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Published by Nancy Young, 2019-11-26 10:19:11

November Issue 2019

November Issue 2019

Dragon Tales



New to the





Much More...

Mrs. Holliday is a great new addition to our teaching staff. Originally a history major in college, Mrs.
Holliday is the computer/technology teacher for Woodruff as well as 5th grade at Moore. This is her
7th year of teaching. In the past, she taught 2nd grade for 5 years and 5th grade for 1 year. Although
this is her first time teaching technology, she has worked with it throughout her life and sees it as an
evolving skill that everyone will need to know.

When asked about herself, she beamed when speaking of her family which she loves dearly. She has a
2 1/2 year old daughter named Amelia , whom she enjoys doing crafts and taking walks with, and two
cats, Zazzles and Samwise. She also has two younger sisters and a bunch of cousins who meet often to
play board games and just hang out.

Mrs. Holliday enjoys watching baseball, especially the Phillies! She also relishes in a good book—Harry
Potter is one of her absolute favorites. Some of her other favorites are watching HGTV and Lifetime
Christmas movies.

If you happen to see Mrs. Holliday in the hallway, make sure you say hello. Welcome to Woodruff!

Moko The Brave

Moko is a disabled sheep that relies on his four prosthetic legs
to get around. Moko’s owners, Kristin Harkness and Jay
Yonzn, knew that caring for Moko would be very expensive
but they took him in anyway. They even spent around 31 thou-
sand dollars to make sure that Moko could get around easier.
Despite this, Moko still has trouble getting around sometimes
so his owners would often carry him. That’s when they decid-
ed to have Moko try using a wheelchair. Moko’s owner Kristin
said, “ Moko is very much requiring 24/7 care, and we’re
always with him.” The couple followed their dream and start-
ed an animal refuge caring for 62 disabled animals, continu-
ously rescuing more animals from meat farms in the U.S.

By: Juliana Santos


Have you ever wondered why leaves
change colors? Leaves change color due to the
mastermind behind it all, chlorophyll. Chloro-
phyll is a green pigment, present in all green
plants and in cyanobacteria, responsible for
the absorption of light to provide energy for
photosynthesis. Weather also has a large role
in this process.

Weather obviously can’t change the col-
or, but it can affect the duration and intensity.
When the weather begins to change and it
starts to feel as if you’re living in an igloo, the
leaves cannot make food with photosynthesis
so they eat the food they have stored away.
Leaves seem to be at their peak closest to the
ocean most likely due to the large amount of
water supply.

~Madison Priole

Woodruff School held a breakfast to honor military veterans who have served in the
United States Armed Forces. Students were very excited to bring in their special veter-
ans and thank them for their years of service. Present at the breakfast were many vet-
erans including Mrs. Lee, our former computer teacher, as well as Mr. Bork. Each and
every veteran took the time out of their day to come and tell their stories and later
were able to enjoy a special breakfast with their loved ones. Social Studies classes also
made special thank you messages to give to these veterans to show appreciation for all
that they did and continue to do.

Cells, Cells, Organelles!!

This year in the eighth grade science room, students were asked
to create a project based on the cell organelles. There were
many different options to choose from including; 3-D construc-
tion, a poster, analogy, song/poem, or a book. On each project,
you must label all of the cell organelles and their functions. Per-
sonally, I think this project was very pleasurable. I chose to do
the 3-D construction. For this, I started with a Styrofoam ball
and other materials such as playdoh, pipe cleaners, and beads. I
used each object to demonstrate how the cell organelle looks and
what its function is. When presenting this project, students were
given a sheet to grade others based on correctness, voice, pre-
paredness, and how compelling it was.

Looks Like The Soccer and Fortnite World Cup Has
Some Competition With The XP Math World Cup

By Anthony Bui

Ever since September 2019, competitors in 7th grade have been excited for the first XP
Math Tournament. There were upsets and big accomplishments throughout the time peri-
od. The first time we ever tried XP everyone failed, except for a few people. One of those
people was me. I had one of the highest score in my grade. I was second place in the
grade, but the tournament….. I didn't do so well, but who cares. Let’s talk about the tour-
Everyone first had to keep track of their points for about two weeks in their class period.
There was a tournament for every period. After Ms. Weiss had all of the finalists from the
class period tournaments , we had the semi- finals and finals on Halloween. Everybody
went to the auditorium to spectate the finals of the XP Math Tournament.

The Finalists were Jordan Dover, Leah Riggins, David Herrera, and
Gianna Capelli. There were some big upsets during the tournament. Leah went up

first. Then David , Gianna and Jordan. Gianna beat David. It was Jordan and Leah who
were also competing for the finals. Jordan had the highest score of 61 in XP Math so far,
but when under pressure got a much lower score during the competition. Jordan lost the
semi-finals. It was now Gianna and Leah for the finals.
Gianna won with a 10 point lead. She won the whole tournament. After that, Hayden
announced the subject for the next XP Math Tournament which was Integer Multiplication.
Students are already preparing for the next tournament.

In October, Woodruff School continues to promote the pledge to live drug
free and honor the sacrifice of all who have lost their lives in the fight
against drugs. During each day of the Week of October 21, the school has
shown unity in this continuous struggle. The following shows each days
important message.
On Monday, there was a special announcement made to share an im-
portant message and purpose to Red Ribbon week.

On Tuesday, students wore red .

On Wednesday, favorite sports or athletic clothing was worn to show sup-

On Thursday, superhero clothing.

On Friday, we continued with our school support-Blue & Gold Day.

The PBSIS team held their annual Rowdy Relays on
Friday, October 18th after school. Staff and
students were stoked as they ran out to the gymnasi-
um to participate in a variety of activities. There were
a total of 10 teams involved and each had a staff
member as their captain. As the night continued, all
the teams participated in an array of games that not
only were entertaining, but allowed for teams to
work together in order to achieve success. Some of
the activities that were highlighted this year involved
strategy while others were just plain luck.

The students and staff were full of smiles as the Row-
dy Relays came to a close.

1st Place-Mazza’s Mavericks
2nd Place-Cavallaro’s Crew
3rd Place-Weist’s Wolf Pack
4th Place(Tie) Sokol’s Show Stoppers / Browne’s
5th Place– Riskie’s Rebels
6th Place– Staszewski’s Superstars
7th Place Weiss’ Wildcats
8th Place (Tie) Cesare’s Crusaders / Young’s Yodelers

Because socks just aren’t the cool accessory that they used to be, ankle scarves as the
hottest trend right now.

There are lots of people out there who are perpetually cold. No matter how many layers they
wear, the weather outside is always frightful for them and most indoor spaces feel too drafty.

It's really hard for a person with a low tolerance for cold to find comfort, and since you can't take
your blanket everywhere, other solutions are needed when the temperatures turn frigid.

However, bundling up for winter can be even more challenging if you're trying to be fashionable
and warm at the same time.

If you're someone who does not want to sacrifice one for the other, there's a new trend that might
be to your liking.

This year was one of Woodruffs best seasons in soccer. The Woodruff Dragons command-
ed the field with a overall score of 11 wins, no losses or ties. This is was an incredible
feat. The team scored a total of 67 goals and only gave up 3 all season long.

As for the players, Justen Pace scored a total of 35 goals all on his own, which included 9
hat tricks. AMAZING! This is an ultimate school record. Way to go Justen. Leading
close behind with extraordinary talent are players Batuhan Onal, Landon Wojeiechowski,
and Minh Hoang. Others with great skill include Anthony Bui, Braden Staffieri, and Brian
Dickinson. Defensively Lukas Weist used his phenomenal speed and agility to defend our
goal. Along with Nya Stephenson, Joshua Bodine, Joey Nelan, and Aden Pace, the goal
was protected. Sharing defensive duties on the field and in goal were Mikey Genco, Ste-
phen Wilchensky, and Gianna Capelli.

Coach Hoban and Coach Bork were proud of the teams performance on and off the field.

The Dragon Girls dominated the field hockey field with a rec-
ord of 9-2! Not only did they lose their first 2 games and then
won 9 STRAIGHT but they outscored their opponents 30-7!
This was possible with the strength and determination from
our 8th graders, Emily Bruce, Gianna Guidoni, Brielle Harris,
Caitlyn Lupton, Brooke Smith and Sarah Williams. There was
no goalie this year so the team created a committee where
someone different was goalie each game. The leading goal-
ies for the season were Addison Weist 11, Brooke Smith 7
and Caitlyn Lupton 6!

What a great season!



In the new Frozen movie , Arendelle was attacked by mystical elements. We
saw fire, wind, and rock. The rocks were rock golems. Panor told Elsa to find
whatever was calling her. Alongside Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and Anna, Elsa was
able to break through the mist that no one else was able to accomplish. They
went through serious events along the way.
When we last saw Elsa and Anna, they were fixing Arendelle with the new
power “love”. Through the trailers, Elsa and Annas’ relationship grew over-
time. They became more loving to one another. There was also a horse that
was constantly seen throughout the trailers. Some people think that the mov-
ie will be about the elements like fire, water, rock, ice, and air. So looks like
there is a new movie chilling now.

By : Anthony Bui


Struggling comedian, Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix), is abandoned by the
society around him as he begins to uncover his true self. Gotham City swims around
hurtful words and splashes them amongst others. As Arthur finds no success in feeling
like he is a part of the world, he slowly falls to the madness and criminal tendencies from
within and officially becomes known as the joker.

93% of people around the world who watched this movie enjoyed it and I am definitely a
part of that. I would rate the “Joker” movie a 9/10, only because there really is no perfect
movie. Not only was it action-packed, it taught me a lesson about the world; you should
always treat others with respect because you don’t know what they may be going
through. I believe the theme of this movie would be to never judge a book by its cover.

Joker release date: October 4, 2019 (in the USA)

Awards won: Golden Lion
Producers: Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper, Emma Tillinger

Director: Todd Phillips

By: Madison Priole & Lillian Kier

Zodiac Traits: Real or Unreal?

~ Within Mesopotamia, way back around 2,400 years ago, the Babylonians developed the idea of horo-
scopes. These horoscopes became one of the very first things to help create astrology! 2,100 years ago,
the idea of astrology started spreading throughout the eastern Mediterranean, and it soon became very
well known in Egypt. The first Babylonian astronomers also developed the 12 useful zodiacs in which
we still use in present day. Today, the only difference is you can look up almost anything online about
your zodiac sign, and most of the time it will be pretty relatable. Read the character traits below for
your zodiac sign you may just be surprised how similar you are to it.

 Scorpio (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) {water sign} - passionate, persistent, strategic, sometimes
secretive, loyal, fearlessly curious, jealous, possessive, and manipulative.

 Sagittarius (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) {Fire sign} - smart, caring, deep, honest, wild, impatient, and
can be a little brutal.

 Capricorn (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) {Earth sign} - ambitious, practical, wise, humorous, patient,
stubborn, shy, and moody.

 Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 18) {air sign} - open minded, kind, free minded, creative, stubborn,
and daring.

 Pisces (Feb. 19 to Mar. 20) {water sign} - empathetic, artistic, emotional, selfless, negative,
and lazy.

 Aries (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) {Fire sign} - a leader, confident, brave, positive, creative, has
random outbursts, impulsive.

 Taurus (Apr. 21 to May 21) {Earth sign} - understanding, kind, possessive, stubborn, patient,
generous, jealous, smart.

 Gemini (May 22 to June 21) {air sign} - funny, enthusiastic, versatile, smart, anxious, lack of

 Cancer (June 22 to July 22) {water sign} - creative, friendly, emotive, faithful, loving, moody,
insecure, clingy.

 Leo (July 23 to Aug. 23) {fire sign} - caring, confident, positive, loyal, honest, arrogant, lazy,

 Virgo (Aug. 24 to Sep. 22) {Earth sign} - perfectionist, reliable, intelligent, honest, analytical,
critical, fussy, fearful.

 Libra (Sep. 23 to Oct. 23) {air sign} - sweet, charming, romantic, fair, understanding,
indecisive, unreliable, lazy.

By: Lillian Kier

Maahishee Patel Anthony Bui Cecilia Hauserman

Rylee Glen Lionelray Rodriguez Eva Vittorini
Alexandra Stebbins Kaleb Hadley Madison Priole

Lillian Kier
Julianna Santos
Megan Basile

Dayja Klotz

Mr. Zappasodi is busy at work making
learning enjoyable, entertaining and
engaging for his students.

During a lesson on his 5 step SICEM
writing procedure, he puts some flare
into the process by incorporating music
and lyrics.

Way to Go Mr. Zappasodi!

Just a reminder for important dates coming up:

November 27 Early Dismissal
November 28-29 Thanksgiving Break

December 6 Early Dismissal
December 23-31 Winter Break

January 1 School Closed
January 20 School Closed
January 30 Last Day of Marking Pd 2

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