What’s the cheesiest movie moment or line you can think of?
A. Wednesdays we wear pink

Q. Do you have any strange phobias?
A. I have a weird phobia of getting old

Q. Name the song you know all the lyrics to:
A. Happy Birthday

Q. What’s your spirit animal and why?
A. Vampire- they don’t age and are immortal ‍♀

Q. Life motto at the moment?
A. Live life with no regrets✌

Q. What are 3 words that best describe you?
A. Lights,Camera,Action ✨

Q. 1 interesting fact that you should know about me is...?
A. I haven’t eaten a cooked egg since I was in grade 3



Maddies Name:

Q. Funny childhood nickname?
A. Sheriff -although I only got the name when I was 20

Q. Choose a movie/book title for the story of your life?
A. The pursuit of adventure

Q. What are two truths and one lie about you?
A. I never went on camp as a channie, I have never drunk
the camp juice , I actually prefer the Hineini channies and

Q. If you could fill a swimming pool with ANYTHING in the
world, what would it be?
A. Country fresh vanilla ice cream and smarties
Q. What’s the cheesiest movie moment or line you can think of?
A. How ya doing -Joey from friends

Q. Do you have any strange phobias?
A. Waking up one day and realizing that my whole life was only a dream

Q. Name the song you know all the lyrics to:
A. Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Lecha Dodi

Q. What’s your spirit animal and why?
A. Milan Levy , he’s just always happy

Q. Life motto at the moment?
A. Just keep dancing

Q. What are 3 adjectives that best describe you?
A. Lanky, Handsome , Bnei

Q. 1 interesting fact that you should know about me is...?
A. I have an extra bone in my chin



A. Snacks. You never know when you A. I never leave the house without a bottle of

might need some Smarties... water

Shabbat Shalom Gurim Legends Why you might ask? Incase I get thirsty

I hope you all had a fantastic week. Please Heilige Moledet Sign-ups for Winter camp are

remember to sign up for Seminar straight coming in thick and fast

after Shabbos if you haven’t already. It's going to be off the charts

Spaces are limited and are filling up quickly. Baku is blue Mazeltov Chelsea Fc for

You don’t want to miss out on the dominating the second tier of European

adventure of a lifetime ‍ football⚽ Eden Hazard will be giving a shiur on

Good luck to all of the amazing Gurim Shavuot explaining the concept of making aliyah

Maddies who are writing exams to Madrid Yom Yerushalayim is on Sunday!It's

Dvar Torah for this week from the Lord a pretty big deal

himself, Rabbi Sacks: The world needs not Shabbat shalom from Team Moledet

only textbooks but text-people. Be a text- Ariel Kahanovitz

Have a beautiful Shabbos A. One thing I never leave home without is my clothes.
Love from Lior and the Dream Team It would be proper weird if I left those bad boys
Lior Ronthal

Hello all my Dorot friends

In almost as many days as it took the soldiers to recapture

Jerusalem, that’s how quickly our Winter Camp signups

A. I never leave home without my car have almost filled up. Don’t miss out on a spot. I’m sensing
a bit of a ‘Yom Dorot Winter Camps Signups are full’
keys.. not going very far without
Thought for the week: Why all of a sudden does everyone
support either Spurs or Liverpool ‍♂
Gooood shabbbooosss Roimmm
Shabbat shalom and Chag Sameach
& chagggg sameachhhh for tonight and
Love Dorot
tomorrow .
Tyler Richter
It’s shabbos and then Yom Yerushalayim- 2

of my favorite days #PowerWeekend!!

In 1967, the grandparents of Am Yisroel,

obviously with HaShem’s help, fought for 6 A. I never leave the house without my cell phone
days (that’s even less days than winter Howzitttt Shevet Yuval
camp #soshort#impressive) to regain
control of Jerusalem . #ThanksZaida. Hope everyone has had an amazing week and for those who have
Whatttt a miracle #MachaneNissim started exams that they are going well! Let’s keep on visiting our
What a time to be alive
Roim, you really don’t want to forget to favourite residents and showing them some love❤
sign up for wintercamp- it would be a Shabbat Shaweloveshevetyuval

Dani Weinberg

shame to miss it because you forgot .

It would actually be a shame to miss it for A. I’m quite forgetful, so I’m always leaving something behind ‍♀

anything at all ‍♀.
Shabbat Shalom Chevra Good Shabbos you beautiful people, I hope you all have had a fantastic week and
that all your maddies who wrote this week exams went well and good luck for
Love, the Roim gang

Dena Cohen the ones coming up
Reminder to sign up for the best week of your life!

Machaneh Nissim is filling up quickly so don’t miss your spot and sign up ASAP

As always, much love Keren ✌ ✌

Keren Swartz







1. To what do the words "bechukotai telechu" refer?
2. What is meant by "you shall eat your bread to satisfaction"?
3. What is meant by "and a sword will not pass through your land?"
4. Which progression of seven transgressions are taught in Chapter 26, and why in that

particular order?
5. What is one benefit which the Jewish People derive from the Land of Israel’s state of

6. What positive element is implied by the words "and I will bring them into the land of

their enemies?"
7. In verse 26:42, why is the word "remember" not used in connection with the name of

8. What happens when a poor person dedicates the value of a person to the Beit

Hamikdash and doesn’t have sufficient funds to fulfill his vow?
9. Where must "ma’aser sheini" be eaten?

1. Laboring in the study of Torah.
2. You will only require a little bread to be completely satisfied.
3. No foreign army will travel through your land even on their way to a different country.
4. Not studying Torah, not observing mitzvot, rejecting those who observe mitzvot, hating Sages,

preventing others from observing mitzvot, denying that Hashem gave the mitzvot, denying the
existence of Hashem. They are listed in this order because each transgression leads to the next.
5. No enemy nation will be able to settle in the Land of Israel.
6. Hashem Himself, so to speak, will bring them into their enemies’ land. This means that even when
the Jews are in exile, Hashem will supply them with leaders who inspire them to keep the Torah.
This guards the Jews from assimilating into the host culture.
7. Because the image of Yitzchak’s ashes (Yitzchak was prepared to be brought as an offering) upon
the altar is always before Hashem.
8. The person whose value was donated goes before the kohen, who sets the obligation according to
the poor person’s ability to pay.
9. In Jerusalem.



Holy City

Get into the car and just start driving. Your heart will know to take you there, without even
thinking about it. The views are quickly changing: crowded city, and than fields, vineyards,
forests. The road goes up and up, you almost there. The valley is seen now just behind
you, and the bridge that says “you made it” is finally appeared. You get out of the car, the
air is so much clearer here. Take a deep breath. This is Jerusalem.
“Ten measures of beauty descended into the world; nine Jerusalem took”. There’s a good
reason for this statement in the Talmud. Just like an international model, this city doesn’t
have a bad side. Come on sunrise, sunset, just before Shabbat or on a regular day, she is
always beautiful, makes you feel like she was waiting just for you to finally come back
home. This is the holy city, and you’ll always feel a better version of yourself when you get
here. This city is you.
!‫שבת שלום‬

Keren & Noa

Israeli VS Chuznik! Photo of the week!

Special for Yom Yerushalayim – 2 couples that
lives in the best city in the world!

1. Yaffo road or Old city
2. Light rail or Bus

3. Shopping in supermarket or In the shuk
4. Day Jerusalem or Night Jerusalem
5. Your happy place in Jerusalem! :)

Noga & Aviya Weiss Dan & Chaya Riesnburg “Mevo Modiim” this week

She’s studying in Bezalel, She’s taking a course, “The changing weather in Israel and
he’s working in 4 jobs, they he’s learning torah, they two extremely hot days last week,
live 5 minutes from the shuk live 5 minutes from caused an enormous fires in a few
Noga & Aviya places. Out of 50 houses in the
1. Yaffo settlement Mevo Modiim, 40 got
2. Light rail, not a doubt 1. The old city completely burned.
3. Supermarket… much 2. Electric bike We are sending our love and support
3. Shopping in the to the families who lost their houses!
4. We couldn’t get to supermarket 10
4. #NightLyf
agreement about that 5. Chaya - 12 Hanassi
one street (Riesenburg residence)
5. Café Kadosh!!! Dan - yeshiva coffee room


1. .Which letter of the English How did the Japanese guy get into his
alphabet flies, sings and stings? house?

With his Teriya-key

2. What goes up and down but What kind of pictures does a tooth
always remains in the same take?
A tooth pic

3.I don’t have eyes, ears, nose or What time did the man go to the
a tongue, but see, hear, smell and dentist?
taste. What am I?


A1. Bee 11
A2. The stairs
A3. The brain


Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped in the making of this issue (and all issues). You
are always appreciated!


011 485 1695 | [email protected] |


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