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Published by nur_ainie9711, 2017-04-16 11:38:34

Cosmetic Skincare Product

Cosmetic Skincare Product-1




The functions of the product reduce dark spot and blemishes and evens out
skin tones, provide skin with nutrients all day and makeup base.

The packaging of the product consist of primary packaging and secondary
Primary packaging: glass container to fill up the cream
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colour of the box is suitable to give a huge view of the presence of the Bio
Nano Gold 24K.

The cost of the product are reasonable which RM11.90(16g) with the exclusive
appearance, large quantity and good quality. In addition, adding Bio Nano
Gold 24K, Silk Protein and Vitamin C make the consumer more confident to
use it with the price that are afford for all ages.

The is no active ingredient in this product. The
ingredient are basically acts as excipient.
Petrolatum- skin conditioning agent
Paraffium Liquidum- emollient, solvent
Octadecanol- stabilizing agent, emulsifying agent,
Titanium Dioxide, Ci 15850, Ci 47000-colourant
Isopropyl Myristate- emollient, thickening agent
Ascorbyl Tetraisoplamitate- antioxidant, whitening
Other ingredients: Acetyl Heptapeptide-9,Colloidal
Gold,Carnosine,Sericin (Silk),Corn starch

Possible side effect
Petrolatum, the byproduct of petroleum that may cause
several side effects which are suffocation of the skin,
premature aging and aggravated acne.
Isopropyl myristate may open a small chances of skin
irritation, clogged pores and acne inflammation.

The expiry date is about 3 years. However, when the
product is opened, the product must not be used after 12

The shelf life is depend on the ingredients used.


The functions of the product are removes oil, grime, unclog pores
and control skin oiliness to reduce pimples ,multi-benefit properties
provide relief for problem skin, non-comedogenic and hypo-
The packaging of the product only with primary packaging
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Malay language and English. This make the customers easy to
understand how to use the product to get effective effect. This may
increase their trust towards the product.
The cost is RM 15.90, and the price are affordable and reasonable
for the customer to use the product, with the extra ingredient tea
tree oil.

There is no active ingredient in this cleanser. There are mixture of excipients that
contribute their owns roles to make the product functionally well for the
Both myristic acid and stearic acid are derived from animal and play roles an
emulsifying agent while lauraminopropionic acid are used as surfactants
Lauramine oxide acts as foam boosting, viscosity controlling and perfuming. This
ingredient may cause the product easy to contaminate.
Glycol stearate, PEG Glyceryl Cocoate, DL-Alpha Tocopherol acts skin conditioning
agent which give emollient properties to the product.
Tetrasodium EDTA acts as chelating agent, to sequester and decrease the
reactivity of metal ions that may be present in a product.
Imidazolidinyl urea - an antimicrobial preservative that works by forming
formaldehyde in cosmetic products.
Others ingredient: Fragrance, Glyceryl stearate and Tea Tree Oil leaf.

Posibble side effect
Presence of PEG 7 Glyceryl Cocoate may contain
potentially toxic manufacturing impurities such as 1,4-
Imidazolidinyl urea may cause chemical release.

The expiry date of the product approximately about 3


The functions of the product:
Help to calm and soothe the skin
Cleanse and gently exfoliates dead skin
Refresh, soft and smooth the skin

The packaging of the product is made up of plastic
bottle which make the user feel convenience and easy to
used it. In addition, with the closure of the bottle avoid
from contamination.

The cost of the products is RM13.88 for 250g. The price
is quite expensive. However, the scrub acts as addition
skincare product to enhance the condition of the
is not a product that must be used daily with a large
amount of volume to gain the effect as the consumers
also used the body soap and other skincare products.

The ingredients used:
Sodium laureth sulphate- acts as surfactants
Acrylates copolymer- acts as adhesive
Cocamidopropyl betaine- surfactant and cleansing agent
Glycerin- acts as solvent
Glyceryl oleate- perfuming
Polyquaternium 39- film coating filament
Methylisothiazolinone & methychloroisothiazolinone- preservatives
Benzophenone-4- sunscreen agent- utraviolet filter
Other ingredients: Parfum, coco-glucoside, walnut shell powder, sodium
hydroxide, sodium chloride, apricot seed powder, tocopheryl acetate, Cl 17200,
Cl 19140, Cl 42090

Possibles side effects:
Concern of human skin toxicant or allergan that
come from methlisothiazolinone
Risk of seizure and visual abnormalities

The shelf life is abut 18 months but the expiry
date will be last 2 years from the manufacturing

-The End-

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