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DGCP Method for Winners

DGCP Method for Winners

Introduction to The DGCP Method for Winners:

Life is an experience. how we live it and how we take advantage of that
experience is the key to success or failure. Assist you 2 when looks at the aspect of
each one of those experiences that we have in life and endeavors to process and
systematize them in such a way that everybody wins. Emma creation of this platform
we recognize that there are five basic experiences that can change the trajectory of
your life and allow you to live the life of purpose passion and prosperity that we all
aspire to. In creating these experience modules we look at a mini component and a
debit to find which one offered the most satisfactory result driven nuances.

Or oversimplifying processes. I am no different, yet when I began to look at
things from a results-oriented aspect I saw that they were key components that if
implemented could deliver the results most people are seeking. We have identified
and segmentized each one of these systems into stand-alone modules that in and of
themselves can create and cause great results for the person following the principles.
Yet we also know the other key components work together in a syllogistic fashion if
woven together.

When looking at four key components that were fundamental to creating a
Monumental change in people's lives. The first is a component of a dream. In our
younger years, we dream of an impossible task and believe that they are possible.
we think that we can fly run faster jump higher and do superhero task. The older we
get we begin to be put into boxes That destroy our ability to dream. With no dream,
there's nothing to Aspire to. the Bible teaches that we have to write the vision and
make it plain. The purpose of writing the vision it's on the week and knows exactly

and specifically what are Target is. It all begins with the drink but it doesn't stop

The next segment that must be implemented and considered is that a growth.
Growth is something that has to continue throughout our lives. That growth Must
occur in all five areas physical mental emotional Financial and relational. When
growth stops after three sets in and an individual begins to die.

After growth is a concept of change. Change means that we don't remain the
same the growth has set in and now allows us to become what we were destined to
be. Change also encompasses getting unstuck and realizing that is value is created
when we reach a certain point that we were inspired to.

When Change has taken place the next element of excellence is that a push.
The push is what will not allow us to remain the same or to become satisfied with
the status quo. The push is that thing that is necessary to get us Beyond or pressure
point and striving to a new loftier more exciting and profitable position. That push
is what wakes up in the morning and keeps us going when we would rather sit back
and enjoy the fruits of our labor. That push is what allows us to reach lofty Heights
and not remain stuck except points along the way.

What exactly is an EXPERIENCE? That is the question that I'm often asked.
We live in an age now that has repeatedly been called the age of the entrepreneur.
An entrepreneur is someone who engages in activity to produce Revenue utilizing
his own talents, abilities, gifts, and skill-sets. The entrepreneur is an individual that
says the revenue that I create will come from my own efforts and that of systems
that I implement to generate revenue.

In today's digital world more and more commerce and is being created via
the Internet. As such, more and more people are opting to transition from a nine-to-
five work experience where someone else dictates the time and compensation

possible for you, to one in which you generate your own revenue based on the effort
that you put out.

I want you to have the idea behind this. This is a book-work versus a
workbook. It's going to have the book inside of it as well as us work through different
aspects of it.

Assist U2 Win is the title of the book “A guide to goal achievement from
ordinary to extraordinary in 90 days”.

From my early years going back to high school, all of my life I found myself
in the area of assisting people from sports as a baseball player playing shortstop to
basketball being a point guard. All of my life I, again, found myself assisting people.
Specifically as a sophomore in high school, I was the only sophomore on varsity at
the time. Being the only sophomore on varsity, I had the opportunity to assist other
winners in the game of basketball.

My job was to be the setup man. It was to find people in the right spot at the
right time, and to deliver the ball in such a way that positioned them to win. I had to
know each player's skillsets. I had to know that my post player could not handle the
ball unless he was down low in the blocks. My shooting guard, Dewan Baker at the
time, as long as he was anywhere close to that three point line he could handle that
ball and put it in the hole. An assist actually is a pass to another that's able to fulfill
their goal. It starts off with just a pass, but ultimately it turns into an assist if that
person puts the ball in the hole. They fulfill the goal. That's where assist began.

From there my senior year, I was an All-State basketball player. I received
tons of accolades that year. The power of accolades for me was that they did not give
them to me because I scored a lot of points. It wasn't because I was a top leading
scorer in my district or in my state. But I received these awards because I had the
ability to set people up. I received plenty of scholarship opportunities in which I
choose to forgo the scholarships in order for me to assist in another category. I went

from high school to college. I met a man at the time by the name of Scott Wilson at
a church in Oak Cliff, Texas. The church was named Oak Cliff Assembly of God.

Scott Wilson is the individual that introduced me to Christ as well as
introduced me to John Maxwell. At the time Scott Wilson was the youth pastor. But
the principles in which he shared, they captivated my life to the place that I listened
with intent. Actively listening and applying these principles. I then went to South
Oak Cliff High School and started a Bible Club. I used basketball to be the entry
point. From there, I was assisting young men and women into finding their faith,
finding their goals and putting them in a place that they saw that life could be better
than that which they were living in the present moment.

That bible study started with seven individuals. Soon we outgrew the
classroom and had to relocated to the cafeteria. Then ultimately we were in the
auditorium. We were assisting people to think better, to believe for more, to ask for
a greater period all because Scott Wilson introduced me to the John Maxwell
leadership profile. 20 years later, I attended a seminar where I had the opportunity
to be certified as a John Maxwell coach, which then was the birthing place for Assist
U2 win.

I believe that every player needs a coach. Every coach needs a player. Every
team needs a playbook. That is why we've written the book, Assist U2 Win.

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