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Bnei Buzz (12-07-19) (Parsha Chukat WINTER CAMP !!!!!!)

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Published by bneibuzz, 2019-07-12 04:11:50

Bnei Buzz (12-07-19) (Parsha Chukat WINTER CAMP !!!!!!)

Bnei Buzz (12-07-19) (Parsha Chukat WINTER CAMP !!!!!!)


20| Chukat
4:54pm| 5:48pm


ere we are, on site, living it up in Margate well deserved after the long term and even longer
exms! So far Winter Camp Machaneh Nissim has been an absolute jol. I’m talking beach view, I’m
talking insane tochnits, I’m talking quality bonding time with our insanely special maddies and so
so much more #wintercamphasbeenablast. I hope you all have had only the best time with your
friends #weekofsleepovers and are even more excited for the best Shabbos ever. Super shoutout
to all the Roshim, maddies and of course the channies for making this week such a lekker time. So
much love #seeyouinacoupleofweekswithanevenbetterbuzzcozkizzleneedsabreak

S“ peak to the rock before their eyes that it shall give its waters… Then Moshe raised his arm and

struck the rock.”

Moshe was commanded to bring forth water from the rock by talking to it, but he made a mistake
and instead struck the rock twice until water poured forth. This sin caused Moshe to lose the
privilege of entering the Land of Israel with the nation. Rashi explains that God had commanded
Moshe to speak to the rock that had given them water before, but he could not find it. He spoke
to a different rock, but nothing happened. He then proceeded to hit the rock which subsequently
produced water.

The difficulty is that Moshe listened to God and spoke to the rock - he just couldn't find it! Why
was he then punished, being found at fault for not recognizing the rock?

The Torah demands of us to recognize our supporters and to appreciate them. The Egyptians had
greatly harmed the Jewish people, but we are charged not to treat them similarly. The reason is
because Egypt had provided food and place to stay when Yaakov and his family resided there.
That alone is enough for us to be thankful. The rock that had been providing the Jews with water
for 40 years as they wandered in the desert should have been easily recognizable amongst the
other rocks! Not recognizing that rock is considered a lack of appreciation and a grave sin.

The first thing a Jew starts his day with is gratitude: "Modeh ani l'fonecha..."- "I gratefully thank
you, O living and eternal King, for You have returned my soul within me with compassion…" Being
grateful is the very fiber of a Jew. The Hebrew word for Jew is Yehudi which also means one who
thanks. Gratitude helps one focus and take pleasure in what he has rather than concentrate on
what he's lacking - which is the key to being a happy person. Let us go into Shabbos being grateful
for all the fun and amazing effort all our maddies have put into this week!

(Adapted 1 minute vort @ Weekly Positive Word Power Ideas : While on jolling it up on Winter Camp
lets remember to be grateful for all
the amazing effort our maddies and
Roshim have put into this week – go
give them a special thank you!2!!


When someone has survived a life-threatening situation, he brings a
Korban Todah, a thanksgiving offering, to express his gratitude and
recognition that God saved him. This offering can be eaten for up to
one day and one night.

A thanksgiving offering is a form of Korban Shelamim (peace offering),
so why isn't it eaten for two days and a night like all other peace

We are surrounded by miracles all day long. In the Shemoneh Esrei we
say, "Thank you God for Your miracles that are with us every day." One
who brings a thanksgiving offering has become aware of one solitary
miracle while remaining oblivious to all the others. Therefore, a
thanksgiving offering may be eaten for only one day since tomorrow
there will be other miracles for which to be grateful!

Hashem is constantly performing miracles, whether they are obvious
or hidden. We are surrounded by them. When flying in an airplane or
just crossing the street, God holds our hand and saves us from possible

I hope this week, on Machaneh Nissim, we have become aware of
these ‘little’ or not so ‘little’ miracles that we usually don’t focus on.

Shabbat shalom and so much love



Rosh Name: “

Q. Funny childhood nickname?
A. Kev Ke Bear

Q. Choose a movie/book title for the story of your life?
A. Soul Surfer – well have you seen the beach view

Q. What are two truths and one lie about you?
A. I’m left handed, this is my real hair color, these are my
real eyelashes

Q. If you could fill a swimming pool with ANYTHING in the
world, what would it be?
A. RIBS!!!!

Q. Do you have any strange phobias?
A. The separation between my hand and my arm(yip I know it is very strange )

Q. Name the song you know all the lyrics to:
A. Yad Achim … refer to page 7 if you want to do karaoke with me

Q. What’s your spirit animal and why?
A. Chocolate covered pretzels, I really can be sweet but there’s nothing wrong with
being a little salty

Q. Life motto at the moment?
A. We are a miracle #wintercamp

Q. 1 interesting fact that you should know about me is...?
A. I’m the oldest by 2 minutes

Q. How much are you loving Winter camp?



Nickname he goes by : Yonza Nickname she
What did you forget to pack? goes by : Pnini
A phone chrger…. bread
Tell us a joke?!? If you could fill
Q.-What is the soft tissue between a a pool with
sharks teeth called? A.- A slow ANYTHING
swimmer what would it
be? Tiny
Yoni Segal plastic balls to
Dorot make a ball pit

Pnina Herring – Dorot

Nickname she goes by : Jess

What did you forget to pack?

My plane ticket... so now I have to

Nickname he goes by: Gubbles go on a 10 hour bus ride
If you could fill a pool with If you could fill a pool with
ANYTHING what would it be? ANYTHING what would it be?
Lotus ice cream My excitement for Winter Camp...
What did you forget to pack? except I don’t think it would even fit
My Liverpool shirt- #6 in a pool

Jess Goldblatt
#You”llneverwalkalone Gabi Riesenburg
#Unitedfansaretheworst Moledet 5


Nickname she goes by: Mitch
-If you could fill a pool with
ANYTHING what would it be?
Coffee from the Grind
What did you forget to pack?
Enough snacks

Michal Chipkin

Nickname he goes by: Pele

If you could fill a pool with ANYTHING

what would it be?

Probably instant noodles

What did you forget to pack?

My puppy Ben Palay


Nickname she goes by: Ke bear
What did you forget to pack?
I can’t figure out what I left
behind, but I’m sure there is
something, there has to be

Keren Swartz



Yad Achim lachem shelucha

hano’ar he’chaviv Nation in the desert

Al digleinu kulachem We started out as slaves

chanu misaviv Made it to the motherland,
and then came the Crusades

Yazhir lachem kochav Torah Dar’kechem sugah ba’Avodah It's been so many years
B’leiv amitz b’ezrat Hashem crying so many tears
aloh na’aleh
Don't you know, don't you really know?
We are pushed to the ground

Kadimah Bnei Akiva Through our faith we are found
heidad b’ma’aleh! Standing strong

The Spanish inquisition …wanted us to bow But our backs aint gonna bend

Moledet zo eretz avot Never then, and never now
It's been so many years

artzeinu hak’doshah crying so many tears
Midei avir Ya’akov Don't you know, don't you really know?

lanu morasha We are pushed to the ground
Through our faith we are found

Rasheinu bi’imkei Toratah Standing strong
Kapeinu bir’gvei admatah We are a miracle X2
B’leiv amitz b’ezrat Hashem We were chosen with love
And embraced from above
aloh na’aleh
We are a miracle

Kadimah Bnei Akiva Extermination was the plan
When the devil was a man Ohhh ohhh

heidad b’ma’aleh! But the few who carried on
Live for millions who are gone

It's been so many years crying so many tears

A brotherly hand is stretched out to you, Don't you know, don't you really know?
O beloved youth: We are pushed to the ground
Through our faith we are found
Gather yourselves around our flag. Standing strong

The star of the Torah shall shine for you, We are a miracle X2
Your path shall be one of labour. We were chosen with love
And embraced from above
With a sturdy heart, with the help of God,
we will go up We are a miracle
Every day we fight a battle

On the news we are the stars

Forward, Bnei Akiva, As history repeats itself
forward to the heights! And makes us who we are

Hate is all around us

This homeland, the holy Land of our fathers, But We'll Be here to sing this song…
our heritage from the hand of the Mighty One of Jacob. We are a miracle X2

We were chosen with love

Our minds are steeped in her Torah, And embraced from above
Our hands are immersed in her soil. We are a miracle X3
With a sturdy heart, with the help of God, we will go up
Through it all, we remain…
Who can explain?

We are a miracle…

Forward, Bnei Akiva,

forward to the heights! 7


1. The animal whose sacrifice is described in this week’s Parsha had four principle
characteristics. What were they?

2. Someone who touches a dead body becomes unclean. For how long? On which days does he
purify himself?

3. Where did Miriam die?
4. When the people complained that there was no water, and that they would have been

better off had they remained in Egypt, Hashem gave Moshe specific instructions on how to
satisfy the peoples’ complaint. What did Hashem tell Moshe to do and what did he do?
5. Because Moshe showed a lack of faith in Hashem and failed to follow His instructions, he
was severely punished. What was the punishment?
6. Where was Aharon buried, and what action of the people showed that they revered him?
7. The people had to circumvent Edom because the King would not allow them to pass
through. Once again they began to complain because of their hardships. How did Hashem
punish the people this time for their disobedience, and how was the punishment
8. When Moshe sent messengers to the King of Edom, how did he describe the relationship of
Israel to Edom and on what basis?
9. The people had to fight their way through three peoples to get to the Land. Who were they?

1. The animal had to be a heifer, red, unblemished, and never under a yoke before.

2. If someone touches a dead body he becomes unclean for seven days. He purifies himself on the third
and seventh days

3. Miriam died at Kadesh in the wilderness of Paran.
4. Hashem told Moshe to take his rod, gather the people along with Aharon, and speak to the rock that

would give forth water. Moshe struck the rock twice with his staff and it produced water.
5. Moshe and Aharon were not allowed to enter the Land.
6. Aharon was buried at Mount Hor and the entire assembly wept for 30 days.
7. Hashem sent fiery serpents to bite them. Moshe prayed for the people and Hashem told Moshe to

make a fiery serpent and put it on a pole; anyone who was bitten could look at it and be saved.
8. Moshe described their relationship as brothers because the Edomites were descendants of Esav,

brother of Yaacob.
9. They had to fight the Ammorim, Bashanim, and Cannanim to get to the land







Rosh Gurim VS Rosh Roim!

1. Winter or Summer
2. Ben Gurion or O.R tambo
3. Golan heights or Drakensburg mountains

4. Durban or Eilat
5. Gurim or Roim

Mr. Ronthal Dena Cohen

Refers to himself as “danger man”, married, Harry Potter addicted Goes also by the name “Dinibabe”, did Shanah
Beit, has the best style in joburg
1. SandalsDefinitely Winter. That’s when Gurim Seminar
is. And we don’t need the sun, we bring the 1. Summer obviously☀
heat 2. Ben Gurion- what a legend
3. Golan Height’s
2. Umm, Nelson Mandela? 4. Durban #wintercamp
3. Both 5. Always Roim
4. Eilat Also Sarabi Lodge. It’s proper lekker here.
5. That’s like asking fun or not fun. 10000% Gurim. I want

to have fun please

We are a miracle Photo of the week!

A man driving his car, getting into a very busy Kippabots922 in Australia
parking lot. He's spending long minutes trying to A group of grade 8 + 9 kids from Modiin went
find parking space for his car. Desperate, he looks on an international robotics competition in
up to the sky and say "Hashem, please help me find
parking". As he takes his eyes back down, a car in Australia to represent Israel. Beside the
front him reverse and the space is open for him. amazing fact that they won the second prize,
Happy and relieved, his looking back up and say "oh they also won something much bigger. The
don't bather Hashem, I'm already sorted". When we competition was from Thursday till Sunday,
think of miracles we tend to think of Noah's ark or and they decided as a keeping shabbos group
the splitting of the sea, and by that we're missing not to participate on Saturday. They placed a
the very important fact that miracles are happening big sign explaining why they're not there and
around us every single day. In my opinion, the
biggest of them all is us. Each and every single one what is Shabbat, together with a barcode
of us. If we weren't miracles, if we wouldn't have linking to a video about Shabbat. Is there any
our own unique special mission in this world, then
we probably just wouldn't have been here. The 11
Hebrew word for miracle, "‫"נס‬,also means a flag
waved up, a sign. We all need to find our miracles, bigger Kidush Hashem than that?
our, ‫נס‬and wave them up and high on the flag, the
‫נס‬. We all should be celebrated, because we are, in

did, a miracle. For the last time in my own
miraculously Shlichut: Bnei Akiva South Africa, I wish

you all
!‫שבת שלום‬

Noa ☺


1.Can you name three What kind of bread bakes in the
consecutive days without using bathroom?
the words "Wednesday," "Friday,"
or "Sunday"? Shower dough

2. What do you break before you What language did the dog speak to
use it? the tree?
3. Which is the most curious
letter? What do you call a grizzly bear
with no teeth?
A gummy bear


A1. Today, 12
Tomorrow &
A2. an egg
A3. The Y


What do you call a cow walking

Moo walking..
What do you call a reptilian detective?

An Investi-gator
The other day, my wife asked me to pass
her lipstick but I accidently passed her a

glue stick.
She still isn’t talking to me
I wouldn’t say im superstitious

Just a little stitious.



Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped in the making of this issue (and all issues). You
are always appreciated!


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