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Robert Welch Living

Katalogi LeDuvel

Robert Welch Living Telephone +44 (0)1386 840880 Email [email protected] 3

Robert Welch 2 Sesame Tealight Holders 2
Gift boxed
Living Each tealight is pressed
from 18/10 stainless steel
Our intention, and hand finished. A soft
in designing for the radiating pattern is produced
home, is to create by the decorative cut holes
individual pieces of the Sesame tealights,
that are enjoyable especially when grouped or
to see and use arranged in a linear fashion.
day after day. Available in a bright finish
(tealight included).
1 Abacus Candlesticks
Gift boxed Sesame Tealight Holder Large
Incorporating a series of SESBR3063V
discs encircling the central Height 9cm Diameter
stem, the Abacus candlestick at widest point 12.5cm
has hints of the traditional
Asian counting apparatus. Sesame Tealight Holder Small
Available in stainless steel or SESBR3062V
stainless steel with walnut Height 5.5cm Diameter
discs.The timeless styling of at widest point 8cm
Abacus lends itself to both
traditional and contemporary 3 Helix Tealight Holder
table settings, as well as and Hurricane Lamp
providing an attractive stand Gift boxed
alone addition to any décor. Inspired by helical forms found
Height 21.5cm Width 7cm in nature, Helix candleholders
(candles not included) have three flowing steel arms
which gracefully encircle
Stainless Steel the glass cylinder within.
ABABR3003V The reflection of candlelight
Walnut on the metal arms gives
ABABR3001V an impression of perpetual
movement as the gently
bouncing light is reflected
onto surrounding surfaces.

Helix Hurricane Lamp
Height 23cm Width 16cm
(candle not included)

Helix Tealight
Height 10.5cm
Width 8cm
(tealight included)


Robert Welch Living Telephone +44 (0)1386 840880 Email [email protected] 5

LIMBREY 2 Limbrey Salt/Pepper Mills 2
Gift boxed
Collection These beautifully crafted mills
make an elegant addition to
Gift Boxed any tabletop. Both mills have
a fully adjustable CrushGrind®
With echoes of classic mid-century design, the ceramic mechanism suitable
Limbrey Collection is inspired by original Robert for whole peppercorns,
Welch designs from the 1960s.The curved saltflakes or crystals.
and hourglass shapes of the designs diffuse and Limbrey Salt Mill - Bright
reflect light throughout their surroundings.The LIMBR3426V
contrast of mirror polished stainless steel and Limbrey Pepper Mill - Bright
warm walnut accentuates the classical shapes. LIMBR3428V
Limbrey Salt Mill - Satin
The collection is named after John Limbrey, LIMSA3426V
silversmith and model maker, who worked with Limbrey Pepper Mill - Satin
Robert Welch for over 40 years.The original LIMSA3428V
candlesticks and salt and pepper mills were Height 15cm Diameter 6.5cm
produced for Heal’s of London and were
made from silver and rosewood. 3 Limbrey Bowls
Gift boxed
1 Limbrey Candlesticks The contrast of mirror polished
Gift boxed stainless steel and warm walnut
The hourglass shape of accentuates the classical shape
these elegant candlesticks of these elegant bowls. The
reflects the flicker of a magnetised wooden base can be
candle's flame, diffusing light removed to enable dishwashing
throughout its surroundings. of the stainless steel bowl.
(candles not included) Large
Large Height 9.5cm Diameter 25cm
LIMBR3003V Small
Height 21.5cm Width 13.5cm LIMBR3403V
Medium Height 5cm Diameter 12.5cm
Height 16cm Width 10cm



Robert Welch Living Telephone +44 (0)1386 840880 Email [email protected] 7

DRIFT 2 Drift Tea
Strainer and Bowl
Gift boxed
Gift Boxed DRFBR3410V
Each piece is pressed and
A versatile collection of graceful formed from 18/10 stainless
and practical designs. steel and hand finished.
A traditional product given
Each Drift product is defined by its contemporary style, with
undulating form, producing a series elegant curves and a large
of dancing highlights which reflect on surface area for straining
surrounding surfaces. Inspired by the all kinds of leaf tea.
wind-hewn patterns left in snow and Height 4cm Width 13cm
sand, each piece has been carefully Depth 6cm
designed to excel in its specific use. Not gift-boxed

1 Drift Candle Holders DRFBR3410L
The undulating bases of
the Drift Candle Holder 2
collection reflect the light
of the lit candles to create 3 Drift Bowls
dancing highlights. The series of bowls of varying
sizes feature a scooped rim
Drift Tealight Holder with an inverted contoured lip.
Height 8.5cm (including glass) Large Drift Bowl Small Drift Bowl
Width at widest point 11cm
(tealight included) DRFBR3409V DRFBR3405V
Height 15cm Diameter Height 7.5cm Diameter
Drift Hurricane Lamp at widest point 29cm at widest point 15cm
Height 21cm (including glass) Medium Drift Bowl Mini Drift Bowl
Width at widest point 21cm
(candle not included) (not pictured) DRFBR3403V
DRFBR3407V Height 5.5cm Diameter
Drift Candle Holder Height 11cm Diameter at widest point 10.5cm
DRFBR3011V at widest point 22cm
Height 3.5cm Width 8.5cm
(candle not included)


Robert Welch Living Telephone +44 (0)1386 840880 Email [email protected] 9

DRIFT 4 Drum Salt and Pepper Set 5 Vale Candle Snuffer
Gift boxed Gift boxed
Collection DRUBR3427V/2 VALBR3081V
Each piece is cast from Each snuffer is cast/pressed
Continued 18/10 stainless steel and hand from solid 18/10 stainless
finished. The design presents steel and hand finished.
1 Drift Salt and Pepper a dynamic light-reflective Two piece snuffer with
Set with Walnut Base surface and a tension of handle and dish.
Gift boxed form seeming to defy gravity. Available in a bright finish.
DRFBR3426V/2 Available in a bright finish. Height 5.5cm Width 5cm
Each piece is pressed and Height 8cm Width at
cast from 18/10 stainless widest point 9cm
steel and hand finished.
Available in a bright finish.
Height 9cm (including base)
Width 7.5cm Length 9.5cm

1 4 5
2 Drift Pinch Pot Set 6 Clove Tealight Holder
with Walnut Base Gift boxed
Gift boxed Each tealight is pressed
DRFBR3452V/2 from 18/10 stainless steel
Each pinch pot is pressed and hand finished. The
from 18/10 stainless steel Clove tealight holder has
and hand finished. Ideal for a unique, curved elliptical
condiments, spices or dips. shape that can be used
Available in a bright finish. individually or combined to
Height 4cm (including base) create a series of patterns.
Width 7cm Length 14cm Available in a bright finish.
Height 4cm Width 7cm
3 Radford Mustard Spoon Length 12.5cm
RADBR1018L (tealight included)
Available in a bright finish.
Length 7cm


Robert Welch Living Telephone +44 (0)1386 840880 Email [email protected] 11

1 Arden Candlesticks 2 Radford Napkin Rings
Gift boxed Gift boxed
Each candlestick is cast RADBR3445V/2
from solid 18/10 stainless Each napkin ring is rolled
steel and hand finished. from sheet stainless
Available in a bright finish. steel and hand finished.
(10" ivory candle Available as a set of
not included) two in a bright finish.
Height 3.5cm Width 7cm
Tall ARDBR3005V
Height 35cm
Medium ARDBR3003V
Height 29.5cm
Short ARDBR3001V
Height 24cm

Diameter at widest point
7cm (all sizes)


3 Henley Candlestick
Gift boxed
Henley features a deep
concave curved profile,
pressed from 18/10 stainless
steel and hand finished.
Available in a bright finish.
Height 14cm Width 13cm
(candle not included)


Robert Welch Living Telephone +44 (0)1386 840880 Email [email protected] 13

1 Windrush Candlestick 2 Molton Candlesticks
Gift boxed Gift boxed
WINBR3001V Each candlestick is pressed
Each candlestick is cast from from 18/10 stainless steel and
18/10 stainless steel and hand finished. Designed to
hand finished. The graceful, echo the fluidity of melting
flowing form of a Windrush metal, Molton candlesticks
candlestick makes a sculptural create flowing organic shapes.
statement on its own but Available in a bright finish.
is designed to interlock to
form a candelabrum or a Tall MOLBR3005V
variety of other shapes. Height 29cm
Available in a bright finish. Width at widest point 9cm
Height 16cm Width 12cm (10" ivory candle not included)
(10" ivory candle not included)
Medium MOLBR3001V
Height 18cm
Width at widest point 11.5cm
(10" ivory candle not included)

Tealight Holder MOLBR3061V
Height 11.5cm (including glass)
Width at widest point 6.5cm
(tealight included)


Robert Welch Living Telephone +44 (0)1386 840880 Email [email protected] 15

1 Nest Candelabrum The Robert Welch © Robert Welch 2016 Robert Welch Designs Ltd
Gift boxed 25 year Guarantee
NESBR3001V is the Lower High Street
Pressed from 18/10 stainless Each new Robert Welch registered trademark held by Chipping Campden
steel and hand finished. product is the result of Robert Welch Designs Ltd. Gloucestershire
Viewed from different angles, rigorous questioning about GL55 6DY
the Nest candelabrum its function, manufacture, Products and trade marks
forms an interesting series durability and ease of use. of Robert Welch Designs Ltd Trade Enquiries
of geometric curves and This attention to detail are protected by patent,
reflections. Available in enables us to offer a 25 design and trade mark Telephone: +44 (0)1386 840880
a bright finish (10" ivory year guarantee. We are registrations. For full details, +44 (0)1386 848804
candles not included) confident that our products please visit: robertwelch. Fax:
Height 21cm Depth 18cm will stand the test of time com/IPrights
Width at widest point 28cm – a fact confirmed by many Email: [email protected]
of our loyal customers. Design by Robert Welch
Please visit our website Designs. Photography by [email protected] for full Ivor Innes, Andy Stammers,
details of the guarantee. Stuart Rowen and Tony
Muranka. Printed in England
Notes by Banbury Litho Ltd.

All colours correct at time E&OE
of going to press –
December 2015.

Robert Welch MBE, RDI In 1965 he was awarded Above left: Alice and Rupert
the title of Royal Designer Welch in front of a portrait of
Robert Welch was one of for Industry. His most Robert Welch in the shop in
Britain’s most respected and important commissions Chipping Campden.
prolific designer craftsmen. are in museum collections Above right: The Silk Mill,
He trained as a silversmith throughout the world where Robert rented his
at Birmingham College of including the Victoria and first studio and the company
Art and then moved to Albert Museum and the headquarters are based.
the Royal College of Art in British Museum, London
1952 where he specialised and the Museum of
in stainless steel production Modern Art, New York.
design and unique designs
in silver.

Please note: measurements have been rounded to the nearest 0.5cm.

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