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March 2021

E - Magazine

The Indian Community School Kuwait - Junior

Principal’s Message

My dear superstars and parents,

Challenges are what make life interesting and
overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

As we approach the end of this academic year, we must all have
stored many memories. Firstly, I would like to thank and express
my gratitude to the parents, students and all our well wishers who
stood by us during this time which helped us to continue educate
our children on this online platform.

To us, a good understanding of our parents played a very important role enabling us to meet the
needs of our students and due to this we were able to conduct all the academically planned activ-
ities smoothly.

Most importantly, our students have faced a year full of challenges. They have excelled in many
ways, became smart, responsible, understanding and we are proud of them. A special bond was
created between parents and school.

We always seek to do better; to challenge ourselves and our students to set the highest standards
and achieve our ambitious goals. We are happy to serve you the same way in future and hereby
present you the glimpses of the term III events through this issue of Spark-Magazine.

Let us all pray for the normalcy of the situation and hope to welcome you all back in school, re-
freshed, for a regular new academic year. Wishing you all the very best and God bless!

Awaiting to see you all, Love you.

Sherly Dennis



C.Sheeja Find 12 virtues hidden in the given box that will
make you a better human being.
Answer on Page 25
How many of them do you possess?





Saifuddin Mohammed – III E













Shashwat - UKG I Shivanuja - LKG G Myrah Khan - I B
Helen Biji - IV A

Hridya Robin - LKG F Darshini Suresh - IVE




According to the famous Philosopher Kant, “A Science is exact only in so far as it employs Mathematics”.
So, all scientific education which does not commence with Mathematics is said to be defective in its founda-
tion. Mathematics has played a very important role in building up modern Civilization by perfecting all Sci-

Mathematics is a creation of human mind concerned chiefly with ideas, processes and reasoning. Primarily
mathematics is a way of thinking, a way of organizing a logical proof. The method of teaching and practice
of Mathematics should be very carefully built in different levels of school education.

Srinivasa Ramanujan, had discover ed thousands of theor ems and equations. He was a lar gely self-
taught pure mathematician. Although hindered by poverty and ill-health, his highly original work has con-
siderably enriched number theory, it was his overwhelming interest to contribute to mathematics that led
him to meet phenomenal mathematics geniuses and professors who gave him the opportunity to exhibit his
discoveries, which gained him worldwide popularity.

Aryabhatta, one of the oldest and pr ominent mathematicians of India, suggested many extr aor dinar y
astronomical calculations and deductions, without the application of modern calculators or equipment. His
contribution to mathematics is unmatched and cannot be ignored, as he was the one who deduced the ap-
proximate value of pi, which he found it to be 3.14. He also derived the correct formulas for calculating the
areas of triangles and circles, in determining the place value system and discovering the zero.

There are many other discoveries by many other mathematicians, who dedicated their life to mathematical
discoveries and inventions. They were able to come to this successful stage in their life, not because they
were special, but because of their dedication, passion, interest and consistent hard work.

Here are 10 tips to develop interest in mathematics in school kids:

1. Learn every chapter of the subject thoroughly before moving on to the next chapter. All math cours-
es are taught in a specific sequence because every topic is built on the previous topic. If you are having
a problem with a topic, continue working with that one until you understand it and can work problems

2. Work out sample problems to gain practice in the particular concept. Always begin with the easiest
problem in your book, even if you think it is easy. It is very important to build your confidence. Gradual-
ly work on difficult problems.

3. Never ever solve any sort of math problem in your mind without writing it down. Begin by writing
down the problem then try to solve it stepwise. If you try to do too many things at one time, which is
common in children, you will probably make mistakes.

4. If someone asks you for help, try to explain the topic in the best possible manner. Those who can
teach others have a true grasp of the basics. In this way you are not only helping others but yourself too.
That's why students who do efficient group studies, tend to be clearer about the concepts and score well
in exams.

5. Keep your solutions neat and line-by-line. Always work problems vertically, with one step on every
line. This will help you to think clearly and focus on your question.

6. Don't solve problems very late at night. Solving problems with an exhausted mind, can lead you to
make silly mistakes due to lack of concentration. Always attempt questions with a clear, fresh and calm


7. If the problem is difficult to understand, try to picturise it by drawing it down. Draw a picture of
what the problem is describing, as it helps figure out how to proceed.

8. Attend every Math lecture. Listening to the class lectures and understanding the concept will im-
prove your class performance.

9. Try to get your doubts cleared with your teacher in the class hours itself. Asking questions to your
teacher is one of the best way to resolve any confusions. If you are confused immediately raise your
hand and clear your doubt.

10. Revision is a must. Make it mandatory to revise thoroughly what has been taught in class on that
particular day. This will keep you updated.

In this modern age of Science and Technology, emphasis is given to Science but one should never forget
that all these sciences progress only with the aid of Mathematics. So it is aptly remarked,

“Mathematics is a Science of all Sciences and Art of all Arts.”

So kids, spend quality time with it, involve yourselves with your mathematical problems
and you will never know when you have fallen in love with this subject.

Good Luck!

Mrs. Sivagami Kumar

Assistant HOD- Department of Mathematics

Manuela – I G

Laiba Faisal Khan-VI D

Jobin Jose - IV F Kishore-LKG G Arshad Hidayatullah - IV D
Isha Susan –V B

Jonathan George Mathew - I B Priscilla - LKG G




The assembly with a message that the PLASTIC IS DRASTIC, SAVE
TREES and USE WATER SMARTLY was vir tually pr esented by
the 130 students of classes UKG -G, UKG-H, and UKG- I on 12th Jan
2021 and all the students of the kindergarten were a part of this educative
event. The assembly began with a profound Islamic Prayer, School Pray-
er and a motivational thought. Presentations on the effects of Plastic pol-
lution, Importance of trees, and Water in our lives galvanised the view-
ers. Four enthralling dances were performed along with a melodious song
and two thought provoking skits was distinctly conveyed to the viewers.


A virtual assembly was held on 7th January 2021 by Classes 2 D, E,
F & G. The theme of the assembly was "Health and Fitness". A
short video of the daily routine that should be followed by one and all.
Was presented and the programme continued with an energetic song
and a creative skit on ‘Eat healthy- Stay healthy’ that had the message,
‘To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art’ and this was fol-
lowed by an energetic, power packed dance performance

Principal Mrs.Sherly Dennis addressed the gathering with her inspiring
words. The assembly ended with the pledge and the Indian National


Each one of us can make a difference, together we can make a change

Keeping up with the theme “You can make a difference” the students
of classes V-C, D and E conducted their virtual assembly on Thurs-
day, 7th January 2021.The assembly commenced by seeking blessings
from the Almighty. This was followed by an inspiring thought for the
day and an eloquent speech which reflected the hopes and greetings
for a New Year 2021.The skit ‘A Pebble in the Pond’ was well script-
ed and presented to convey the message that each one of us can make
a difference in our own way to make this world a better place. The
fervour created by the skit was further enhanced by the melodious
rendition of the group song “You can make a difference in our world
today”. Students expressed their gratitude towards their Principal,
Vice Principal, teaching and non-teaching staff, and their parents
through handmade thanks giving cards. The fond memories of their
regular school days were expressed through a beautiful Hindi poem.
The foot tapping dance performance, the PowerPoint presentation of
student’s class activities, and the little maestro on Veena playing Na-
tional Anthem made the assembly vibrant and gave a good kick start
for the New Year 2021.



A New Beginning…

“Every Mother is the first Teacher for her child.”

This sentence holds a lot of weight and meaning in every woman’s life. And the same was true for me.
And yet from the 1st day my child entered a school, I realized that she found someone other than me to look
up to, to share her thoughts, to share how she felt and learn so many new things. So in March 2019 when I
held my appointment letter to join as Teacher at ICSK Junior, I had a mixed bag of feelings. Proud to be
able to stand on my feet, excited to tell my family about the new chapter in my life but MOSTLY
“Apprehensive” because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to actually stand up to each and every
mother’s standards who trusts their child to be sent to the class I will be co-handling.

All my fears simply vanished the very first day when I stepped in the school. The warm welcome from
each member of the faculty, the “don’t worry, we will help you” attitude from every teacher and mostly the
positive support from my own family. Each class I have been to has been an amazing experience. Every
day I have learnt something new from the teachers who have guided me to do my best. Within a few weeks
I felt like being a part of their team and I never felt that I was new to the organization.

During the first days of LKG, the sadness I saw in eyes of a few students to leave home and come to school
was replaced with excitement to meet their friends and their class teacher. I recognized it well because I
looked forward to see the students every day as well. Slowly falling into the routine made the kids more
comfortable and the teachers more confident in introducing the kids to the world of numbers, letters, col-
ours and so much more through different activities planned in the school throughout the year.

Each activity came with its challenges and each challenge was faced by the teachers with such zeal that I
was amazed. As a parent had never thought of how much work, effort and the number of hours does a
teacher actually put in for all the competitions. And when I began working as a teacher, facing the chal-
lenges and coming up with ways to fulfill the task so kids will enjoy while learning and/or participating
was a whole new experience. And how can I miss out to mention the amazing participation of each and
every staff member in celebrating each and every occasion. Be it the teacher’s birthdays or anniversaries,
or even for her kids’ birthdays or academic achievements, the teachers always share their happiness. I have
seen each teacher put her 100% for her class to perform for their class assemblies and the support she gets
from the other teachers is also commendable. When it comes to celebrating any festivals I have never seen
any Multi-National Company I have previously worked at, celebrate with such fervour, such support for
each other and participation! I hope that in years to come this dedication and love that I see in everyone
only multiplies.

Mrs. Nisha Parakkoth

Programme Coordinator.

Yusuf -LKG D Latika Kanchi -UKG G -Ruqaiyah Painter III D


The students of classes LKG, I and 4
(Sections A, B, C) left no stone un-
turned to honour our motherland India
for being a republic and thereby com-
memorated the Indian Constitution, the
largest constitution in the world. They
celebrated this occasion with zeal and
passion through series of virtual as-
semblies on 25th January 2021. The
audience witnessed a virtual Flag
hoisting by the Principal, Mrs. Sherly
Dennis and an enthusiastic parade by children by LKG- A, B, C. The
patriotic song and dance performances and a skit on the constitutional
rights and duties of the citizens by classes IV students, showcased the
glimpses of the golden heritage and legacy of India. The song, dance
and dress codes of 28 Indian states by students of classes I escalated the
ambience of the celebration. The assemblies concluded with the pledge
by giving salute to the Indian freedom fighters.


Reading is important because it develops our thoughts, gives us
endless knowledge and lessons while keeping our minds active.
Your books can be your best friends only if your love them. Read-
ing books helps you gain more knowledge. Reading also helps us
improve our vocabulary as well as our writing skills. We become
more intelligent by reading books. Books contain lots of mysteries
and suspense which makes us think a lot. Books are much better
than mobile phones and video games. These days we all like to
play video games than spending time with books. But what actually
happens by playing video games is that, it spoils our eyes and
keeps us distracted from studies and responsibilities.

Books like Harry Potter, Geronimo Stilton, The
Famous Five etc. are some famous books which
we often read. These are full of thrilling adventure and mystery. Reading books is fun, so
let’s start and make it a habit.

Jessa Jimmy - VI C

World of Music Story

Fiona was a girl who loved music. One day, she said to her- Sachin Kolanchi—III D
self, “How I wish there was a World of Music.” The next
morning, she woke up and the first thing she thought was Hina Fathima -VI C
‘It is a holiday’! She had decided that she would go to the
garden by bus. She came running down, got ready and had
her breakfast. As she sat on the sofa waiting for the bus, she
got bored and went to the window to have a look outside.
To her surprise she found the footpath beside her house had
the shape and colour of piano keys! She went out to have a
closer look. When she took a step on the road it made the
sound of a piano! As she stared at it, she heard a honk. She
saw a Harmonium bus! She got into the bus. The seats were
drum shaped! As she jumped on the seat it made a drum-
ming sound! When she reached the garden everything
looked like instruments. The caterpillar was a concertina
and the butterfly’s wings were cymbals! All of them made
wonderful music. She continued walking. She came to a
place where there was a narrow bridge but now, it looked
like a tube with holes. It was very windy there. When she
stepped on one of the holes it made the sound of a flute .It
was a flute bridge! After crossing the bridge, she sat on a
drum rock and was about to eat her sand-
wich when she heard a sound, ‘Fiona wake
up! You will be late!’ Fiona quickly woke
up and realized she was dreaming.

Natania Mary George –IV D

Keerthana - LKG F


Tito’s first day in a new house

Hello I am Tito , a little tortoise.

I was brought into a new house by my new owner. I was skeptical
how my new home and its inmates would be treating me. Fortunately
I was welcomed by two children. When I entered their house, I was
shocked. The children were really excited to see me. I heard them
asking if they can touch me, but their father said, “We will touch him

Then I saw their parents leaving from the front door. I just roamed around the cage and decided to take a
short nap. When I woke up I saw their mother. Then I saw their father coming with my favourite food,
lettuce in a cover. That time one of the kid (who was a boy) was near the cage. He opened the cage and
was little scared to touch me. After a few seconds, the boy was holding me on the shell. After their father
washed the lettuce, he gave the lettuce to the boy. The little girl was jumping up and down with excite-
ment. Then he was holding the lettuce up to my mouth. When I opened my mouth I saw the boy and girl

adoring at my tongue. Then they adored my cute little black eyes. Then the parents
talked about when they had a tortoise and they mistakened it for a turtle and put it in
water. Then they told the difference between turtle and tortoise is that turtles can
touch water and tortoises must not touch water at all. I loved this house and I was
happy staying here. They would let me walk very often and hide under sofas, tables
and chairs. I was never this happy in my entire life.

Sreeram Rajesh -V B

China Grass Pudding


China grass/Agar Agar – 10gm Theerdha Vinish - V A
Water – 1 cup
Milk – 1 cup
Condensed milk –25 gm.
Fresh cream – 2 tsp.


Cut the china grass into small pieces and soak in water for 15 minutes. Mean
while boil milk in a pan and add condensed milk to it and keep it aside. Boil
the soaked china grass along with water in medium flame. Keep stirring. Put
off the flame after the china grass has melted completely. Pour this mixture to
the milk using a strainer. Allow the milk to boil for a minute and put off the
flame. Then add Fresh cream and mix well. Let the milk cool down. When the
milk cools down, it l starts to set. Refrigerate for 3 to 4 hours. It’s ready to

Irena - LKG C Siddharth - LKG E Benson Immanuel-UKG D


Clever Martha

By - Nidhi Ishi . J

Once there lived a rabbit named Judy. She had two

bunnies named Dickon and Martha. One day a lion-

ess caught Dickon and put him in a pot so she could

cook it. Judy and Martha were very worried!! Then

suddenly Martha had an idea. She told her mother

to dig a tunnel starting from their burrow till the

lioness’ den. Then Martha called all her friends to for me??” The lioness thought that Martha was Ju-

help her digging a deep pit. And also asked her dy and ran to Martha but Martha could run faster

grandma to knit a very big and strong net for them. and when she reached the pit, she too jumped into

These were the settings for the plan. Now this was the pit and Judy put the net that grandma had knit-

the plan……. ted over the pit. Then Judy and Martha ran to the

lioness’ den and found Dickon in the pot fast

When the lioness was going to cook Dickon, ignor- asleep. Martha shouted, “Wakeup Dickon, we saved

ing his pleading cries. That time Judy popped her you from that cruel lioness, you are free now.”

head from the tunnel, which she had digged before Dickon woke up and hugged

and said, “you can never, not even dare to catch both of them and happily

me!!’. The lioness thought “Oh what a lucky day went to the burrow.

for me, I can have two bunnies for lunch!!” and she

pounced on Judy, but at the nick of time Judy hur-

ried to the home through the tunnel. Then Martha

came from behind the den and shouted, “Looking Nidhi Ishi –V C

Nusaybah Rizwan - III B Sidra - LKG A Ditiya Sreekumar - III E Zoya Khan IV C

Theerdha Vinish - V A Dishleen Kaur –V B Chris Kevin - UKG G




Tanishq - LKG G A girl named Claire Castelia was about eleven years
Om Shewale - LKG-F old and lived in London. Claire was a bright child
Noel Mathews Cherian - I G and an only child of her parents. She had blonde
Zakariyah Shaikh- II G hair and green eyes. She always believed in think-
Alan Biju - UKG B ing and talking positively.

One day she woke up and saw a beautiful entrance
to a forest from outside her bed room window and
decided to have a look. She was amazed when she
entered the forest; it had lots of blossom trees,
blooming flowers and cute animals. Claire found berries on her way
and picked some of them up to have them later. Soon she found a
house covered in vines. As she was exploring the house, she found the
picture of a fairy and underneath it was written “Bella”, the fairy’s
name. She thought it would be nice to clean the house for Bella and
started to clean almost every inch of the house. She cleaned it so well
that it shone from both inside and out. Claire ate the berries she had
collected on her way. After a few hours she wanted to go home. She
left the forest for her home and when her parents returned, they
thought she played with her friends the whole day. The next day Claire
woke up and excitedly got ready to visit the forest again but when she
looked out of her window, the forest was gone. She wondered all day
where the forest could’ve disappeared and didn’t have any answer.
Months passed, then years passed and Claire forgot about the magic
forest completely.

Many years later, a girl with blonde hair and green eyes was standing
at her bed room window looking at a flower at the entrance to the same
Enchanted Forest when her mother called for her,
“Alice dear, where are you?” Claire came closer to her
daughter to see that she had found the entrance to the
same enchanted forest she had once explored, and


Naila Najeebuddin – VI D

Parin - LKG G Ethan F. Coelho - II C

Cera - LKG D

Prajana Suresh - I G



Covid-19 has deeply affected globally and this outbreak has also forced many schools to remain closed tempo-
rarily. As a result, education has changed intensely, with the distinctive rise of E-learning, whereby teaching
is undertaken remotely on digital platforms.

During this challenging time, amidst the worldwide pandemic of COVID 19, ICSK didn’t sit back instead
they have introduced a virtual Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) programmer for its students. This
gave us an opportunity to learn about coding languages and humanoid robots.

I was overwhelmed, and without wasting any time got myself enrolled for these sessions.

The course included Application development, 3D designing, Virtual Electronics and Circuits.

Since the very beginning I had been enjoying the sessions to my fullest. I was lucky to have a trainer who was
very helpful, kind and supportive and always personal attention was given to each student.

I started building up an apps through MIT App Inventor, these apps are built through block coding. Whereas
I always thought apps are created through coding languages like JAVA, C++ etc, but this course really
changed my mindset.

For each session the students were asked to create a unique App. Accordingly, “Star Performer” would be
awarded to that student whose App was creative and innovative. I was extremely glad to hear my name being
called out as a “Star Performer”. I was really overwhelmed with joy that I made my parents

Lastly, I would like to thank ICSK and Sirena Technologies (Robotics Team) for providing
this wonderful opportunity.

Safa Sirajudeen - VI B

Reading is a Good Habit

Reading is a very good habit that one needs to develop in life. Good books can inform you , en-
lighten you and lead you in the right direction. It develops your imagination and provides you
with a fortune of knowledge. It is rightly quoted that “Books are your best companion “.

Reading is important because it is good for your overall well-being. It develops vivid imagination,
knowledge and vocabulary. Once you start reading you experience a whole new world. You can
make good use of time. It is a perfect way to stay occupied and at the same time to learn some-
thing and gain knowledge.

Reading a book is like being on a great journey. You don’t know what will happen, but you will
learn something new every day.

A great article can inspire and motivate you as much as a great book. It's not how much you read but what you read, that is more

The habit of good reading improves communication skills. It helps you to express thoughts in a speech that requires a lot of vo-
cabulary. Not only does it improve your communication but it also makes you a better writer.

Reading is vital for the development of the brain as it boosts your thinking and understanding. Reading just before falling asleep
relaxes your mind, making it happy and content. Ultimately it results in a deep sleep.

Good reading habits inculcate a positive attitude in you. You become knowledgeable and more confident,
thereby improving an overall positivity in you.

The habit of reading is one of the best qualities one can possess. It is very important to develop a good read-
ing habit. Reading a good book is the most enjoyable experience one could have. So, if you have never given
it a try then always remember that it is never too late to start a good habit.

Prepared By

Alia Ehsan Ullah Mohammed III-E


National and Liberation Day of Kuwait

Kuwait is the land of opportunities. A peaceful nation, though it is
small in size, it is big in its heart and thereby the generosity. To be
a part of this state it is a matter of our pride and privilege.
Keeping the magnitude of its thankfulness, the school organised a
series of special assemblies on the theme- The National and Liber-
ation day of Kuwait during the week leading up to the National
The hoisting of the National flag was carried out by Mrs. Sherly
Dennis Principal of Junior school and the National anthem of Ku-
wait was played. The event included a heartfelt tribute to the be-
nevolent leaders of Kuwait for their dedication and their role in
the development of Kuwait. The children portrayed the spirit of
celebration with great aplomb through a heart-warming Arabic dance. A grand display of the stu-
dents’ artistic talents through the virtual art gallery was truly eye-catching.
A prayer with a difference, a hope song with heart touching lyrics was the last item of the pro-
Principal Mrs. Sherly Dennis addressed the assemblies and Vice-Principal Mrs. Sheeja C congratu-
lated the students and the teachers who conducted the assembly in a grand manner.
The assemblies ended with the Indian national anthem being played with pride and patriotic fervor.

“Every season is a gift of God to mankind and each season has its own beauty”

Assemblies have always been a vital tool for interactive learn-
ing . The tiny tots of LKG D, E & F added new flair to the tradi-
tion by presenting assembly on the theme “ Seasons” on 10th Feb-
ruary 2021. They were familiarized with different seasons and the
changes they bring in our lifestyle. The children were divided into
four groups by the names of season namely summer ,rainy, spring
and winter. Children spoke few lines on specified season with con-
fidence and perfection. This was followed by the colourful,
,entertaining, foot tapping dance performances .Children were
dressed up in different costumes according to their seasons. The
assembly concluded with the pledge followed by national anthem
of India.


How I started to love reading

Eight months back, before the lockdown, I had only a very small collection of about 20 books. Whenever I felt
like reading, I had to read the same books that I have already finished reading again and again. After a few days
my parents bought some Tinkle Digest books when they went shopping. I finished reading them very fast. It was
the first time that I was reading such kinds of books and I loved them. On seeing my interest in reading my par-
ents bought many books for my age and they always told me it is good to read. Soon my book shelf was filled
with all my favorite books. I learnt so many good habits , when I started to read.

I found so many new words when I read. My dad bought me a Children’s Dictionary too. It has beautiful illustra-
tions. He taught me how to find the meanings of the words which were new to me. I learnt how to use a dictionary
and was so happy. Now I have a notebook for writing the meanings of the words which I find out from the dic-
tionary. My parents say that I have developed my vocabulary now.

Another new good habit I got by reading is writing diary notes. I wrote diary notes when I was studying in 1st and
2nd standard. But I didn’t write it regularly. After reading books like Diary of Wimpy kid, Dork Diaries, Raspberry
Rules and Dear Dumb Diary, I also wanted to write diary notes. Now, I developed the habit of writing diary notes
before going to bed every day. My diary is my best friend. I can share my happiness and sad feelings with my dia-

Sometimes I love to read educational books too. Books like encyclopedia give us a lot of knowledge about so
many things around the world. Brain quest books are my favorite. Those are books made of flash cards and I en-
joy learning from it.

I have a collection of more than 320 books now. Some of my favorite books are Diary of a
Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, books written by Roald Dahl, Dog Man series, Captain Underpants,
Monster and Chips, Dear Dumb Diary, My Weird School series and Brain Quest flash card

Now, all my days begin with a book. I always make sure that I read something everyday when-

ever I get time. I don’t get time to watch TV now because I spend my time with books. Now I

believe what my mother always tells me “BOOKS ARE BETTER THAN TOYS”. Harshita Robin - III F

Little Rest……… The lion and the boar

Get a Rest in the Afternoon, It was a hot summer day. A lion and a boar reached a small
Don’t get in the Morning. pond to quench their thirst. They began arguing and fighting
Running … Running… Behind the Book. about who should drink first. After a while, they are tired and
Running… Running… Behind the Work. stop for breath, when they notice vultures above. Soon they
Need to take some little rest, realize that the vultures are waiting for one or both of them to
fall, to feast on them. The lion and the boar then decide that it
Take A Little Rest. was best make up and be friends than fight and become food
for vultures. They drink the water together and go their ways
Rest is Good for Health, after.
Rest will Make you Strong.
Need to take some little rest, Moral: Those who strive are often watched by others to
take advantage of their defeat.
Take A Little Rest..
The End.

Ajones Xavier - III E Fathimath Sana - III E


My Shadow Washing Routine

I have a strange little friend Wash, wash, wash your hands
Sometimes it is black and sometimes grey For thirty seconds please

Whether it is black or grey Soap will chase the germs away
It stays with me all day. So you don’t cough and sneeze.

Sometimes looks long to me and sometimes not Lather up your hands
Lingers to my east and sometimes to my west About a half a minute more
Scrub, scrub, scrub your hands
Whether it is to my east or west This is how you sum your chore.
I think it feels that I am the best.
Wash, wash, wash with water
I wondered why it followed me We are almost done
Wondered where it went
Now let’s get you a towel,
Only to know that my strange little friend I hope you had fun.
Was just my own shadow which God had sent.

Abhinav Suresh - II C Zakariyah Shaikh – II G


There are many places on earth that are full of waste. Almost all of them are harm-
ful for our planet. Because of the waste we produce, water, soil and air gets polluted
which kills animals, plants, fishes and even humans.

One plastic bag takes almost 1,000 years to decompose, so imagine how many
years it will take for all our waste to decompose.

The disposing of waste has huge environmental problems and can also cause seri-
ous health issues. Solid non – biodegradable waste that is left buried in the soil
will prevent rainwater to seep inside the ground. Plastic bags and other waste ma-
terials also block drains.

All the wastes we produce are dumped in landfills, which look very ugly. Over a long period of time, the waste that
is dumped in the landfills will start releasing dangerous gases. If we don’t stop this wastage, our earth will end up as
a place that is full of waste for the future generation. In some places, people also burn waste materials that create
smog which causes many diseases like cancer and also contributes to the recent increase in the number of lung dis-

The best way to stop the production of non – biodegradable waste is to use the three R’s – Reduce, Re-
use and Recycle. Reduce the uses of plastic bottles; reuse the bottles to store water; or recycle them as
some new toys.

Jovina Mariam Bino – VI C

Syed Imran - I A Sneha Swapnesh- II C Viana Carina D souza - I B


कविता - हमनंे सीखा

बापू जी से सीखा है, हमनंे अपना काम आप ही करना ।

नेहरू जी से सीखा है, हमनंे अच्छा शासन करना ।

लाला लाजपत से सीखा है , हमनंे काम देश का करना ।

शहीद भगतससहंि से सीखा है, देशप्रमे में प्राण ननछािर करना ।

सरदार िल्लभ भाई पटेल से सीखा है, हमनंे देश को एक बनाना ।

नेताजी से सीखा है, हमने देश-देश मंे जाकर अलख जगाना ।

रामचदंि ्र से सीखा है, हमनें माता-वपता की आज्ञा का पालन करना ।

कृ ष्ण चंिद्र से सीखा है, हमनंे समत्र का हहत करना ।

Ali Hussain Attari - 2 D


Bharathanatyam is almost a 2,000 year old classical dance form. The
dancers wear saree or a salwar style dress, wear anklets or salangai on
their feet. Dancers also wear red henna on their hands and feet. Bhara-
tha Muni is the father of Bharathanatyam. . It is believed that Lord
Brahma has invented Bharthanatyam. Lord Shiva is considered as the
god of Bharathanatyam. There are nine expressions or abhiyana in Bha-
rathanatyam.It consists of Saptam Talams - Dhruva Talam, Matya
Talam, Rupaka Talam, Jhampa Talam, Thriputa Talam (Chathurushra
Thriputa Talam is also called as Adhi Talam) Ata Talam, Eka
Talam.There are three main postures in Bharathanatyam, they are
araimandi,muraimandi and samam. Araimandi is the most important
posture. Bharthanatyam is originated from Tamil Nadu.

According to the Natya Shastra by Bharatha Muni: Classical dance has three main aspects name-
ly Nritta, Nritya, and Natya. Nritya means combination of Rhythm with expression, through styl-
ized hand gestures and bodily movements. Nritta means pure dance movements creating patterns in
space and time; without any specific intention of projecting any emotion. Natya means performing
for a theme like Ramayana or Mahabharata etc.

Practice, patience, strong determination and dedication are very important during
the learning period.

Logamithra Kumar—IV B


Ruthvika Karapakula - UKG H Nivedh Prajesh Menon - III B Riya Sufiyan - V B

“Better Day by Day” INDIA

Today is the day, we will learn and have fun, India, filled with bravery and prosperity,
Today we will enjoy warm sunshine, It’s green forest is pretty.
Today we will grow orange,
Today we will feel rain, Let us live in peace with nature,
Today we will plant flower, Protecting all the other creatures.
Today is delicate and charming,
India is our motherland,
Today we will fly like birds, We shouldn’t give it to other hand.
Today we will pluck berry,
Today we will float lily in the ponds, India is our country
Today we will dance under the tree, We must protect it at all cost
Today we will learn and have fun,
Even if we are lost,
India is our country.

Callista Darah – V D

Before we will grow, let’s not stop, Hanna Mariam Sunil - II G
We will give our best,

We will do better day by day.

Ramalakshmi Dohara - V B Joshua Philip Shinu – UKG C


My Superhero…Dad A rainy day in Kuwait

Hey dad I look towards the sky
Ever since my life began to see if clouds are there
Uncle Rain visits Kuwait sometimes!
You were the man and I enjoy seeing the
I saw your wisdom and your courage too rain whenever it pours.

And I learnt I could rely on you! I looked towards the sky and
saw the clouds all over
Your tolerant nature is really great My happiness grew and I
You don't hesitate to let me know if I'm bad looked through the window,
awaiting the rain.
It must be hard but that’s being dad!
I looked towards the sky and
You are strong and smart filled with love the rain came down dancing
You are a gift to me from up above My heart was full
of joy and happiness.
So here's a greeting from your biggest fan
Happy birthday; I love you dad! Nakshathra Rakesh - IV B

Justin Damian Mendes - IV C


One day a man named Phillip went to a mobile shop to recharge his mobile. He gave his number to the

He told him to recharge Rs 1000.

After a while, Phillip asked the shopkeeper whether he had recharged…

The shopkeeper said yes…

But Phillip told him that it wasn’t showing up on his phone.

Then the shopkeeper asked him to cross check the phone number he had given.

When Phillip checked the number, he found that he wrote the last 2 digits of his number 02 instead of 20.

Then the shopkeeper asked him to call that number and they might refund the amount.

Then Phillip called that number and a girl answered, when he told that he had just re-
charged…. Without allowing him to complete his sentence the girl surprisingly thanked
him for recharging her mobile and helping her to attend her online classes… and she
thanked god for answering her prayer

Moral of the story : God answers the prayer of the needy

Jeojith Jineth George - IV F


The Golden Life MY SCHOOL

The clock goes tick, tick My school is I.C.S.K. It’s one of the
It’s the end of the day, biggest and well-known school in Ku-
And from the hour glass wait. My school is looks so simple. For
The sand has sunk to the bottom. us, it’s like a temple where I follow and
obey the rules. A place where lessons
Another day has passed, are learned and lives us with good
and everyone has snuggled into their beds morals.

just before the giant silver crystal Our teachers are so nice. They
appears in the ivy black sky, give us knowledge and advices. When
we’re shy and we cried, they comfort
just like a caterpillar tucked into its chrysalis. us and give us a hand of hope.

Life is as short as a lassie Mayfly’s lifespan, I.C.S.K. is a placed which brings
but on this blue planet mankind is smile on every children’s faces. So, I
always in a hurry burry. must say: “Stars are so many but
But once the light fades, moon is only one. Schools are so
we wish that we could have paused many but I.C.S.K. is only one.”

that precious hour and did more chores. Adithyan Kurup - I D

Mother nature wishes every soul to enjoy HUG O’WAR
their leisure, to swing in the air,
to sing with the birds, I will not play tug o’ war,
I would rather play hug o’ war,
to play with the woodland creatures, Where everyone hugs,
to feast our eyes on the golden heavenly Instead of tugs,
Where everyone giggles,
body when it sinks into the sea. And rolls on the rug,

Rachel Verbena Pearl - VI A Where everyone kisses,
And everyone grins,
Answer key to the puzzle given on Page : 2 And everyone cuddles,
And everyone wins
HONESTY GENEROSITY -June Celeste Mathews


My Pet Dog Mother ..

I have a pet named Alex. It is black in colour and A mother is a treasured gift
looks very cute. It loves to play with me and follows Of love that’s deep and true.
wherever I go. I love it soo much. You know she’s always standing by
To guide and comfort you.
One day it spoiled my toy. So I was very upset A mother with unfailing strength
and punished Alex. Then, my mom explained me that Can keep you safe from harm
we should not punish our pets but should train them with And yet you feel the softness of
love.So,I trained Alex to play with my toys without Her gentle grace and charm.
spoiling them. From then , we played happily. A mother gives encouragement
With wisdom and a smile.
M. Hardhik - I A She understands your hopes and dreams
And makes them seem worthwhile.
Importance of Internet in A mother’s always in your heart
the light of COVID-19 Wherever you may go.
She’s part of everything you do
The Internet is a very essential part of our daily That’s why you love her so.
lives. It helps us in many ways, searching for cook-
ing recipes to sharing important files. The Internet Sara Vivek - I F
itself is a network of computers interlinked to form
a huge server. Internet is playing a very important
role during the COVID pandemic as people cannot
travel outside much. Internet connectivity is also
essential for online education and assessments.
Without a good internet connection, it is extremely
difficult to attend online classes. The Internet is
used as a replacement for textbooks as they are not
available to some of us in this current situation. Dur-
ing this pandemic, we are spending a lot of time look-
ing at the screen. Instead of that let’s be more produc-
tive and do creative works like art, dancing or learning
to play a new instrument.

Ruhen Anish Jacob - I B Reuben Arun - I C



The world is getting wounded and every life is counted.
How are we going to save the lives from this dreaded disease.
The whole world locked down, airports shut down, travels banned,
Lost business and lost jobs. Alas! We lost so many loved ones.
The old traditions came back such as washing hands and bathing after returning home.

All homes became a sanitizer some.
Time has come for mankind to understand life is more important than money.

To understand this value we have given up many things.
Corona Virus came crowned with spikes and
Took over the world in a strike
Use the mask, shield & sanitizer
Let's prove to the virus that we are wiser.

Together we will succeed in eradicating the virus.

Aashritha Ranjith - III A


Marble Cake


Nikhita Menon - V E 1. Flour- 1 cup 7. Vanilla Essence- 1 tsp
2. Baking powder-1 tsp 8. Sugar- ¾ cup

3. Baking soda- 1 pinch 9. Oil- ½ cup

4. Milk powder- 2 tbsp or milk- 2 tbsp 10. Coco powder- 2 tbsp

5. Salt- 1 pinch 11. Milk- 2 tsp (room temperature )

6. Egg-3(room temperature)

Mix all the first 5 dry ingredients. Take another bowl and add eggs and vanil-
la essence. Beat with an electric beater on high speed till it becomes creamy.
Add sugar and oil and beat again. Now add the mix of dry ingredients. Again beat for 1 or 2 minutes in low
speed. Transfer half of the mix to another bowl, add milk and strained coco powder into it. Mix well, now
we have two batters ready. Take an 8 inch round pan and spread some butter. Add the vanilla batter first
then the coco batter and continue. Now take a toothpick and make any design in the batter. Bake at 180◦c

for 35 minutes.

Open A Book Importance of hygiene

Open a book Hygiene is one of the main needs for our body. It is
And you will find pictures important to practice good hygiene in our daily life.
And places of every kind. It is how we take care of our body by brushing our
teeth, bathing , washing our hands , cutting nails and
Open a book more.

And you can see so many things Everyday we come in contact with millions off out-
Just read me. side germs and viruses which make us sick. Hygiene
Open a book protects our body from diseases and strengthens our
immune system. This is a simple habit which will
Then you will find wonderful words of every protect us and the people around us.
Hygiene is a good habit which is necessary for all of
Open a book us. So, always be clean and practice good hygiene.
And you think positive though.

Open a book
And you will gain knowledge

Caren Mariam Bijo - VI C Prepared by,
Zoya Ehsanullah Mohammed - I C


Health of Earth

Did you know earth can get sick too…?

Like we take care of our family and our belongings, we should take care of our mother
earth too! But rather we are making the earth sick, we pollute the air, the water, the land.
Air pollution is caused by factories, power plants, cars, airplanes, chemicals ETC... Human
beings cause more air pollution by burning fossil fuels. But, we can't stop running factories,
power plants or cars, we can reduce it, factories can purify the smoke before releasing , us-
ing more public transportation, turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use
are some ways that we can reduce air pollution!... Some of us throw garbage here and there,
don't we? This causes major pollutants on earth. One of the causes of water getting polluted
is with garbage. Some factories dump chemical wastes into rivers and lakes, Pesticides that
farmers use enter groundwater and these also get water polluted... Pick up litter and throw it
in a garbage can, stop disposing of household chemicals or cleaning agents down the sink
or toilet. Even if you do small things it helps our earth so much! Do you know how land is
polluted? I can tell you... Land pollution is caused by littering, waste from houses, facto-
ries..., other toxins, and soil pollution as part of land pollution is caused by industrial activi-
ty, agricultural chemicals or improper disposal of waste.

To reduce it, waste can be Reduced, Reused and Recycled, avoid use of chem-
icals for farming. Planting trees can reduce air pollution. Natural Disasters are
not in our hands but we can make small differences in our own way. Together
we can change many things and save our planet earth!

Hina Fathima VI C

My experience with robotics

When I first saw the interesting flier for a robotics workshop, I felt curious and finally decid-
ed to join it. After the introductory sessions soon came the app development class that I was
eagerly waiting for. I was hyped to learn about developing apps. We started to learn new
things like vertical arrangement, textbox, and web viewer. Then we learnt about coding
which was one of the hardest and trickiest part of our training.

After a few sessions we made our first app which was
a color app. My parents were very proud of me when I
showed them, my first ever app creation.

Soon we became just like professionals who created
apps. Towards the end of the workshop our teacher
announced that he would be choosing a best perform-
er, but the catch was that we needed to create our own
unique app.

I got a little bit nervous but I handled it coolly. I made
my own unique app using some creativity. My app is a multi-shopping app that had a variety
of famous shopping websites. The app helps users to easily choose a shop, instead of spending
a lot of time searching through different shops.











1.How many moons does Jupiter have?
2.Which is the smallest planet in our solar system?
3.Which planet has polar caps covered with ice?
4.Which planets have no moon?
5.Which planet spins in a clockwise direction?
6.During which mission did astronauts stay longest on the moon?
7.The first photographs of the hidden side of the moon were taken by ?
8.The lunar module of Apollo was called ?

Amrith Rajini Prasath - V D

Answers : 1. 79 2. Mercury 3. Mars 4. Venus and mercury 5. venus

6. Apollo 17 7. Soviet space probe lunik in 1959 8. Eagle


The day of the results came. I was tensed, but soon my tension turned into excitement. The
teacher called out the names of two Star Performers; I was one of them along with my class-

I couldn’t believe it, I felt goosebumps all over me. I
quickly ran to my parents and gave them the good
news. They were proud of me and I felt proud of
myself too. It was a wonderful experience. I am real-
ly glad that I decided to partici-

pate in this workshop.

Roshan Binish - VI B

बचपन के हदन

जब हम बड़े हो जायगंे े ,
ये बचपन के हदन बहुत याद आएँगे
दोस्तों से लड़ना, चचढ़ना और चचढ़ाना ,
खेल- खेल में िो सारा हदन बबताना I
गमी की छु हियों मंे िो नानी के घर जाना,
रातों मंे फिर छत पर सोते हुए पररयों की कहानी सनु ना I
कहाँ समलेगी िो माँ की प्यार िाली झप्पी ,
कहाँ समलगे ी िो पापा की डांिट िाली थप्पी I

हम आगे तो बढ़ जायंेगे,
मगर सकु ू न के हदन पीछे छोड़ जायगंे े I
िो आराम की नींदि िो सखु िो चनै ,

चाह कर भी फिर न ला पाएगंि े I
काश मैं समय को यहीिं रोक लँ,ू
अपनी बढ़ती उम्र को यहींि थाम लँू I
क्योंफक ,जब हम बड़े हो जायगें े,
ये बचपन के हदन बड़े याद आएँगे I

अयान हुसनै नाज़ - V D


Blooky, the kind building and stood right where he was, in the middle of the
road. When the people woke up, they went the same

Once upon a time, in the mysterious world of way they used to, but reached different places.
Gloopus, buildings could walk, trees could talk and Mrs.Deer drove her son to the playground, not to the
animals could sing. The sun would ring the alarm school. Mr Zebra went to the hospital rather than his
and the moon would sing a lullaby. In this unknown office. He went straight inside and started doing his
world, one day, a strange incident happened. There job, not aware of his surroundings. Blooky realised
were three buildings named Munchkin, Burkin and that he was the cause of the confusion.When it was
Blooky. Blooky was almost 62 years old. He was midnight ,he returned to his own town because he
very short and fat. He was the oldest. His colour had didn’t want to confuse the people anymore. Next
faded and body had cracked. The three buildings morning, a neatly dressed man came to Burkin and
were neighbours. Burkin and munchkin were new, Munchkin and informed them that a new airport was
thin and tall. Their flats were luxurious and they coming in that area. So all the tall buildings must be
looked fabulous. They would taunt blooky often. taken down. Burkin and Munchkin were very wor-
ried. Blooky felt sorry for them. Blooky told them
They said that you would be taken down someday,
just wait and see. This often worried blooky. One about the place he had visited one night. Blooky
day, he decided to go away. When it was midnight, guided them to that place. Munchkin and Burkin
slowly and quietly, he slipped away without munch- were so happy and thankful to
kin and burkin seeing him. Buildings could only Blooky. They apologised for every-
walk when the clock struck 12 midnight. Blooky
thing they had said earlier.

walked for a long time, and finally reached a calm

place. Buildings could not walk after sunrise.

Blooky found a great place for him. But he was too

fat to fit in there. Suddenly ,he heard the sun’s alarm Minha - IV B


Once upon a time, there lived a couple. The woman gave birth to
a baby girl and they named her as Angel. Angel grew up into a beauti-
ful girl and she was now 10 years old. One day they went to the forest
for a picnic. During night time, her dad went around to find some food.
Unfortunately, he got lost in the dense forest. Then the mother told An-
gel to hold her hand tightly and follow her. They went into the forest.
They were very scared. But luckily the fairies were watching them
from the sky. They also got lost in the forest. The fairies made sure
that they were safe. Suddenly, it started to rain heavily. Luckily they
found a cave and they took shelter in it. When the rain stopped they
stood up to resume their journey, suddenly the door of the cave closed
and they heard some sound of footsteps, and they trembled and stood
frozen. Some men appeared in front of them and they tried to steal all
their belonging, but fairies who were watching all this made a magical move and saved them from thieves.
They got shocked, the fairies told them that they were following them. Then they told them about the place
where they could find Angel’s father. After hearing that they were very happy but the fairies told them that
Angel would go on a journey with a man and would return after a week. The fairies explained how to save
her father. After a week, Angel came back and started her journey along with her mother. They found a
cave near the mountain. Angel remembered the number 2215 and she dialed onto the num-
ber which was on the cave. The door opened and there came mice and asked for the magi-
cal words. Listening to this Angel said the magical words "Who is he?" To her surprise,
the cave vanished and her father came in front of her. She ran and hugged her father happy
and they all went home and lived happily ever after.

Hafsa Salman Arai - III A



Hoola, today I am going to be taking you on a trip to Ecuador! let’s see some facts and unbelievable
things that you thought is never possible!

Let’s go! now.

As the name suggests, Ecuador is related to the equator. And, if you
don’t know what an equator is, it is basically an imaginary line that
separates the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere.
The equator runs through many countries but I would take Ecuador
for now. The thing that is very special about all the countries in
those the equator runs through, is that in these countries you can

balance an egg on a nail! And, the other thing is that you see a difference in
weather too. Sometimes it rains in one hemisphere and the other may be sun-
ny. And when you stand on the line that is marked yellow, you can’t balance
yourself and you fall to any of the sides. Here near the
equator, you’re very close to the sun. And in all, you will
have so much fun and excitement in Equator.

By: A.V. Lakshita


Year 2020 Blessing in Disguise

“We shall overcome this.” A famous saying motivates me in thick and thin of life.

This year,2020 taught us many lessons. To some extent, it was a bless-
ing in disguise. I learnt about many informative things this year. Alt-
hough, we are stuck at home in this pandemic and are unable to attend
the school physically, yet we have managed to learn in the online clas-
ses. I am happy to interact in my online classes, though I am sad that I
can’t meet my friends. It has been a really long time staying at home
and not socializing. I am grateful to stay safe at home and how my
parents take care of me. I love the scrumptious food at home we relish.

Despite that, I feel very bored because I sit idle on my couch. How-
ever, I have started doing activities like reading, drawing, painting. I
have started singing and I get trapped into my own self where I feel
the world is musical. I like to share everything with my family and
that makes me feel comfortable. I help my mother in cleaning and it
makes me feel blissful when the house looks neat and clean. I am
always glad at home when I follow my daily routine.

These days, I am occupied with work from school, I enjoy the tasks as these
keep me alert. Meditation also makes me relax and rejuvenat-
ed. All negative thoughts about the pandemic disappear mirac-
ulously. I should thank the doctors who are finding the cure
for this disease. I pray that Covid Vaccine should be the New
Year’s gift to Mankind.

Ruhaanee Singh - VI D


Joe &The wallet

Story by Aaron Robins III A

(Inspired by reading of books from ICSK School Library.)

This is a story about a man named Joe. Joe is a newspaper and magazine seller. One day, while he was sell-
ing his newspapers, one of his customers was a wealthy rich man, named Mr. McMuffin Timbers. He had a
good looking, big, apartment. But there was something different about it. Everytime he came to lunch, he
always kept his wallet in one specific room, where he used to put his cars! But that sounded strange; why
would he put it in his garage and not in his bedroom? So Joe tried to think about why Mr. McMuffy kept
doing that. Hmm…

The next day, after selling his newspapers, our curious Joe went to Mr. McMuffy’s house and tried to talk
to him. When he rang the door bell, his wife came. “Hi Joe! Why are you here? Do you need to sell any-
more magazines?” she asked. “No. My work time is over”, said Joe. “I want to speak with Mr. McMuffy.”
So, then Mrs. McMuffy led him to Mr. McMuffy.

“Ah, Joe! Why are you here? Do you want to talk?”, greeted Mr. McMuffy. “Yes, about this, why do you
keep your wallet in your garage everytime you go to eat?” Then Mr. McMuffy, for some reason, quickly
ran away! It was like he was keeping a secret from him. “This is weird. I should talk to the Mayor about
this”, thought Joe.

When he told the Mayor, the Mayor agreed saying, “Huh, it does sound fishy.” “Tell this to the police, and
hopefully they’ll help you investigate.” Then they got a private detective. So Joe and the private detective
were trying to think about what was going on.

The next day, at 1am in the morning, the detective and Joe went to Mr. McMuffy’s
house. They knew he was asleep. Joe and the detective secretly went inside the
house compound. There they went to the garage, to see if Mr. McMuffy’s wallet was
there. And indeed, it was! “But why? Why would it be here and not in his bed-
room?”, thought Joe aloud. “Wait, that’s it!”, said the detective, “we should check
there. Maybe there’s something we don’t know about this place. Then they sneaked
to his bedroom window.

And then… “Oh! I don’t believe it!”, exclaimed Joe, as the detective and Joe peeped into the bedroom and
saw… hundreds of SPIDERS and so many insects crawling in the bedroom! “How yucky! Why wouldn’t
he kill all of these insects? Usually the rich houses don’t have any insects crawling around, let alone so
many! Definitely strange.. “, wondered the detective.

At 2am, they right away reported this to the Mayor, who said, “Oh! This is huge! W e need to figure out
what’s going on in that house!

Then, at 7am in the morning, Mr. McMuffy got up. He left his house and went for work. Mrs. McMuffy
was doing house chores. Meanwhile, Joe was back at his job, selling his newspapers and magazines. As he
was selling, he came across Mr.McMuffy’s house. This time, he saw five people dressed in black, standing
at his door. Joe saw Mrs. McMuffy standing right beside them, not saying Hello or anything! ‘Hmm.. That
was really unlike her! Usually, she invites guests in. Maybe they aren’t guests,’ he thought. And then, he
went in too. And she said, “Ah, Joe. Why are you here again? This time its definitely time for work.” “Yes,
but why didn’t you greet those people?” asked Joe “What people?”, she answered, as she let him in.
“Hmm.. Did Mrs.McMuffy not see them?”, thought Joe. Strange. He went inside the house and took a look.
He saw that some of them were in the sitting room and heading to another room. Joe didn’t know what the
other room was, so he checked it out.

Mr. McMuffy was definitely rich. That’s why he had an extra room.. that was filled with lots of gold. The
black men must be bad guys who are trying to steal the gold! But then, when he looked inside, there were
only three men who were trying to steal the gold. He immediately informed the police about it. Then he
went to the bedroom. There he saw two black men. And guess what they had in their pockets! Lots and lots


of insects! They were the ones who put the insects in the bedroom ! It must’ve been for a distraction, to get
the gold. So they must’ve been working night and day!

The police came and caught the bad guys and sent them into the court. The police told Joe and
Mr.McMuffy , “Don’t worry. Everything is alright. Indeed they have been working night and day, stealing
the gold. And Mr. Mc Muffy only left his wallet in the garage, because he didn’t want to put
it in his bedroom which was creeping with insects. Yuck! And he used to sleep in the garage

And that is how Joe got promoted. Instead of being a magazine seller, he also started help-

ing the detective, solving most of the weird cases. Aaron Robins - III A


Once there were two pigeons, Misha and Siku. They were best of friends
and everyday they met at the terrace of a library.

One day Misha came to meet her friend Siku. She sat next to him, but Siku
got furious seeing Misha. He said, “Go away Misha! I don’t want to talk to
you.” Misha saw Siku’s sad and grumpy face and asked him in a low tone,”
What is the matter Siku? Why are you angry at me?”

Siku shouted back,” I’m furious at you because
yesterday you ate my cinnamon bread and did not give me a single bite…
So I don’t want to talk to you!” And he flew away in anger.

Misha became sad but wanted to cheer up her friend at any cost. That
evening Misha thought a lot and came up with a fantastic idea!

Next day she flew to a school building and sat on the rooftop waiting for the recess bell. When the
bell rang, small children came running out of their classes with sheer excitement. All the kids started

having their yummy lunches.
Meanwhile, Misha sat there and kept looking at the kids one by one. Sud-
denly, while eating, a small boy dropped his brownie on the ground. The
boy saw the cake with disappointment, but anyways closed his lunch box
and left for his class. Immediately Misha descended down and grabbed the
brownie and flew straight to her friend. She thought while flying in excite-
ment that now she can make her friend happy.
Siku was sitting on the rooftop of the same li-
brary building. Misha slowly came and sat next
to him.
She placed the brownie in front of Siku and said,” This is for you my
dear Siku. Please accept my apology and forgive me for eating your
bread and not offering you even a bite.” Siku looked at the delicious
brownie and quickly ate it and gave a small piece to Misha as well. Then
Siku smiled and hugged her and said,” Thank you Misha! It was yummy.
And I missed talking to you……… “Friends forever!”
Misha smiled back and said,” Never get angry with me dear. We are friends forever!
…… And then both of them laughed and had a lot of fun that day.


Art Is My Hobby

Art has been a part of our life for as long as humanity
has existed.
It is one of the ways by which a person can convey his
or her feelings and emotions. It is a field where there
are many talented people. History shows that art has
been used as a major tool for communication.
From ancient times, people have been conveying their
thoughts and messages in various art forms, whether it
is a cave painting or digital art. I think that the message
we convey through a painting or drawing leaves a
much deeper impact on our mind.
Art is not something that you have to study to under-
stand and enjoy. It is something that captures the eye. It
is one’s creativity and imagination.
Art is the only way to run away from stress and depres-

There is so much to learn from nature. In whichever direction we see, we
find nature flooded with art. Then why not take help from there and work
on the Almighty’s plan. So friends, let us beautify ourselves by moving to-
wards art and saying no to mobiles and video games. Always remember
what the great poet Keats said, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’

Syeda Ariza - VI B

An Invisible Foe Have made us lose our hope,
but, but why don’t you elope?
Corona! Corona! Are you a toy?
Who asked you to play with a girl or a boy? Schools are closed, faces are masked,
Born in China, with no Chinese surname Tents have opened, hands are tasked.
Torn the world and made it lame. Don’t think you locked our freedom,
Silent villain, get flocked in a crematorium.
You came as an invisible foe
Struck us dumb, won’t let us go, Do you think you have defeated us?
Please don’t come near me No! you have cheated us.
I can’t see you but you can see me. We will fight, till we succeed
Satisfy your greed and dare you recede.
Hark! Hark! Hark!
We can’t go to a park.
Prevented us to breathe fresh,
You rogue! How can we refresh?

Have occupied our doctors and nurse Miriam Alphonsa George
Go, go, else the result will be adverse. VI B


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