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Published by Suzie Mshah, 2019-04-29 20:36:06



WOMENNo.1 for your CAREER News

Issue#4 | Vol.1 APRIL 2019


Ways to be confident & effective




""Success usually comes to those who are too
busy to be looking for it."

In September 2018, I decided to complete
my Bachelor of Business Administration
Human Resource Management (Hons) at
the end of 2021 on a timely basis.
It is a bold and courageous goal, perhaps
one of the hardest to think about other
responsibilities I need to address such as
full-time work, family, finances, limited
time management and so on. I know that
just by making a statement, however, it
will not lead to its achievement if I am not



Opportunity door will open for me when I have higher education.
Today, more and more jobs require a higher level of education. When
I have the option, I can focus on job satisfaction. with that, I need to
improve my level of communication in terms of interviews for my
promotion. With a busy job, I also have the desire to go to several
countries. In my personal opinion, while in the country, we need to
look at the culture, the beauty of their views and their technology.
Indirectly, there are many experiences we can use in our daily work
and daily life. As a Muslim, my desire is also to perform Hajj. This is
also one of the goals in my life. The experience of performing Umrah
twice has greatly affected me to return there to fulfill the five pillars
of Islam while still young.



In pursuing my career path, the
utmost priority that I give is to
be more confident and effective
during job interviews.
Interviews determine the
probability in getting job
someone’s applying for. Thus,
the importance of personal
presentation plays an important
role to achieve the goals.


Interview usually take place in a situation where
candidate and interviewers face each other in a
room. Tension will built up unwillingly and this
will lead to improper answer by the candidates. I
will consider that I have achieve my goal if I
manage to overcome this main problem because
for me how I answer is more important than what
I answer. I must response to interviewer
confidently and effectively that will lead to better
chances of being selected. I must make sure my
answer satisfies everybody including myself. At
the end, landing a job or at least proceed to
second interview will make me happy indeed.


There are means and ways to be
confident and effective during
interviews. It can be achieved through
many sources in our daily life like
reading about job interviews. There are
many articles about this subject can be
found online and offline. I can also visit
the career center to get information on
job interview skills. Usually, career
center provide short courses on tips and
techniques during interviews.
Anticipating all possible questions,
moods and gestures are all can be learnt
in the course.


Besides learning and gathering all
information’s and tips, practicing what
we know is important as well. Practice
make perfect and classroom will be my
training ground. I will do more asking
and answering during my class to gain
my confidence. On top of that, I will
practice answering possible interview
question, video record myself and
playback to take note on my strengths
and weaknesses. Without any
interference and no bias in choosing,
any interview can be faced with less


My career path starts right after I finish
my study,so preparation for interviews
must be in line. After graduate, I give
myself another month or two perfecting
my skills and knowledge's. However it still
depends on the job application that I’m
going to apply. In the mean time, I believe
I have all the time needed to acquire more
skills and techniques. I have 2 more
semesters to go and that gives me about 6
months period which added up to 8
months to achieve what I am planning to.
 With full effort to gather all the skills
and knowledge's, I am confident that I can
be more confident and effective during
job interviews.


Among other obstacles that I realized during an
interview that people experienced are delivering
responses, eye contact and body languages. Slight
error could lead to perception by interviewer.
Candidates must stay focus and show self confidence
during the course. Other than that, I need to identify
the other challenges during the interview such as
presence of other candidates. What and how to be
more outstanding than others are among the things to
look into. For example is how to dress up during the
interview accordingly whether it suitable or not. How
to behave is also likely to be an important element in
this kind of situation. I must bring out the capability
in myself to the fullest as to gain attention from the
interviewer. Finally, in order to fight against bias, I
do believe that you have to be yourself, honest and
humble. Don’t try to be somebody that you are not.


Success to me means believing in myself, loving myself and being
happy with who I am. I see the main factor for those who want to
succeed is willing to fail. You must take 100% responsibility for ALL
that you experience in life. I learned from my failure. People who
have received personal responsibility and take on the role of creators
in their lives. Nobody can change their lives but ourselves. We are the
masters of our own universe.
Everything that I want in life involves risk. The purpose of planning is
not to eliminate risks but to choose the right ones. I believe that
successful people have a high degree of self-management and
consistently plan and take actions aimed at achieving their goals and
dreams. I know what it is and have a plan or know the steps I need to
take to achieve it.
For me someone who has a lot of self-motivation and looking for a
purpose in life by finding goals and dreams is meaningful. I believe I
can realize the tremendous potential to achieve my goals within the
stipulated time. with my earnestness going to succeed.

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