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Published by issuu2, 2016-11-22 11:57:12

Simplehuman 2016

Katalogi LeDuvel

simple innovation

More than ever, people expect products to be more responsive,
adaptive and effortless. It started with smartphones and
computers. Now we leverage technologies to bring greater
functionality to normal everyday products. We know we have
succeeded when they fit seamlessly into your modern life.

case study #01

the world’s
trash can

1 2

adaptive sensing

The first sensing technology smart enough to
adapt to you and the surrounding environment.
The lid always opens when you need it and won’t
close until you are done.

A tightly focused A second larger The high-resolution
infrared field is infrared field is sensor checks for
projected above the projected in front of reflected beams at
can creating a precise the can to monitor the a rate of 8 times per
trigger area. user’s position. second.

fast, smooth and

A planetary gear system transfers
speed to torque for smooth, consistent
lid operation.

torque: 8.4 kgf·cm
torque: 1.7 kgf·cm
torque: 0.3 kgf·cm

and it’s compact enough to fit right here >

case study #02

the best

Our line of sensor mirrors has set
a new standard for light quality and
color accuracy. We are continuing
to innovate with new models and
app-enabled functionality.

tru-lux light system

Our mirrors are more than twice as
bright as the next best (600 lux), and
with a color rendering index (CRI) of
90, tru-lux closely simulates natural

typical light

90 CRI 70 CRI

600 LUX
300 LUX

typical light

Under the wrong lighting, makeup
colors can fool you.

less micro-reflectors

more micro-reflectors

All of the light eminates from two We spread the light across a complex
surgical-quality LEDs located at the pattern of micro-reflectors. The
top of the light ring, and yet the light reflectors become gradually denser
is perfectly even all the way around toward the bottom of the light ring,
the ring — no hot-spots or dim areas. so the exact same amount of light is
reflected throughout.

case study #03

the right

spin cabinet

Spin open for easy access.
Spin close to hide clutter.
It’s an elegant way to get
maximum storage in the

We engineered the door to spin fully open and closed but never stop in-between!

gravity hinge

A spring applies pressure to a small ball-bearing as it rolls
up and down a circular ramp. The ball will only come to rest
at the lowest point on the track, forcing the door fully open or
fully closed.

case study #04


nano-silver clear coat

We’ve infused an invisible coating with
nano-silver particles to protect stainless
steel from fingerprints and germs.

the right material
for the task

For our shower shelf, we use
an anodized aluminum alloy.
It creates an invisible oxide
coating which becomes a
physical barrier to corrosion.

have a simple day!

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