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It is about a child who sees his old teacher in the Woods.

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Published by 28tbest, 2022-05-27 10:41:48

The Greenway Forest

It is about a child who sees his old teacher in the Woods.

Greenway Forest

By: Quinn Poppe

It was a beautiful day for a walk in the forest.
Its name is… Greenway Forest! It is a great name for
the forest because everything from the toads, to
the butterflies, to the trees, everything is green.
And it is all beautiful. I sat down slowly by a tree. I
sponged it all in my head. Then I closed my eyes
and leaned on the tree. It was still. So still, I
almost fell asleep. Then I felt something was off. I
couldn't quite put my finger on it ,but it felt like
something was watching me. Something big…
something strong.

My curious, little mind made me think…
“What was in the bush? Was someone in
there? Are there any cute animals?”

It made me slowly crawl towards the
bush. I was waiting for something to jump out
at me but nothing did. A couple of seconds
later a bear popped out of the bush!!!


I was scared for a moment, then I realized that
the eyes weren’t moving and the person inside was
having trouble being on all fours. The flexibility
needed was a bit too much for them to handle. So I
asked them who it was and they slowly, leisurely,
took their time to grab the bear head and took it off.

Then we greeted each other. I told him my
name, and he told me his. He was my old teacher
from 3rd grade. He said that he had a smaller one
for his kid. Therefore we jogged to his house and
got the bear suit.

Since our families knew each other it wasn’t a
problem for me to go to his house! My mom and
him have been really close friends ever since
they were kids.

We took the long way to his house. It was fun
talking to him. We got the suit we went to the
forest put on the suits and scared some kids
together…. Just like old times.

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