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Published by djbartolucci, 2019-12-23 10:29:03

Dynasty Year in Review

Year in Review




USD $3.00  ISSUE NO 12 


The start of something magical

I've had this idea for a Dynasty League for the With this new idea in my head, a fire was lit
last five or so years. Ever since my very best inside of me (probably from one too many
friend Louie "The Fish" Follo and I kicked the Hot Tigers from Lucky Buns here in DC) I
idea around to start a league. He decided on a knew what had to be done....but who would
keeper league which was a step in the right have the strength of heart (and
apparently stomach) to join me on such a

Then this vision came to me in a dream...I was quest?!? I turned to my usual most trusted
riding around Hogwarts school of Witchcraft advisers. The Wolcott Warewolves
and Wizardry with my main man PS1 Hagrid (Shermanpar,
when he said to me "FULFILL YER DESTINY ryanmencio,TheSnizzler,Savinoerm87) My
FANTASY LEAGUES" and then with this (Nunno182,mikegambo,adrian2k12) My
gigantic snore from Celia I awoke in a cold Queens fairest handmaiden (Vince30). But

sweat with this new dream, in the real world. there was a new comer, the Hockey
Harbinger himself! (Shaggy901516)


ryanmencio got the magical draw of
picking first which meant the choice
of picking between "The Big Four" of
Barkley, CMC, Kamara and Elliot. He
picked Barkley first and the next
three went in that order to
shermanpar,nunno182 and
dannybartman, respectively.

Number 1. overall pick holder Pick 1.1 Saquon "Thunder Thighs" Barkley


Receivers flew off the board after that at
Pick 5 adrian2k12 snatched up Odell

Beckham Jr. savinoerm87 picked up Nuk
Hopkins. TheSnizzler grabbed Davante

Adms and Vince30 snatched JuJu Smith-
Schuster. Shaggy901516 selected Joe

Mixon with the 9th pick and mikegambo
grabbed Nick Chubb and Amari Cooper

at the turn.  

While you couldn't go wrong with
any of these picks there were a few

disappointment among the first
round. Odell,Smith-Schuster and

Barkely performed below
expectations heading into the


Best Draft Picks

Without a doubt one of the best
picks of the draft goes to savinoerm87

with the selection of Chris Godwin
at 5.6. He has shown what a monster

he can be, and will be for years to

You really can't beat Derrick Henry being your
4th RB. Shaggy901516 picked him with the 5.9
selection and has been running over fools like

Henry has been stiff arming people into the
shadow realm

nunno182 made in my opinion THE BEST selection in
this startup draft by selecting Lamar "not bad for a
running back" Jackson with pick 11.3 going after the

likes of Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, and Baker Mayfield

Honorable mention for
ryanmencio picking one of the
best RBs this year at 11.1 and

robbing nunno182 handcuff


Yay me! God what
an awful pick at 5.4
I could have picked

Henry,Carson or
Ingram but I went

with with his

My fiances cousin
(David Johnson) enters

the draft bust list at
pick 2.9 for shermanpar

A Wide Receiver joins
the ranks at pick 7.8 for
Vince 30. He could have

selected the likes of
Courtland Sutton, Tyler

Lockett or Seattle
teammate D.K. Metcalf

Team Stats!

End of year power rankings,
lets give it up for Vince30 for

not finishing last in

And here is mikegambo
and some old rich white
guy no one has ever heard

of before.

Team Stats!

WHO DOESN'T LIKE GRAPHS!?! "Roster Strength vs Management"
skill Being in the top right corner would be the best being dead
middle would mean average roster and manager. Let's give it up to

Vince30 once again for not being last!

Team Reviews

Slytherin My Butt Cheeks 9-4

This sexy fuck Paul finished first overall
which is amazing with all the injuries his

team had throuh out the year. Having
Christian McCaffery leading the way

certainly helps!

Team Reviews

DC Bounty Hunters 7-6

John Nunno suffered one of the worst defeats in
recent fantasy memory. Needing a win and he's
in  he crossed the threshold only to have Dalvin

Cook fumble the football and leave the game.
leaving him two points short of victory

Team Reviews

The Baltimore Ravenclaws 8-5

Finishing 4th overall but 1st in points scored.
dannybartman finished with an 8-5 record. He won his
first round game against shaggy901516 due to Alshon
Jefferys fluky foot injury leaving the game with 0 points
and securing dannybartmans 120.90 to 118.46 victory

Team Reviews

Minshew's Mustache 4-9

Here is Adrian. He barely did
better than Vin statisically
Just wanted to point that out

Team Reviews

Hufflepuff Puff Pass 7-6


Team Reviews

"The Snizzler" 9-4

Austin put up a fantastic 2019
campaign and will look to build his
team around his amazing WR corps

Team Reviews

Durmstrang Demntors 0-13

Vinny had truly historic 2019 season, Going
0-13 is nothing short of amazing. Going last
in points scored AND points against didn't
help matters. But he as the First Overal pick

in the upcoming rookie draft and has a
couple extra picks so he could turn this

thing around pretty quickly!

Team Reviews

Brown's Cold Feet 8-5

Shaggy was so close to moving to the second
round, but unfortunately for him; Alshon

Jeffery's foot had other plans. Shaggy will be
eyeing a QB in the rookie trade as Tom Terrific

is bound to retire soon (let's hope)

Team Reviews

GamBo Jackson 4-9

Mike Gambardella Finished in the
middle of the standings after
having high hopes with the

selection of Mahomes as the frst
QB off the board.

Team Reviews

theteamthatmustnotbenamed 9-4

ryanmancio barely missed first place by 10
points and had a wonderful season only to
get knocked out by the eventual champ in

the second round

2019 Season Awards


The obvious choice of course is L.Jackson.In a
meaningless game for nunno182 he just put 47
points. Which is almost as much as Vince30
gets a week.

Manager of the year

TheSizzler was dealt a mighty blow right out of
the gate with Antonio Brown putting on clown

shoes instead of cleats. And yet some how
TheSnizz finished 3rd overall with a 9-4 record

Signing of the year

Needing a TE for his playoff game against
dannybartman Shaggy901516 dropped

the rookie T.J. Hockenson whom he selected
in with the 9th pick of the 9th round.

dannybartman man unloaded all his seed
money (184) to sign the Iowa product. He
looks to be a key piece of his team for years to


All Time Records

Most points in a season:
1509 dannybartman 2019

Most points in a season against:
1540 Vince30 2019

Most wins: 9-2019
shermanpar ryanmencio


Biggest win:

167.54 shermanpar (week 5) 2019

Highest Margin of

35.43 dannybartman 2019

Least wins:

0-Vince30 2019

2019 Champion!

After sneaking into the playoffs on
the worst beat i've ever seen (sorry
Nunno) Eric proved the old saying
"Doesn't matter how you get there, it
matters what you do when ya show
up!" true as he steam rolled his way
through the playoffs and into the

Finals as he faced off with The
Commish himself! After several back
and forths and the team on his back
Anthony Miller and the Bears took a
hot dump on sunday night securing
the first ever Championship title for

Eric! He will be in the record books
forever! Congrats E-Money!!

Rookie Draft preview

With a winless season under his adrian2k12 looks to have
belt Vince30 has a lot of work the inverse problem with a
ahead of him. With a loaded RB serious need for WR help.
and WR class in 2020 he looks And with TWO 1st round
poised to retool with his extra picks he looks to primed
3rd round pick in his trade of up for a run at some of the
Ronald Jones to Shaggy901516 highflying WRs of this draft
for Danny Amendola which class. Starting with Jerry
shall prove to be extremely Jeudy of Alabama and
valuable for the gallant loser. CeeDee Lamb out of
With a young promising WR Oklahoma. Two 1st gives
corp already he looks to adrian2k12 a lot of assests
upgrade his QB and RB to work with

D'Andre Swift

In 2019, Swift has averaged 6.2 yards per carry for 1,130 yards with seven
touchdowns. He has 21 receptions for 198 yards and a touchdown as
well. Swift has run well for Georgia showing his speed, vision, cutting
ability, and versatility. He looks like a future three-down starter and
potentially impactful player.

Jerry Jeudy-LSU

In 2019, Jeudy has 66 receptions for 933 yards and nine touchdowns. He
has played well for Alabama, showing his skills to be a dynamic receiver

and a source for big plays while also serving as a good blocker for his

CeeDee Lamb-Oklahoma

Oklahoma has struggled to get Lamb as many targets this year with Jalen
Hurts at quarterback, but Lamb hasn't complained and has been a good

teammate. He also has made the most of his opportunities, showing
excellent route-running, good hands, size, strength, and superb run-after-

the-catch skills. Lamb is not a burner, but he is quick enough to be a
potential No. 1 receiver in the NFL. Lamb has 46 receptions for 999 yards and

14 touchdowns

Chuba Hubbard-Oklahoma State

Hubbard has taken college football by storm this fall, and
he entered the final month of the regular season as the
nation's leading rusher. Hubbard has averaged 6.4 yards
per carry in 2019 for 1,832 yards with 20 touchdowns. He

has 18 catches for 170 yards as well.

Justin Jefferson-LSU

Jefferson has been superb in 2019 with 75 catches for 1,037
yards and 12 touchdowns. In 2018, he had 54 receptions for

875 yards and six scores. Jefferson has length to go with
some quickness and athleticism. He has a ton of upside
with the speed to make plays downfield and mismatch

length to make receptions over defensive backs

Jonathan Taylor-Wisconsin

Taylor has rolled over the competition this fall, displaying his combination of
power, quickness, vision, cutting ability, and a tremendous stiff arm. This season,

Taylor has averaged 6.5 yards per carry for 1,685 yards with 18 touchdowns. He
has 20 receptions for 162 yards and four touchdowns as well. His improved ability

as a receiver really helps his draft stock.




I had an absolute blast with this
league. It was a different format
for all of us and it was a big jump
for me being a first time commish.
You guys made it so much fun with
all of the sleeper shit talk. I love
sleeper and hope the rest of my
leagues decide to make the switch.
If you guys have any questions or
comments on how to improve the

league PLEASE email me
([email protected]) and then

we will bring your ideas to a vote
in the owners meeting (Via Sleeper

chat) which will take place after
the NFL draft and before our
rookie draft.

With Love,

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