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Answer Paper 2 Part 3

SPM Format

Paper 2

Question 1: Writing an Email

Read the following email you received from your sister.

Hi …,

I am thinking of getting you a birthday present for your 17 birthday. How about a new
hand phone or a trip to Sabah? You might have something in mind, too. By the way, the
sale is on with plenty of discounts for many items. So let me know soon.


Using all the notes given, write a reply of at least 80 words in an appropriate style.

To: [email protected] STRUCTURE OF
Subject: Birthday Gift ANSWER
Dear Amy, • greeting
It is really good to hear from you. Thank you for thinking • opening line
gift. A new hand phone would be great, but a laptop is
something I really need right now. It would be useful for my
studies. With the sales on, I’m sure you’ll find a good one. • stating preference
No, I don’t have anything else in my mind. A laptop would
be really fantastic sis. Thank you so much.

See you on my birthday. Take care.
• closing line
Your sister, • year name


Question 2 Writing a Review

You saw this in the local newspaper recently.


Have you eaten at a restaurant in your town recently? If so, could you give a review of
the restaurant? Write a review of what you like or don’t like about the restaurant and
whether you would recommend it to other people.

The best reviews will be published in our newspaper next month.

Write your review in at least 200 words in an appropriate style.

Structure of Answer

Sedap Restaurant is a restaurant located in the heart of Kluang.
To be precise, it is struggled between White Lake and the • name and
business centre. It is favourite café for people of all ages. I was location
there with my family last weekend.

As you enter the place, you are welcome by a warm and
delighted atmosphere. There are old paintings that display in the • décor /
history of Kluang. In addition, a cozy lounge awaits those who atmosphere
only want to have a quick drink.

On top of that, a whole range of mouth-watering menu items
are available. The main course I had consisted of tangy Thai
salmon with ginger and shitake mushrooms. This was followed • menus
by a delicious apple strudel with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream for • price
dessert. Furthermore, all the products were fresh and of quality.
The dishes had the warmth of home-cooked food. A range of hot
and cold drinks are sold at a reasonable price too.

What a pity though that the service was disappointing. Waiters • service
hardly smiled. Thankfully, the owner, Puan Minah, middle-aged • recommendation
charming woman, was always around the exchange • good vocab
conversations with her customers. Despite this downside, I
highly recommend Sedap Restaurant. • good tense


Question 3: Writing a Story

Write a story that begins with:

As I was reading a magazine about movie stars at Starbucks Cafe, all a sudden my favourite
actor/actress, ………………………….

Write your story in at least 200 words in an appropriate style.
Structure of Answer
As I was reading a magazine about movie stars at Starbuck
Café, all a sudden my favourite actor, Ali bin Abu walked • opening – reflection
through the glass door. I almost dropped my glass! Dashing as (the book)
always, he was wearing a khaki jacket with a white shirt and
decided to sit next to my table.
I continued to wat and pretended not to notice him but at
the same time I was thinking of how to strike a conversation. It
was Ali! How can I ignore the opportunity? And he was all alone.
I had to do something. Opportunity knocks but once. I dropped • use of the past tense
my spoon on the floor hoping to get his attention. He bent down • use of a variety of
immediately to pick it up. sentences
“Is this your spoon?” he asked. • first person point of
“Yes, sorry about that ….err… are you, Ali? I’m such a view
fan,” I exclaimed. • precises vocabulary
Believe it or not, he asked me to join him at his table. He • use of dialogue use
said he didn’t like eating all by himself. We had such a great of a proverb
conversation. After winning the best actor award in the
prestigious Kaki Wayang Awards, he was planning to produce
his own drama and films. I shared the fact that I was studying
acting and would love a chance at acting. Ali took down my
details and promised to keep in touch. • ending
In August that year, I was successful in an audition to - reflection
play a small role as a computer analyst in Ali’s first film. It was strategy
a wonderful start to my acting career. I will never forget that - appropriate
meeting in Starbuck Café and thank you to Ali for giving me a ending
big break.


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