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Published by San Tan Times, 2017-12-15 14:36:25

Dec 15-2017 - flipbook

Dec 15-2017 - flipbook

Always Free! December 15| Friday Edition
PChinaarlitCyounty CCoTmEbsSince1964
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OinugraCLooutnotfyGisrDeaot-Johnson RanchJohnson Ranch
Things JJJooohhhnnnsssooonnnRRRaaannnccchhhFrom clothing to blankets2,,egeHkHeHikkAh,giki,,iggw,ZAhgAhAhwAZhaw8wZZwZay85aa88ya58y2y#55y25#4221##421#443110340133008380888
11110000%%% OOOFFFFFFFPinalCounty’sSheriffOf-

fice are doing a lot to help

Any Ordethose in need.
cell phones, and diapers, gram is focusing on

AAAAnnnnyyy OOOOrrrrddddeeerrrr the interview process
and local business can
ST10 help.
Continued on page 6 Continued on page 13POlfefeaPOrsPOlfPOEPOeeflflefexalffefeefrmSaepsaearErseisrTserExEeeEemSnxpx1mxsSpmiptmSTerpii0ieT4eroneri1Teersen/nnte1sn3sit014tositi00c4o4/oni04o3/on/n3/31n0cu30c0co/80pc1o/o/u.1o1/8ouup1C8u8.pnpo8..apCoosn.CCroannCsraanwrssyarrrwsyrorrhwwyyrohuweyoohhuetou
aEndduacaBtiroignht Socks AreRosatis Johnson Ranch San Tan Ad_4C.indd 1
Future ImportantRRRoososasataitstiissJJoJohohnhnsnsosononnRRRaanancnchchhSSSaanannTTaTanannAAAdd_d_4_4C4CC..ini.nidndddd 111
10/23/17 12:34 PM
11010/0/22/323/3/11/7177 11212:2:33:4434PPPMMM
Changes In OurRosatis Johnson Ranch San Tan Ad_4C.indd 1 See10/23/17 What12:34 PM Poston
Community’sEdu- ButteisDoingTo
cationisProducing HelpTheUnited
Results Way
Whether you have kids
or not, what is happen- When it comes
ing in our community’s to those in need,
education will improve the small item are
everyone’s life in San Tan sometimes forgotten.
But, those items are
incredible important.

Continued on page 15 Continued on page 2

The Remarkable Work of Christ The Victor
Working in Conjunction With Other Groups To Help The Needy

Located on the outskirts of San 84 Lumber. The lumber yard And they aren’t doing it alone
Tan Valley on Arizona Farm is long gone, but in its replace which is a great thing to see.
Road is a property that holds is a small church doing great
the remains of what used to be things. Continued on page 10

Socks Are Important the National Honor Society on the plight
of the homeless in Pinal County and the
SeeWhatPostonButteisDoing great need for socks. Bowler expressed
ToHelpTheUnitedWay gratitude towards the National Honor
Society’s commitment to community ser-
By Richard Franco vice and educating others.
Continued from page 1 Junior Box of Sox Co-Chairperson Ari-
anna Acevedo said, “I love helping peo-
ple. It feels good to organize a sock drive
to help others.”

Poston Butte High School's National Honor
Society chapter ran a successful sock drive
and presented the United Way of Pinal
County with a generous donation of 1,302
pairs of new socks on Tuesday, December
12, 2017. Their original goal was 500 pairs
of socks.

The Box of Sox Committee selected as The National Honor Society ran the sock
an organization that directly serves the drive from November 27 through De-
homeless and underprivileged popula- cember 8, including a promotion at Pos-
tion in the county. Sock donations will ton Butte’s basketball games. 1,302 pairs
be distributed as part of a hygiene care of socks were collected in each classroom
package for the homeless as well as for among staff, students, and community
families in need. members.
Senior Box of Sox Co-Chairperson Ari- Superintendent Mr. Chris Knutsen of-
ah Faultner said, “I want to thank the Na- fered these kind words to the students
tional Honor Society for their hard work and the local United way chapter, “I
and dedication that made Box of Sox a applaud the Poston Butte High School
huge success. It was an amazing opportu- National Honor Society for stepping up
nity for all of us to work side by side with and finding a great way to help during the
our county representatives for the Untied holidays. I want to thank the United Way
Way.” of Pinal County for all that they do.”
United Way of Pinal County Executive .STT
Director Mannie Bowler and Outreach
Representative Braden Biggs spoke to Pg. 2

December 15, 2017

Friday’s Word Search Puzzle

Denise Guenther manship, understand their roles and follow
Wins All Arizona through on their responsibilities. Nomination
School Board Award by board action is required. A selection com-
mittee chooses the winners. Winners must
AnAwardOnlyGivenOutTo have no less than five years of board service to
FourOthersThroughoutThe receive the award.” (
Upon learning about the award Denise Guen-
By Richard Franco ther said, “I am honored to have received this
Florence Unified School District Board Pres- recognition, but the greatest honor is to serve
ident Denise Guenther was awarded the All the community and kids of FUSD.”
Arizona School Board Award at the 2017
Arizona School Board Association Annual Superintendent Mr. Chris Knutsen’s offered
Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. She was his support and congratulations to Denise,
one of four board members from across the “FUSD is lucky to have such a great presi-
state who earned the award. This award was dent on their school board. Her leadership
chosen based on a nomination from Superin- and the leadership of the board, as a whole,
tendent, Chris Knutsen. The FUSD School can be seen across the district.”.STT
Board, as a whole, was also named a finalist
for the Lou Ella Kleinz Excellence in Gover-
nance Award.
“ASBA’s highest individual board member
honor, bestowed on up to five board mem-
bers who exemplify best-practices in boards-

December 15 - 17, 2017

San Tan Valley Weekend Weather

Friday Saturday Sunday

High 70° High 66° High 63°
Low 42° Low 44° Low 38°
Partly to mostly cloudy. Sunny skies. High 63F.
A mainly sunny sky. High High 66F. ESE winds shift- Winds light and variable.
around 70F. Winds E at 10 ing to WSW at 10 to 15 mph.
to 20 mph. Pg. 5

Pinal County Your old plastic bags can be donated and
Charity Work turned into mats for the homeless.

Our County is Doing a Lot of
Great Things

By Pinal County Sheriff ’s Office
Continued from page 1

Also, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office
Victim Service Department is collecting
donations year round. They need old cell
phones, diapers (all sizes), and gift cards.
All donations go to victims in need. You
can drop those items off at the Pinal Coun-
ty Sheriff’s Office.

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office thanks you
for all your help. Merry Christmas, Happy
Holidays, and Happy New Year. Be safe!

Pinal County is involved in some great char-
ity work. They are participating in Duds for
Dogs. They are collecting all used clothes
and uniforms until December 18th. Collec-
tions bins are located at the Casa Grande
Complex, and Apache Junction complex,
the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Flor-
ence, and the Admin. A Bldg. in Florence.

The donated clothes will go to the Amer- To learn more about what the Sheriff’s office
ican Textile Recycling Service, the global is doing in our area, including Bags for Blan-
conscious mission is to help communities kets, visit them online at:
reuse, renew and recycle clothing, and Facebook:
shoes. Clothes donated help benefit lower
income schools and communities nation- Government website:
wide. As part of the clothing drive, Amer-
ican Textile Recycling Service is making Sherrif Mark Lamb:
a donation to Pinal County Animal Care
and Control. The more clothing raised, the .STT
more the donation!

They are also involved in Bags to Blankets. Pg. 6

December 15, 2017

Friday’s Sudoku Puzzle

WThoerkRoefmCahrkriasbtlTehe available, other local churches and organi-
Victor zations regularly send them food and cloth-
ing to help them meet the needs of the un-
Working in Conjunction With derprivileged in our community. Fry’s and
Other Groups To Help The Sprouts regularly send them pallets of meat
Needy and poultry, bread and deli items, premade
salads, potatoes and more.
By The San Tan Times
Continued from page 1 Other churches in our area such as St. Mi-
chaels, which is close by, Life Point in Cop-
Did you know that last month alone Christ per Basin, Epic Christian on Skyline, and
the Victor served about 1600 people with Mountain View Church that is located on
their food bank organization? That comes Hunt Highway near San Tan Flat all regu-
to about 300 families. larly send them clothing, food, and canned

Through a lot of hard work this unassum- Making Christmas Special
ing church in the southernmost point of
San Tan Valley is actively producing ser- Currently they are in the stretch run of pre-
vices and support for those in need. paring gifts for 400 underprivileged kids.
Rows of gift bags are set up like an assembly
Even though they are doing most of the line as volunteers have worked hard meet-
heavy lifting to make sure the services are ing their goals.
St. Michaels provided donation assistance Pg. 10

for this program, also. These two organiza- children.
tions put in a lot of effort to make Christmas
a little more special for 400 kids in need. As you might have already read in this is-
sue of San Tan Times, new socks are an
Bike Donations important item when it comes to children
in need along with new underwear. So, if
Up next for Christ the Victor is starting up it is possible, try to keep these two items in
a bike donation program for children and mind when donating clothing for children
adults. no matter what organization you support.

We feel this is a perfect program for San If you are interested in donating a bike,
Tan Valley to assist with due to the large food, canned goods, or children’s clothing
youth population in our area. As we all contact Christ the Victor.
know, kids out grow items rapidly. So, if 6173 E Arizona Farms Rd,
you have old bikes that your kids do not San Tan Valley, AZ 85132
use anymore, donating them to Christ the Phone: (520) 723-4220
Victor will insure they are put to good use Pastor Bruce Lerum
by a group that has their hearts in the right [email protected]
place and their efforts leading to great re- .STT

Children’s Clothing Donation

Christ the Victor focuses on providing
clothing for infants up through early teen

Choose your path

Transfer to any AZ public university or
train to enter today’s advanced workforce.
Speak to an advisor today. Pg. 11

San Tan Foothills edition with the enthusiasm that was dis-
High School Fun played at the event. (We’re kidding about
the gold plated possibilities.)
Raising Money at the .STT
Principal’s expense!

By San Tan Times

Tuesday, San Tan Foothills High School
offered students and staff the rare occasion
to put their principal in his place, literally!

In an effort to raise money for the school’s
yearbook, Dr. Richards played a good sport
and volunteered his well-being to help the
yearbook committee to raise money so
the school can provide the students with a
well-developed yearbook.

Their was plenty of tape on hand and a lot
of eager students, staff, and some school
board members eagerly awaiting their turn
to keep Dr. Richards in place.

We haven’t received a final number on
how much was raised, but if the crowd in-
dicated anything, then this year’s Foothills
yearbook might end up being a gold plated Pg. 12

Combs CTE Time slots
Preparing Students For • 7:25-8:25
Careers • 8:25-9:15
• 9:35-10:35
By San Tan Times • 10:35-11:25
Continued from page 1
Combs High School is holding a • 7:25 AM - 8:25 AM
mock interview event for nearly 350 • 8:25 AM - 9:15 AM
Career and Technical Education • 9:35 AM - 10:35 AM
students and are in need of business • 10:35 AM - 11:25 AM
and industry leaders to participate as • 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM
interviewers. • 1:15 PM - 2:10 PM
Volunteers may sign up for as many
times slots as the would like.

Event Contact

John Scrogham
J.O. Combs USD Career and Edu-
cation Coordinator
[email protected]
480-882-3540 Ext. 7116

Event Details

February 15th and 16th
Highlights info row image
2505 E Germann Rd
San Tan Valley, Arizona 85140 Pg. 13

Education anda Innovation Pavilion to put an Innovation
BrightFuture Pavilion campus in Florence.

ChangesInOurCommunity’s How Might This Benefit
EducationisProducingResults San Tan Valley?

By San Tan Times With 75% of FUSD’s students residing
Continued from page 1 in our community, our youth will directly
benefit from the Florence campus if the
Producing a better future and improved partnership moves forward and the support
economic development for our area starts offered to the surrounding FUSD schools
with providing our youth with everything would include those in San Tan Valley.
they need to succeed so they are ready
when it comes to college and careers. The full plan of Innovation Pavilion will
also mean millennial housing, retail, corpo-

Having an area known for developing a rate suites, and conference centers.
well-educated population will attract head
of house hold jobs that our area is in des- The full plan could include additional loca-
perate need of. Great local jobs will mean tions in San Tan Valley which could bring
improved property values, more tax reve- in commercial development.
nue, improved infrastructure, and better
amenities within our community. The plans are still in the beginning stages,
and the end results could drastically change
We are excited to see all of our local from what they are today. But, focusing on
schools making a strong push to get our preparing our youth while also bringing in
youth ready and prepared for their next commercial development seems to be a
steps in life. very realistic goal for this development.

In this very issue of San Tan Times you will We are eager to see where this leads. There
see that J.O. Combs High School is mov- is a lot going on in San Tan Valley and we
ing forward with their CTE program. It’s a will do what we can to make sure our com-
great program with a lot of great local busi- munity has the ability to take advantage of
ness leader involved. the opportunities that are coming our way.
Additionally, FUSD’s is currently in the
middle of developing their partnership with Pg. 15

Copper Basin’s
Holiday Decorating


For Copper Basin residents, today is the last Cookie Contest Reminder
day to get your home entered into the Hol-
iday Decorating Contest. Today, December The Holiday Cookie Contest entry submis-
15, at 5 PM is the cutoff for all entries. sion ended yesterday, December 14. The
Judging will take place on December 19 at
This contests is only available to Copper Ba- the YMCA in the aerobics room from 12:00
sin residents. Prizes will be a Visa Gift Card. PM to 2:00 PM.
Prizes will be awarded to the First, Second,
Third, and Fourth place winners. For additional information regarding these
Copper Basin events, please contact JoAnn
The event is sponsored by The Village of Hannigan.
Copper Basin and the prize sponsor is San [email protected]
Tan Pool Pro’s. Judging will take place on 480-882-1378
December 18. .STT

Good luck to all entries! Pg. 16

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Wildlife Of San Tan Valley
Rod Small’s Visual Journey
By, Rod Small

“Hey Mr. are you looking for a tree trimmer? For more information visit
I am a pretty good one. I can bring my whole
family too. They are as good as I am.” .STT Pg. 19


Queen Creek, AZ 85142 S. ELLSWORTH LOOP






480.550.3800 1.888.846.9744 NTC

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