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Published by bneibuzz, 2019-06-14 04:16:45

Bnei Buzz (14-06-19) (Parshat Nasso)

Bnei Buzz (14-06-19) (Parshat Nasso)


17| Nasso
5:05pm| 6:01pm

Special Interview with Rosh Roim .
(page 6)


fter that amazing Tikkun Leil and super uplifting Chag I hope you all had a brilliant shlof
#sleepfordayswithsomecheesecakebreaks. But on a serious note, I hope everyone has had a
fantastic week and you are all getting ready for the most epic July holiday featuring only the best
of the best Bnei Akiva programs #signuptoSeminar&Wintercamp #obvsonceshabbosisout.
Goodluck once again to all our Channichim writing exams #yougotthis

The leaders of Israel, the heads of their fathers' household, brought offerings...

This week's Torah portion describes at length the offerings of the Nesi'im (the leaders of the
tribes) on the day that the Mishkan was inaugurated. Every Nasi offered the same offering. The
Torah describes each Nasi's offering separately in virtually identical verses. Why could the Torah
not simply mention the offerings the first time and then just say that the other Nesi'im brought
the exact same offerings?

A man was once on a speaking tour and prepared long and hard for his first speech. The speech
was entertaining and engaging - a big success. The next night he was scheduled to speak in
another town, and he planned on giving the same talk. He was about to begin speaking when he
noticed that some of the people present had heard him lecture the night before! He couldn't
possibly give the same speech, so he quickly put a couple of ideas together and came up with a
new one. However, it didn't compare to the previous night. After the speech he approached the
repeat customers and apologized for not giving them a well-prepared speech. Disappointed, they
replied, "You don't understand. We enjoyed last night so much that we came back to hear the
same exact speech; we didn't want to hear a different one!"

The Torah is telling us that each Nasi who brought a sacrifice - even though it was identical to the
previous Nasi's - in God's eyes it was like the first one he received. The sacrifice of every single
Nasi was special to Him.

Sometimes we may feel that we are constantly doing the same exact thing over and over again,
whether the prayers that we say day in day out or the mitzvos that we perform, and we may lose
that initial enthusiasm. However, we must realize that every time we perform our duty God takes
pleasure in it as if we had never done it before.

(Adapted 1 minute vort @ Weekly Positive Word Power Ideas : Lets all go out and try do all that we do
(in both mitvos and prayers) as if It is the
first time doing them!



Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. It’s natural to try to
run from mistakes, cut losses, hope nobody notices or makes a
fuss, and move on. In reality, though, our mistakes are precious
opportunities. They give us insight into life and ourselves and
allow us to become stronger by learning to avoid the same
pitfalls in the future.

In this week’s Torah portion, Nasso, we learn about the
comeback process after making a big mistake. The verse
introduces the topic with the words “And when you shall…,” not
“if you shall…”. Mistakes are a built in feature of life and they
happen for a very good reason. When they do happen there’s
an acknowledgment of error and a process of improvement.

We like to think of ourselves as good people, which we usually
are. That doesn’t mean we’re perfect though. Life is a journey
of growth and development, and we can only grow if we know
where we are deficient. A mistake supplies that piece of the
puzzle. Our mistakes teach us what not to do in the future and
shine a light on character traits we can improve. Sometimes
they can be funny, too!
Shabbat shalom,
Sending love from the holy land



Maddies Name:

Q. Funny childhood nickname?
A. Eri Fairy

Q. Choose a movie/book title for the story of your life?
A. . Secret Life of Pets

Q. What are two truths and one lie about you?
A. I love dogs, I’m studying teaching, I prefer salt and
vinegar Lays over Simba salt and vinegar

Q. If you could fill a swimming pool with ANYTHING in the
world, what would it be?
A. Milo ☕

Q. What’s the cheesiest movie moment or line you can think of?
A. Pumba: I ate like a pig
Simba: Pumba, you are a pig

Q. Do you have any strange phobias?
A. Talking on the phone

Q. Name the song you know all the lyrics to:
A. All the Mamma Mia songs

Q. What’s your spirit animal and why?
A. Well my patronus is a cat ‍♀ and their lives seem to be pretty good

Q. Life motto at the moment?
A. You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you
think - Christopher Robin

Q. What are 3 words that best describe you?
A. Dog obsessed, shoe obsessed, Milo obsessed

Q. 1 interesting fact that you should know about me is...?
A. I have inverseverticalitis (fear of going upside down)



Maddies Name:

Q. Funny childhood nickname?
A. Pie

Q. Choose a movie/book title for the story of your life?
A. Life of pi

Q. What are two truths and one lie about you?
A. I worked at yid, I was born In new Zealand, I used to think
teachers used to get plugged in in the staffroom at night

Q. If you could fill a swimming pool with ANYTHING in the
world, what would it be?
A. Chuckles
Q. What’s the cheesiest movie moment or line you can think of?
A. "Hey man. You're MexiCAN, not MexiCANT"

Q. Do you have any strange phobias?
A. Needles

Q. Name the song you know all the lyrics to:
A. 3 nights

Q. What’s your spirit animal and why?
A. Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Q. Life motto at the moment?
A. Don’t be dumb

Q. What are 3 adjectives that best describe you?
A. Chilled, funny, fun

Q. 1 interesting fact that you should know about me is...?
A. I can move my ears without using my hands



Rosh Name:

Q. Funny childhood nickname?
A. Dinibabe1012

Q. Choose a movie/book title for the story of your life?
A. “Charlie & the chocolate factory” -without Charlie &

without the factory

Q. What are two truths and one lie about you?
A. My brother is Josh Cohen, my brother is Sam Cohen, I’m

left handed

Q. If you could fill a swimming pool with ANYTHING in the
world, what would it be?

A. Chocolate

Q. Do you have any strange phobias?
A. Misophobia- may cause a reaction to sounds such as dripping water, loud chewing,
or repetitive noises, such as pencil tapping or leg shaking.

Q. Name the song you know all the lyrics to:
A. I’ll be there for you #friendsalldayeveryday

Q. What’s your spirit animal and why?

A. A seal obviously. All they do is sleep & swim

Q. Life motto at the moment?

A. In a world where you can be anything, be kind

Q. What are 3 words that best describe how much of a vibe winter camp for ROIM will be?

A. Roim is indescribable

Q. 1 interesting fact that you should know about me is...?
A. Refer to question 3

Q. How excited for Winter Camp are you?
A. The real question is: how excited are YOU for Winter Camp?



A. I would have to say irritating road users. A. I hate the adverts that come on during
Like honestly, move lady! If you were driving Facebook videos Who cares about Cathay
Pacific?? If you know, you know
any slower, you’d be going
backwards Aweezzzzz Moledet Winter Camp is soo soon and
sign ups are flying in✈
Shabbat Shalom Gurim Family
Hope everyone had a beautiful Yom Tov and Get yourself involved if you haven't yet
learned hard. Shoutout to Darren Kozinsky It's going to be phenomenal @DenaCohen, all the
and Gurim Waverley for having the sickest
real die hards know its called MiKelos
Shavuot Ice Cream Party ever Have the Realest Shabbas there ever was
If anyone was wondering what that strange
but wonderful feeling is, it’s Gurim Seminar Love Team Moledet
fever! It’s in the air. You know you’ve caught
it. It’s almost here. Sign up if you haven’t! It’s Ariel Kahanovitz

going to be amazing A. My biggest pet peeve is writing the bnei buzz
Dvar Torah for this week: If you aren’t good every week by a certain time. Kiddiingggg. I
flippen love the bnei buzz!!! #GoKaraGordon
at driving, take the Gautrain. Heyooo Dorot
Honestly ‍♂Good luck to our amazing
Hope life is treating you all so so well. Winter camp
maddies writing exams is coming up so that means life will be even
Stay awesome. betterrrr whooppppp

Love from Lior and the Danger Squad Challenge for the week: Carry on being legends✌
All our love,Dorot
Lior Ronthal
Tyler Richter

A. When people say miKelo’s instead of A. My biggest pet peeve is definitely loud chewing

Howzit Roim legends⚡ Shalommmmm Shevet Yuval

In 4 shabboses we will be on wintercamp Hope everyone had an incredibly inspiring Shavuot and that exams are

#phatvibe going well

Sign up, get up and charge up for the titlest Keep posted for some epic Shevet Yuval things happening soon

of tilts, the time of your lives ⏰ Dani Weinberg
Riddle of the week: This thing runs but

cannot walk, sometimes sings but never talks.

Lacks arms, has hands; lacks a head but has a

face. What is it?

Roim; keep rocking and keep rolling ⚽

Shabbat shalom, A. My biggest pet peeve is people chewing loud, chewing with their mouth open

❤❤The Roim team❤❤ or chewing their teeth (yes, some people chew their teeth, the sound is the

Dena Cohen worst )

Hope you all had the best week, those who are writing exams, hope they have been

good Reminder the best Winter Camp is just around the corner, so if you

haven’t signed up yet, straight after Shabbos, you know what to do Much love


Keren ✌ ✌

Keren Swartz





1. What were the names of the three Levite families that served in the Tent of Meeting, and
who supervised them?
2. At what age were those performing this service required to retire?
3. How many men were in these three families between the ages of 30 and 50?
4. What was Moses told to do with lepers, and why?
5. Who else was sent outside the camp?
6. What did Nazirites need to abstain from?
7. When the Tabernacle and all that was to go within were completed, anointed, and
sanctified, the Princes of the tribes brought their offerings. What were the offerings and
who received them?
8. The princes also brought a dedication offering. Were the dedication offerings of the
princes all the same, and if not, how did they differ?
9. Over how many days did the dedication offerings take place?
10. In this week’s haftarah, an angel of God visits the wife of Manoah, and tells her that
even though she was barren she would bear a child. What was the role of that child?
11. In this haftarah, when Manoah meets the angel, how does he recognize that he was an

1.The three families were the Gershonites, Merarites, and Kohatites. Aaron and his sons supervised them
(4:18, 22, 27, 29).
2. They were required to retire at age 50 (4:23).
3. There were 8,580 male members of the three families, aged 30 to 50 (4:48).
4. Moses was told to put them outside the camp, so the place where God dwelled would not be defiled
5. Those who were defiled by a corpse, and those who had a bodily eruption or discharge were sent out of
the camp (5:2).
6. Nazirites needed to abstain from wine, strong drinks such as vinegar, fresh or dried grapes, cutting their
hair, and coming near a dead body (6:2-8).
7. The offerings were six covered wagons and 12 oxen. They were divided among the Gershonites and
Merarites (7:3-8).
8. All the offerings were the same (7:10-11).
9. The dedication offering took place over 12 days (7:78).
10. That child would begin to save Israel from the Philistines (Judges 13:2).
11. When Manoah and his wife made a burnt offering to God, the angel ascended to heaven in the flame
from the altar (Judges 13:20-21).



Chag Matan Torah

After spending Shavuot with the amazing community in Izinga, I can say that I missed you all
very much but also learnt a lot about other very interesting parts of the jewish community in
South Africa. On Tikun Leil in the shul I met so many different types of jews, sitting together,

learning the same torah, finding so many ways to connect to Hashem – together.

The word “Matan” comes from the word “Matana” in Hebrew – present. One of the most
amazing things about Shavuot is the fact that each one of us is able to get himself this
incredible present, every year, just like on the first time.

The fact that we are all different just makes out Torah more special. Doesn’t matter where
are you standing right now in your relationship with Hashem, you can just make the simple

choice of giving yourself this present and by that become closer to Hashem.
Give yourself a present everyday :)

!‫שבת שלום‬


Israeli VS Chuznik! Photo of the week!

1. JHB or CT
2.Tzahal or CSO
3.Black coffee or Nescafe
4.Kineret or Masada
5.McDonalds or Burgersbar

Alon Einav Eli Feigenbaum Shavout in Kibbutz Eerez

23, a pilot in the Israeli Air 23, always writing exams, will Over the past few years Shavuot has
Force, live on the edge live in the Muslim querter became the festive of the Kibbutzim,
which are celebrating the agriculture
1. Cape Town! 1. JHB during one of the best seasons of the
2.Air Force. As we say – 2.Tzahal year. Kibbutz traditions on Shavuot is
it’s the most friendly 3.Tea ☕ something you will want to experience
army to work with 4.Kineret but preferably
Tzahal… Jlem at least once in your life! 5.Burgersbar
4.Masada. At sunrise! 10
5.Burgersbar. Always


1. It can be cracked, it can be Q. What happens to a frog’s car when
made, it can be told, it can be it breaks down?
played. What is it?
. It gets toad away…

2.What can travel around the What's the difference between a
world while staying in a corner? guitar and a fish?

3.I am a king who’s good at You can't tuna fish
measuring stuff. What am I?

4.What type of house weighs the

A1. A joke 11
A2. A stamp
A3. A ruler
A4. A


Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped in the making of this issue (and all issues). You
are always appreciated!


011 485 1695 | [email protected] |


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