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Lakeville Community Education Spring & Summer Classes and Programs for All Ages

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Published by Lakeville CE, 2022-03-14 16:23:40

Lakeville CE Spring-Summer 2022

Lakeville Community Education Spring & Summer Classes and Programs for All Ages

Spring & Summer 2022
Programs and Classes for All Ages

Adult Enrichment • Youth, Middle School and High School Enrichment
Adult Basic Education • Gymnastics • Aquatics

Early Childhood Family Education • Small Wonders Preschool
Wonder Zone • Kid Zone • Summer Adventures • The DEN

Adventures Await!

Summer Camps & Programs

Community Education has classes, programs, social interactions and learning
opportunities for all ages, while providing you, your family and your community

a safe place to keep learning, creating and exploring this summer!

Birth to Age 5

ECFE Classes Preschool, Ages 3-6
Infant Classes
Toddler Classes Small Wonders Summer Camps
Stepping Stones Transition to Preschool Alphabet Adventures
Preschool Prep
ECFE To Go Kits
Early Childhood Screening & School Readiness Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten
Parent and Tot Gymnastics Wonder Zone Child Care & Enrichment
Swim Lessons
Gymnastics & Swim Lessons
Middle & High Schoolers

Academic & Enrichment Camps Elementary Ages
Music & Band Lessons
Swim Lessons Youth Enrichment Camps & Programs
Cheerleading Camps Gymnastics & Swim Lessons
The DEN: All Day Middle School Program Cheerleading Camps
Summer Adventures Child Care & Enrichment:
Enrichment, Camps, Swim Lessons and fun!


Fitness, Cooking, Crafts and Hobbies
Finances and Retirement Planning

Adult Basic Education: ESL, GED and MORE!

More Information and Registration at
or call 952-232-2150

Adult Advertise with Us! Contents

Adult Enrichment 4-9 The Community Education catalog is a major source
for Lakeville Area School District residents to access
Online Health & Wellness, 4 information on programs, activities and resources for
Online Enrichment, Piano & Guitar 5 babies through seniors. Please call 952-232-2170 for
Online Personal & Professional Development, 6-7 more information on advertising opportunities!
Cooking, 7
Fitness & Wellness, 8 Independent School District 194
Dance, 9
Board of Education
River Valley Project Explore, 11 Judy Keliher, Chair Terry Lind, Vice Chair
Adults with Disabilities David Anderson, Clerk Robin Richards, Treasurer
Cinta Schmitz, Director Kathy Lewis, Director
Adult Basic Education 10
Youth & Adult Michael Baumann

Adaptive Programs, 11 Para preguntas en español, llame a:
Martial Arts, 19 952-232-3063 or 952-232-2067
NEW Blanchard Aquatics Center 27
Haddii aad su,aal qabtid fadlan soo wac
Youth layankan Somalihaah: 952-232-3066
ISD194 School Success Liaisons
Cheerleading 12-13 Cassandra Fernandez de Castro
(hablo español)
Middle & High School 14-17
[email protected]
The Den 14-15 952-232-2075
Youth Service Project & ACT Prep Courses, 16
Enrichment Classes & Activities, 16-17 Regina Smith-Duffy
[email protected]
Elementary Enrichment 20-36 Voicemail: 952-232-3999 ext. 5043

Before & After School, 20 Morgan Elmi
Spring Evening, Saturday & Non-school days, 21-23 [email protected]
Summer Camps, 24-33
Gymnastics, 34-36 952-232-3684

Early Childhood Family Ed 42-48

ECFE Classes, 42-45
School Readiness, 46
Stepping Stones & Family School, 47
Early Childhood Screening, 48

Preschool & Child Care 49-56

Small Wonders Preschool, 49-52
Wonder Zone Child Care, 53-55
Kid Zone School Age Care, 56

Summer Adventures 57-64

Camps, 58-61
Fabulous Fridays, 62-63
Other Summer Opportunities, 64

Aquatics 27, 37-41

Registration, Info & Facilities 65-66

Brochure Distribution: January, March & August. Published by : Lakeville Area Community Education
17685 Juniper Path, Suite #200, Lakeville, MN 55044 Issue #42

This catalog is partially paid for through advertisements.

ONLINE Health & Wellness

Adult Enrichment Clear Skin for Teens,
Tweens and More

Overcome Your Soothe Achy Joints Is your child battling skin problems?
Carbohydrate Cravings Learn how to help your child clear
Do you have joints that ache – acne and blemishes quickly and
Ever had a day where you can’t a knee or hip or back? Whether you effectively without medications; raw
stop eating? Do you crave starches, have arthritis, bursitis or just creaky materials needed to build healthy
snack foods, and sweets and find joints, this workshop is for you. skin cells and delicious shakes
the more you eat, the more you Joint lubrication exercises are quite and smoothies that provide what’s
want to eat? Create a two-week simple and easy to do yet produce needed; how to protect skin from
plan that will STOP your cravings rather remarkable results by the inside out; the role of essential
(no kidding!), help you lose helping to free your joints of pain. fatty acids; acupressure points to
weight and help keep your insulin We’ll also discuss which nutrients improve health of skin; what to look
levels balanced. Overcoming are needed to help keep your joints for with SPF; how to make their skin
carb cravings is not a matter of healthy. Wear loose, comfortable glow with health and vitality.
willpower but a matter of biology. clothing.
#622O-010 Thur, June 23
#622O-001 Tues, May 3 6-7:30 pm $35
6-7:30 pm $35
Feet, Knees & Ankles,
Oh My!

#622O-008 Thur, May 19 Have you taken a good look at
6-7:30 pm $35 your feet, ankles or knees lately?
They support the weight of your
Stress Busting De-Age Your Brain entire body. Do your ankles roll in?
Are your arches flat? Do you have
Strategies Current research shows lifestyle bunions or calluses? Are your toes
and diet have a big effect on straight or do they bend in? Does
Do you have too much stress HOW the brain ages. Cognitive your big toe pull in towards the
function, which covers all aspects of other toes? Do your knees lock
perceiving, thinking and reasoning, back? Do your kneecaps turn in or
CAN improve. No matter what pull outward? Learn simple things
your age there are things you can to help correct these problems.
begin to do today to improve how
in your life? Stress not only quickly and effectively brain cells #622O-011 Tues, June 28
communicate with each other. 6-7:30 pm $35
causes a multitude of physical We’ll discuss which ‘superfoods’
and emotional problems, but reduce the damaging effects of Breathworks for Kids!
it will age you quicker and toxins and inflammation on the
more efficiently than time itself. brain and which nutrients are great Getting through school and college
In this workshop you will learn: for memory, attention, processing today is more stressful than ever
information and reducing stress. before. Whether your children are
the damaging effects of stress on You will learn simple, easy to toddlers or 20 somethings, you
implement strategies to help can teach them simple breathing
your nervous system; how to keep your brain stay healthy and alert. patterns that will calm and balance
the nervous system, clear their
stress from aging you; one minute mind, help them focus attention
and tap into their creativity. It is
stress busting techniques that never too early or too late for your
kids to learn these techniques.
can easily fit into your busy day; They will provide lifelong benefits.
breathing techniques to calm the
nervous system; ways to decrease
stress hormone levels; how
different types of foods, colors,

surroundings, and even music

can increase or decrease stress. #622O-012 Thur, June 30
#622O-007 Wed, Apr 13 6-7:30 pm $35
6-7:30 pm $35 #622O-009 Tues, May 24
6-7:30 pm $35


ONLINE Enrichment ONLINE Adult Enrichment

Piano & Guitar

American Love Affair: Fading Ads of Instant Piano for
the Twin Cities - NEW! Hopelessly Busy People
Cars of the 1950’s - NEW!
Do you remember seeing those Learn to play piano the way
What is your favorite Classic Car? old painted ads on the sides of professionals do-using chords
Our instructor’s favorite is the 1957 buildings for Coca-Cola, Grain right from the comfort of your
Chevy Belair! Growing up watching Belt Beer, grocery stores and own home! This course includes
“Happy Days”, and having parents warehouses? Jay Grammond an online book and follow up video
take him and his siblings to car has been drawn to Fading Ads, lessons to help you continue your
shows started a lifelong love affair or “Ghost Signs” for quite some practice and study on your own.
with cars and trucks, especially time. In the Summer of 2020, that Weekly online question and answer
from the 1950’s. World War II was interest became so much more sessions will be held after class
over, manufacturing went back when he signed a book deal to for those interested. The course
to normal; and the economy was publish a book about the topic. includes lecture/demonstration
starting to blossom. We’ll take a Join Jay as he takes you on a and hands on instruction.
look at the details that made these virtual walk around the Twin Cities
cars so special. to view this sort of “Art Gallery” #624O-034 Tue, June 14
that surrounds us and learn a bit 6:30-9:30 pm $59
#622O-018 Thur, Apr 7 of history along the way!
6:30-7:30 pm $19 Instant Guitar for
#622O-020 Tues, May 17 Hopelessly Busy People
#624O-018 Mon, June 13 6:30-7:30 pm $19
6:30-7:30 pm $19 Ages 13+
#624O-020 Mon, June 20
A Road Trip Around 6:30-7:30 pm $19 Have you ever wanted to learn
Minnesota: the guitar but simply find it difficult
Armchair Travels: to find the time? In just a few
Veteran Memorials - NEW! hours you can learn enough about
Theodore Roosevelt playing the guitar to give you years
Minnesota is home to a fantastic National Park - NEW! of musical enjoyment, and you
variety of Veteran Memorials. won’t have to take private lessons
Everything from street names; to Theodore Roosevelt National Park to do it. This crash course will
granite monuments, to statues, and is unique among National parks as teach you some basic chords
other ways to honor our Veterans. it preserves not only the stunning and get you playing along with
Join our instructor as he guides landscape of the area, but also the your favorite songs right away.
us around the state to see some memory of an extraordinary person. This course includes an online book
of these memorials that he has He visited the area in 1883 to hunt and follow up video lessons to help
discovered through his travels. Why bison, and went on to have a ranch you continue your practice and
not make a road trip plan to go see there. Join our instructor as he study on your own. Weekly online
some of these? shows you some of the landscapes question and answer sessions
in the park as well as the wildlife will be held after class for those
#622O-019 Thur, Apr 21 you might find such as: wild horses, interested.
6:30-7:30 pm $19 buffalo, antelope, and more.
#622O-035 Wed, June 15
#622O-021 Thur, May 19 6:30-9 pm $59
6:30-7:30 pm $19


Adult EnrichmentONLINE Personal & Professional Development

Full descriptions online at

Mystery Shopping Business

*Participants must also be enrolled in
“Explore 250 Legitimate Home-Based Business Ideas”

#624O-022 Thur, July 14 5-6 pm $20

250 Legitimate Home-Based Business Ideas
#624O-023 Thur, July 14 6-8 pm $35

Virtual Assistant/Word Processing Business

*Participants must also be enrolledin
“Explore 250 Legitimate Home-Based Business Ideas”

Intro to Voiceovers #624O-024 Thur, July 14 8-9 pm $20

Ever find yourself watching or listening to a Extreme Couponing! $20
commercial thinking, “I could do that”? Join this
intro to voiceovers class to get an overview of #624O-025 Sat, July 16 8-9 am
everything you’ll need to consider. Learn what type
of equipment to invest in, ways to create a home Screenwriting for Television or Movies
studio even if you don’t have a lot of room, and
how to start looking for good copy that fits your #624O-026 Sat, July 16 9-10 am $20
voice or niche for a demo. You’ll receive resources
and websites to become more familiar with the Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Free Blog
medium, followed by a Q & A at the end of the
session. #624O-033 Sat, July 16 10 am-12 pm $30

#623O-004 Sat, Apr 9 Monetize Websites, Blogs & Social Media

11 am-12:30 pm $29 #624O-032 Sat, July 16 12-1 pm $20

Prepare for a Career in Voiceovers Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published

Your voiceover career starts here! In this follow up #624O-029 Sat, July 16 1-3 pm $30
to Intro to Voiceovers, you’ll work with a successful,
local voiceover actor and coach in a small group Explore 50 Different Self-Publishing Options
online setting. You’ll read and perform with actual
scripts and receive coaching and helpful feedback Participants must be enrolled in
to apply to and improve your performance. Intro to “Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published”
Voiceovers is recommended, but not required.
#624O-030 Sat, July 16 3-4 pm $20
#623O-006 Sat, Apr 23-May 14
11 am-12:30 pm $99/4 sessions Using Amazon’s Kindle Direct to Self-Publish
Your Book Free

#624O-031 Sat, July 16 4-5 p $20

Writing for Online Blogs, Magazines & Websites

#624O-028 Sat, July 16 5-6 pm $20

Meet the Agent/Publisher $20

#624O-027 Sat, July 16 6-7 pm


Will Taxes Affect Your Retirement? In-Person Cooking Adult Enrichment

In this seminar, attendees learn: A Tex Mex Fiesta!
How future tax changes may create the potential
for higher taxes. Ways to create tax-free retirement We’ll begin with “Empanadas “, pastries filled with beef,
income. How Social Security is taxed, and how to tomatoes, potatoes and herbs. Flautas are next with
work efficiently within current tax brackets. chicken in a jalapeno/garlic paste and fried crisp in a
corn tortillas. We’ll then prepare authentic Mexican rice
#624-035 Wed, Apr 27 6-7:30 pm CLC, Studio 2 $9 prepared with onions, garlic, tomatoes and fresh cilantro
along with Mexican style corn prepared with lime aioli,
Retirement Planning Today cayenne pepper and Cotija cheese. Fajitas follow with
tender strips of marinated beef and chicken with fresh
Prepare for a successful retirement. Learn how sauteed bell peppers and onions wrapped in a warm
to manage investment risks, use tax laws to your tortilla shell. We’ll finish this fiesta with a Yucatecan-
advantage, understand cash-flow planning for style delight, fresh coconut blended with rich custard
retirement, managing healthcare, long-term care, in a wonderful nutty crust, baked to a caramelly brown,
company retirement plans, estate planning and much and served with crème fraiche.
more. The course is taught by a Certified Financial
Educator and Retirement Specialist using live case #622-011 Thur, Apr 14 6-9 pm LNHS, FACS Lab $45
studies, class participation and interactive exercises.
Tantalizing Thai Cuisine
MMS, Lecture Hall $49/person or couple
You’ll begin by preparing vietnamese summer rolls
#623-001 Tue, May 10 & 17 6-9 pm served with both hoisin and peanut sauce for dipping.
#623-002 Thur, May 12 & 19 6-9 pm Vietnamese spring rolls follow with pork, shrimp, and
glass noodles stuffed in rice paper and fried to a golden
Foundation for Retirement brown, served with the classic nuoc cham dipping sauce.
You’ll then prepare Pad Thai blending the vibrant flavors
This is a comprehensive class on retirement planning of Thailand with rice noodles using shrimp, eggs, chilies,
with emphasis on creating a financial plan for garlic, basil, scallions, bean sprouts, sesame oil, lemon
retirement. In class you will focus on: goal setting, and crushed red pepper flakes. For dessert, Thai lime
income projections, tax strategies, medical expenses custard topped with fresh whipped cream.
and estate planning. You will receive a course book
to take home. #622-012 Fri, May 6 6-9 pm LNHS, FACS Lab $45

CLC, Studio 2 $49/person or couple The Art of Sushi

#623-100 Thur, Apr 7-14 6-9 pm Come explore the world of sushi as you create this
#623-101 Tue, Apr 12-19 9 am-12 pm Japanese delicacy yourself. We’ll begin by preparing
the coveted sushi rice then you’ll learn the art of
Selling Your Home Successfully “nigiri-sushi”(hand molded rice) topped with shrimp,
unagi, and ahi tuna. You’ll then learn how to prepare
Learn about the selling cycle in the Twin Cities and the “maki-sushi” using a bamboo mat to roll rice with various
best months of the year to list your home. Review the fillings in and around Nori (seaweed sheets). Options and
top 10 things you should do to get your home ready, accompaniments will include surimi, cucumber, avocado,
and things to consider when you are selling and cream cheese, teriyaki chicken, tempura onions, spicy
buying a home at the same time. Take home a flash mayo, eel sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger and soy sauce.
drive loaded with all of the info covered in class.
#622-013 Thur, May 12 6-9 pm LNHS, FACS Lab $45
#623-102 Wed, Mar 23 6-7:30 pm CLC, Studio 2 $9

How to Successfully Buy
Your 1st Home

Are you ready to take the big step to home
ownership? Explore all aspects of home buying,
including the difference between pre-approved and
pre-qualified, types of mortgages, why use a real
estate agent, what is a buyers market, and how does
that affect your purchasing power, home inspections,
walkthroughs and more. Take home a flash drive
loaded with all of the important information covered!

#623-102 Wed, Mar 30 6-7:30 pm CLC, Studio 2 $9


Adult EnrichmentIn-Person Fitness & Wellness

Shinrin Yoku: XaBeat Pilates in Lakeville
Forest Bathing
XaBeat is a dance-fitness program Pilates is a form of exercise,
Join us on an immersive, that provides high intensity developed by Joseph Pilates,
meditative, and awe-inspiring cardio and toning in a party like that provides a balanced approach
Japanese forest bathing experience atmosphere with simple and easy to developing the body through
(Shinrin Yoku). to follow routines that will help you core strength, flexibility, and
concentrate on getting a better awareness in order to support
Feel nature’s fractals, sounds, workout! Sculpt your body and efficient, graceful movement.
and sensations reduce your stress burn calories without even realizing This class will be catered to all
and anxiety, and enhance your it. All fitness levels are welcome. levels of experience through
focus. Give yourself permission to adding props and adapting moves
slow down and connect your senses LaChel is a certified XaBeat to challenge your body. We will
to the healing beauty of our metro instructor and has been teaching concentrate on upper body, core,
area’s green forested spaces. for two years in the south metro hips, thighs and buns. All levels
area, she believes that making are welcome. Remember without
Cleary Lake Regional Park fitness fun allows participants to challenge there is no change!
Cinco do Mayo Walk achieve a higher level of fitness,
#623-013 Thur, May 5 7-9 pm $45 shape their body and gain more 5:30-6:30 pm CLC, Studio 1
self-confidence. $45/4 sessions
Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve
#624-014 Thur, June 2 7-9 pm $45 6:30-7:30 pm $55/6 sessions #623-016 Mon, Apr 4-25
LNHS, Dance Studio #623-017 Mon, May 2-23

Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve #623-021 Wed, Apr 13-May 18 Warrior Rhythm
Full Moon Walk Instructor Stacy Leong
Fitness-focused with yoga
#624-015 Thur, Aug 11 8-10 pm $45 #623-023 Mon, Apr 11-May 16 undertones, WARRIOR Rhythm™
Instructor LaChel Hird increases strength, flexibility,
and balance. It’s yoga + weights
+ HIIT + mindfulness rolled into
one insanely rhythmic experience!
Grab a yoga mat, and weights and
get ready for unconventional yoga
flows and unforgettable playlists
designed to unleash your inner
wild thing!

#623-024 Mon, Apr 11-25
6:45-7:30 pm CLC, Studio 1
$35/3 sessions

#623-025 Mon, May 2-23
6:45-7:30 pm CLC, Studio 1
$45/4 sessions


In-Person Dance Adult Enrichment

All classes are couples/pairs only except Intermediate Line Dance


with Monica Mohn

Monica Mohn is a three-time “USA Dance”
National Ballroom champion and nominee
by MNBride for “Best Wedding Dance
Instruction”. Teaching for over 10 years,
her passion and enthusiasm for dance make
her classes fun and dance easy to learn!

Social Dance with Victor Albrecht Wedding Dance

Victor has been a popular dance instructor for over 30 years. You thought about it! You wanted to!
He trained at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in many dance But where did the time go? Not to worry.
genres from country to disco, old time and more. In this 2-hour workshop, Monica Mohn,
nominated by MNBride for “Best Wedding
Intermediate Line Dance Dance Instruction”, will guide you with fun
moves and simple tips to have you feeling
Bring music, dance and exercise into one experience. Learn comfortable and looking great on that special
basic line dance steps of the Electric Slide, Four Corners, day! Feel free to bring your special song!
South Side Shuffle, The Scoot and more! No partner needed!
#622-026 Sat, Apr 9 10 am-12pm
#622-035 Wed, Apr 6 6-7 pm CLC, Studio 1 $15 CLC, Studio 1 $29/couple

Country 2-Step 2 Left Feet
Social Dance Workshop
Learn country two-step and swing!
Convinced that you have 2-left feet and that
#622-036 Wed, Apr 6 7-8:30 pm CLC, Studio 1 $29/pair dancing is not meant for you? Or, someone
you know? But still, it would be helpful to
Wedding Dance Workshop know a few steps just in case! This workshop
is easy and only 1 session! Geared to
Get ready for the at special day. Practice routines for the first beginners and guided by a dance champion,
dance and following patterns for the father/daughter dance. you’ll have basic patterns plus a couple of
Practice the Escort Bridge and dance floor etiquette. turns by the end of the day! More than
enough to provide a full day of dancing!
#622-038 Wed, May 4 7-8:30 pm CLC, Studio 1 $29/pair
#622-029 Sat, May 21 10 am-12 pm
Parent-Child Dance Ages 6+ with an adult CLC, Studio 1 $29/couple

Hey kids! Bring your parent or grandparent
to this fun dance class!

You’ll learn slow walking steps,
box steps for slow dancing, the
Waltz and the Lindy!
No experience needed!

#622-037 Wed, May 4
6-7 pm CLC, Studio 1


Adult Basic Education Lakeville Area Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education provides
opportunities for learners to:

◆◆Learn English or improve English skills

◆◆Earn a GED or High School Diploma

◆◆Increase technology skills

◆◆Prepare for post-secondary education.

◆◆NEW! Take an Introduction to
Healthcare Careers course

◆◆Explore local career options and prepare
for job entry or advancement

◆◆All classes are Free

Classes for adults 17 and older who are not currently enrolled in high school
Students must also meet one or both of the following criteria:

1. Lack of a high school credential

2. Function below the 12th grade level in basic academic areas, such as: reading or math,
or the inability to read, write or understand English

See our website for summer class schedule!

For more information visit

Educación básica para adultos del Área de Lakeville
Educación básica para adultos ofrece oportunidades a los estudiantes que quieran:
Aprender inglés o mejorar su capacidad en inglés.
Obtener un Diploma de GED o de enseñanza secundaria.
Explorar las opciones profesionales locales y prepararse para la incorporación al puesto de trabajo o para el
Aumentar su capacidad técnica.
Prepararse para educación terciaria
Las clases se imparten a los adultos de 17 años o más que no estén actualmente matriculados en la escuela
secundaria. Los estudiantes deben cumplir también uno o ambos de los criterios siguientes:
Que no tengan diploma de enseñanza secundaria
Que funcionen por debajo del nivel del 12º grado en áreas académicas básicas, como lectura o matemáticas,
o que no puedan leer, escribir o entender inglés.
Todas las clases son gratis.
Para recibir información adicional, por favor, envíe un correo electrónico a
[email protected] o llame al 952-232-2162.

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or call 952-232-2162


Adapted Swim Lessons River Valley Project Explore is a Community Education program Adaptive Activities
designed to serve adults with physical and developmental
Ages 18 months-Adult cognitive disabilities by encouraging inclusion in community
activities and providing customized educational, social and
This class is for students with mild recreational opportunities.
special needs, including neurological,
developmental, and cognitive, who Project Explore is a cooperative effort among the Community
will benefit from one on one instruction. Education departments of Rosemount/Apple Valley/Eagan,
Instructor will work with the parent/ Burnsville/Eagan/Savage, Farmington, Lakeville and Randolph
guardian to determine student goals that school districts. Visit
will meet a variety of sensory challenges or call651-431-8735 (voice) or 651-431-8737 (TTY) or email
including visual, auditory, physical and [email protected] for registration or more information.
movement, all while learning swimming
skills. See aquatics page 37 for details. Waffle Breakfast

Open Swim Dad’s Belgian Waffles are back again! Enjoy an all-you-can-eat
waffle meal served with sausage, fruit, and beverage. Help raise
Love the water but don’t need swim money to keep Project Explore program costs down.
lessons? Grab your friends and jump in
the pool for open swim! All district pools Sat, Apr 30 8:30-11:30 am Messiah Lutheran Church $10
are handicap accessible. Pre-registration
is required. See page 39 for details. St. Patrick’s Dance

Do you have a little Irish in you? Even if you don’t, come out
and celebrate with friends!

Fri, Mar 11 6:30-9 pm Valley Middle School $6 per person

Sensory Playground Spring Dance

Ages 3-10 Say good-bye to winter as you celebrate the season of spring.

This gymnastics program is specialized Fri, Apr 22 6:30-9 pm Valley Middle School $6 per person
for children with learning and sensory
disabilities. Gymnastics provides near Prom/Spring Formal
full body input –giving you the ability
to move in all planes (even upside down) Put on your dancing shoes and dress up to impress. Bring your
allowing additional sources of input housemates, friends or maybe that special someone and make
for your child. Our adaptive program this a night you won’t forget.
is structured to provide your child with
both proprioceptive and vestibular input. Fri, May 13 6:30-9 pm Royal Cliff $10 per person
Students will have the option to work on
many apparatuses in the gym: rings, bars, Summer Fundraiser Rock n’ Roll Summer Dance
beams, tumble track, floor and vault.
We will also have a variety of sensory Join your friends for a great evening of music, dancing and more!
toys and games for your child to enjoy. We are excited to welcome The Prisoners of Rock n’ Roll live band
A parent, guardian or other responsible to entertain you and get you moving out on the dance floor. You
adult is required to attend with the will be able to buy raffle tickets for your chance to win some great
student at no fee. Only registered prizes. Raffle tickets are $1 each. Refreshments will be served.
students are allowed to participate
in the class. Fri, June 17 6-9 pm Valley Middle School $10 per person

SPRING: Spring Bowling Leagues
#523-700 Fri, Apr 8-June 3
Mon, Mar 14-May 16 4-5:15 pm $45 per person
No class Apr 15, May 27 Bogart’s Entertainment Center
5:45-6:15 pm $79/7 sessions
Are you interested in teaching a class
SUMMER: for our students with special needs?
#524-700 Wed, June 15-Aug 10
5-5:30 pm $102/9 sessions Send your ideas to Katey, [email protected]


CLhAeKerElVeaILdLinE g

Competition Squads Jr High Comp

All competition squads require tryouts for placement. Grades 6-9
These squads will work on all skills needed for a
traditional competitive routine and will compete Join the 2021 STATE CHAMPS! This team is designed
locally around the Twin Cities. All three squads for cheerleaders who are ready to start advanced
compete at the MCCA State Competition, with tumbling and stunting skills. Class will be fast-
Varsity working towards a bid for the National paced and will have a heavy emphasis on stunting
Championship in Orlando, FL. Competition and tumbling. The team takes part in a skills camp
cheerleading requires a strong commitment! during the summer, and works with a professional
choreographer. They will compete at 5-7 local
All competitive squads require strong attendance competitions, perfecting their routine for the
and a financial commitment. Some squads may MCCA State Competition.
allow younger athletes, however, those placements No prior experience is needed, but tryouts are required.
are made on a case by case basis. #524-202 Tue & Thur, Mid June to End of Jan
4:30-6:30 pm KTMS Fees: $1,000- $1,250
Fundraising and financing options are available.
Varsity Cheerleaders have been able to cover Varsity Comp
their Nationals trip in previous seasons!
Grades 9-12
We strongly encourage anyone interested to try out!
Please note these tryouts are intended for ISD194 This team is designed for cheerleaders looking to
students only. compete at the local and national levels. Lakeville
Varsity Cheerleading is a nationally ranked competitive
Gold Squad, Elementary Comp cheerleading squad, and are the current State Runner
Ups in competitive cheer! This squad will compete at
Grades 3-6 6-10 local competitions, State, and for a bid to attend
the National High School Cheerleading Championship
This squad will compete at 2-3 local competitions in Orlando, FL.
in MN + State. Gold Squad received 3rd place Tryouts are required for team placement.
at the MCCA State Competition in 2021! Attendance at Open Gyms is highly encouraged.
#524-204 Tue & Thur, Mid June to End of Jan
Tryouts are required to show commitment to 6-8:30 pm KTMS Fees: $2,000-2,300*
the Squad. Previous experience is not required
for placement. *Does not include National’s competition costs

#524-201 Tues, Mid June to End of Jan
6:30-8 pm KTMS
$515 new students
$380 returning students


CLhAeKerElVeaILdLinE g

Sideline Squads Tryouts & Clinics
for 2022 Season
Tryouts are required for placement, though no previous
experience is required. Our sideline cheerleading Fall Competition and Sideline Squads
squads will perform cheers and other skills such as Grades 3-12 (for 2022-23 school year)
stunting and jumps at our Lakeville North and South
Varsity Football home games and of course the rival Please review the team descriptions for an idea
North vs. South game held at LNHS. of the cost and schedule that each squad requires.
Please note that it is VERY important the level
Varsity North Sideline of commitment is understood prior to tryouts.
*Red Squad does not require tryouts for
Grades 8-12
#524-207 Fall placement.
Mon, Mid June-Nov 4:30-7:30 pm KTMS Sideline Squads requires tryouts, but experience
Fees: $350-$450 (includes all fees) is not required for placements, however strong
effort at tryouts is a must!
Varsity South Sideline
Tryouts for all teams
Grades 8-12
#524-208 May 7, 9 am-12 pm
Mon, Mid June-Nov 4:30-7:30 pm KTMS
Fees: $350-$450 (includes all fees) Clinics held through the week of May 7.
Tryouts are intended for ISD194 students only.
We strongly encourage anyone interested to try out!
Some squads may allow younger athletes, however, Varsity Open Gyms
those placements are made on a case by case basis.
Grades 8-12
Recreation Squad
Recommended for all athletes interested in
Red Squad (Elementary Novice) trying out for any Varsity team. Sessions will be
focused on developing stunting techniques,
Grades K-3 with additional drills as appropriate. While not
required for tryouts, coaches recommend athletes
This squad will help introduce the basics needed for attend a minimum of two sessions.
Competitive Cheerleading. Red Squad will work on #522-450 Thurs, Apr 14, 21 & 28
all the skills needed for a competitive routine and
perform at 1-2 local competitions! * 5:30-8 pm KTMS $39/3 sessions

#524-200 Tues, Aug 2-Dec 13 5:30-6:30 pm KTMS
Fees: $265 New (includes all fees)

$175 Returning (includes all fees) 1133

MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL Imagine a summer where you get to hang out with All Day DEN
your friends, participate in fun and active enrichment 8 am - 4:30 pm
camps, take weekly field trips, try something new,
join a student led club or try a new sport! Enjoy the full DEN experience with our all
day program! This option will allow you
Join The DEN, our full day, middle school exclusive, to attend all DEN activities planned for
youth program that will offer your child the chance
to build socialization skills, experience their local the day.
community, use their creative and academic brain
throughout the summer and have fun in a safe Breakfast and snack daily.
welcoming environment. Hot lunch, Monday-Thursday.
*Students will bring a bag lunch
Kids who participate in The DEN are involved in
choosing their activities for each day and what field on select field trip days
trips they want to take. This program is specifically
designed just for middle school students!

Located at Century Middle School

(18610 Ipava Ave, Lakeville)

Choose the weeks that work for you Dates Hours

with a 2 day minimum per week Monday - Thursday 8 am-4:30 pm
June 20-August 16
What’s Included: Closed July 4

All enrichment and daily activities Fees
Open swim, twice per week
Weekly field trips Registration Fee: $25
Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack Daily Rate: $49


The DEN provides time for hanging out with friends, playing games, participating
in sports and creating student-led clubs.

Top 5 Favorite Things at The DEN as voted by students!

Field Trips Ice Skating Open Swim Business Trips Being a kid again!

Kids at The DEN will be left with a summer full of great memories!

Student Choice

This isn’t an ordinary program! In addition to awesome
staff-led activities, you will help guide our activities.
Start a photography, gaming club or fitness club.
You get to help build your summer!

Enrichment Activities

Each week, you will have the opportunity
to participate in a choice of enrichment

activities like arts, STEM and sports camps.

Field Trips & Open Swim at
Off Site Experiences Blanchard Aquatic Center

Join us at Grand Slam, Skateville, Take a dip in the newest addition to our
Lakeville Bowling & Dairy schools, the Blanchard Aquatic Center!
Delight, Rockin’ Jump, MN Zoo, You will have access to this facility
Pan-O-Prog Carnival, Bowlero, twice each week.
Waterparks and more!

MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL Treats, Trades & Tours PawPads Youth
Spring Middle School Career Club Service Project

Grades 6-8 Grades 6-8, Back by popular demand!

Back by popular demand! Treats, Trades, & Tours - Have a love for animals and want to make a difference?
Career Club is a new club this year brought to you by Spend a few hours getting your hands a little dirty and
Lakeville Area Community Education and the Lakeville maybe receive a few licks along the way. This spring,
Chamber of Commerce. Middle school students will middle school students will get a very unique opportunity
have the opportunity to gain hands-on exposure to help out at Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs
to various in-demand careers while having lively, (PawPADs), a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization
positive interactions with local business professionals. headquartered in Lakeville.
Students will get the opportunity to travel around and
tour local Lakeville businesses to learn, participate The mission of PawPADS is to “enrich the lives of people
in activities and get their imaginations soaring about with disabilities by providing them with exceptionally
their own futures. This Career Club is led by ISD194 skilled assistance dogs”. Volunteers will be helping with
teacher Megan Reese. Full description and schedule many tasks which will help this amazing organization
of events listed online. operate throughout the year.

#523-015 Wed, Apr 13-May 11 3:15-5:15 pm All students will leave from MMS. Bus will pick up at 3 pm.
CMS 204-2 $49/5 Sessions Students attending CMS or KTMS can take the activity
bus over to MMS, otherwise students should be dropped
Treats and Trades students experience hands off at MMS at 2:45 pm and picked up at MMS at 6 pm.
on learning projects and field trips each week!
#524-PAW Date TBD 3-6 pm $6
Enter the World of Esports
Act Prep Courses
Grades 7-8
with Advantage Educational Programs
More details coming soon! Please check back to for more details. To be added Advantage Educational Programs gives students the
to our interest list, please email [email protected] option of preparing for the ACT exam in three different
ways. All three courses are designed for students who
16 want to maximize their ACT exam score, as well as
those who feel uneasy about their test-taking skills
or who have taken the exam and aren’t satisfied with
their results. For more information, call Advantage
Educational Programs at 612-222-5108, or visit their
website at

In Person $150

#ACT-503 Sat, Apr 30-May 21 9 am–12 pm
Lakeville South HS
#ACT-541 Wed, May 4-25 5:45–8:45 pm
Lakeville North HS
#ACT-102 Sat, July 30-Aug 20 9 am–12 pm
Lakeville South HS
#ACT-141 Wed, Aug 3-24 5:45-8:45 pm
Lakeville North HS

Virtual Live Course $150

#ACT-911 Sun, May 1-22 1-4 pm
#ACT-912 Sat, Aug 6-27 9 am-12 pm

Self-Paced Online Course $60

#ACT-777 Any Days Any Time after Apr 1, 2022

Broadway Bound! MIDDLE & HIGH SCHOOL
Musical Theatre Camp

Summer Camps Ages 11-16

School Of Fish with Mike Frisch Looking for a musical theatre activity
this summer? Join the cast of the
Grades 3-12 Broadway Bound summer camp!
Work on musical theatre scenes
Back by popular demand, we are excited to welcome and put on a free performance
back School of Fish. This fishing class is for kids at the end of the week.
(and adults!) and is taught by pro angler & television Camp activities include scene work, developing
show host Mike Frisch. Participants learn about lakes, acting skills, learning basic musical choreography,
finding fish in those lakes and some great ways to catch increasing singing confidence, and collaborating
them. They also learn to tie a fishing knot and rig and with other performers of the same age.
use a slip-bobber setup. Each participant will receive No experience is necessary.
a rod & reel, tackle box with tackle and a School of Fish
workbook. Leave class with the knowledge, skills, and #524-011 Mon-Fri, Aug 8-12 9-4 pm
equipment to go fishing! One adult is invited to attend
with a child at no additional charge, provided they Eastview High School $350/5 sessions
share one equipment packet.
Private Band Lessons
#524-001 Tues, June 14 9:30 am-Noon
Antlers Park $66 Grades 6-8

Receive an individualized lesson weekly to help you
enhance your playing skills. Lessons are offered in
1/2 hour increments.

Tue, June 14-July 26 No class July 12
Wed, June 15-July 27 No class July 13
Lesson times available from 8 am-12 pm

Private lessons: $150/6 lessons
2 student lessons: $165/6 lessons

*Students will NOT be placed with another student for
2 student lessons. 2 names are required when registering.

Babysitting YEL! Project Runway

Ages 10 1/2-15 Grades 4-8

Gain the skills and confidence to be a great babysitter. New summer projects! A swimsuit coverup, mini
This course is fun and fast-paced with hands- messenger bag, ear bud case and your personalized
on activities, exciting video, role-plays and lively sewer’s handbook.
discussions. It teaches young people how to:

• Care for children and infants Camp follows four basic principles:
• Handle emergencies • Teach It! Students are taught multiple hand
• Communicate effectively with parents
• Make good decisions, solve problems and stay safe and machine sewing techniques

Bring a peanut free snack and water to class. • Practice It! Students practice those techniques
on basic projects

9 am-12:15 pm $85 CLC Studio 2 • Sew It! Students increase their skill and sew
more complicated projects
#524-BS1 Thur, June 16
#524-BS2 Wed, June 22 • Own It! Students showcase their projects on the
#524-BS3 Tues, June 28 last day of class (family and friends are invited), then
#524-BS4 Thur, July 7 take everything home with them to walk the runway
#524-BS5 Wed, July 13 of everyday life!
#524-BS6 Tues, July 19
#524-YE4 Mon-Thur, July 18-21 9 am-12 pm
CLC, Studio 1 $130/4 sessions

#524-YE5 Mon-Thur, July 18-21 1-4 pm
CLC, Studio 1 $130/4 sessions


PRE-SALE SHOP Camps include individual skill instruction, team practice, and game
competition in a fun environment. Registration is open to all girls and boys
Friday, April 22 April 23 • 10am-7pm
April 24 • 9am-2pm who wish to attend, regardless of school attendance area.
Tickets Required- All participants receive a camp t-shirt.
get yours online! Hasse Hockey Arena
8525 215th St W YOUTH CAMP (K-5th grade, Fall 2022) July 11 - July 14 1pm-3:30pm
Lakeville, MN MIDDLE SCHOOL CAMP (6-8th grade, Fall 2022) July 18 - July 21 10am-1pm

SELL HIGH SCHOOL CAMP (9-12th grade, Fall 2022) July 11 - July 14 9am-12pm

& ESahronIpt6‛Ps5r%eea--sS8ya0!l%es Register online at

Sign up early for best pricing! Prices increase after June 1st. or 952-564-7566


Kung Fu-Wu Shu for Self-Defense & Fitness Conquer Ninja Rec Team

Age 5-Adult Ages 6-13

Not just a punching, kicking, self-defense class. Kung Fu teaches Ninja Obstacle Training is extremely
awareness of self and surroundings and improves self-esteem and popular with kids and is a fun, unique
confidence. Learn the life-long benefits of Kung Fu - the Chinese way to develop confidence, strength,
martial art of self-defense and fitness - and build muscle, power, endurance, balance, and friendships!
flexibility, and agility. Join a fun, progressive, full-participation class, Sign up today to see how Ninja is easily
which focuses on skill-building exercises that will strengthen the mind one of the fastest growing sports today!
and body, and help students develop discipline, concentration and Not only is it the fastest growing sport,
coordination. This is a progressive training program for beginners but it is the fastest growing cross-
through Black Belt. Optional uniform and certification from White training sport as well.
to Black Belt are available. Parents: Instead of waiting outside, sign up
and participate with your child in class! Questions? Call 952-898-3008 Athletes benefit from training in agility,
power, perseverance, and resilience;
Instructor: National Treasure Kung Fu, Inc. attributes that all athletes strive to
improve. Our Conquer Rec Team is
SPRING: Tues, Apr 12-May 31 (No class May 17) designed for youth, ages 6-13 of all
$79 7 sessions Orchard Lake Elem experience levels.

#523-203 Beginner 6:10-6:40 pm
#523-204 White - 2nd Green Belt 6:45-7:15 pm
#523-205 Instruments & Sparring 7:20-7:50 pm
#523-206 Blue - Black Belts 7:55-8:25 pm

There will be no summer Kung Fu classes.
Kung Fu will resume in the fall.

Karate Our Rec Team will practice on real
obstacles inspired by the tv show such
Ages 7 - Adult as warped walls, salmon ladders, tilting
ladders and so much more during their
Come join an internationally recognized local Karate community weekly practice. Rec Team members
that is passionate about passing along skills that will improve one’s will learn the styles and techniques to
self confidence, concentration, physical endurance, and flexibility. develop their Ninja Skills with over
We invite individuals of any ability to join our group where the 40 different obstacles!
development of character is as important as the capability of each
member to protect themselves. Uniform is optional for your first
session. Questions? Email [email protected] or call 320-510-2825.

SUMMER: Tues & Thur, June 7-Aug 25 (No class Aug 2 & 4)

22 Sessions Kenwood Trail Middle School Gym

#524-200 Beginner 6-6:30 pm $55 This 8 week long Rec Team consists
White - Yellow Stripe Belt of 6 practices and 2 competitions
(week 4 and week 8).
#524-201 Intermediate 6:30-7:30 pm $110
Orange - Purple White Stripe Belt

#524-202 Advanced 7:30-8:30 pm $110 *Class takes place at 3203 Corporate
Purple - Black Belt Center Drive, Suite 180 in Burnsville.

Karate Discounts First 2 family members pay full price. SPRING
Fri, Apr 1-May 27 $175/8 sessions
Any 3 or more family members will pay half price. Option to attend No class Apr 15
one day per week, with instructor approval only. *Discounts not #523-207 4-5 pm Ages 6-9
available online. Please call 952-232-2150 to register with a discount. #523-208 5:15-6:15 pm Ages 6-9
#523-209 6:30-7:30 pm Ages 10-13

*All dates and location subject to change. For summer dates see page 31.


Before & After School Enrichment Before & After School Enrichment

Have some FUN before or after school! Each class offered changes curriculum from the previous session.
Students can register for classes at a school they do not attend, but transportation is the parent’s
responsibility. If a class meets the minimum number of participants to run, registration will be closed
at noon the day before the class is scheduled to start. Pre-registration is required for all classes, students
will not be allowed to drop-in to any class. If you see a class you like and its full, please sign up on the
waiting lists. Additional classes may be added.

Awesome Art Chess
with Kidcreate Studio
Grades K-5
Grades K-5
The {YEL!} Teach It! Practice It! Play It!® method
If you think art is awesome, this is the class for you! keeps students progressing through 60+ chess lessons
We’ll explore all the coolest art materials as we learn and thousands of puzzles as well as guided games.
drawing techniques, create with clay, and paint on Class fee includes membership for
real canvas boards. We’ll even create a beach scene the session ($49 annual value). Sign up today! Visit
out of real candy! Art really is awesome! for more info. Returning students invited.
Instructor: Kidcreate Studio Our spring session focuses on intermediate and
advanced concepts and features an end-of-year in-class
Brick Builders | Catapults tournament. See tournament details on page 22.
Instructor: Youth Enrichment League
Grades 1-5
Golf Squad®
Build a catapult, dragster, and balancing beam using
LEGO® bricks. Use these LEGO® brick models to Grades K-5
explore STEM concepts. The {YEL!} Teach It!…Practice
It!…Play It! method engages students to create and Golf Squad® classes are the most professionally
innovate. Sign up today! LEGO® is a trademark of the instructed, convenient, and organized way of bringing
LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, golf education to people of all ages. In a social and fun
authorize or endorse this site or program. environment, people learn the vocabulary, etiquette,
Instructor: Youth Enrichment League safety, social and technical aspects
necessary to enjoy golf for a lifetime.

Instructor: Golf Squads are taught
by PGA Professionals.

For other fun youth classes including STEM, art, fitness and more, see pages 21-33.

Cherry View Elem Christina Eastview Elem JFK Elem Lake Marion Elem Lakeview Elem Oak Hills Elem Orchard Lake Elem
4–5 pm Huddleston Elem 4–5 pm 4–5 pm 4–5 pm 3:25–4:25 pm 3:20–4:20 pm 4-5 pm

Awesome Art 3:25–4:25 pm Awesome Art Awesome Art Awesome Art Awesome Art Awesome Art Awesome Art
#423-CV3 Awesome Art #423-EV4 #423-JF1 #423-LM2 #423-LV3 #423-OH3 #423-OL1
Mon, 4/18-5/9 #423-CH2 Tue, 4/19-5/10 Mon, 4/18-5/9 Thur, 4/21-5/12 Tue, 4/19-5/10 Wed, 4/20-5/11 Wed, 4/20-5/11
$69/4 sessions Thur, 4/21-5/12 $69/4 sessions $69/4 sessions $69/4 sessions $69/4 sessions $69/4 sessions $69/4 sessions
$69/4 sessions Golf Squad Brick Builders |
#423-LM2 Catapults Brick Builders |
Chess | Spring Golf Squad Brick Builders | Tues, 4/12-5/17 #423-LV1 Catapults
#423-CV2 #423-CH1 Catapults $180/6 sessions Mon, 4/11-5/16 #423-OH1
Tue, 4/5-5/31 Wed, 4/13-5/18 #423-EV2 $79/6 sessions Fri, 4/8-5/20
(omit 5/10) $180/6 sessions Wed, 4/6-5/11 Chess | Spring (omit 4/15)
$130/8 sessions $79/6 sessions #423-LV2 $79/6 sessions
Fri, 4/8-6/3 Chess | Spring
Golf Squad Chess | Spring (omit 4/15) #423-OH2
#423-CV1 #423-EV3 $130/8 sessions Mon, 4/11-5/23
Thur, 4/14-5/19 Thur, 4/7-5/26 $115/7 sessions
$180/6 sessions $130/8 sessions

Don’t Wait! Golf Squad You may attend classes at any school
Sign Up Today! #423-EV1
Mon, 4/11-5/16 However, transportation to another school is the parent’s responsibility.
$180/6 sessions


Create & Design

Flower Pot Painting & Planting Spring Youth Enrichment

Grades 1-6

These painted flower pots are a great craft and learning
experience on planting and growing flowers. They are
a great way to learn how to care for a live plant, or to
give as a thoughtful gift. After the pots are painted it
is time to play in the dirt and plant a live flower.
Includes 2 pots, dirt, starter flower and instructions
on how to care for the plants.

Young Engineers #523-RR1 Sat, Apr 9 9-10:30 am
CLC Studio 2 $29
Grade 2-8
The “How To’s” of Drawing
We are excited to bring an internationally acclaimed
Robotics and STEM learning program taught in with Kidcreate Spring Break Class!
Join our internationally acclaimed robotics and STEM
learning program taught in 40+ countries by e2 Young 5-12 years
Engineers, a Europe based company and accredited
by Harvard and Carnegie Mellon school. Does your young artist love to draw? This introductory
drawing camp teaches kids the basic techniques and
This is a problem based, spiral learning program principles of drawing. We’ll encourage creativity and
where your child learns about new robotics and STEM imagination, while experimenting with a variety of
concepts in every class and applies those concepts by drawing materials and techniques. The kids will even
building operational robots using patented kits. This receive their own sketchbook that they will get to keep
approach makes learning fun and easy to retain for the and draw in throughout the camp! In Kidcreate’s fun
child. Please visit our website for additional details: and supportive environment, your young artist will be eager to get drawing!

Fun Machines #522-KC2 Wed & Thur, Mar 30 & 31 9 am-12 pm
CLC Studio 2 $89/2 sessions
Learn to build up to four different motorized robotic
and engineering models using patented building and Kidcreate At Home Art Kits
programming kits. Your child will learn about centrifugal
force, asymmetric motion, kinetic, potential and elastic Suggested Ages 4-8
energy. During the class, your child will build working
motorized models of hurricane ride, 3D painting At home art kits with online instructional videos are
machine, automatic catapult, road marking machine now available from Kidcreate Studio! These art kits are
and others. so much fun; it’s like having your very own private art
teacher! The kit contains an easy to follow lesson plan,
#523-YEN1 Mon, Apr 4-25 6:30-8 pm a link to a correlating online instructional video taught
CLC Studio 2 $95/4 sessions by a Kidcreate art teacher, art materials needed to
create one fridge-worthy masterpiece and additional
Newton’s Machines suggestions for online learning that relate to the art
lesson. Materials are sent straight to your door and
Join us to learn about four different motorized robotic you can complete them anytime!
and engineering models using patented building and
programming kits. Your child will learn about Newton’s Select 1, 2 or 3 kits from the 10 options at checkout.
law and law of motions and gravity, cantilever principle, Search “Kidcreate” at
hand-eye synchronization and other principles.
During the class, they will independently build working Cupcake Commotion!
motorized models of pendulum ride, robotic goal-
keeper, construction elevator, snail robot and others. Grades 1-6

#523-YEN2 Mon, May 2-23 6:30-8 pm Let’s get creative and do some fun food crafting!
CLC Studio 2 $95/4 sessions Everyone will leave with 6 delicious cupcakes decorated
with frosting, candy, and sprinkles! All supplies are
provided and include a cupcake carrier to take the
cupcakes home. *Gluten, nuts, and other ingredients
will be used during this class.

#523-RR2 Sat, Apr 9 11 am-12:30 pm

CLC Studio 2 $29


Spring Youth Enrichment Health & Safety Drama

Babysitting 101 Drama Lab

Ages 10½–15 Grades 1-5

Gain the skills and confidence to be a great Has your kid ever had a birthday party on the moon
babysitter. This course is fun and fast-paced with or been in a high speed chase over an egg? If you
hands-on activities, exciting video, role plays and said no, then you need to sign them up for Drama Lab!
lively discussions. It teaches young people how to: Each class we play games that uses their imaginations
care for children and infants, handle emergencies, to be as crazy and silly as possible! Your kids will grow
communicate effectively with parents, make good in their confidence, feel accepted, and find their place
decisions, solve problems and stay safe. Students to belong.
should bring a water bottle and peanut free snack.
*This class takes place at Steeple Center in Rosemount,
#523-BS1 Sat, Apr 23 9 am-12:15 pm 14375 South Robert Trail Rosemount, MN 55068.
Transportation to and from all classes is the parent/
CLC Studio 2 $85 guardian responsibility.*

Home Alone Tues, Mar 15-Apr 19 $95/6 sessions

Ages 8-10 #523-DL1 5-5:50 pm
#523-DL2 6-6:50 pm
Learn information to make sure you’re comfortable
and safe when staying home alone, whether for five Southern Metro
minutes or a couple of hours. Does your child know Chess Tournament
what to do in case of a fire? If there is a stranger at
the door? How to use the Internet safely? If they get Grades K-5 (divided by grade)
hungry and want a snack? Our Home Alone class will Sat, April 9 at McGuire Middle School
provide many necessary tools so your child is well-
equipped to stay home without an adult. Kids will Test your mettle against the best chess players
make first aid kits and learn about fire escape routes, throughout the metro area! Each participant will
first aid, kitchen safety, boredom busters & more. play SIX ROUNDS OF TOURNAMENT CHESS!
Students should bring a water bottle and a peanut
free snack to class. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to match up
their skills against players of similar age and skill level.
Sign up today to take on the best!

Every student will get either a trophy or a medal
by the end of the day. Official USCF rules will apply.

Sat, Apr 9, 8:30 am-3 pm. $30 per student
Complete details at

#523-HA1 Sat, Apr 23 9 am-12 pm

CLC Studio 1 $45

Polite Kids 101 (Online Course)

Ages 8-12

You’re cordially invited to prepare your children for
any social situation with Polite Kids 101 — it’s as
easy as click, watch, and learn! In less than 2 hours,
a sassy child will realize how uninviting it looks to be
disrespectful, and a shy child will learn the importance
of good eye contact. A link will be sent on the class
dates listed below, then this class can be completed
entirely online on your own time within 3 days.
*Registration is required by and will close 5 days
before the class date to allow time to ship workbooks.

#523-PK1 Sat, May 14 9-11 am


Fencing Spring Youth Enrichment

Sports Grades 2-5

Bowling New and returning
students are invited to join!
Adults and children ages 7 and up Get pumped and primed for the year end in-class
tournament. YEL’s Teach It, Practice It, Play It®
It’s time to strike up some fun on the lanes this spring. approach teaches fencers new skills each class,
Bowling is a fun and competitive sport for all ages. practices those skills in kid-friendly fencing games,
Weekly session includes three games of bowling and then encourages students to use those skills in
against another team, with standings kept for friendly fencing bouts (matches). All equipment provided.
competition. Includes pizza and pop the last week of Sign up today! For more information visit
the session, along with ball, shoes, and bumpers, if
needed. Sign up with a parent or even a grandparent! #523-YE1 Sat, Apr 9-May 21 10:30 am-12 pm

*All sessions take place at Bogart’s Entertainment MMS Cafeteria No class Apr 23 $119/6 sessions
Center, 14917 Garrett Avenue, Apple Valley, MN
55124. Fencing Tournament

$220 adult/child pair 5 sessions Grades 2-12
Saturdays 10 am- 12 pm Sat, May 7, 9 am-3 pm

#523-BO1 Apr 2-May 7 (No bowling April 16) Test your mettle against competitive fencers from
#523-BO2 May 14-June 18 (No bowling May 28) throughout the metro area! Each competitor will
participate in SIX ROUNDS! This is a fantastic
opportunity for students to match up their skills
against players of similar age and skill level.

Sign up today to take on the best!
Held at McGuire Middle School Gym,
$40 per player. For details and registration visit,

Fitness Boomers Fitness Fun

Grades K-5 DASH Sports Soccer

Get ready for an ULTIMATE FUN filled obstacle Grades K-5
course challenge for boys and girls! UNLIMITED
fun with trampolines, parachutes, tunnels, hurdles, This camp provides players a rounded soccer
balloons, ladders, ropes, potato sacks, speed rings, experience covering a broad range of soccer skills
cones and more! Various types of fitness, sports training and skill-based games.
activities, body pyramids, tug of war, hurdle jumping,
cartwheels and somersaults and more! Learn #523-DS1 Tues, Apr 19-May 17 4-5 pm
balance, flexibility, agility, coordination, speed and CVE $95/5 sessions
sportsmanship. This exciting, empowering class builds
upon your confidence, determination, decision making,
and emotional control, all while interacting in a group
setting. Encouraging creativity throughout the class
in a safe and fun environment with UPBEAT music!
Receive rewards and a surprise treat bag at the last
session, and a quick relaxation session focused on
positive energy at the end!

#523-FB1 Fri, Apr 22-May 13 4:30-5:30 pm

CLC Studio 1 $75/4 sessions Dash Sports Flag Football

Conquer Ninja Rec Team Grades K-5

Learn the styles and techniques to develop your This camp provides players with a rounded football
Ninja Skills with over 40 different obstacles! experience in a little to no contact safe environment.
Classes meet Fridays, Apr 1-May 27.
See complete details and description on page 19. #523-DS2 Thur, Apr 21-May 19 4-5 pm
EVE $95/5 sessions


Summ er Yo u t h C a mps & C la s s esSummer Camps All grades listed are 2022-2023 school year.
Students must be the ages listed by the start of class.

June CC Combo Camps: These classes are part of the
combo camps. See page 33 for more info.

June 13-17 Awesome Robotics for Kids Grades 1-4
Camp Invention Grades K-6
Home Alone Ages 8-10
Babysitting Ages 10 ½-15
Polite Kids Ages 8-11
Fairy Garden with Kidcreate Ages 4-9
School of Fish Grades 3-up
Conquer Ninja Ages 6-13
Private Band Lessons Grades 6-8
Spanish Grades 1-6

June 20-23 Drone Racing and Rocket Launching Grades 2-5
Babysitting Ages 10 ½-15
Drawing Camp with Kidcreate Ages 5-12
Pitch Perfect Ages 6-11
Star Wars Jedi Movie Making Grades 1-5
Fitness Boomers Grades K-5
Grades 1-6
June 27-30 CC Soccer Grades 1-6 Summer Combo Camps
CC Star Wars Coding Ages 10 ½-15
Babysitting Grades 2-7 Grades 1-6
Fabulous Fashionista’s Art Camp Grades 2-7
Young Engineers: Massive Equipment Grades 2-6 See full descriptions on page 33. $155 each or take
Fencing 2 or more combo camps and save $10 per camp.

July Soccer

July 5-7 Babysitting Ages 10 ½-15 #524-DS1 June 27-30 9 am-12 pm EVE

July 11-14 Babysitting Ages 10 ½-15 Athleticism
Polite Kids Ages 8-11
Intro to Coding with Superheroes Grades 1-3 #524-DS2 July 18-21 9 am-12 pm LVE
Young Engineers: Complex Equipment Grades 2-7
Wearable Art Camp Grades 2-6 Flag Football CVE

July 18-22 CC Athleticism Grades 1-6 #524-DS3 Aug 8-11 9 am-12 pm
CCEpic Robo Lab Grades 1-6
Home Alone Ages 8-10 S tar Wars Coding
Babysitting Ages 10 ½-15
Project Runway Grades 4-8 #524-TA5 June 27-30 12:45-3:45 pm EVE

July 25-28 Beginner Coder: Pokemon Adventures Grades 1-4 Epic Robo Lab
Multiplayer Minecraft: Grades 2-6
Ages 5-11 #524-TTT6 July 18-21 12:45-3:45 pm LVE
Mini-Game Builder Grades 1-5
Ultimate Sharks and Sea Creatures Minecraft Game Designer: Dungeons
Drama Lab
#524-TA6 Aug 8-11 12:45-3:45 pm CVE

August Language

August 1-4 Escape Rm: Space-X Grades 2-6 NEW! Summer Spanish Camp
Galactic Mission Ages 5-11
Grades 1-6 Grades 1-6
Glitter & Glow Art Camp Grades 1-6
Grade 5 Get ready for the best week ever… and all in
August 8-11 CCFlag Football Ages 5-11 Spanish! Come join Language Sprout as your rising
CCMinecraft Game Designer: Grades 1-6 K through 5th graders sing, dance and play their
Ages 8-11 way through bilingual fun. Kids will learn Spanish
Dungeons Grades 1-5 with native speakers through exciting theme-based
Band Camps (Aug 8-18) Grades 2-6 activities, songs and games. This camp is appropriate
Colorful Kids Art Camp for all levels. Instructor: Language Sprout

August 15-18 Polite Kids
Robotic Builders: Battlebots
Crafty Science Camp

August 22-25 Minecraft Escape Room Grades 2-5 CLC Studio 1 $165/4 sessions

Destination Mars: Rocketry Course Grades 2-5 #524-LS1 June 13-16 9 am-12 pm
#524-LS2 Aug 8-11
1-4 pm


Music & Drama Piano Lessons Sum m e r Yo u t h C a mps & C las s es

Band Camp Grades 1-5

For 5th Graders Only (2022-2023 school year) Private piano lessons are being offered at Cherry
View Elementary this summer! Lessons are 30 minutes.
Lakeville Community Ed. is collaborating with the Classes are held in the CVE Commons
middle and elementary school band teachers to offer Instructor: Ms. Weaver
group band lessons this summer. Students will receive
an introduction to their band instrument and the Upon registration, choose a 30 minute lesson
fundamentals of playing. This class is great preparation time on one of the following days:
for the fall school band program. Visit the Lakeville
Area Community Education website or talk to your $150/6 sessions
child’s elementary band teacher for more information.
#524-MU1 Mon, Jun 20-Aug 8, No class July 4 & 18
#524-MU2 Tue, Jun 21-Aug 9, No class July 5 & 19
#524-MU3 Wed, Jun 22-Aug 10, No class July 6 & 20

Aug 8-18 Pitch Perfect!
KTMS Band/Choir Rooms/Auditorium $85/8 sessions Summer Singing Camp

Ages 6-11

Does your child love to sing? Pitch Perfect! helps
children develop their singing voice and love of
music through songs, games and group activities.
Make new friends and have fun making music together.

Mornings Percussion 9-9:45 am Camp students also have the opportunity to sing
the National Anthem at the MN Twins game on
#524-020 Brass 10-10:45 am Tuesday, June 21 (this optional Twins add-on involves
#524-021 an additional fee of $20 per ticket, including one
#524-022 Woodwinds 11-11:45 am for your singer Allegro Academy will be contacting
families at the end of May to receive your order).
Woodwinds 4:30-5:15 pm *There is also a brief “Informance” at 6:30 PM
#524-023 on Thursday, June 23, during which campers share
#524-024 Brass 5:30-6:15 pm what they learned with family and friends (free event).
#524-025 This camp is collaboratively offered with the Allegro
Percussion 6:30-7:15 pm Choral Academy.

Private Band Lessons #524-002 June 20-23 9 am - 12 pm

Grades 6-8 Eastview HS $125/4 Sessions

Receive an individualized lesson weekly to help Drama Lab
you enhance your playing skills. Lessons are offered
in 1/2 hour increments. Please note that there are Grades 1-5
limited spots available for summer band lessons.
Instructor: Mr. Bolson & Mr. López-Sanders Got someone dramatic at home? We got a place
for them! Drama Lab is a theatre arts enrichment
CMS Band Room experience that uses drama as a tool to develop future
Six (6) 30 minute lessons creators who will stand out as leaders among their
Lesson times available from 8 am-12 pm peers. We guarantee that each student will burst with
select lesson time upon registration laughter during our classes while improving their social
skills, listening, problem solving, and focus. Drama Lab
Private lessons: $150 classes enable students to explore their acting skills in a
Semi-private lesson: $165 (total for 2 students*) variety of ways including: Improvisation, Short Scenes,
Monologues, Character Development, Theatre Games
Tues, June 14-July 26 (No lessons July 12) and more. Instructor: Drama Lab.
Wed, June 15-July 27 (No lessons July 13)

*Students will NOT be placed with another student #524-DL1 July 25-28 1-3 pm
for semi-private lessons, 2 names are required when
registering for a semi-private lesson. CLC Studio 1 $110/4 sessions

All Camps are Mon-Thurs unless otherwise listed


Summ er Yo u t h C a mps & C la s s es Fairy Garden

Ages 4-9

I do believe in fairies, I do! We’ll use clay, paint, glitter,
and more as we sculpt our very own enchanted fairy
gardens. These adorable little fairy retreats will have
sparkling streams, colorful flowers, a fairy swing,
and more! You don’t want to miss this magical class.
Please pack a nut free snack and drink for your child.
Instructor: Kidcreate Studio

#524-KC1 June 14 9 am-12 pm
CLC Studio Tues $39

Arts & Crafts Drawing Camp

Fabulous Fashionista’s Ages 5-12
Art Camp
If it’s drawing, painting, and cartooning you’re after,
Grades 2-7 then this is the camp for you! Join us for a camp full
of drawing fun! In this introductory drawing camp,
Attention Fashionistas, this is the camp for you! basic techniques and principles of drawing will be
Design fabulous fashions using paint, tissue paper, taught. You will master a simple step-by-step drawing
stencils, duct tape, and more. We’ll provide everything method as you create drawings that glow-in-the-dark,
to bling-up your favorite t-shirt, make a braided artwork that pops out at you, a painting on a real
bracelet, decoupage a treasure box, make a duct tape canvas board, and so much more! Please pack a
clutch purse, headband and paint a colorful canvas nut free snack and drink for your child each day.
for your room. Invite your family to a fashion show Instructor: Kidcreate Studio
on the last day to show off your creations. Bring a
plain t-shirt on day one. Instructor: Abrakadoodle #524-KC2 June 20 & 21 9 am-12 pm
CLC Studio 2 Mon & Tues $85/2 sessions
#524-AB1 June 27-30 1:30 pm-3:30 pm
CLC Studio 2 $125/4 sessions Glitter & Glow Art Camp

Ultimate Sharks and Ages 5-12
Sea Creatures Day
What rules supreme in your child’s world? Art projects
Ages 5-11 that glitter or glow-in-the-dark? No need for your child
to choose when you sign them up for this art camp!
Do you love sharks? Then you will love this year’s Shark We will work with a variety of art supplies including
and Sea Creature camp. Learn about sharks and other clay, glow-in-the-dark paint, and of course, lots and
creatures who live under the sea. We’ll learn to draw lots of glitter! The kids will create snow globes that
some of our favorite sharks, create a colorful octopus glow-in-the-dark, butterflies that shimmer and glimmer,
using oil pastels and sculpt sharks. Join us for a fun an Eiffel Tower with stars that twinkle, and so much
and messy morning. Instructor: Abrakadoodle more. Glitter and glow… here we go! ! Please pack
a nut free snack and drink for your child each day.
#524-AB2 July 29 9:30 am-12 pm Instructor: Kidcreate Studio
CLC Studio 2 Fri $49

#524-KC3 Aug 1-4 1-4 pm
CLC Studio 2 $129/4 sessions
Colorful Kids Art Camp

Ages 5-11

For kids that love to create colorful art. Create super
cool and colorful creations from paper mâché puppies
to remarkable raccoons on canvas. We’ll sculpt,
paint on canvas, weave, play with paper mâché
and more. This camp is filled with fabulous
creations. Bring a beverage and a nut free snack.
Instructor: Abrakadoodle

#524-AB3 Aug 8-11 10 am-12 pm
CLC Studio 2 $125/4 Sessions


Kidcreate At Home Online Art Blanchard Sum m e r Yo u t h C a mps & C las s es
Aquatic Center
Kits delivered right to your door!
It is time to jump into
Suggested Ages 4-8 Lakeville’s newest attraction!

At home art kits with online instructional videos are Lap Swim
now available from Kidcreate Studio! These art kits are Water Walking
so much fun; it’s like having your very own private art Water Fitness
teacher! The kit contains an easy to follow lesson plan, Movie Nights and more!
a link to a correlating online instructional video taught
by a Kidcreate Studio art teacher, art materials needed Join Lakeville Aquatics this summer for
to create one fridge-worthy masterpiece and additional the World’s Largest Swim Lesson
suggestions for online learning that relate to the art
lesson. Materials are sent straight to your door and More information and registration at
you can complete them anytime! Select 1, 2 or 3 kits
from the 10 options at checkout. Search “Kidcreate”
at Join us this summer & next school year!

YEL! Project Runway Look for more to come at the new
Blanchard Aquatic Center at
Grades 4-8

Sweet summer projects! A tres-chic skirt, tie-top
blouse, headband and more. No experience
necessary. Students will make, showcase, and take
home all their projects. Hand and machine sewing
techniques are taught with SAFETY FIRST always
in mind. The final day is a showcase where friends
and family are invited to see the projects in action.
Instructor: Youth Enrichment League

July 18-21 CLC Studio 1 $170/4 sessions

#524-YE4 9 am-12 pm
#524-YE5 1 pm- 4 pm

Wearable Art Camp

Grades 2-6

During this camp you will create several pieces of art
you can wear! Become a designer by creating a cool
tie-dye shirt, tote bag, bandana and more! You will also
assemble several jewelry pieces to accessorize yourself
with. Your wearable art will be created using several
fun methods including tie dye, fabric markers, stamps,
splatter, stencils, and a few surprise methods. Some
projects will be held outdoors weather permitting.
Please bring a clean white cotton shirt to dye the first
day of camp. Dress for a mess and prepare to have fun!
Instructor: Renee Reinardy

#524-RR1 July 11-13 1-3:30 pm
CLC Studio 2 Mon-Wed $110/3 sessions

All Camps are Mon-Thurs unless otherwise listed


Summ er Yo u t h C a mps & C la s s es Safety & Manners

Babysitting Ages 10 1/2-15

Gain the skills and confidence to be a great babysitter.
This fun, fast-paced, hands-on course includes, exciting
video, role plays and lively discussions. It teaches
young people how to: care for children and infants,
handle emergencies, communicate effectively with
parents, make good decisions, solve problems and
stay safe Instructor: Lorinda Bergstein

9 am -12:15 pm $85 CLC, Studio 2

#524-BS1 Thur, June 16
#524-BS2 Wed, June 22
#524-BS3 Tue, June 28
#524-BS4 Thur, July 7
#524-BS5 Wed, July 13
#524-BS6 Tue, July 19

Home Alone Ages 8-10 STEM & Robotics

Our Home Alone class will provide tools so your child Star Wars Jedi Movie Making
is well-equipped to stay home and feel safe without
an adult, whether for five minutes or a couple of hours. Grades 1-5
Does your child know what to do in case of a fire?
If there is a stranger at the door? How to use the From a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars comes to life!
Internet safely? If they get hungry and want a snack? Work on a stop-motion animated Star Wars movie.
Kids will make first aid kits and learn about fire escape Handle all the technical details, including using a
routes, first aid, kitchen safety, boredom busters digital movie camera, filming scenes, doing stop-
& more. Instructor: Connie Russeth motion animation, digital editing, adding finishing
touches, special effects, and transitions to the movie.
9 am -12:15 pm $45 CLC, Studio 2 In this exciting hands-on learning class, our instructors
will take your student through the entire digital film
#524-HA1 Mon, June 13 making process from start to finish. Bring a USB drive
#524-HA2 Fri, June 17 on the last day. Students will be working in pairs.
#524-HA3 Mon, July 18 Instructor: Tech Academy
#524-HA4 Fri, July 22
#524-TA1 June 20-23 1-4 pm
Polite Kids Online Ages 8-11 CLC Studio 2 $155/4 sessions

You’re cordially invited to prepare your children for Intro to Coding
any social situation with Polite Kids 101 — it’s as with Superheroes
easy as click, watch, and learn! In less than 2 hours,
a sassy child will realize how uninviting it looks to be Grades 1-3
disrespectful, and a shy child will learn the importance
of good eye contact. A link will be sent on the class Create your own video game! Love video games?
dates listed below, then this class can be completed Students as young as five years old can create their
entirely online on your own time within 3 days. own platform video games in this cool class! Choose
This is a manners/etiquette class that teaches the your storyline with your favorite superheroes as your
basics like: How to introduce yourself, set a family stars. Add challenges and difficulty levels, then share
style table, show kindness & respect, interrupt folks them by email or post them on the web to challenge
-politely, birthday party manners and MORE! family and friends. Now young students can practice
Registration will close 5 days before the class date math, logic, and programming and put their video
to allow time to ship workbooks. Instructor: Safe Kids game talents to work! Bring a jump drive to the last
day of class. Instructor: Tech Academy
Tues 9-11 am $20 Online
#524-TA2 July 11-14 1-4 pm
#524-PK1 June 14 CLC Studio 1 $155/4 sessions
#524-PK2 July 12
#524-PK3 Aug 16


Multiplayer Minecraft: Drone Racing Sum m e r Yo u t h C a mps & C las s es
Mini-Game Builder and Rocket Launching

Grades 2-6 Grades 2-5

Become the architect of mini-game battle arenas! Get your adrenaline running this summer with this
Build your own spleef arena, capture the flag base, super exciting camp. Are you intrigued by Drones?
king of the hill stadium, or one of many more mini- Would you like to learn more about this amazing
games, then challenge your friends! Battle it out against technology? What about learning to fly them and
friends and compete to win challenges! Create tons participate in real races? Learn the science behind
of mini-games with all of your friends! Students will flight? Then this camp is for you! Not only will you
get a copy of the world map to take home and expand race drones against your friends, you’ll also learn
on. We will be using the PC/Java Edition of Minecraft. about model rocketry and pick up how to shoot
Bring a USB drive to save your games on the last day. rockets up to 300 feet and more up into “space”!
Instructor: Tech Academy The camp also includes a “swarm” of fun STEAM
projects. Instructor: TechTacToe
#524-TA3 July 25-28 9 am-12 pm
CLC Studio 1 $155/4 sessions #524-TTT2 June 20-23 9 am- 11:55 am
CLC Studio 1 $155/4 sessions
Robotic Builders: Battlebots
Minecraft Escape Room
Grades 1-5
Grades 2-5
Let the battles begin! Designed by the experts at
MIT, LEGO® WeDo Robotics’ unique system teaches Dig deep and get exploring in puzzle-filled maps in
students about simple machines, engineering, this Minecraft camp! Using Minecraft EDU, you’ll learn
programming, and so much more. In this camp, how to use redstone mechanisms and programmed
students may construct a Catapult, Ninja Star, Tank, commands in order to create the perfect Minecraft
Battle Axe, Crossbow, and more! Students will be Escape Map. You’ll design fun puzzles, engineering
working in pairs. Instructor: Tech Academy traps to trick your friends, and even -make hidden
rooms to hide your treasure! By the end of this class,
#524-TA4 Aug 15-18 9 am-12 pm you will be able to show off your new adventure
CLC Studio 1 $155/4 sessions mapping, redstone, and command skills to your
friends. No advanced Minecraft knowledge required.
Awesome Robotics for Kids Instructor: TechTacToe

Grades 1-4 #524-TTT3 Aug 22-25 1-4 pm
CLC Studio 1 $169/4 sessions
Using the latest WeDo® 2.0 system that LEGO® has
to offer, ignite the STEM spark in your child with this
amazing camp. We are passionate about Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Math and want to
instill this in your child too. Fostering their natural
curiosity, kids, working in pairs, will explore logic,
pattern recognition, and math concepts as they are
challenged to build increasingly sophisticated designs.
As they do so, they’ll also develop basic programming
techniques using custom-made programming blocks
in PCs. They will have hands-on experience effectively
using gears, axles, and connector blocks in the robotic
challenges. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group
of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or
endorse this site. Instructor: TechTacToe

#524-TTT1 June 13-16 1 pm-4 pm
CLC Studio 1 $155/4 sessions

All Camps are Mon-Thurs unless otherwise listed


Summ er Yo u t h C a mps & C la s s es Beginner Coder Camp Invention
Pokémon Adventures
Grades K-6
Grades 1-4
Spark your kid’s creativity and build their confidence
New to coding? Then this camp is for you! Create an with our new Camp Invention® program, Explore!
amazing Pokemon adventure in a video game of your When this nationally acclaimed program comes to
own creation! Specially designed for beginner coders, Lakeville from June 13-16, 2022, children in grades
we make it extra fun for kids to pick up coding skills in K-6 will collaborate with friends in hands-on, open-
a themed camp they love. Create your own universe ended STEM adventures. They’ll dive into ocean
of magical Pokemon creatures to escape an adventure research with their own robotic fish, develop inventions
map, code a catch-Pokemons-game, design your own for space exploration, build a spinning robotic artist
Pokemon team, and create a game to duel against and design a mega marble arcade! Each activity is
friends. Please bring a USB Flash drive to save your designed to inspire curiosity, stretch imaginations
projects. Instructor: TechTacToe and give your explorer an epic summer experience.
Visit to secure your spot!
#524-TTT4 July 25-28 1-4 pm Use promo code SUM25 by March 31 to save $25.
CLC Studio 1 $169/4 sessions
June 13-16 8 am-4 pm $270
Escape Room: Oak Hills Elementary
Space-X Galactic Mission
Crafty Science Camp
Grades 1-4
Grades 2-6
If you are looking for the most thrilling, out of this
world adventure this summer, then this camp is totally Amazing things happen when you combine crafts
for you! Imagine - your mission is stuck on a newly and science! During this camp you will conduct several
explored planet and you now need to figure out how science experiments including paint bombs, bottle
to return to Earth! Your path back leads you to solve volcano, slime, and many more interesting experiments!
fun clues and STEAM challenges. Build a rower, design Some projects may be conducted outdoors weather
an extension arm, create a light up constellation map, permitting. Dress for a mess and prepare to have fun!
and ultimately, once you collected all clues, launch Instructor: Renee Reinardy
your own rocket! Explore space like never before
in this action packed camp! Instructor: TechTacToe #524-RR2 Aug 15-17 9:30-12
CLC Studio 2 Mon-Wed $110/3 sessions
#524-TTT5 Aug 1-4 1-4 pm
CLC Studio 1 $155/4 sessions Destination Mars
Rocketry Camp

Grades 2-5

Launch and watch your very own rocket speed 300 feet
into the air! Then it is yours to take home! Students
will make and take home multiple rockets of varying
difficulty throughout this session. We will use these
rockets and airplanes to investigate basic aeronautical
concepts including: propulsion, thrust, lift, drag and
more. We will also hypothesize about travel in outer
space, how to get a United States astronaut to Mars
and life on Mars. Do you have the right stuff?
Instructor: Youth Enrichment League

#524-YE3 Aug 22-25 9 am-12 pm
CLC Studio 1 $165/4 sessions


Young Engineers Robotics Sports & Fitness Sum m e r Yo u t h C a mps & C las s es
and STEM Program
All Conquer Ninja activities take place at:
Massive Equipment 3203 Corporate Center Drive Burnsville, MN 55306
Camps are coached by an experienced Ninja Trainer.
Grades 2-7
Ninja Summer Camp
In this session, your child will learn about STEM and
programming concepts and will be challenged to Ages 6-13
build up to eight (8) different motorized robotic and
engineering models using patented building and This summer give your child an American Ninja
programming kits. While building and programming Warrior Experience! Young Ninjas develop strength
these models, students will develop logical thinking and agility during this camp by learning different
ability and will learn various engineering concepts styles and techniques to master all obstacles!
like kinetic/potential energy, angular momentum, We have warped walls, angled steps, salmon
Newton’s Laws, symmetry/asymmetry, etc. Examples ladders, cliff hangers, tilted ladders; everything
of model’s students will be building include a power you need to put your ninja skills to work!
plant, SUV car, crane, windmill, ferris wheel, farming This camp transfers well into ninja levels
plough and various others! testing or enhances other athletic performances.

9-11 am $160/4 sessions

#524-CN1 June 13-16
#524-CN2 June 20-23
#524-CN3 June 27-30
#524-CN4 July 11-14
#524-CN5 July 18-21
#524-CN6 July 25-28
#524-CN7 Aug 8-11
#524-CN8 Aug 15-18
#524-CN9 Aug 22-25
#524-CN10 Aug 29-Sept 1

#524-YE1 June 27-30 9 am-12 pm Conquer Ninja Rec Team

CLC Studio 1 $180/4 sessions Ages 6-13

Complex Equipment Ninja Obstacle Training is extremely popular with
kids and is a fun, unique way to develop confidence,
Grades 2-7 strength, endurance, balance, and friendships!
Sign up today to see how Ninja is easily one of the
In this session, your child will learn STEM and fastest growing sports today! Not only is it the fastest
Programming concepts and will be challenged to growing sport, but it is the fastest growing cross-
build up to eight (8) different motorized robotic and training sport as well. Athletes benefit from training
engineering models using patented building and in agility, power, perseverance, and resilience;
programming kits. While building and programming attributes that all athletes strive to improve.
these models, students will develop logical thinking See complete description and spring classes
ability and will learn various engineering concepts like on page 19.
Gear transmissions, science behind rhythm, Vibration
and various others. Examples of model’s students No classes July 1, 5, 7.
will be building include a drill machine, stand mixer,
pedestal fan, various electrical appliances, drumming $175/8 sessions
machine, iRobot and various others!
Ages 6-9 June 14-Aug 9
#524-YE2 July 11-14 9 am-12 pm #524-207 Tues 5-6 pm June 17-Aug 12
CLC Studio 1 $180/4 sessions #524-209 Fri 4-5 pm June 17-Aug 12
#524-210 Fri 5:15-6:15 pm

Ages 10-13 June 16-Aug 11
#524-208 Thur 5-6 pm
Young Engineers Camp Discount! #524-211 Fri 6:30-7:30 pm June 17-Aug 12

Sign up for both weeks and receive $50 off!

All Camps are Mon-Thurs unless otherwise listed


Sports & Fitness
Summ er Yo u t h C a mps & C la s s es
Fencing Camp Unlimited FUN Obstacle Course
with Fitness Boomers!
Grades 2-6 New & returning students
Grades K-5
Youth Enrichment League {YEL!} fencing has evolved.
Olympic Coach Ro Sobalvarro now heads up {YEL!}’s Get ready for an ultimate obstacle course challenge
curriculum, instructor training and tournament for boys and girls! unlimited fun with trampolines,
consultation. Coach Sobalvarro brings with him parachutes, tunnels, hurdles, balloons, ladders, ropes,
an immense knowledge of youth, national and potato sacks, speed rings, cones and more! Various
international fencing. We keep it fun, too. Your favorite types of fitness, sports activities, body pyramids, tug
instructors return with more knowledge, refined of war, hurdle jumping, cartwheels and somersaults
coaching skills and, of course, your favorite fencing and more! Learn balance, flexibility, agility,
games and arm bands. Safety is our first priority. We coordination, speed and sportsmanship. The MOST
supply safety swords, protective masks, chest plates exciting, empowering, confidence building experience
and jackets, in a high-octane, inclusive environment. while improving determination, decision making,
Ins tructor: Youth Enrichment League and emotional control all while interacting in a group
setting. Encouraging creativity throughout the class
#524-YE3 June 27-30 9 am-12 pm in a safe and fun environment with UPBEAT music!
Receive rewards and a surprise treat bag at the
CLC Studio 1 $155/4 sessions end of the last session and a quick relaxation
session focused on positive energy at the end!
Instructor: Fitness Boomers

#524-FB1 June 20-23 3-5 pm
CLC Studio 1 $140/4 sessions

School Of Fish with Mike Frisch Dash Sports Tykes Camps

Grades 3 & up Athleticism Tykes for Ages 3-5

Back by popular demand, we are excited to welcome This overall introduction to building athleticism,
back School of Fish. This fishing class is for kids (and includes speed training/sprinting, agility, endurance,
adults!) and is taught by pro angler & television show body control/balance, quickness, strength, power,
host Mike Frisch. Participants learn about lakes, finding and jumping. Camp consists of many different types
fish in those lakes and some great ways to catch them. of activities, drills, and games, all tailored specifically
They also learn to tie a fishing knot and rig and use to enhance overall athletic performance.
a slip-bobber setup. Each participant will receive a
rod & reel, tackle box with tackle and a School of Fish #524-DS4 Mon- Thurs July 11-14
workbook. Most importantly, however, graduates leave
class with the knowledge, skills, and equipment to go 5 pm-5:45 pm CLEC $69
fishing! *One adult is invited to attend with a child at no
additional charge, provided they share one Soccer Tykes for Ages 3-5
equipment packet. Instructor: Mike Frisch
Introductory experience to soccer. Players will be
taught how to properly dribble, pass, shoot, and
play defense in a fun and positive environment.
Camp ends with a scrimmage/game on the final day
where players can showcase their newly learned skills.
Parent participation is encouraged when necessary.

#524-DS5 Mon-Thurs Aug 8-11

5 pm-5:45 pm CLEC $69

#524-001 June 14 9:30 am-12 pm
Antlers Park Tue $66

Are you interested in teachi ng a class with us?

We are always looking for fun, new ideas!

Contact [email protected] and let us know what you want to teach!


Summer Combo Camps - A Full Day of Fun! Sum m e r Yo u t h C a mps & C las s es

Experience a full day of learning and fun with our Youth Enrichment Combo Camps for students going into grades 1-6.
Choose a morning or afternoon camp, or sign up for the whole day! Morning camps focus on sport and movement and
afternoon camps focus on STEM and technology concepts. All Camps are Monday-Thursday. Students who attend the
full day camps should bring a nut-free lunch. All students will be supervised during the lunch break.

Eastview Elementary Lakeview Elementary Cherry View Elementary
June 27-30 July 18-21 August 8-11

Dash Sports Soccer Dash Sports Athleticism Dash Sports Flag Football

Camp provides players a well- Camp provides participants with Camp provides players with a
rounded soccer experience an overall athleticism building well-rounded football experience
covering a broad range of camp experience including speed in a little to no contact safe
soccer skills (dribbling, passing, training, agility, endurance, body environment. Key elements
shooting, and defense) training control/balance, quickness, of passing, catching, rushing,
and skill-based games. Players strength, power, and jumping. and defense will be taught and
will be challenged and grouped Camp consists of many different practiced daily, and players will
at an appropriate level while types of activities, drills, and be grouped and challenged at
receiving instruction in a fun, games, all tailored specifically an appropriate level in a fun,
positive environment while to enhance overall athletic positive environment while
learning values of ‘Respect, performance. learning values of ‘Respect,
Hustle, and Pride’. Camp ends Hustle, and Pride’. Camp ends
with a scrimmage on the final #524-DS2 9 am-12 pm $155 with scrimmages/games the final
day where athletes can showcase day where players can showcase
their skills. Tech Tac Toe their skills. Footballs and flag
Epic Robo Lab belts are provided.
#524-DS1 9 am-12 pm $155
Robots are sooo much fun, and #524-DS3 9 am-12 pm $155
Tech Academy this camp is full of them! Do you
Star Wars Coding like your robot cute and fuzzy, Minecraft Game Designer
or perhaps more hawkish and Dungeons
Don’t Just PLAY games. CREATE intriguing? YOU are the creator of
them! All new games and your own robots. Using motors, Don’t just play Minecraft! Turn
characters! Create and learn to batteries, and other supplies from Minecraft from a game into a
modify our Star Wars-themed your “inventors shack” have a visual learning tool! This class will
games using Scratch. Scratch blast as you engineer a different reinforce problem-solving skills
is a programming language, robot each day, from fast moving, and spatial cognition through
developed by MIT that makes wiggly, shaky, spinning, shaking learning to create in-game
it easy to create interactive art, and so much more. We’ll top dungeons and treasure maps.
stories, simulations, and 2D it off with other mind boggling This class has a strong emphasis
arcade-style games. Students will engaging activities. on creativity, exploration, and
be walked through step-by-step cooperative learning experiences.
tutorials to create 2-4 working #524-TTT6 12:45-3:45 pm $155 While immersed in Minecraft’s fun
games and animations using and creative world, students will
popular Star Wars sprites. With learn about programming and
time remaining, they will be game design concepts. We will
challenged to modify or improve be using the PC/Java Edition of
the games created in class. Minecraft. Bring a USB drive to
save your games on the last day.
#524-TA5 12:45-3:45 pm $155
#524-TA6 12:45-3:45 pm $155

$155 per camp
Sign up for 2 or more camps and save $10 off each camp.

All Camps are Mon-Thurs unless otherwise listed



Lakeville Area Community Education Gymnastics has been voted the
Best Gymnastics program by SunThisweek readers the last 2 years

It is the fastest growing recreation program in the area for children ages 1½ to grade 8

Join your neighbors and friends at the gym! With an experienced coaching staff, we provide a terrific
program at a reasonable price. Our program offers classes for children with special needs, boys and girls,
from beginner to advanced. Don’t miss out, space is limited and classes fill fast!

Parent and Tot Twisters 1

18 mo. to 3 years Ages 5-9

Calling all parents with toddlers! This program is This is an exciting introductory gymnastics class for
designed to engage the little ones while expending students that have had very limited or no gymnastics
enough energy for a good night’s sleep. Our new training. Students will learn skills on all events: bars,
program will take your toddler step by step through beam, floor and vault. At the end of each class,
the basics of gymnastics, while promoting fitness, students will be invited to jump on our tumble track!
flexibility and socialization. Our staff are trained to help aspiring gymnasts to
work to the best of their abilities.
Tiny Tumblers
Twisters 2
Ages 3 ½-5
Ages 5 ½-12
This class is designed with the energies and abilities
of a preschooler in mind. It is an informative and If your child has successfully completed a basic
fun introduction to gymnastics. For children that are beginners class and is ready to learn new skills
ready to start with the basics, we will work with each with higher difficulty, then Twisters 2 is the right
child to develop their skills on events like floor, bars, class for your child. On floor, children will learn
beam, and vault. Your child will grow as a gymnast and backbends, straddle rolls, and perfect their
become more fit, coordinated, flexible and balanced. cartwheels. On beam, students learn correct
This course will have your child falling in love with turns, jumps and mounts. On bars, students will
gymnastics! learn the correct form for pullovers and glide swings.

Twisters 3

Ages 5 ½-13 years

Students that have completed an advanced beginner
class and are ready to try a more vibrant foundational
intermediate class are encouraged to try our Twisters
3 program. While less intensive than Mat Rats, Twisters
3 provides core gymnastics skills in all events: limbers,
kickovers, and round offs on floor, pullovers and
back hip circles on bars, handstands and round
off dismounts on beams.

Dynamic Dudes

Ages 4-12

This is a beginner to advanced beginner level class.
It teaches the basics of men’s gymnastics events:
rings, vault, pommel horse/mushroom, floor, and bars.
Our program is designed to keep pace with the high
energy levels of young boys, while also improving
strength, coordination, flexibility, and confidence.


Mat Rats Friday Open Gym Gymnastics

Ages 5-13 with instructor approval Ages 1-10
Pre-registration required for each class
Mat Rats is the first step towards a competitive Xcel
gymnastics program. This is an invite only pre team Open Gym is a fun alternative to a traditional class
where students work closely with coaches on strength, that will keep them moving! Students are encouraged
flexibility, shaping and self-confidence. If you are to play and explore the gym with a parent, guardian
looking for a challenging gymnastics program, but less
of a time commitment than a traditional competitive or other responsible adult. Come and jump on the
program, this fun, flexible program is for you. On trampoline, climb on obstacles, play with our parachute
beam, students will learn cartwheels and handstands,
plus jumps and turns. Our coaches will help develop and enjoy unlimited bubbles!
stronger round offs and handstands and will introduce $7 per session
harder skills such as walkovers and handsprings. This
class will develop connections during floor routines and Spring
basic choreography as well as intermediate skills on
bars and vaulting. We are thrilled with the popularity 6:30-7:45 pm
and your support of this program that has enabled us April 8, 22, 29 / May 6, 13, 20 / June 3
to offer more training options as our dedicated Xcel
prep gymnasts advance. Summer

11:15 am -12:15 pm
June 17, 24 / July 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 / Aug 5, 12

The Sensory Playground Questions?

Ages 3-10 years For complete class descriptions, comparison of our
classes to other gymnastics programs, and other
This gymnastics program is specialized for children
with learning and sensory disabilities. Gymnastics frequently asked questions, please visit our website:
provides near full body input –giving you the ability For other questions,
to move in all planes (even upside down) allowing
additional sources of input for your child. Our adaptive please contact [email protected] or call
program is structured to provide your child with both 952-232-2150.
proprioceptive and vestibular input. Students will have
the option to work on many apparatuses in the gym: Need help choosing a class level?
rings, bars, beams, tumble track, floor and vault.
We will also have a variety of sensory toys and games Were you previously in a class at another gymnastics
for your child to enjoy. A parent, guardian or other academy and aren’t sure what level to register
responsible adult is required to attend with the student for? Check out our comparison chart online at
at no fee. Only registered students are allowed to
participate in the class.

Gymnastics is held in Auxiliary Gym D at Lakeville South High School

21135 Jacquard Ave. Parent observation area available.


Gymnastics Gymnastics Schedule 2022

SPRING (Registration opens March 23 at 8 am)

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays
April 11-June 6 April 5-May 31 April 6-June 1 April 7-June 2 April 8-June 3 April 9-June 4
omit 4/15 & 5/27 omit 4/16 & 5/28
omit 5/30 9 classes 9 classes 9 classes
8 classes 7 classes 7 classes

Parent & Tot Tiny Tumblers Tiny Tumblers Tiny Tumblers Parent & Tot Parent & Tot Tiny Tumblers
5-5:30 pm 5:30-6:25 pm 4:45-5:40 pm 5:30-6:25 pm 5-5:30 pm 9:10-9:40 am 1:40-2:35 pm
#523-701 $75 #523-707 $150 #523-711 $150 #523-716 $150 #523-221 $66 #523-222 $66 #523-227 $116

Tiny Tumblers Twisters 1 Twisters 1 Twisters 2 Sensory Play Tiny Tumblers Twisters 2
5:45-6:40 pm 5:40-6:35 pm 4:55-5:50 pm 5:40-6:35 pm 5:45-6:15 pm 10-10:55 am 1:50-2:45 pm
#523-702 $133 #523-708 $150 #523-712 $150 #523-717 $150 #523-700 $79 #523-223 $116 #523-228 $116

Twisters 1 Twisters 2 Parent & Tot Dynamic Dudes Twisters 1 Dynamic Dudes
5:55-6:50 pm 6:45-7:40 pm 6:15-6:45 pm 6:50-7:45 pm 10:10-11:05 am 1:50-2:45 pm
#523-703 $133 #523-709 $150 #523-713 $85 #523-718 $150 #523-224 $116
#523-229 $116

Twisters 3 Dynamic Dudes Twisters 1 Twisters 2 Mat Rats Twisters 1
7-8:30 pm 6:55-7:50 pm 7-7:55 pm 6:50-7:45 pm 11:20 am-1:15 pm 3-3:55 pm
#523-704 $197 #523-710 $150 #523-714 $150 #523-719 $150 #523-225 $186 #523-230 $116

Twisters 1 Twisters 2 Twisters 3 Twisters 3 Twisters 2
7:10-8:05 pm 7:10-8:05 pm 6:50-8:20 pm 11:20 am-12:50 pm 3:10-4:05 pm
#523-705 $133 #523-715 $150 #523-720 $222 #523-231 $116
#523-226 $172

Twisters 2
7:10-8:05 pm
#523-706 $133

SUMMER (Registration opens May 26 at 8 am)

Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
June 13-Aug 8 June 14-August 9 June 15-Aug 10 June 16-Aug 11 June 17-Aug 12
*8 classes, class ends 8/2
omit July 4 9 classes, class ends 8/9 9 classes 9 classes 9 classes
8 classes

Parent & Tot Tiny Tumblers Tiny Tumblers Tiny Tumblers Tiny Tumblers Tiny Tumblers Parent & Tot
4:45-5:15 pm 12:30-1:25 pm 4:45-5:40 pm 3:30-4:25 pm 4:45-5:40 pm 6:05-7 pm 9-9:30 am
#524-701 $75 #524-707 $150 #524-711 $150 #524-717 $150 #524-723 $150 #524-727 $150 #524-731 $85

Tiny Tumblers Dynamic Dudes Dynamic Dudes Twisters 1 Twisters 1 Twisters 1 Tiny Tumblers
5:30-6:25 pm 12:40-1:35 pm 4:55-5:50 pm 3:40-4:35 pm 4:55-5:50 pm 6:05-7 pm 9:45-10:40 am
#524-702 $133 #524-708 $150 #524-713 $150 #524-718 $150 #524-724 $150 #524-728 $150 #524-732 $150

Twisters 1 Twisters 2 Twisters 1* Sensory Play Twisters 2 Twisters 1 Twisters 1
5:40-6:35 pm 12:40-1:35 pm 6:05-7 pm 5-5:30 pm 4:55-5:50 pm 7:15-8:10 pm 9:55-10:50 am
#524-703 $133 #524-709 $150 #524-714 $133 #524-700 $102 #524-725 $150 #524-729 $150 #524-733 $150

Dynamic Dudes Tiny Tumblers Twisters 2* Parent & Tot Twisters 3 Twisters 2
6:50-7:45 pm 1:50-2:45 pm 6:05-7 pm 5:50-6:20 pm 6:05-7:35 pm 7:15-8:10 pm
#524-704 $133 #524-710 $150 #524-715 $133 #524-719 $85 #524-726 $222 #524-730 $150

Twisters 1 Twisters 1 Mat Rats* Twisters 3
6:50-7:45 pm 2-2:55 pm 6:05-8 pm 6:40-8:10 pm
#524-705 $133 #524-711 $150 #524-716 $213 #524-720 $222

Twisters 2 Tiny Tumblers
7-7:55 pm 6:40-7:35 pm
#524-706 $133 #524-721 $150

36 Twisters 1
6:40-7:35 pm
#524-722 $150

Learn to Swim with Lakeville Area Community Ed! AQUATICS & SAFETY

Red Cross trained and certified instructors will help your child enjoy developing swimming and water safety skills
in a positive learning environment. Discussion of safety topics are included in all classes. Prerequisite for each level
is the mastery of skills from the preceding level or equivalent skills. Each child is provided with a skill assessment
within the first two classes to determine appropriate level placement. Each student receives a bookmark at the start
of the class with a free pass to open swim along with a progress report at the end of the session. It is common for
a child to repeat a level before mastering all skills.

Swim Lesson Reminders

We do not offer make-ups for classes due to illness,
travel, etc. If we have to close the pool for
an unforeseen circumstance, we will either
schedule a make-up date or issue vouchers.

Need to transfer or cancel a class?
Please see our transfer or refund policy.

Fee Assistance is available to those who qualify
for Free or Reduced lunch. Fill out an application

online at

Private/Semi Private Lessons

Designed for personalized 1:1 or 1:2 (instructor:
student) instruction for youth and adults. Perfect for the
hesitant swimmer or adult learner. Must provide both
names for semi private lessons. It is recommended that
the 2 students are at a similar skill level.

Adaptive Lessons Preschool Lessons

This class is for students from 18 months through Recommended for ages 3-5 years
adult with mild special needs, including neurological,
developmental, and cognitive, who will benefit from Aqua Kids 1
one on one instruction. Instructor will work with the
parent/guardian to determine student goals that will Participants become comfortable in the water
meet a variety of sensory challenges including visual, learning basic skills without a parent. Skills (may
auditory, physical and movement, all while learning be performed with flotation): enter the water
basic swimming skills. Ratio = 1:1, parent does not independently, submerge head, bob underwater/
need to get into the water with the student. blow bubbles, front float/glide face in water,
3 sec. each, back float/glide, ears in water, 3 sec.
Aqua Tots Lessons each, paddle stroke on front, 5 yards, elementary
backstroke, 5 yards.
Ages 9 months-5 years with adult
Aqua Kids 2
Enjoy swimming with your child while building
swimming readiness by emphasizing fun in the water Participants continue to develop skills without a
accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents learn parent. Skills (may be performed with flotation or
to help their child adjust to the water and develop assistance from instructor) include: jump into chest-
safety awareness. Skills introduced (with flotation or deep water and return to the edge of pool, bob
assistance): enter the water, submerge head, bob underwater, blowing bubbles, front float, 10 sec.,
underwater/blow bubbles, front float/glide face in front glide, turn and swim back to the wall, back
water, back float/glide, ears in water, 3 sec. each. float, 10 sec., back glide, roll over, turn and swim
For complete class description, visit our website. back to wall, paddle stroke on front, 5 yd, elementary
*Each participant must be accompanied by an adult. backstroke 5 yd.

Parent observation is open! Swim lesson prices & schedules are on page 40-41.

For complete class descriptions, a comparison of our levels to other swim programs, and

other frequently asked questions, please visit our website:
For other questions, contact [email protected] or call 952-232-2150.


AQUATICS & SAFETYSchool Age Lessons Intermediate 1

Recommended for ages 5 and up Participants learn to be comfortable with new skills
in deep water and learn front crawl, back crawl
Beginner 1 and elementary backstroke to basic standards of
competency. Skills include: jump into deep water,
Participants become comfortable in the water kneeling dive, survival float, 20 sec., back float, 20 sec.,
learning basic skills. Skills (may be performed tread water, 20 sec., front crawl, 15 yd, back crawl, 15
with flotation): jump into chest-deep water, bob yd, elementary backstroke, 15 yd, breaststroke kick, 15
underwater, blowing bubbles, front float, face in yd.
water, 3 sec., front glide, face in water, back float,
ears in water, 3 sec., back glide, ears in water, roll Intermediate 2
over: front to back/back to front, paddle stroke on
front, 5 yd, elementary backstroke 5 yd. Participants increase endurance, improve competency
for strokes learned in Intermediate 1 and learn
Beginner 2 breaststroke to basic standards of competency.
Skills include: standing dive, swim under water 5 yds
Participants learn to swim without flotation. and retrieve object, feet-first surface dive, somersault,
Skills include: jump into chest-deep water and open turn: front/back crawl, tread water, 1 min, front
return to the edge of pool, bob underwater, blowing crawl, 25yd, elementary backstroke, 25yd, back crawl,
bubbles, front float, 10 sec., front glide, turn and 25 yd, breaststroke, 15 yd, dolphin kick, 15 yd.
swim back to the wall, back float, 10 sec., back glide,
roll over, turn and swim back to the wall, tread water, Advanced 1
10 sec., paddle stroke on front, 15 yd, back crawl,
5 yd, elementary backstroke arms, 10 yd. Participants learn advanced skills used in competitive
swimming, improve competency for strokes learned
in Intermediate 2 and learn butterfly and sidestroke to
basic standards of competency. Skills include: shallow
dive, head-first surface dive to 7 ft. and retrieve object,
flip turn: front/back crawl, tread water, 2 min. using
different kicks, front crawl, 50 yd., back crawl, 50 yd.,
breaststroke, 50 yd., butterfly, 15 yd., sidestroke, 15 yd.

Advanced 2

Participants continue to learn skills used in competitive
swimming, improve endurance and perfect strokes.
Skills include: competitive breaststroke turn,
competitive butterfly turn, tread water-kick only
for 2 minutes, front crawl, 100 yd, back crawl,
100 yd, breaststroke, 100 yd, butterfly, 50 yd,
sidestroke, 50 yd.

Summer swim lessons including Summer Adventures
and Summer Wonder Zone on page 40-41.

NEW! Summer Water Safety Day for Ages 5-10

Swimming is one of life’s great pleasures. Learn about important water safety topics such as Reach and Throw,
Don’t Go!, the importance of swimming lessons, and life jackets. Participants will learn valuable safety skills
that they can apply to real life situations while they are around pools, lakes, and other bodies of water.
The youth who participate will get fitted for their own life jacket that they will be allowed to take with
them to keep. For additional information please visit

#724-WS1 May 14 Time & Location TBD


Certification AQUATICS & SAFETY

Water Safety Assistant

Ages 13 and up

Become certified to assist in teaching swimming
lessons! Hands on experience provided during class.
First Aid and CPR/AED not included. For students
ages 13 and up, eligible for employment at age 14.

#723-WSA1 Mon, May 16 & Tues, May 17 3-8 pm
Open Swim MMS Pool/Room 100 $99/2 sessions

$5 Youth, $7 Adult Summer
Pre-registration required
#724-WSA1 Tues, July 19 & Wed, July 20 3-8 pm
Spring Blanchard Aquatic Center $99/2 sessions

McGuire Middle School Pool American Red Cross
Fridays, 6:30- 8:30 pm Lifeguard Training

April 8, 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20 Ages 15 and up

No School Day Open Swim, 1-3 pm Must be 15 years of age by the last day of the class
Become certified in American Red Cross Lifeguarding,
Tuesday, March 29 First Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Lifeguard.
Blended Learning combines online learning with on-site
Summer skill sessions for skill practice and assessment. Online
completion is required prior to the first day of the
Kenwood Trail Middle School Pool course. Attendance at all class sessions is mandatory.
Mondays, 6-8 pm
Skill Prerequisites: Prerequisite skills will be evaluated
June 13, 20, 27, July 11, 18, 25 prior to the start of class. Those who do not meet the
skill requirements will not be allowed to stay for the
Blanchard Aquatic Center class and may choose to practice the swimming skills
Fridays, 6-8 pm to be able to transfer to another class or cancel with
a $10 cancellation fee.
June 17, 24, July 15, 29
• 300 yd. endurance swim using front crawl
Open Swim details for all locations and breaststroke continuously

• Groups of 10 or more for open swim • Complete a timed skill sequence including
must register by calling 952-232-2169. a 20 yd. swim, retrieval of a 10 lb. object from
7 ft. deep, swim 20 yd. carrying the object and
• If you are also taking swim lessons with us, exit the water within 1 min. and 40 sec.
don’t forget to use your free open swim
pass on your swim lesson bookmark! • Tread water for 2 min. using legs only

• Inflatables of any kind are not allowed Spring MMS Pool/Room 100 $250/2 sessions
in the pool during open swim. Fri, May 13 & 20 3:30-8:30 pm
#723-LG1 Sat, May 14 & 21 9 am-2 pm
• Lap lane available by request.
• Please confirm all open swim dates

and rules at Summer
• Dates and times are subject to change.
#724-LG2 Blanchard Aquatic Center $250/4 sessions
Mon-Thurs, August 8-11 11 am-4 pm

Pool Rentals 39

Visit our website for information on pool rentals, or email [email protected]

AQUATICS & SAFETY Spring 2022 Lessons (Registration opens March 24 at 8 am)

Spring lessons are 6 sessions and will take place at McGuire Middle School Pool,
21220 Holyoke Ave W. * Swim Lesson dates and times are subject to change.

Saturdays, April 9-May 21

No Swim April 16

9-9:30 am
Aqua Tots 723-SAT9 $79
Aqua Kids 1 723-SAK19 $79
Adapted 723-SAD9 $105
Private/Semi 723-SPR9 $169

9:40-10:20 am

Aqua Kids 2 723-SAK29 $89
Beginner 1 723-SB19 $89
Beginner 2 723-SB29 $89
Intermediate 1 723-SI19 $89
Intermediate 2 723-SI29 $89

Mondays Thursdays 10:30-11 am
Aqua Tots 723-SAT10 $79
April 11-May 16 April 14-May 19 Aqua Kids 1 723-SAK110 $79

5:30–6 pm $79 5:30–6 pm $79 Adapted 723-SAD10 $105
723-MAT5 $79 Aqua Tots 723-TAT5
Aqua Tots 723-MAK15 $105 Aqua Kids 1 723-TAK15 $79 Private/Semi 723-SPR10 $169
Aqua Kids 1 723-MAD5 $169
Adapted 723-MPR5 Adapted 723-TAD5 $105 11:30 am-12 pm
Private/Semi Private/Semi 723-TPR5 $169
Aqua Kids 2 723-SAK211 $89
6:10-6:50 pm $89 6:10-6:50 pm $89 Beginner 1 723-SB111 $89
$89 $89 Intermediate 1 723-SI111 $89
Aqua Kids 2 723-MAK26 $89 Aqua Kids 2 723-TAK26 $89 Advanced 1 723-SA111 $89
Beginner 1 723-MB16 $89 Beginner 1 723-TB16 $89 Advanced 2 723-SA211 $89
Beginner 2 723-MB26 Beginner 2 723-TB26
Intermediate 2 723-MI26 Intermediate 2 723-TI26 12:20-12:50 pm

7-7:40 pm 7-7:40 pm Aqua Kids 1 723-SAK112 $79
Adapted 723-SAD12 $105
Beginner 1 723-MB17 $89 Beginner 2 723-TB27 $89 Private/Semi 723-SPR12 $169
Intermediate 1 723-MI17 $89 Intermediate 1 723-TI17 $89
Advanced 1 723-MA17 $89 Advanced 2 723-TA27 $89 1-1:40 pm

7:50-8:20 pm 7:50-8:20 pm Beginner 1 723-SB112 $89
Adapted 723-MAD8 $105 Adapted 723-TAD8 $105 Beginner 2 723-SB212 $89
Private/Semi 723-MPR8 $169 Private/Semi 723-TPR8 $169 Intermediate 1 723-SI112 $89
Intermediate 2 723-SI212 $89

Summer Adventures & Wonder Zone Blanchard
Summer Swim Lessons Aquatics Center

Swim lessons are offered during weeks 2-7 at a discounted rate for Summer Look for more to come at the
Adventures and Summer Wonder Zone participants who are entering grades new Blanchard Aquatic Center!
K-6 in the 2022-23 school year. Group lessons offered will include Aqua Kids Lap Swim, Water Walking
2, Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1, and Water Fitness, Movie Nights
Advanced 2. Wonder Zone participants will swim with the Cherry View group. and more!

Please indicate swim level when registering. EVE & LVE CVE & Wonder Zone
See pages 37-38 for swim level descriptions. 1-1:40 pm 2-2:40 pm
#724-E23 #724-C23
Weeks 2 & 3, June 20-30 #724-E45 #724-C45
$99/8 classes #724-E67 #724-C67

Weeks 4 & 5, July 5-14
$87/7 classes

Weeks 6 & 7, July 18-28
$99/8 classes



Summer 2022 LessonsLessons take place at Kenwood Trail Middle School, Registration opens Mon-Thurs Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
May 25 at 8 am Mornings June 13-23 June 27-July 7 July 11-21
19455 Kenwood Trail. No classes July 4 8 classes
8 classes
7 classes #724-3AT9
Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 9-9:30 am
Evening classes meet Session A Session B Price Aqua Tots #724-1AT9 #724-2AT9 $105
2x/week for 6 classes June 14-30 July 12-28 Aqua Kids 1 $105 $92
$79 Private/Semi-Private #724-3PR9
5:25-5:55 pm $79 #724-1AK19 #724-2AK19 $225
#724-AAT5 $169 Adapted $105 $92
$105 #724-3AD9
Aqua Tots #724-BAT5 Aqua Kids 2 #724-1PR9 #724-2PR9 $140
$89 Beginner 1 $225 $195
Aqua Kids 1 #724-AAK15 #724-BAK15 $89 Beginner 2 #724-3AK29
$89 Intermediate 2 #724-1AD9 #724-2AD9 $118
Private/Semi-Priv. #724-APR5 #724-BPR5 $89 $140 $122
Aqua Kids 2 #724-3B19
Adapted #724-AAD5 #724-BAD5 $89 Beginner 1 9:40-10:20 am $118
$89 Beginner 2
Aqua Kids 2 6:05-6:45 pm #724-BAK26 $89 Intermediate 1 #724-1AK29 #724-2AK29 #724-3B29
#724-AAK26 $89 Advanced 1 $118 $104 $118
Beginner 1 #724-AB16 #724-BB16 Interested in a #724-1B19 #724-2B19 #724-3I29
$169 class that’s full? $118 $104 $118
Beginner 2 #724-AB26 #724-BB26 Please register on the #724-1B29 #724-2B29 #724-3AK210
waiting list online. $118 $104 $118
Intermediate 2 #724-AI26 #724-BI26
Additional classes #724-1I29 #724-2I29 #724-3B210
6:50-7:30 pm may be added to $118 $104 $105
Beginner 1 accommodate 10:30-11:10 am #724-3I110
wait lists. $118
Beginner 2 #724-BB27 #724-1AK210 #724-2AK210
All dates, times, $118 $104 #724-3I210
Intermediate 1 #724-AI17 #724-BI17 and locations are $118
subject to change #724-1B110 #724-2B110
Advanced 1 #724-AA17 #724-BA17 $118 $104 #724-3A210
Advanced 2 #724-AA27 #724-BA27
Private/Semi-Priv. 7:40-8:10 pm #724-BPR8 #724-1I110 #724-2I110 $105
#724-APR8 $118 $104
Adapted #724-AAD8 #724-BAD8 #724-1I210 #724-2I210 $225
$118 $104
4 Day Private, Semi-Private or Adapted, Mon-Thurs Advanced 2 #724-3AD11
#724-1A210 #724-2A210 $140
Aqua Kids 1 $118 $104
June 13-16 June 20-23 June 27-30 July 11-14 July 18-21 July 25-28 11:20 -11:50 am
#724-218 Adaptive
9-9:30 am Kenwood Trail Middle School Pool #724-216 #724-219 #724-1AK111 #724-2AK111
9:40-10:10 am Private/Semi-Private: $115 Adapted: $75 #724-217 #724-220 $105 $92
10:20-10:50 am #724-221
#724-221 #724-1PR11 724-2PR11
$225 $195

4-4:30 pm #724-208 #724-210 #724-212 #724-214 #724-1AD11 #724-2AD11
$140 $122
4:35-5:05 pm #724-209 #724-211 #724-213 #724-215

Early Childhood Family EducationEarly Childhood Family Education

ECFE is a Lakeville Area School District Community Education program that strengthens families
with young children through education and support.

Make the most of your time with us!

Grow Independently NEW

For Your Child Grow Confidently

Children will learn through play, For You
along with art, movement, games
and stories with a licensed early Parents will join a licensed
childhood teacher and other children. parent educator in an informal
group to discuss topics, share
Grow Together ideas, celebrations and concerns,

For You and Your Child and be encouraged by the
support of others.
Activities designed for parents
and children to explore art,

music, stories, and a variety of
developmental activities together.

Summer Session June 13 - July 21

Registration is first come, first serve. Public registration begins March 21 at

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Busy Bodies Connect and Play
Parenting After Bedtime Little Explorers 15-30 mos 0-5 yrs
Online - Parent Only 9-18 mos 9:15-11 am 9-10:45 am
1 time a month 9:30-11 am ECFE Adventures Incredible Infants
8-9 pm Twos and Threes 0-5 yrs 0-12 mos
2-3 yrs 9:15-11 am 12-1 pm
9:15-11 am
To-Go Kits
Online Circle Time
1 time a month
11:30-11:50 am

Two Ways to Explore ECFE


Crystal Lake Education Center, 16250 Ipava Ave.


Classes meet online, materials may be available
to pick up. iPads available for checkout.

Worry Free ECFE

If you find that a class is not the right fit for you, simply contact us before the second week of class and you can
transfer to another class with openings or receive a full refund. Additionally, if in-person attendance becomes
a barrier you may immediately transition into one of our distance options either temporarily or long-term.


Toddlers Early Childhood Family Education

How do I help him share with other children?
What do I do when she has a temper tantrum?
Toilet learning--how do I know they are ready?

Our toddler classes provide the perfect environment
for little learners and discussion topics for toddler

Busy Bodies

Infants 15–30 months Separating In-Person

How much sleep is normal? What do I do when Join us as you and your toddler discover safe and
she seems unconsolable? How do I know if he age appropriate activities; including art, music and
sensory play. Parents will gain knowledge and support
is eating enough? from a parent educator and other parents during
discussion time.
Our infant classes offer you support with a licensed
parent educator and connections with parents #124-735 Wed, June 15-July 20
experiencing the same stage of development. 9:15–11 am CLEC Moon Room
Teachers: TBD

Twos and Threes

Incredible Infants 2-3 years Separating In-Person

0-12 months Non-separating In-Person Independence, language, problem solving and social
skills are emerging during these ages. The classroom
Welcome to ECFE! We have the perfect space for will foster all these developing skills, and you will
new babies to explore, sing, and play while you participate in the parent discussion where you
connect with other parents and a licensed parent can learn, share and appreciate this stage of your
educator. The questions never end during this amazing parenting journey.
time in your child’s early development. Topics will vary
from week to week based on parent input and feedback. #124-740 Tue, June 14-July 19
Weekly weight checks are available. 9:15-11 am CLEC Sunshine Room
Teachers: TBD

#124-725 Thur, June 16-July 21
12-1 pm CLEC Moon Room
Teacher: TBD

Little Explorers

9-18 months Non-separating In-Person

As your little one moves from crawling to walking,
come explore our classroom with activities just right
for young toddlers. Meet other parents going through
the same stage as you while you discuss the joys and
challenges of parenting. You and your child will stay
in the classroom together during the parent discussion.

#124-730 Tue, June 14-July 19
9:30-11 am CLEC Moon Room
Teacher: TBD

Stay Connected & Informed: 952-232-3006 43

Facebook: @LakevilleAreaECFE, Instagram: lakevilleareaecfe, Calendar:

No ECFE Classes July 5-7

Early Childhood Family Education Special Offerings

Additional options or add-on to
enrich your ECFE experience.

ECFE To-Go Kits

Birth-5 Year Olds 2-5 years Virtual

Whether you have one or more children these Pick up a monthly theme bag packed with all it takes
classes are for you. Get parenting support while to create a special ECFE experience from home.
spending time together as a family. You can pick up from our non-contact entry area or
you may also request carside delivery. Enjoy sensory
experiences, materials for four craft projects, movement
activities, interactive games, songs, and rhymes, outdoor
activity ideas, and a recipe to try together at home.
Each monthly kit contains a link to a monthly story
and circle time; join live on Wednesdays or access a
recorded version. Teacher will connect with families
to share Webex links.

ECFE Adventures #124-760 Wed, June 22, July 20, Aug 3
11:30-11:50 am Webex
0-5 years Separating In-Person $15/monthly kit Teacher: Julie

Do you want to take an ECFE class this summer, but Monthly Kit Themes
not commit to each week? Then ECFE Adventures is for
you! This class will include all the ECFE classics, such as June: Dinosaurs
art projects, circle time with songs, and uninterrupted July: Beach
play time alongside your child. Separation is during the August: Farm
first half of the class and will include time to connect
with other parents and a licensed parent educator. ECFE Outside!
Register for the dates that work best for your family.
$12 per child per session. Meet Us at the Park

#124-745 Wed, June 15-July 20 Activities designed for ages 5 and under
9:15-11 am CLEC Sunshine Room
Teachers: TBD Come to the part and join Early Childhood staff in
an activity and learn about programs for your children
Weekly Themes in Lakeville Area Schools. We will meet from 1-2 pm.

June 15: Ice Cream June 16 Steve Michaud Park, 7100 Ipava Ave.
June 22: Treasure Hunt July 21 Jaycee Park, 20510 Hull Ave.
June 29: Red, White and Blue Aug 18 Orchard Lake Park, 11875 175th St.
July 13: Camping
July 20: Under the Sea Watch for the ECFE Sign! Follow our Facebook
and Instagram for weather related announcements.
Connect and Play
ECFE on the Playground
0-5 years Separating In-Person
June 13 & July 18, 10:30-11:30 am
Connect and play with your child as they explore June 27, 5:30-6:30 pm
and grow. Infants through pre-kindergarteners will
have opportunities for sensory play, social interaction Meet up with other kids and parents when you join
and build developmental skills. Grown-ups will have the ECFE Advisory Council on one of the playgrounds
time to meet with a parent educator to discuss the at Crystal Lake Education Center for playground time!
celebrations and frustrations that come with the Follow our Facebook and Instagram for weather
parenting journey. related announcements.

#124-750 Thur, June 16-July 21
9-10:45 am CLEC Sunshine Room
Teachers: TBD


Parents Only Early Childhood Family Education

Do you want to add an additional parent
discussion this summer? Check out our
parent only class - offering you more ECFE!

Evening Class Virtual
Parenting After Bedtime

Are you interested in a monthly check-in with other
parents and a licensed parent educator this summer?
After your kids are tucked in, parents will log onto a
Webex meeting with a licensed parent educator. Time
focused on check-ins with parents and monthly discussion
questions regarding various parenting topics will be
provided each month. You may check out an ipad if you
need a device to participate in this class. Please note the
later class time to accommodate longer summer nights!

#N124-755 Mon, June 13, July 11 & Aug 8
8-9 pm Webex FREE
Teacher: Jenica

ECFE Advisory Council

The ECFE Advisory Council plays an essential role in our program and community. They meet monthly and lend
voices and ears to all things that impact early learning as well as foster community connections. If you are interested
in being a member of the Parent Advisory Council and learning how you can be involved in new and exciting
developments within the Lakeville Area School District and ECFE, please email [email protected]
com or send us a message on our Advisory Council Facebook page, “Lakeville Area ECFE Advisory Council,”
or ask your classroom teacher how to join. We would love to have YOU be a voice for our program.
Check out our website for more information:

2021-2022 Lakeville Area ECFE Advisory Council Members

Shannon Grazzini Taci Gregory Ryan Henning Sarah Higgins Betsey Hoeft

Falis Idiga Laurie Lawson Cindy Magnuson Bridget Meyers Amy Streeter

Feature Advisory Council Member:
Shannon Grazzini

Tony and Shannon Grazzini joined ECFE shortly after the birth of their
daughter Sienna, now 3, along with their son Lucca, 11 months.
We have enjoyed several non-separating and separating classes
together from the Infant class to Wonderful Ones, Busy Bodies, and
the 2/3’s to name a few, and would describe ECFE as a very nurturing
and impactful experience.

We are very dedicated to education, and being a teacher myself, I (mom) know the importance of early learning.
We are grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of our children’s learning as well as having a community
support system and tools to be successful parents. These classes have also created friendships with other children
and parents as well as relationships with teachers and staff.

Along with the classes at ECFE, I (mom) joined the Advisory Council to be informed and have a voice in the school
and community. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the Advisory Council and the flexibility it allows with
having a family. The people, events, fundraisers, the teachers and community involvement, all make the Advisory
Council come together and enjoyable. I highly recommend getting involved and joining our group, we are always
looking for new faces and new ideas!

No ECFE Classes July 5-7 45

Early Childhood Family Education ECFE Course Cost & Sliding Fee Scale

ECFE uses a sliding-fee scale based upon your family’s household annual gross income as you enter it into Eleyo
at registration. Grants are available for families with financial limitations residing within the Lakeville Area School
District attendance boundaries; only one grant available per child/per semester. Grants are not available for
sibling care. Please call or email with any questions about grants or if your circumstances have changed.

Fee Information

Classes are billed at time of registration. Family discount (classes only): a second child enrolled in the same
course is charged ½ of the course fee.

Summer Course Household Annual Income
Classes Cost

Class Fee $60 0-19,999 20-39,999 40-59,999 60-79,999 80-99,999 100,00- 120,000 +
Weekly $12 $0 $33 $40 $45 $50 119,999 $60
Option $15 $12 for all income levels
To Go Kits
Monthly Fee $15 for all income levels

Every Family Counts

Being on the census ensures you will receive information about Early Childhood Screening
and kindergarten. Are you on the school census? Please take a few moments to complete the census form

on the link below and return to: Crystal Lake Education Center, 16250 Ipava Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044.

Call 952-232-2048 to find out if you are on the census.

School Readiness & Early Learning Scholarships

School Readiness is a public school early childhood program that provides early education
opportunities and parent support to children who are at least 3 years old by September 1, 2022,
not yet in kindergarten and meet a variety of risk factors.

Program Options 2022-23

Partial and full scholarships to attend approved
Lakeville Area Schools Early Childhood Programs
are offered to families demonstrating risk factors
or financial need that reside in the Lakeville Area
School District. Placements are according to
child and family needs and available openings.
Space is limited.

Small Wonders Preschool at CLEC

◆◆Need to be toilet trained.
◆◆Busing is not provided.
◆◆3 or 4 by Sept 1, 2022

ECFE Stepping Stones at CLEC

◆◆Do NOT need to be toilet trained.
◆◆Busing is not provided.
◆◆3 by Oct 15, 2022

For more information call 952-232-3009 or email [email protected]
Applications & information at


Stepping Stones * all Early Childhood Family Education

Transition to Preschool

3-5 years In-Person Sept-May
Children must be 3 on or before Oct 15, 2022
This 2-3 day per week class combines traditional
ECFE and preschool for the perfect blend of fun.

Day 1 ECFE class includes time for parent/child
interaction and parent education.

Day 2 Drop your child off for their two hour preschool
experience where children will practice sharing, taking
turns, using manners, pretending, following directions
and engage in early literacy and math experiences,
in a play-based environment.

Optional Day 3: Drop your child off for an additional
two hour preschool experience.

Now Enrolling for 2022-23 School Year! #13Y-500 Tue* & Thur
12:45-2:45 pm CLEC Rainbow Room
For more information please visit: *Sib Care available Tues only
Add A Day! Wed $35/month
◆ $40 non-refundable registration fee. $85/month. #13Y-501
◆ Sibling Care (Tue only) available for $16/month. 12:45-2:45 pm CLEC Rainbow Room
◆ Add on Wednesday option available for $35 per month.
◆ Dates will be provided when the 2022-2023 school calendar

is available.
◆ Children are not required to be toilet-trained to attend this class.

Family School Fall 2022-23

0-5 years Separating In-Person Waitlist

Family School is a program that combines Early Childhood Family Education
(ECFE) and English as a Second Language (ESL) at the Crystal Lake Education
Center. Classes are free and provided for families with children from infants
to the start of kindergarten. Adults and children attend Family School at the
same time. While the adults learn and practice English, children play and learn
with peers in the early childhood room. Class meets Tuesdays, Wednesdays
and Thursdays from 12:15-2:15 pm September-May. Contact us for more
information or to register at [email protected], 953-232-3009

Escuela de Familia Family School es un programa que combina ECFE con Educación Básica para Adultos (ABE) Y Inglés
como Segundo Idioma (ESL) Educación. Aprendizaje para niños (0- pre-kindergarten) y adultos. Se reúne el martes-
miércoles-jueves, 12:15-2:15pm.

School QoyskaSchool Qoyska waa barnaamij isku daraa ECFE la Waxbarashada aasaasiga ah Adult (ABE) iyo Ingiriisiga
Luqad Labaad ahaan (ESL) Education a. Waxbarashada carruurta (0- pre-kindergartener) iyo dadka waaweyn. Gaarsiisan
Talaado - Arbacada-Khamiis, 12:15-2:15 pm.

No ECFE Classes July 5-7 47

Early Childhood Family EducationEarly Childhood Screening

Early Childhood Screening is a FREE developmental screening required by the State

of Minnesota prior to entry in kindergarten and by some early childhood programs.

The recommended age to screen is 3 ½ but children can be screened at any age between 3-5.
For the 2022-23 school year, when requested, screenings are also offered in a distance option
which does not require you to come to the building.

Análisis de la Primera Infancia a los 3 años Para el
año escolar 2022-23, las evaluaciones también se
ofrecen en una opción a distancia/virtual que no
requiere que usted venga al edificio. Análisis de la
Primera Infancia es una evaluación del desarrollo
GRATUITA requerida por el estado de Minnesota
antes de ingresar al jardín de infantes y por algunos
programas de la primera infancia. Algunos pro-
gramas para la primera infancia. La edad recomen-
dada para el análisis es 3 ½, pero los niños pueden
ser evaluados a cualquier edad entre los 3-5 años.

At your child’s screening appointment, a teacher En la cita de evaluación de su hijo, un maestro
or nurse will check your child’s: y una enfermera revisa lo siguiente:
• Visión, audición, altura y peso
◆ Vision, hearing, height, and weight • Progreso social y emocional y desarrollo general
◆ Social and emotional progress and overall development • Inmunizaciones y historial de salud
◆ Immunizations and health history
La evaluación del desarrollo de la primera
Early childhood developmental screening helps: infancia ayuda a:
• Los padres confirman que su hijo va por buen
◆ Parents confirm their child is on track with development
◆ Connect you with early childhood programs and services camino con el desarrollo
◆ Answer your parenting questions • Conectarlo con programas y servicios para

To schedule an appointment: la primera infancia

Fill out the form at Responda sus preguntas sobre la crianza de los
Once your request is received, you will be prompted to hijos Para programar una cita:
register and consent to screening and then will receive • Complete el siguiente formulario
a link to the parent questionnaire. A link to choose
an appointment time using an online appointment
scheduling app will be sent. • Una vez recibido, alguien de nuestra oficina se

Questions? comunicará con usted para programar una cita.

Email: [email protected] ¿Tiene preguntas?
Call 952-232-3000, ext #3 and leave a message Correo electrónico: [email protected]
Llame al 952-232-3000, ext. # 3 y deje la
información de contacto en nuestra línea
de evaluación.

ECFE Home and Virtual Visits

Do you have a question about parenting or are you wondering if your child’s development is
on track? ECFE offers free individual visits for families in the Lakeville Area Public School District.

An individual visit may be for you whether you are a first time parent or an experienced one, have questions or
concerns about your child’s development, would like advice or parenting strategies or have a special situation that
makes it difficult to attend class. We can help provide support to community resources, if needed. We are available
to meet with you either by appointment in-person or from the comfort of your own home by phone or a virtual
meeting. For more information or to schedule, call 952-232-3006 or email [email protected]


Small Wonders Preschool

Discover a preschool that encourages students to use their hands to find answers! Where students

do not need to wait with a hand raised to ask a question! Small Wonders teachers offer a hands-on

approach that stimulates the learning process and encourages the children to imagine, discover,

create, and learn! Students will learn about the world around them through exploration. They will

thrive in an environment that focuses on social, emotional and cognitive development.

Helping Children Discover Sparking Imagination Small Wonders Preschool
The Fun in Learning! with a Passion for Learning

◆ World-class, child centered experiences provided Small Wonders is committed to world-class,
by Lakeville Schools child-centered excellence, building a child’s
confidence, and preparing them with a strong
◆ High parent satisfaction rate foundation for future learning. Our curriculum
emphasizes early literacy, and helps children
◆ Caring, professional, educated, experienced staff develop a passion for learning. Teachers use
leading technology to spark imagination!
◆ Options to combine Preschool with Wonder
Zone childcare for a Full day program Our Staff is Our Strength

◆ Age appropriate technology to enhance learning Once you meet our teachers and assistants
in modern classrooms you will see what we mean. They are nurturing,
energetic professionals dedicated to helping
◆ Houghton Mifflin Splash into Pre-K curriculum children learn to their fullest potential.

◆ Focus on literacy with exposure to fine arts, We have licensed teachers and highly
science, math, language and technology qualified assistants with extensive experience
who participate in continuous professional
◆ Accreditation from The National Association for development training with Lakeville district staff.
the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and
recipient of the Four Star Parent Aware Rating Their creative approach tailored to each session
makes class time new and exciting each and
◆ Safe, convenient, secure location at Crystal Lake every day!
Education Center (CLEC) 16250 Ipava Ave

Register for Fall 2022 & Summer Programs Now!

To learn more about the Small Wonders Preschool, Summer or School Year programming contact:
Ann Skokan at [email protected] or 952-232-3001. All students must be able to toilet independently.
No refunds unless a class is full or canceled. Fall schedule & fee information is listed on page 52.
Summer programs are listed on page 50-51. For registration information, visit


Small Wonders Summer Fun

Summer activities are filled with a variety of themes and adventures that will fill your summer full
of memories. Come discover the “fun” in learning! For more details, visit

Small Wonders Preschool Get Ready for a New School Year!

On your mark - Get set - Go!

Join us for lots of learning and fun as we…Welcome our new
preschoolers, re-discover with our experienced preschoolers, and
prepare our brand new kindergartners!

Camps Each day will be filled with hands-on centers, including circle and group
time, gross and fine motor activities, dramatic play, music, art, science,
Sports Camp math, story time, and snack time. The theme related curriculum is
sure to grab your child’s attention, stimulate their interest and create
June 21-23 excitement about the discoveries they will be making.

Get ready to move and groove! Let’s Get Ready Preschool Prep!
We’ll get moving with lots of fun
and exercise inside and out as we for Kindergarten! For students 1 & 2 years
pretend to be Hungry, Hungry before Kindergarten
Hippos with scooter boards, do For students entering If you are new or returning to
some Hokey Pokey Aerobics, run Kindergarten this fall preschool, this is for you. Let’s go
the bases, ribbon dance, shoot Speed on into class so we can for a little school tour to help you
hoops, plus many more sport help you prepare for the “Big know what a preschool classroom
activities. Race” also known as kindergarten! has waiting for you, re-acquaint
with old friends and meet new.
#224-06 Tu-Th 9-11:30 am We’ll focus on kindergarten
readiness through technology, We’ll introduce places such as
Room B-21 $80 songs, learning games, literature, the classroom centers, location
science experiments, number of the restrooms, school office,
For Summer DASH Tykes Camps magic, letters and sounds, name gym, and outside playground.
see page 32. printing, plus many more center
activities where the children will Then we will show you what we
Kids in the Kitchen learn by exploring. do while we are at preschool…
paint with shaving cream, play
July 19-21 This class will introduce the musical Lummi sticks, enjoy
adventures awaiting you as we snack with new friends, sing to
Are you ready for a cooking calm your anxiety about being your heart’s content, run off some
adventure? Let’s get cooking! a brand new kindergartner. Say energy as we play games in the
Cutting, pouring, mixing, and “good-bye” to preschool, “hello” gym or outside playground,
mashing, once you get the hang to kindergarten! plus many more activities full of
of it, the sky’s the limit for what learning! Come prepared to have
you can create. Our kitchen is August 1-5 fun as you discover or re-discover
waiting for you with good times what preschool is all about!
and great food, made by you! 12:30-3 pm
Includes cooking supplies
and snacks. D-41 $115

August 16-18

#224-07 Tu-Th 9-11:30 am 9-11:30 am

Room B-21 $95 B26 $80

Summer classes are held at the Crystal Lake Education Center
16250 Ipava Avenue, Lakeville and are for preschool children ages 3-6 who can toilet independently.

Students needing child care this summer will register for child care through Wonder Zone. Students must be
registered for both Wonder Zone and Small Wonders simultaneously if needing childcare. Students in Wonder
Zone may sign up for morning Small Wonders activities in addition to their SW/WZ summer preschool class.


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