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Published by bneibuzz, 2019-04-25 04:38:54

Bnei Buzz (25-04-19) (Achrei Mot!)

Bnei Buzz (25-04-19) (Achrei Mot!)


Newsletter: 10| Parshat: Achrei Mot
Candle Lighting: 5:25pm | Motzei Shabbas: 6:13pm

In This Edition

What Chometz treats did your Roshim MISS this

Letter from the Editor B’’h

Howzit all you Bnei Buzzers

Firstly I hope you all have had the best Pesach filled only with the crnchiest matza, finest
Kneidlach and obvs cheesiest Matza pizza …. With holidays amongst us I hope you are all
resting up super well! Especially with Hadracha and Winter Camp around the corner
#pumped. Wishing you all an amazing rest of Chag!

“ ‫“הֹו ֵ֤כ ַח ּתֹו ִ֨כי ַ֙ח ֶאת־ ֲע ִמי ֶ֔תָך ְו ֹֽלא־ ִת ָ ָּׂ֥שא ָע ָ ָ֖ליו ֹֽח ְטא‬
“You shall rebuke your fellow and do not bear a sin because of him.”

There is this story of this young man named Josh. He was on a luxury cruise ship when he
heard a loud banging noise coming from the cabin next to his. He went to the hall and saw
that the cabin door was open, so he went in. He saw a man banging on the floor. Josh
asked him "What in the world are you doing?" The man replied "I am making a hole in my
side of the boat." Josh gasped, "You are what?!" The man replied, "I am making a hole! I
paid for this cabin, so I can do what I want here, it's none of your business!" Josh then said
gently to the man "Listen Sir, we are all on this boat together; if you go down, we ALL go

When the Torah mentions the commandment to rebuke a fellow Jew, it ends with the
words, 'And do not bear sin because of him.' However, the Targum translates it as 'And do
not receive a punishment for his sin’.
The Targum is teaching us that all Jewish people are unified. If a Jew sins and you could
have prevented it, then you get punished for his sin as well.
My actions affect you and your actions affect me- we are one unit!

The Chofetz Chaim writes that when someone dies, Hashem may say to him "Why didn't
you keep Shabbas, learn Torah and say brachot?"
He will reply, "Me?! I observed ALL those mitzvot?!" But because every Jew is responsible
for every other Jew, you bear another's sin if you didn't try and correct him.
Each of us is obligated to reach out and bring others closer to Hashem!

'And United We Shall Stand’, May we all keep this in mind with the end of chag coming up!

Chag Pesach Samech, Peace and Love Fam,

Kara Gordon Weekly Positive Word Power Ideas :

(Adapted from “One minute Remember, your actions and words
vort on the Parsha” )
have consequences, even if you can’t

see them. 2


A Vort in Short B’’h


Just a short thought on Pesach.... In ‫שמות י״ב‬we

read about when the Egyptians chased after the

Jews when they left Egypt. The Jews were trapped

between them and the sea, the people were told
that ' ‫ה‬will help them and it will all be okay. After
that, it says that ‫משה‬cried out. Here ‫רש״י‬tells us
that ‫משה‬was crying out to ' ‫ה‬that he would back
him up and save the people, ' ‫ה‬told him that the

people should just get moving. From here we can
learn that when it comes to geula ' ‫ ה‬expects us to

make a move. The word in Hebrew for freedom is
‫חירות‬being the root of the word ‫ אחריות‬meaning

responsibility. If we are free we have the

responsibility to make the move and be proactive,

get up and do. The time of Geula is a time for short

prayers and a lot of action. (Rabbi Riskin)

We hope this pesach you are able to understand

the responsibility that we have as young Jewish

women's in taking action in order to bring geulah


Natanya Porter

MTA 2019 3

Get to know your B’’h

Maddies Name: Talia Urdang
Shichva: Moledet

Q. Funny childhood nickname?
A. Chopsticks

Q. Choose a movie/book title for the story of your life?
A. Happy Feet

Q. What’s are two truths and one lie about you?
A. I am older than my twin brother, pesach is my favourite
chag!!! , I have been to

Q. If you could fill a swimming pool with ANYTHING in the
world, what would it be?
A. Millions of trampolines!

Q. What’s the cheesiest movie moment or line you can think of?
A. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming “

Q. Do you have any strange phobias?
A. I hate the sound of people clicking their joints

Q. Name the song you know all the lyrics to:
A. Popdanthology 2014

Q. What’s your spirit animal and why?
A. Dory. I’ve always wanted to speak whale

Q. Life motto at the moment?
A. Hakunah Matata

Q. What are 3 adjectives that best describe you?
A. Short, energetic, short

Q. 1 interesting fact that you should know about me is...?
A. I’ve always wanted to be the voice of an animated character



Get to know your Madrich

Maddies Name: Eli Feigenbaum
Shichva: Orot

Q. Funny childhood nickname?
A. Lazi

Q. Choose a movie/book title for the story of your life?
A. Get rich or die tryin

Q. What are two truths and one lie about you?
A. I drink lots of coke, I don’t have any fillings, I prefer the
king David Channies

Q. If you could fill a swimming pool with ANYTHING in the
world, what would it be?
A. Water
Q. What is the cheesiest movie moment or line you can think of?
A. “Get busy living, or get busy dying” -Shawshank redemption

Q. Do you have any strange phobias?
A. No

Q. Name the song you know all the lyrics to:
A. Take me home, country roads

Q. What’s your spirit animal and why?
A. lion- cos they enjoy good afternoon naps

Q. Life motto at the moment?
A.University is where you see Hashem’s miracles

Q. What are 3 adjectives that best describe you?
A. banter, banter, banter

Q. 1 interesting fact that you should know about me is...?
A. my one pupil is bigger than the other


Shichva Shoutouts B’’h

Gurim Q. What Moledet

A. We take Pesach quite seriously chometz A. Maybe a cheeky packet of Simba S&V
treat have with a particular Spicy Salsa on the
over here at Gurim HQ so we don’t you missed side Good Yontif Yidden
even talk about chometz during this week? Winter (CAMP) is coming
Pesach... Love Team Moledet

Chag Sameach Gurim legends!!!!! I Also, follow us on insta @Moledet2019!
hope you’ve all had an absolutely Lit dank fam

wonderful Yom Tov and Chol Ariel Kahanovitz
Hamoed Watch this space
for some very exciting
announcements and launches about A. I would say I’ve missed the kneidlach (better
Gurim Seminar coming to the Bnei than chometz) from the first two Seders most
Buzz and local orthodox Jewish Day this week. Ma please say we have kneidlach
Schools very soon. What a time to be again this Yom Tov
alive Halachic Question of Helllooooo Dorottt✌

the week: Why is Tyler Richter so Pesach Breaking News: Lior Ronthal is still sulking
obsessed with Gurim? Answer can that he wasn’t allowed to sing Ma Nishtana at his
be found in next week’s issue. Hint
(Real answer): He wants to be Rosh Seders as he wasn’t the youngest
Dorot, we will see you on Sunday as we
Gurim for camp probably. Chag commemorate Yom Hashoah. An important
SaYesPlease to you and your opportunity to learn about past generations and
help future generations ‍ ‍‍
Love from Lior and the Gurim Family Chag and Chofesh Sameach

Love Dorot
Lior Ronthal
Tyler Richter
Shevet Yuval
A. I have definitely missed bread
this pesach... obviously . A. My favourite chametz I missed this week is definitely
chewing gum!! Bazooka doesn’t even count as chewing
You always want what to can’t have gum...
right? Chag Sameach Shevet yuvalllll
Hope you have all had the most amazing matza filled
Gutttt moedddd Roim
What a smashing pesach it’s been! Chag Let’s take all this energy and inspiration from pesach
geshmirta matza, matza pizza, potato and use it to fuel us to do good and bring moshiach closer
kugel & chicken soup and kneidelach Hope to see you all soon visiting our favourite residents

for the soul Love and Kneidelach❤
Your awesomeness is electric!
Enjoy the last bits of pesach you Dani Weinberg

legends .

Dena Cohen


Parsha Pop Quiz B’’h

Parshat Achrei Mot


1. Hashem told Moshe that the Bnei Yisrael must be holy. Why?

2.What animal was Aaron commanded to sacrifice as a sin offering, and what were the
Israelites commanded to offer?

3.. For the burnt offering, Aaron and the Israelites offered the same animal. What was it?

4. Why were lots cast upon the two goats used as the sin offering for the Israelites?

5. What was done with the live goat?

6. God makes it clear to the Children of Israel that they must keep all of His
commandments. He then tells them not to follow the evil practices of whom?


1. The Bnei Yisrael were told to be holy in order to follow Hashem’s ways, for He is Holy.

2.Aaron was commanded to sacrifice a young bullock. The Israelites were commanded to
offer two he-goats (16:3).

3. The burnt offering was a ram (16:3).

4. Lots were cast to determine which goat was for God and which was for Azazel. The one
that was for God was sacrificed, the other was kept alive (16:8-10).

5. Aaron was supposed to lay both of his hands on the head of the goat and confess over
him all the sins of Israelites; then the goat was taken away to the wilderness and released

6. God tells them not to follow the evil practices of the Egyptians and Canaanites (18:3).




It’s a special edition of the ‫ ישראליות‬page this week, for we are writing to you from Eretz Hakodesh! To
all those who wondering, yes, Israel is still amazing as you remember.
Having had this weird unique experience of coming back home as a visitor, here’s a short list of a few
Israeli things that you might only notice and appreciate when you come back after a long time:
Being in Israel means to always look around, trying to find familiar faces. It means walking on the
street and understand what everyone’s saying, because they all speak one language. It is to drive on the
right side of the road, not the left and not the wrong. It is calling everyone , ‫אחי‬even the Arabic oke
who sells you the falafel. Being in Israel means to get excited from every single soldier that passes
next to you. It is staying up until really light, like 11pm, and not being the only one on the street. It’s
landing in Ben Guryion airport and driving straight away to Jerusalem, just cuz there’s nothing like the
air there. It means to get stuck in crazy traffic in the middle of the day, because it’s Chol Hamoed and
everyone’s on holiday going out to hike. Coming back to Israel means to cry on the airplane when we
just above Egypt, only because you know you’re going to soon see Israel. It is knowing that you’re
coming home.

!‫שבת שלום מארץ ישראל‬

Keren & Noa

Israeli VS Chuznik! Did you know?

1. Eilat or Sinai? The Chometz Law
2. Chag or Chol Hamoed?
3. Hot chips or Mash potatoes? Is an Israeli law from 1986, saying that
selling or providing chometz products
4. Family or Friends? in the shops during pesach is illegal!
5. Day flight or Night Flight?

Michal Benstein Ami Selikson

KDLH Shinshinit, in Moledet Maddie, would do
Israel right now! anything to be in Israel right now
1. Sinai ;)
2. Chol Hamoed
3. Hot chips 1. Eilat
4.Family 2. Chag Obviously
5. Night flight 3. Hot Chips- but only the
crunchy ones
4 . Family always
5.Either I’m sleeping before
the plane takes off


Fun and Games B’’h

Riddle me this then!: You’ve got to be kidding me?!
Bad Dad Jokes!
1. I have a ring, but no hands. I used
to be plugged into the wall but now I What do you call an elephant that
follow you everywhere you go. doesn’t matter?
What am I? Ir-elephant

2. What runs around a house but What do you call a blind dinasaur?
does not move? A DoYouThinkHe- saurus
3. If you are running a race and you
pass the person in second place, What do you call a sleeping Bull?
what place are you now in? A Bulldoxer

4. I’m not an aeroplane, but I can fly How does a penguin build his house?
through the sky. I’m not a river, but Igloos it together
I’m full of water. What am I?


Riddles 9

A1. A telephone
A2. A fence

A3. You are now
in second place

A4. A cloud


Shabbat Shalom

Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped in the making of this issue (and all issues). You
are always appreciated!


011 485 1695 | [email protected] |

See you next week 10

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