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corey's car breaks down on his way to the aquarium with his family. he checks in his car hood he find something unusual, what did he find? read this book to find out

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Published by Alexis Klumper, 2019-05-08 09:31:05

bad day to a good day

corey's car breaks down on his way to the aquarium with his family. he checks in his car hood he find something unusual, what did he find? read this book to find out

Bad Day to a Great Day 
Written by: Alexis Klumper 

Corey woke up. The sun was covered by dark
grey clouds along with a sheet of rain. Corey had a
feeling today was going to be a bad day. Corey was
driving his 7-year-old daughter, Lizz and, his wife,
Devan, to the aquarium where he works but his sky
blue van stopped moving. Corey got out to check the
hood and he found a fake-ish baby alien hiding in his
car. Corey screamed like a little girl and threw the
alien on the dirty gravel road. Devan and Lizz wanted
to see what happened.

Lizz and Deven got out of the car and saw the green
alien on the dirty ground and went to pick it up but the
baby was actually sort of big. Devan and Lizz still
asked Corey if they could keep it. He said “never
it's too scary”.
Lizz and Devan were downhearted they looked at the
green baby alien and said “sorry”.

After five minutes of trying to fix the car, They
saw a strange car pull up. People in strange purple
suits with swords grabbed Corey and his family and
stuffed them in the strange van looking car. The
strange car drove for 1 to 2 hours...

Corey,devan, and Lizz woke up in chairs. They
looked in front of them and saw the baby alien, and its
bright green alien parents. The aliens told them to
stay seated. Devan, Corey and Lizz sat in a chair at a
table. The aliens sat down in chairs too. “Can't wait to
have you guys for dinner”, said the mom alien. Corey
screamed and tried to escape but the guards caught
him. Devan, and Lizz tried to get out but also failed.
¨Why are you trying to leave? We just want to have
you for dinner. ¨No, please don't eat us, said Lizz ¨we
are not going to eat you. We want to have turkey and
mashed potatoes for dinner with you guys. what are
we monsters?¨ said the alien dad. ¨But your aliens,¨
said Lizz. the baby, mom, and dad take off masks and
revealed that they were actually movie
stars/YouTubers, Jake and Lexi and a popular little
girl named Jada the most popular people in the state
were sitting right in front of Corey and his family.

“Will you stay and eat with us?” said Lexi holding
up her spoon.

“can we dad?” said Lizz,
“Of course!” said Corey. The guards brought in
more food like pizza, turkey, ice cream, and rice. They
all dug in and even invited the guards, actors and ate
every little bit of food. After a while, Lexi and Jake
hired Corey and his family to be actors, of course,
they said Yes. The movie stars invited Corey and his
family to be on the news and that's how they got
famous. Corey, devan and Lizz even started a family
Youtube channel. Corey, devan and Lizz got to be in
the new Movie, Good Aliens and The Walking Dead
movie. And also got 1 million dollars just for being in
three movies. They all moved to a mansion and were
getting richer from being actors. They even bought a
new car. That day turned out to be a great day Corey
said to himself.

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