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Unit 1: Let’s chat Form 4 2022

Unit 1: Let’s chat

Form 4 2022

Past Simple

Past Simple

A. Where did you go yesterday?

B. I went to the shopping centre. I wanted to buy a new mobile

phone but I didn’t find a good one

used to

When mobile phones were inverted, they didn’t use to be small.

They used to be big and heavy.

be / get used to

I know you aren’t used to using the menu on your new phone

yet., but you’ll soon get used to using it. It’s very easy.

Choose a, b or c.

1. Eddie and Mike … be good friends, but they don’t talk to

each other any more.

a. use to b. used to c. were used to

2. A: Why … hang up on me last night?

B: Because I couldn’t hear you. The signal was very weak.

a. you b. did you c. did you use to

Choose a, b or c.

3. A: How can you study while listening to such loud music?

B: I … it.

a. used to b. be used to c. ‘m used to

4. A: I almost crashed my new car again today. I can’t get used

…. it!

B: Don’t worry. It takes time.

a. driving b. to driving c. to drive

Choose a, b or c.

5. A: Did you remember to call grandma yesterday?

B: No, I … have time to speak to anyone yesterday.

A: But it was her birthday!

a. didn’t b. wasn’t used to c. didn’t use to

6. A few years ago, Larry … work for a computer company. Now

he works in a bank.

a. used to b. didn’t c. was used to

Choose a, b or c.

7. I … my grandparents twice a week when I was young.

a. visit b. used to visit c. visited

8. Nowadays, teenagers … to sending text messages to their

friends instead of calling them.

a. got used b. used c. are used


A. Read. What do the verbs in bold mean? Match them with

the definitions a-h.

1 My sister and I are always arguing about a talk about something in order to come to
who will do the washing-up. a decision

2 Did Sam mention where he was going? b shout

3 Mr. Smith explained the rules of the game c say that you’re not pleased with
so everyone could play. something

4 ‘Be quiet!’ Linda yelled at me. d make somebody understand something

5 We need to discuss the problem with Mark. e talk about other people and their private

6 I spent all morning chatting with Jenny on f speak about or refer to something

the phone. without using many words

7 I’m going to complain to the manager about g talk informally, usually with a friend

the service. It’s horrible.

8 You shouldn’t gossip about other people. h speak angrily because you disagree
It’s rude.

B. Look at the nouns below. Which verbs do they derive from?

invention information development

invent inform develop

A lot of nouns are formed by adding a suffix such as –ion,

-ation and –ment to a verb. Pay attention to spelling


introduce – introduction receive – reception

decide – decision explain - explanation

Complete with the correct form of the

words in bracket.

1. Danny, try to use your … a bit more when writing stories.

( imagine) imagination

2. Did you see the … on her face when we told her the

news? She was shocked! ( express) expression

3. After the … with his parents. Ted stayed in his room all

evening. (argue) argument

4. I can’t come to the concert, but thanks for the … (invite)


Complete with the correct form of the

words in bracket.

5. The dress is the fashion designer’s latest … (create) creation

6. I’ve noticed great … in your work since you started

studying more. (improve ) improvement

7. The teachers had a … about what to do for this year’s

school play. (discuss) discussion

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