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San Tan Times
Vol.1 No.4 AWLaArriors ESaaFrnitdasyTEdaitinon

JH Football take NewLocalEvent
a long trip and The smell of grilled
come home with burgers and BBQ filled
a big win the air calling you to
come and taste. One
ALA Warriors Junior look around and you
High Football team started to walk in one
traveled all the way to direction … then an-
Ajo, AZ other. Oh wait let’s go
check out the Cousins
Continued on page 12 Maine Lobster truck.

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TPHoianwlalnl GZYZoeutZtrsing30th Annual


Pinal County’s Work-
force Puzzle is preparing
and How it
Effects Your
todays communities for S l e e p … e v e r y o n e
tomorrows opportuni- wants more of it, and
ties. Pinal county is grow- you should want more
ing fast! of it!

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Pinal Regional Transportation Plan

What Does it Mean for San Tan Valley’s Future?
The Regional Transporta- comprehensive, multimodal od between 2018 and 2037.
tion Plan for Pinal County, plan which includes a list The Pinal RTA’s Region-
overseen by the Pinal Re- of key roadway and pub- al Transportation Plan has
gional Transportation Au- lic transportation projects to been developed as a viable
thority (RTA), sets forth a be developed over a peri- Continued on page 5

Pinal Town Hall

30th Annual Event

Continued from page 1

The 30th Annual Pinal County Town Hall the youth component of the program, stated:
Focuses on solving the Workforce Puzzle for “Town Hall has provided a venue for young
Pinal County! people to come together with local leaders.
“Pinal County’s Workforce Puzzle...Prepar- Helping them learn about important issues
ing Today’s Communities for Tomorrow’s such as issues related to transportation and
Opportunities’ 24th Town Hall Gathering economic growth will help create the next gen-
Pinal County Town Hall’s primary sponsor eration of leaders.”
each year is the Pinal County Board of Su- For more information go online at:
pervisors. Supervisor Anthony Smith, Dist.
4, represents the Board on the Pinal County Contact, Maxine Brown
Town Hall Advisory Committee. The Advi- Pinal County Town Hall
sory Committee is composed of representa- 480-322-1626
tives from throughout Pinal County who meet [email protected]
monthly to work out details for the event. .STT

Additional details on speakers and panelists
will be available soon. Sponsorships are still

Economic development depends on our
workforce... You will not want to miss this
year’s Pinal County Town Hall

Pinal County Town Hall’s Wayne G. Gerken
Youth Scholarship will be awarded during
the event. Town Hall offers students the op-
portunity to attend the event and participate
in a round-table discussion to apply for the
scholarship. Town Hall Advisory Committee
Vice-Chair, Donna McBride in discussing Pg. 2

Friday’s Word Search Puzzle

Pinal Regional rize the issuance of bonds payable from the
Transportation transportation excise tax as permitted by Ari-
Plan zona Revised Statute §48-5341.
Tan Valley’s Future? On August 5, 2015, the Pinal County Board
of Supervisors formed the Pinal RTA. In
Continued from page 1
solution to meet the transportation needs of a accordance with
rapidly growing region and seeks to meet the Arizona Revised
ongoing mobility needs of Pinal County resi- Statute §48-5302,
dents. The Plan has been prepared to carry the Pinal RTA is
forward necessary multimodal projects to the a public, political,
voters of Pinal County, who will be asked to tax levying public
consider this Plan’s approval, along with the improvement and
passage of a transportation excise tax at the taxing subdivision
November 2017 Special Election. A success- of the state. The
ful vote of the Plan and transportation excise Regional Council
tax is expected to generate approximately of Governments
$641,755,458 in transportation funding over from Pinal Coun-
the next 20 years to establish a transportation ty, Central Arizona
network within Pinal County that will enhance Governments, will
countywide mobility and effectively transport provide leadership
a growing number of people and goods at a and oversee the
regional level. The RTA Board may autho- activities of the
Pinal RTA. The
membership con-
sists of each mem-
ber government
within Pinal Coun-
ty. The Pinal RTA was established to
provide funding, and to focus on creating
a balanced regional transportation system for
the residents of Pinal County. The Plan
will provide a mechanism for the County,
its cities, towns, and Tribal Communities
to collaborate in developing a seamless
countywide 20-year Regional Transportation
Plan, which is subject to voter approval.
The governing authority of the Pinal RTA
is vested in a Board of Directors, com-
prised of each member of the Regional
Continued on page 6 Pg. 5

Pinal Regional construction which have collectively brought
Transportation Plan more people into Pinal County. Such a rapid
level of growth has created transportation
Continued from page 5 concerns such as congestion and safety and
Council within Pinal County of the Central the need for quality transportation routes to
Arizona Governments. Each member shall efficiently move people and goods. These
have one vote each when determining trans- greater than pre-2008 levels of growth are
portation policy as representatives of the anticipated to continue into the future and the
Pinal RTA. According to Arizona Revised residents of Pinal County are faced with con-
Statute §48-5304, the RTA Board may de- tinuing transportation challenges.
cide to appoint advisory committees as it There are inadequate connections from
deems necessary. Upon the passage of the 1-10 to local routes and businesses, and
ballot measures for the approval of the there is a need for additional roadway con-
Pinal RTA Regional Transportation Plan, nectivity to Metropolitan Phoenix. Pinal
and the approval of the transportation excise County’s existing north-south and east-west
tax, the RTA Board will appoint a RTA roadways need to be improved, and in many
Advisory Committee and a regional Citi- cases, lack sufficient capacity. Also, there has
zen’s Oversight Committee. The RTA Board been a significant increase in fatal and serious
will appoint a Citizen’s Oversight Committee traffic crashes due to the overall rise in ve-
to inform and collaborate the plans for con- hicular travel. At present, Federal and State
struction of parkways, principal arterial streets funding is very limited and unable to ac-
and transit projects funded by Pinal County. commodate needed roadway construction
throughout the County, and the County’s
THE NEED FOR A REGIONAL TRANS- municipalities are also lacking sufficient fund-
PORTATION PLAN ing for roadway improvements.
Since 1990, Pinal County has experienced Projections produced by the State of Ari-
a tremendous amount of growth. Between zona indicate that Pinal County will contin-
1990 and 2014, the population of Pinal Coun- ue to see significant increases in population
ty has increased from 116,867 to approxi- over the next several decades. Population
mately 396,237 people, which represents an projections over the next 20 years indicate
increase of 239 percent. Since the econom- that Pinal County will continue to grow to a
ic downturn of 2008, the municipalities of level between 750,000 and 913,000 people.
Apache Junction, Casa Grande, Coolidge, Continues on Wednesday’s issue of San Tan
Eloy, Florence, Maricopa, and the unincor- Times .STT
porated community of San Tan Valley have
experienced significant increases in econom-
ic development activities and new housing Transfer to any of Arizona’s
public universities or
immediately enter the
workforce. You choose the
path–we’ll help you take it!

“Your Future Begins Today!”

Pg. 6

September 15, 2017

Friday’s Sudoku Puzzle

The Importance The Importance of Getting Your ZZZsSleep
of Getting Your is yet another thing that we as Americans take
ZZZs for granted. I’m sure many of you are aware
of the consequences of not getting enough
and How it Effects Your Body quality sleep, but for those of you that may
not know as much here goes. When you do
By, Ashley Luthor not get the required amount of sleep for your
body to function it can do the following:

-Weaken your immune system, thus leading
to slow repair of tissues, an increase in the ag-
ing of your cells, making you more susceptible
to illness and serious diseases

-Impairs your brain in terms of memory, abili-
ty to think clearly, and perform tasks well

-Impairs your mood and therefore emotions
due to hormonal imbalance created by disrup-
tion in your circadian rhythms (aka sleep when
the sun goes down, wake when the sun comes
up) and decrease in melatonin production

When I think back to my college days and -Can lead to obesity or weight gain because
grad school days I am honestly surprised when you disrupt sleep, you decrease mela-
I even survived with such little sleep. I only tonin, which in turn raises cortisol levels (your
recall pulling one all-nighter in undergrad but “stress hormone” that will cause you to gain
there were lots of nights with maybe 3 hours of weight if in excess), increases ghrelin hormone
sleep in grad school. (that makes you feel hungrier on those days af-
Isn’t it funny how we can do that when we are ter poor sleep), and decreases leptin hormone
younger? (the hormone that makes you feel full).
Sleep is one of my most prized possessions In fact, in a lecture by Keri Glassman that I lis-
now and I dislike when my sleep schedule gets tened to last week in my Integrative Nutrition
off. Now, I know some of you reading this are course, she stated from research that has been
giggling a bit or rolling your eyes at me because done, that the risk of developing obesity rises
you have an infant or toddler at home. 23% with just 6 hours of sleep per night, 50%
I will be honest, I have not experienced that yet with 5 hours per night, and 73% with 4 hours
and my stepchildren are older. I feel for you, per night. That is pretty powerful information!
and quite frankly I fear for my sanity when that These are just a few ways your body is affected,
time comes! (Insert nervous giggle here.) So but you get the idea of the importance of sleep.
while I cannot shed light on that matter I can .STT
share my habits and things that I have learned. Pg. 9

MAuationtenance depends on how far past the mileage mark-
er you are. If it is just a few miles, just get it
When Do I Need to Do in when you can. If it is in the hundreds or
Scheduled Auto Maintenance? thousands, then you definitely need to get it
in ASAP.
By, Stamps Automotive Auto Maintenance: Can’t it Wait?

A lot of people in America never even crack In a word, no. Look at the check engine light
open their owner’s manual. And then they for example. That can mean a whole number
end up bewildered when their car breaks of problems in your car, only some of which
down and the auto mechanic gives them bad are exhaust related. If you put off going into an
news. However, if you check your owner’s auto repair shop, what can be a simple com-
manual, you can see the timetable for every ponent swap could end up being an expensive
sort of maintenance that your car needs. repair job
From normal wear and tear items such as A lot of cars made after 2010 even have a
brake repair and tires to engine and power scheduled auto maintenance light that will
train components, everything in your car has a blink when you first get close to your next
recommended time period to get preventative mileage-based maintenance. So remember,
auto maintenance done. Think of it almost like a lot of things in life, auto repair in Gilbert
like checkups for your health. Most people is better when you are proactive about it.
put off going to the dentist or doctor until they .STT
have a problem. But for your health, a better
way is to get a regular check up. The same
holds true for your car. Should you worry if
you pass a deadline for auto maintenance? It Pg. 10

NtDheaestSeivroetnBoreaens of comes down to providing food and shelter.
You might find that you need to provide more
By, Tom McDonald diversity in the types of plants in your garden. A well manicured lawn has absolutely nothing
Honey bees, which are responsible for the to offer bees. Limit your use of broad spec-
pollination of over a third of our food crops, trum pesticides. Those circles cut out of the
have recently been plagued with a serious dis- leaves of your roses or bougainvilleas are not
ease referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder a pest but evidence that the Leaf Cutter bee
[CCD]. Starting in 2006, CCD has been re- is hard at work tending your garden, not an
sponsible for the decline of 10% of bee hives. inducement to
Scientist still do not completely understand spray poison. Provide building materials and
what causes CCD, and the staggering loss of places for the bees to construct their brood
so many domestic colonies has encouraged tunnels.
farmers and gardeners alike to take a look
at substituting native bees as the pollinator of The web site is a great
choice in their croplands and landscapes. source of supplies and information to support
Often called the ‘forgotten pollinator’, native a solitary bee population. Want to construct a
bees number over 4,000 species with over home for solitary bees? Use the internet... just
1,300 different species found in the Sonoran type in ‘build a bee hotel’ and you will get plen-
desert. We have the smallest bee in the world ty of options, everything from those requiring
[Perdita minima] at less than .08th of an inch advanced engineering skills or as simple as the
to one of the largest, the Carpenter bee [Xylo- ‘bee block’ pictured here that my grandkids
copa] up to 1.25 inches and weighing in at a and I constructed in a few hours.
whopping one gram. Most of the native bees .STT
in our area are described as solitary. Unlike
honey bees, solitary bee females construct and
provision their brood nests alone. A solitary
bee can visit 20 times more plants in a day
than a honey bee and one common species,
the mason bee, can actually
pollinate up to 2,000 flowers a day compared
to 15 for an individual honey bee. The mason
bee accomplishes this herculean task by crash
landing on the bloom, scattering pollen to the
wind and onto nearby flowers. Solitary bees
are also more docile than colony forming bees
since they have no hive to defend.

What can you do as a gardener to invite these
beneficial insects to visit your garden? First
educate yourself about the solitary bees living
in your area. Attracting solitary bees basically Pg. 11

ALA Warriors

JH Football take a long trip
and come home with a big win

The ALA Warriors Junior High Football
team traveled all the way to Ajo, AZ on
Saturday 9/9/17 to take on the Ajo Red
Raiders. Ajo is a two and a half hour drive
from San Tan Valley, and only 43 miles
from the Mexican border. The warriors
were not about to make that trip and not
come home with a win in the first game of
the season.

From the beginning the Warriors were in
control of the game taking a 18-0 first quar-
ter lead, and a 38-0 lead at the half.
Continued on page 13 Pg. 12

ALA Warriors

Continued from page 12

Neither team did much in the third with the
score staying 38-0. Things changed in the fourth
though as Ajo put a touchdown on the board
followed by a two point conversion.
The game ended with a score of 38-8. The war-
riors will take on La Paloma Central in a home
game on Saturday September 16, 2017 at the
ALA Ironwood Campus. .STT Pg. 13

San Tan Eats

New Local Event

By: Kahuna Cafe
Continued from page 1

The line is long so it must be good. After a
short while all the lines were long.

Burgers Amore with burger choices galore.
Ranchers Smokehouse BBQ for brisket and
pulled pork. Salvadorian stuffed pupusa’s and
fresh ceviche in San Tan Valley? Why not!
Or, food inspired by the classics, but with an
all new twist at Chef On the Go. Ah, there’s
the taco and burrito truck my staple. Who
doesn’t like tacos?

To wash it down there was Grindtime Coffee This event would not be complete without
who is gaining popularity in STV serving great the support of our local heroes. Rural Metro
java drinks by the side of the road. And Sno was there with one of their rigs and the kid’s
Shack to keep you cool with their flavored (and adults) were wide-eyed. Give it up for our
shaved ice. I actually was there twice. The ti- Continued on page 16
gers blood flavor was awesome and sugar free
You can’t go to an event like this and not take
home some kettlecorn. Kettle Heroes was on
the spot to satisfy your craving for something
chewy and sweet. Pg. 15

San Tan Eats

Continued from page 15

own Citizens on Patrol (COP) San Tan Val-
ley unit. On hand were Doug Horner, Me-
lissa Blanchard, Mark Goodman, and Dick
Stephen with his classic car.
Our District 2 Board of Supervisors Mike
Goodman was there to support this event
and answer questions about what’s going on
in our community.
Also on hand were the San Tan Valley
Chamber folks who put this event on for us.
Special thanks to Bryan McCoy, Kim Tillery,
and Matt Wilson leading the charge.
Except for the fact that some of the food ven-
dors ran out of food pretty early indicates how
well received this event was. Looks like a win-
ner and will repeat itself on the first Saturday
of every month.
Let us know how your experience was.
.STT Pg. 16

Wildlife Of San Tan Valley
Rod Small’s visual journey
By, Rod Small
Eiffel Tower. It’s marker for planes letting
Did you know? them know they’re about 25 miles from the
This was made by some Boy Scouts in the
50’s. The letters are twelve feet wide and one
hundred feet long. The whole thing is over For more information visit
one thousand feet wide and longer than the Pg. 19

SeSptuenmdbaery125,n2d01J7une, 2017 $k2_P[NTkK`a_\[\ ZPK`b_Pk 1eNXKZKaV\[k\Rk

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AKXak 2KXXkaKWP_k A\b[O`k\Rk`KaV`i

:PSP[OK_fk .KLf`kV__VaKaV\[k -Z\`k\_kA]PXXV[Sk RKNaV\[k
%k;b`VNk\Rk7[OVKk :\ab`kZ\OPXk AWVXXPOkN_KRa`]P_ -aaKNTP`k
:P\[Vk\Rk.KOk `\[k 3KWPOk\bak\Rk <P\[KaPk dT\k

/TVkR\XX\dP_k .\f`k :K_SP
kPOVLXPkNXKZk ]\`VaV\[k N\bXO[akdKVak
>Xb`k I k-XKZ\`k /\X\_k
''k-Jk OV`aK[aXfk
>XKNPk\RkN\ZLKak _P`VOP[ak -_aVNbXKaP`k


2KV_fk^bPP[k\Rk 1K`ak7[OVK[k 8P``VNKk\Rk

-Na\_k/K_ZV O_PKZ`:k KWPk NPOK_k 1`NK]PkR_\Zk
CTPk:\bV`cVXXPk:V]k >XK[Pak1K_aTk

@P`]\[`VLVXVafk CVLP_Vb`k 0VKZPaP_kZPK` C_baTkV[k/TV[Kk

`\ZPaVZP`k :V[N\X[`kAPN_Ph b_PZP[ak J k_bSk

S_K[aPOkV[k aK_fk\RkaTPk AVaPk\RkKk ;Kab_P`k

OVc\_NPkN\b_ak C_PK`b_fk /\X\_KO\kLVNfNXPk =C\\XP kPS+k

Ba\_ZdPK_kNX\aTk -Na_P``k -XVNVKk _KNPk KLM_k

>K_ak\RkaTPk]K`ak APak\bakV[kKk`X\\]k @\XXPOkaTPkN_POVa`k ;KOKZPkFk
@\`PSK_OP[P_`k 5VSTaPNTkZPZ\`k
@b_KXkX\OSV[Sk AaK[OkS_\b]k )%EKVak k

LK[Pk 9PV`aP_`k `]\a`k 1K_XVP_k]\PaVNKXXfk )'k=RRVNPT\XOP_` k

C\fkAa\_fkLKOk 5\ZP_ ka\k.K_ak :PaaP_`k\[kKk A[KWPk\VXk`KXP` R\_k`T\_ak

L\fk 4\ORKaTP_k L_\d[kOPXVcP_fk ZK[`kNb`a\ZP_k

CTKa`[email protected] k
8\L`kR\_k>P__fk a_bNWk CPXk

5VSU`NT\\Xk ;K`\[k 0/kD7>k AK[OdVNTkRVXXP_k <VXPk`[KWP`k
LVSdVS`*kKLL_k ;Kag\`kXKNWk >PaafkOPZ\[k 7[kaTPkRK`TV\[k\Rk 8VZk 6KdWV[` k
OKZKSP`k \bakKkXVcV[Sk k K[VZKXk
5P[_fIk k
/K[\[VNKXkT\b_k A]PKWkT\K_`PXfk AN_KaNTkKNaVcKa\_k >_P2KXXkKL\OPk 4_K[O`aK[OP_`k
?bVNWk ]_\LXPZk
k;V[PkV[k;PbO\[k !%k.PXXk\RkaTPk<.-k CKWPk`\ZPkaVZPk

<b_`P_fk_TfZPk 0\Na\_`kS]k
!k9V[Sk\Rk 5V[Obk 8KNWV[aTP \RRk
OVPaK_fk]_\LXPZk XPSP[Ok ]bX]Va k PSk >K_WV[SkX\akXVSTa`k APK]\_akV[k
<PaTP_XK[O`k_VcP_k DVPa[KZk
ANU\\Xk\ba_PKNTk "k/\X\_KO\k7[OVK[k @POk/_\``k



4K_OP[V[Sk a\\Xk






<KaV\[[email protected]








/\dL\f k KakaVZP`k











@VcP_L\KakTKLVabQk Yj



)k 1`]fk


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