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RMA Industries Line Card


PHONE: 734-404-6361
PHONE: 313-928-4000 WWW. R MA I N D U S T R I E S . C O M FAX: 734-414-3400
FAX: 313-928-4003
18-8 Stainless Steel Dry Seal 6150 CRV Alloy (Import) Plain Zinc/Yel (USA)
SOCKET CAP SCREWS 3/4 Taper 8650 Alloy Plain SAE Tension Flat Washers
Alloy Plain 8650 CRV Alloy (Metric) Plain Zinc/Yel (USA)
Alloy Zinc Bake CUP POINT SET SCREWS 6150 Alloy (Import)
Alloy Mechanical Zinc Alloy Plain HEX BOLTS
Alloy Plain Nylon Patch Alloy Zinc Bake HEX KEY SETS A307 Grade A Plain
Alloy Plain 1936 Series Alloy Mechanical Zinc 8650 Alloy (Inch/Metric) Sets A307 Grade A Zinc
Alloy Class 12.9 Plain DIN 912 Alloy Plain Nylon Patch (USA) Plain A307 Grade A HDG
Alloy Class 12.9 Zinc Bake DIN 912 Alloy Locking Socket Jam A307 Grade A Zinc/Yel
18-8 Stainless Steel Screw Plain BOLT PRODUCTS
316 Stainless Steel Alloy Class 14.9 DIN 916 Plain HEAVY HEX BOLTS
A2 Stainless Steel Alloy Class 14.9 DIN 916 Zinc Bake GRADE 2 A193 Grade B7 Plain
A4 (316) Stainless Steel 18-8 Stainless Steel Grade 2 Plain A307 Grade B Plain
Alloy Plain (USA) 316 Stainless Steel Grade 2 Zinc A307 Grade B Zinc
Class 12.9 ISO 4762 / DIN 912 A2 Stainless Steel Grade 2 Zinc/Yel A307 Grade B HDG
Mechanical Zinc 45H ISO 4029 / DIN 916 Mechanical Grade 2 HDG Grade 8 Plain (USA)
Zinc Grade 8 Plain (Import)
Alloy Zinc Bake Alloy Cone Pt. Plain Grade 5 Zinc A307 Grade A Plain
Alloy Mechanical Zinc Alloy Cone Pt. Plain Nylon Patch Grade 5 Plain (China) A307 Grade A Zinc
Alloy Plain Nylon Patch Alloy Cone Pt. Class 14.9 Plain Grade 5 Zinc (China) A307 Grade A HDG
Alloy Class 12.9 Plain DIN 7991 DIN 914 Grade 5 Zinc/Yel (Import) A307 Grade A Zinc/Yel
Alloy Class 10.9 Plain ISO 10642 Cone Pt. 18-8 Stainless Steel Grade 5 Plain (USA) Grade 5 Plain
Alloy Class 12.9 Zinc Bake Alloy Oval Pt. Plain Grade 5 Zinc (USA) Grade 5 Zinc
DIN 7991 Oval Pt. 18-8 Stainless Steel Class 8.8 DIN 933/961 ISO Grade 5 Zinc/Yel
18-8 Stainless Steel Alloy Half Dog Plain 4017/8676 Plain Grade 5 HDG
316 Stainless Steel Half Dog 18-8 Stainless Steel Class 8.8 DIN 931/960 ISO 18-8 Stainless Steel
A2 Stainless Steel Alloy Full Dog Plain 4014/8765 Plain 316 Carriage Bolt
A4 (316) Stainless Steel Coarse Alloy Full Dog Class 14.9 Class 8.8 DIN 933/931/961 Class 4.6 DIN 603 Zinc
Alloy Plain (USA) DIN 915 Plain Zinc/Blue
Class 12.9 DIN 7991 Mechanical Alloy Flat Pt. Plain Metric Class 8.8 ASME Zinc ASSORTED BOLTS
Zinc Alloy Flat Pt. Plain Nylon Patch Elevator Bolts Grade 1 Plain
Alloy Flat Pt. Class 14.9 GRADE 8 & 10.9 Elevator Bolts Grade 1 Zinc
BUTTON SOCKET CAPS DIN 913 Plain Grade 8 Plain (Import) Frame Bolts Indented Hex Flange
Alloy Plain Flat Pt. 18-8 Stainless Steel Grade 8 Zinc/Yel (Import) Hex Flange Screws 10.9 DIN 6921
Alloy Zinc Bake Alloy Knurled Pt. Plain Grade 8 Coarse Zinc/Yel Bake Zinc/Yel
Alloy Plain Nylon Patch Alloy Knurled Pt. Class 14.9 Plain (China) Hex Flange Screws Serrated
Alloy Class 12.9 Plain ISO 7380 Slotted Set Screws Coarse Alloy Grade 8 Plain (USA) Grade 5 Zinc
Alloy Class 12.9 Zinc Bake CS Harden Zinc Grade 8 Zinc/Yel (USA) Plow Bolts 170,000 Psi Plain
ISO 7380 Knurled Cup Point Socket Set Grade 8 Heavy Hex Bolt Plain Plow Bolts Clipped Head
18-8 Stainless Steel Screws Zinc Bake (USA) Grade 5 Plain
A2 Stainless Steel Class 10.9 DIN 933/961 ISO Plow Bolts Elliptical Head
A4 (316) Stainless Steel SQUARE HEAD SET SCREWS 4017/8676 Plain Grade 5 Zinc
316 Stainless Steel Case Hardened Cup Point Plain Class 10.9 DIN 931/960 ISO Plow Bolts Grade 5 #3 Head Plain
Class 12.9 Mechanical Zinc ISO Case Hardened Half Dog Point Plain 4014/8765 Plain Plow Bolts Grade 5 #3 Head Zinc
7380 Case Hardened Cup Point Fine Class 10.9 DIN 933/931/960 ISO Plow Bolts Grade 5 #3 Head Zinc
Alloy Mechanical Zinc Coarse Thread Plain 4014/4017 Zinc/Blue Square Head Bolts A307
Case Hardened Flat Point Plain Class 10.9 DIN 933/931 ISO 4014 Grade A HDG
SOCKET SHOULDER SCREWS Case Hardened Cone Point Plain Zinc/Yel Square Head Bolts A307
Alloy Plain Case Hardened Oval Point Plain Metric 10.9 Plain Grade A Plain
Alloy Plain Nylon Patch Alloy Cup Point Plain Square Head Bolts A307
Alloy Class 12.9 Plain ISO 7379 18-8 Stainless Steel Cup Point STAINLESS Grade A Zinc
18-8 Stainless Steel 18-8 Hex Cap Screws Step Bolts Full Threaded Plain
DOWEL PINS 316 Hex Cap Screws Step Bolts Full Threaded Zinc
LOW HEAD SOCKET CAPS Alloy Plain A2 Hex Cap Screws Timber Bolts A307 Grade A HDG
Alloy Plain Alloy Pull Out Plain A4 Hex Cap Screws Grade 5 Clip Head Plow Bolt Zinc
Alloy Class 10.9 Plain DIN 7984 Alloy .001 Oversize Plain A4 Hex Cap Screws Full Thread Hanger Bolts Zinc
A2 Stainless Steel Alloy Plain DIN 6325 18-8 Hex Cap Screws Full Thread Hanger Bolts Plain
Class 8.8 Plain Alloy Pull Out Plain DIN 7979 18-8 Hex Head Serrated Flange Turned Eye Bolt No Nut Zinc
18-8 Stainless Steel Screw with Wax (Inch)
PIPE PLUGS 316 Stainless Steel TAP BOLTS
Alloy Plain Hex Dry Seal 3/4 Taper 416 Stainless Steel L9® FASTENING SYSTEM A307 Grade A Plain
Alloy Plain Hex Flush Seal 7/8 Taper A4 Stainless Steel EN ISO 2338 High Head Hex Cap Screw A307 Grade A Zinc
Brass 3/4 Taper Zinc/Yel (USA) A307 Grade A HDG
SHORT ARM HEX KEYS Hex Nuts Cad. Yellow & Wax (USA) Grade 5 Plain
6150 CRV Alloy (Import) Plain L9 Collar Locknuts Cad. Yellow & Grade 5 Zinc
6150 CRV Alloy (Metric) Wax (USA) Grade 5 Zinc (USA)
(Import) Plain
8650 Alloy Plain
8650 Alloy (Metric) Plain
T-6 /6 Lobe (Torx Type)

Phone:313-928-4000 Phone: 734-404-6361
Fax: 313-928-4003 MACHINE SCREWS SELF DRILLING SCREWS Fax: 734-414-3400
Mushroom Head Combo Proferred® SDS K-Lath/Mod Truss
Plain Phillips Flat Zinc Self-Drilling Drywall Screws Phillips
Zinc Phillips Oval Zinc Proferred® SDS Pan Bugle Self Drilling #2PT Phos
HDG Phillips Pan Zinc Framing PHOS Self-Drilling Drywall Screws Bugle
18-8 Stainless Steel Phillips Round Zinc Proferred® SDS Pan Phil Head Phillips Zinc
316 Hex Lag Screw Phillips Truss Zinc Framing Zinc Self Piercing Screws Zinc
Sems Phillips Pan JISB1188 Zinc Proferred® Drywall Screw Black
STRUCTURAL BOLTS Sems Phillips Pan Zinc Proferred® SDS Phil Pan Zinc Phos (Taiwan)
A325 TC Bolt Plain Slotted Binder Undercut Zinc Proferred® Drywall Screw Phillips
Assembly (Import) Slotted Fillister Zinc Proferred® SDS Trim Head Square Bugle Zinc/Yel (Inch) (Taiwan)
A325 TC Bolt Plain Assembly (USA) Slotted Flat Countersunk Screw Plain Drive Zinc Ph Fl Particle Board Screw ZB
A325 Type 1 HDG (Import) Slotted Flat Zinc Proferred® K-Lath Mod Truss Sharp
A325 Type 1 HDG (USA) Slotted Oval Zinc Proferred® SDS Wafer Phil w/Wings Point Screw
A325 Type 1 Plain (Import) Slotted Pan Zinc Zinc Particle Board Screw Plain Hardened
A325 Type 1 Plain (USA) Slotted Round Zinc Wood Screw Zinc
A490 TC Bolt Plain Slotted Truss Zinc Proferred® SDS Wafer Proferred® Drywallerz™ Drywall
Assembly (Import) Thumb Screw Type A with Phil Zinc Screw Gray Phos (LB)
A490 TC Bolt Plain Assembly (USA) Shoulder Zinc Proferred® SDS Phil Bugle Gray Phil SQ-Drive Composite Screw
A325 TC Bolt Assembly Mechanical Thumb Screw Type B No Phos (LB) Phillips Drive Bugle Head Deck
Galv. (USA) Shoulder Zinc Screw, Type 17, 18-8 Stainless Steel
A490 Type 1 Plain (Import) Class 4.8 Phillips Flat DIN 965A Zinc Proferred® SDS Zinc (LB) Square Drive Bugle Head Deck
A490 Type 1 Plain (USA) Class 4.8 Pan Head Slotted Zinc Screw, Type 17, 18-8 Stainless Steel
Class 4.8 Phillips Pan SDS HWH Unslotted w/ Bonded Square Drive Bugle Head Deck
SCREW PRODUCTS DIN 7985A Zinc Washer Zinc Screw, Type 17, 316 Stainless Steel
Metric Flat Slot Zinc Self Drilling Screws Maxiseal Washer 18-8 Square Drive Flat Head Deck
STAINLESS MACHINE SCREWS Stove Bolt with M/S Nut Zinc Climaseal (USA) Screw, Type 17, 4 Nibs
18-8 Phillips Flat Self Drilling Screws Teks® Light
18-8 Phillips Pan SCREWS
18-8 Phillips Truss Self Drilling Screws Teks® Scots FINISHED HEX NUTS
304 Metric Phillips Flat Head 18-8 Phillips Flat Head Climaseal (USA) Finished Hex Nuts Plain
304 Metric Phillips Pan Head 18-8 Phillips Oval Finished Hex Nuts Zinc
304 Flat Slotted Head 18-8 Phillips Pan Self Drilling Screws Teks® w/Bonded Finished Hex Nuts Zinc/Yel
304 Pan Slotted Head 18-8 Phillips Truss Washer Climaseal (USA) Finished Hex Nuts HDG
304 Round Slotted 304 Type AB (Inch) Self Drilling Screws Zinc Finished Hex Nuts Grade 5 Plain
A2 (18-8) 6-Lobe Flat Head 304 Indent Hex Washer Type A Finished Hex Nuts Grade 5 Zinc
A2 (18-8) 6-Lobe Pan Head A2 (18-8) Square Pan Head Type A Teks® SDS Zinc Climaseal (USA) Finished Hex Nuts Grade 5 Zinc/Yel
A2 (18-8) Square Pan Head A2 (18-8) Square Truss Head Type A Finished Hex Nuts Grade 8 Alloy
A2 (18-8) Trimmed Hex Head A2 (18-8) Square Flat Head Type A Teks2® SDS Zinc (USA) Zinc Bake
A2 (18-8) Phillips Fillister Head 316 Slot Hex Washer Head Type A Finished Hex Nuts Grade 8 Plain
316 Phillips Pan Head 316 Phillips Oval Head Type A Trugrip GT HWH Metal to Wood Finished Hex Nuts Grade 8 Zinc/Yel
316 Trimmed Hex Head 316 Phillips Truss Head Type A Climaseal (USA) Finished Hex Nuts Brass
316 Phillips Flat Head 316 Phillips Flat Head Type A Finished Hex Nuts Left Hand Plain
316 Phillips Truss Head 316 Phillips Pan Head Type A Self Drilling Screws Hardened Left Hand Nut, Zinc
316 Phillips Oval Head Stainless Steel 410 Hex Nuts Class 6 DIN 934 Zinc
18-8 6-Lobe Truss Head SELF TAPPING SCREWS Hex Nuts Class 8 DIN 934 Plain
18-8 6-Lobe Pin-In Flat Head Type A Zinc Self Drilling Screws Stainless Steel Hex Nuts Class 8 DIN 934 Zinc
18-8 6-Lobe Pin-In Button Head Type AB Zinc 410 Indent HWH Unslot with Bonded Hex Nuts Class 8 DIN 934 Zinc/Yel
18-8 Slotted Indented Hex Washer Type B Zinc Washer (Inch) Hex Nuts Class 10 DIN 934 Plain
Head Thread Rolling Screws Zinc/Wax Hex Nuts Class 10 DIN 934
18-8 Square Drive Flat Head Type 23 Thread Cutting Screws Zinc CONSTRUCTION SCREWS Zinc/Blue
18-8 Regular Thumb Screws Type B Type 25 Thread Cutting Screws Zinc Proferred® Drywall Screws Bugle Hex Nuts Class 10 DIN 934 Zinc/Yel
without Shoulder Type F Floorboard Thread Cutting Phillips Coarse Thread Finished Hex Nuts Grade 5 Plain NC
18-8 Phillips Pan Head SEMS Screws Phos Gray Phos (USA)
A2 (18-8) Phillips Pan Head SEMS Type F Thread Cutting Screws Zinc Finished Hex Nuts Grade 5 Zinc
A2 (18-8) Slotted Pan Head Type U Drive Screws Round Proferred® Drywall Screws Bugle (USA)
A2 (18-8) Slotted Flat Head Head Zinc Phillips Coarse Thread Finished Hex Nuts Grade 8 Plain NC
A2 (18-8) Slotted Cheese Head Thread Rolling Screws Zinc Zinc/Yel (USA)
Machine Screws DIN 84 Type F Thread Cutting Screws Pan Proferred® Drywall Screws Bugle Finished Hex Nuts Grade 8 Zinc/Yel
Slotted Phillips Fine Thread Gray Phos (USA)
Combo (Phil/Slot) Round Zinc SELF DRILLING SCREWS Proferred® Drywall Screws Phil HEAVY HEX NUTS
Combo (Phil/Slot) Truss Zinc Proferred® SDS Bugle Phillips Gray Bugle Hi-Lo Thread Phos A194 2H Heavy Hex Nuts Plain
Indented Hex Head Zinc Phos A194 2H Heavy Hex Nuts
Indented Hex Washer Head Proferred® SDS Flat Phil Reamer w/ Proferred® Drywall Screws Pan Phil Plain (USA)
Slotted Zinc Wings Zinc Framing Gray Phos A194 2H Heavy Hex Nuts
Indented Hex Washer Head Zinc Proferred® SDS HWH No Plain (Taiwan)
Slot Zinc Proferred® Phil Bugle Laminating A194 2H Heavy Hex Nuts HDG
Proferred® SDS HWH w/ Bonded Screw Gray Phos A194 2H Heavy Hex Nuts
Washer, Zinc Proferred® Phillips Drive HDG (USA)
Proferred® SDS HWH w/ Bits - Plain
Sealing Washers Zinc
Deck Screw Square Drive Phosphate
Deck Screw Square Drive Zinc/Yel
Deck Screw Phillips Dacrotized

Drywall Screws Phillips Bugle Phos

Drywall Screws Phillips Bugle
NC Zinc

Drywall Screws Phillips Bugle

Drywall Screws Phillips K-Lath
Twinfast Zinc
Particle Board Screws Flat Head
Phillips Black Phos Hardened

Particle Board Screws Flat Head
Square Drive Black Phos Hardened

Phillips Combo Drive® Deck Screws
Green (ACQ Compatible)

Phillips Combo Drive® Deck Screws
Red (ACQ Compatible)

Phillips Combo Drive® Deck Screws
Tan (ACQ Compatible)

Phillips Combo Drive® Phillips
Drive Bits - Plain


Phone:313-928-4000 Phone: 734-404-6361
Fax: 313-928-4003 Fax: 734-404-6361

A194 2H Heavy Hex Nuts Zinc 316 Heavy Hex Nuts (THRU HARDENED)
A563 Grade C Heavy Hex Nuts Plain
A563 Grade C Heavy Hex Nuts Zinc 18-8 Grade 8 ASTM A194 Heavy Thru Hardened High Collar Plain
A563 Grade DH Heavy Hex Nuts Hex Nut (Inch)
HDG/Wax & Blue Dye 316 Grade 8M ASTM A194 Heavy Thru Hardened Hi Collar Zinc/Yel
A563 Grade DH Heavy Hex Hex Nut (Inch)
Nuts Plain Metric A2 Hex Nuts WASHER PRODUCTS Thru Hardened Plain (USA)
A563-A Heavy Hex Nuts Plain Thru Hardened Zinc/Blue DIN 127B
A563-A Heavy Hex Nuts Zinc Metric A4-80 Hex Nuts DIN 934
A563-A Heavy Hex Nuts Zinc/Yel FLAT WASHERS (LOW CARBON) Thru Hardened Regular Carbon
A563-A Heavy Hex Nuts HDG DIN 934 Hex Nuts Coarse A4-70 USS Plain (50 lb Carton) (USA)
A563-A Heavy Hex Nuts Grade
DH Plain (USA) DIN 439 Metric 316 Hex Thin Nuts USS Plain (Pieces) HI Collar Plain DIN 7980
A563-A Heavy Hex Nuts Grade DH
HDG/Wax & Blue (USA) 316 Hex Jam Nut (Inch) USS Zinc (50 lb Carton) LOCKWASHERS
A563 Heavy Hex Nuts Grade C USS Zinc Clear (Pieces) External Tooth Zinc
Coarse Plain (USA) DIN 439 Metric 304 Hex Thin Nuts
USS Zinc/Yel (50 lb Carton) Internal Tooth Zinc
HEX JAM NUTS 316 Hex Machine Screw Nut (Inch)
Finished Hex Jam Nuts Plain USS HDG (50 lb Carton) Internal/External Tooth Lock
Finished Hex Jam Nuts Zinc STAINLESS LOCKNUTS USS HDG (Pieces) Washers, Zinc
Finished Hex Jam Nuts Zinc/Yel 18-8 Nylon Insert SAE Plain (50 lb Carton) Hi Collar/W Zinc Bake (Metric)
Finished Hex Jam Nuts HDG SAE Zinc (50 lb Carton)
Heavy Hex Jam (Thin) Nuts 316 Nylon Insert SAE Zinc (Pieces) Split Lockwashers (Metric)
Grade A Plain SAE Zinc/Yel (50 lb Carton)
Heavy Hex Jam (Thin) Nuts Nylon Insert Locknuts DIN 985 A2 SAE HDG (50 lb Carton) Split Lockwashers Thru Hardened
Grade A Zinc SAE Plain (Pieces) DIN 127B Plain
Class 4 Hex Jam Nuts DIN 439B Zinc Nylon Insert Locknuts Fender Washers Plain (50 lb Carton) DIN 6797A External Tooth Zinc
DIN 985 A4-80
MACHINE SCREW NUTS Hex Flange Nuts Serrated DIN 6797J Internal Tooth Zinc
Hex Machine Screw Nuts Plain 18-8 Stainless Steel
Hex Machine Screw Nuts Zinc Hex Flange Nuts Serrated DIN 6798A External Tooth Serrated
Square Machine Screw Nuts Zinc 316 Stainless Steel Zinc
18-8 K Locknut
Grade A Nylon Insert Locknet Zinc Nylon Insert Locknuts DIN 985 DIN 125A 200HV Zinc/Yel 18-8 Stainless Steel
(NE/NTE/NU/NTU/NM/NTM) A4-70 DIN 125A Plain 316 Stainless Steel
Grade A Nylon Insert Locknut, NE, DIN 125A 200HV Plain A2 Stainless Steel
Zinc/Yel ASSORTED NUTS DIN 125A 200HV Zinc
Grade C Nylon Insert Locknut Acorn Nut Domed Class 6 DIN 1587
Phos. & Oil DIN 125A 140HV Zinc/Yel SQUARE WASHERS
Grade C Nylon Insert Locknut Acorn Nut Nickel Plated DIN 433 Small Washer Zinc Square Beveled F436 Hardened
Zinc/Yel DIN 125A Zinc/Blue Washers HDG
Hex Locknut DIN 982/985 Zinc Acorn Nut 1 Piece 304 Stainless DIN 7349 Thick Flat Washer Zinc Square Beveled F436 Hardened
Class 10 Nylon Insert Locknut DIN 9021B Fender Washers Zinc Washers Plain
DIN 985 Castle Nuts Plain DIN 9021B Grade C Fender Washer Square Beveled Malleable
Class 8 Nylon Insert Locknet Zinc/ Zinc Washers HDG
Yel (Metric) Heavy Slotted Hex Nuts Coarse Plain Round Plate Washer Plain Square Beveled Malleable
Round Plate Washer HDG Washers Plain
ALL METAL LOCKNUTS Hex Coupling Nut A563-A Plain Fender Washer Zinc Square Plate Washer HDG
Grade C Zinc/Wax
Grade C Cone All Metal Locknut Hex Coupling Nut A563-A Zinc FLAT WASHERS Square Plate Washer Plain
Zinc/Wax (Taiwan) (THRU HARDENED)
Serrated Flange Zinc Hex Coupling Nuts A563-A HDG Square Bevel Malleable Washer, Zinc
External Tooth Keps Zinc USS Thru Hardened Plain (USA)
Reversible (2 way) Zinc Hex Flange Nut Class 8 DIN USS Thru Hardened Zinc (USA) ASSORTED WASHERS
Class 8 DIN 980V Zinc/Wax 6923 Zinc USS Thru Hardened 18-8 Finishing Washers
Class 8 Serrated Flange Panel Nuts Zinc Zinc/Yel (Import) Stainless Steel
DIN 6923 Zinc USS Thru Hardened Zinc/Yel (USA) Bonded Sealing Washers Zinc
Class 8 External Tooth Keps Zinc Slotted Finished Hex Nuts SAE Thru Hardened Plain (Import)
Class 10 DIN 980V Zinc/Wax Coarse Plain Countersunk Finishing Washer
Grade G Phos & Oil Hex Flange Slotted Finished Hex Nuts Fine Zinc Nickel Plated
Cone Locknut (Two Opposite Oval
Lock Type) Square Nuts Grade 2 HDG SAE Thru Hardened Plain (USA) Ogee Washer Class 30 Grey
Class 8 Hex Flange Locknut Metric Iron HDG
Coarse Zinc DIN 6927 Square Nuts Grade 2 Plain SAE Thru Hardened Zinc (USA) Flat Washers Solid Brass
Grade C Nylon Insert Locknut Plain
Square Nuts Grade 2 Zinc SAE Thru Hardened Flat Washers Solid Brass
18-8 Hex Nuts Stamped and Cold Forged Wing Nut
316 Hex Nuts SAE Thru Hardened Zinc/Yel (USA) Round Malleable Washers HDG
18-8 Machine Screw Nuts Tee Nuts 3 and 4 Prong Zinc
18-8 Jam Nut SAE Extra Heavy Zinc/Yel (USA) Round Malleable Washers Plain
18-8 Heavy Hex Nuts Tee Nuts, 18-8 Stainless Steel
ANSI B18.22M Thru Hardened Shear Plate Washer Mall
Wheel Nuts Right Hand 60 Degree (Metric) (Narrow Series) Zinc/Blue Shear Plate Washer Mall HDG
Taper Zinc
DIN 6334 Hex Coupling Nuts A2-70 USS Med. Carbon Thru Hardened STRUCTURAL WASHERS
Hex Coupling Nuts 18-8 Stainless
Steel FLAT WASHERS (STAINLESS) A325 DTI Squirter Washer Mech Gal
Hex Reducing Coupling Nuts 18-8 BBI Standard
18-8 Stainless Steel 18-8 Commercial Standard F436 Plain (Import)
Hex Coupling Nuts 316 Stainless 18-8 Fender Standard
Steel 18-8 Stainless Steel MS15795 F436 Zinc/Yel (Import)
Metric Hex Coupling Nuts Class 6 316 Stainless Steel
Zinc Commercial Standard F436 HDG (Import)
Wing Nut Type A Light Series Plain Stainless Steel A2 DIN 125A
F436 Round Washer Plain USA
Wing Nut 18-8 Stainless Steel SPLIT LOCKWASHERS (ALLOY)
F436 Round Washer HDG USA
Wing Nuts, Cold Forged
316 Stainless Steel Direct Tension Indicator Washer Plain
Grade 8 High Nut, Hardened, Plain (For A-325)(USA)(INCH)
(Inch) Direct Tension Indicator Washer
MGAL (For A-325)(USA)(INCH)
Cotter Pins Extended Prong Square Alloy Plain
Cut Zinc
Alloy Zinc

Alloy Zinc/Yel

Alloy HDG

Regular Zinc/Yel

DIN127B Zinc/Yel

Hammer Drive Anchor Mushroom C24 Proferred® M42 Super Cobalt Spot-
266 Head w/304 S/S Nail W36 Proferred® Rivets Aluminum/Steel
Hammer Drive Anchor Mushroom Zinc Dome Head Multi-Grip Type weld Drill Bit
267 Head w/Zinc Plated Steel Nail C25 M2 HSS Step Drill Bit (Inch)
Hollow Wall Anchor Pan Head W37 Proferred® Rivets Aluminum/Steel
272 Combo (Phil/Slt) Zinc Zinc Dome Head Multi-Grip Type C26 Proferred® M2 HSS Black and Gold
Hollow Wall "Drive Type" Pan Head Drill Bit
R14 Hollow Wall Anchor Setting Tool C30 M2 HSS Annular Cutter for Magnetic
WELD FASTENERS R15 W78 Steel Large Flange Knurled Body Drill Bit (Inch)
159* Nylon Drive Anchor Zinc Yellow CR+3 (Metric and Inch)
W82 Hex Weld Nut Long Pilot C31 M2 HSS Annular Cutter Pilot Pin
3 Projections R08 Drive Pin Expansion Anchor Zinc W80 Steel Small Flange Knurled Body (Inch)
Zinc Yellow CR+3 (Metric and Inch)
W83 Hex Weld Nut Short Pilot R10 Split Fast Drive Anchor C32 Tungsten Carbide Tipped Cutter
3 Projections (Flat Head) Zinc W77 Steel Small Flange Smooth Body (Inch)
R11 MungoTM - MB-S Nylon Zinc CR+3 (Metric and Inch)
W84 Hex Weld Nut Long Pilot Framing Anchor C33 Tungsten Carbide Tipped Accessories
6 Projections R12 MungoTM - MNA-S Countersunk W79 Aluminum Large Flange Knurled (Inch)
156 Nylon Hammer Screw Body (Inch)
W85 Hex Weld Nut Short Pilot R13 MungoTM - MJPZ Jet Plug Zinc & C34 M2 HSS Reamer (Inch)
6 Projections MFPZ Fiber Plug Kits W81 Aluminum Small Flange Knurled
071 MungoTM - MN Nylon Plug Body (Inch) C35 Screw Extractor Set
W86 Spot Weld Nut Single Tab W/Target 078
MungoTM - Nylon Plug C36 Screw Extractor
W87 Spot Weld Nut Single Tab K05 RIVET WASHERS
MungoTM - MQL Universal Backup Rivet Washers Aluminum C40 Tap and Drill Set
W88 Spot Weld Nut Double Tab 431 Nylon Plug 142
Conical Plastic Anchor Kit 152* Backup Rivet Washers Steel Zinc C41 Carbon Tap
W89 Spot Weld Nut Dual Rib Projection 432
Plastic Conical Lip Anchor C42 HSS Tap
W90 Spot Weld Nut 4 Projections (Red, Blue)
Plastic Conical Lip Anchor Kits (Red C43 Carbon Pipe Tap
W91 Spot Weld Nut Single Tab & Blue) with screws & drill bit
W92 Single Projection L Shaped Anchor Bolt with C44 HSS Pipe Tap
Nut & Washer Plain
Retainer Weld Nut L Shaped Anchor Bolt with C45 HSS Combo Drill Tap
Nut & Washer HDG
W93 Headed Weld Stud ROD/STUD PRODUCTS C46 HSS Spiral Point Gun Tap

W94 Ferrule for Headed Weld Studs CARBON STEEL C47 Tap Wrench

V07 Hex Weld Nut 3 Projections 776 THAR3E07AADllETDhrReaOd DRod Plain WOOD CUTTING DRILL BITS
18-8 Stainless Steel C50 Spade Bit Set
777* A307 All Thread Rod Zinc
416 Weld Nut DIN 929 Plain ( N.C & N.F ) C51 Spade Bit

770 A307 All Thread Rod HDG C52 Self Feed Drill

778 A193 B7 All Thread Rod Plain C53 Wood Drill Extension

737 Class 4.6 All Thread Rod C55 Ship Auger
DIN 975 Zinc
W38 F1554 Grade 36 Thread Rod Plain
158 Ultrawedge™+ Wedge Anchor Zinc W39 F1554 Grade 36 Thread Rod
616 Proferred® Rivets Aluminum 5052 / Zinc CR+3
617 Wedge Anchor HDG Aluminum 5052 Dome Head
660 Wedge Anchor 304 Stainless Steel 185 Proferred® Rivets Aluminum 5056 / 886 18-8 All Thread Rod A02
183 Steel Dome Head 887 316 All Thread Rod CUTTING DISC
685 Wedge Anchor 316 Stainless Steel 186 871 A2 All Thread Rod A05 Cut-Off Wheels and Chop Saw
034 Proferred® Rivets Steel/Steel Dome 890 304 All Thread Rod A193 Grade B8 Wheels, Treated Alum Oxide
268* Commercial Wedge Anchor Zinc 035 Head Portable High Speed Gas Saw
(Inch) Wheels, Alum Oxide
269 Tap-King™- Concrete Screw w/Blue 036 Proferred® Rivets Stainless 304 / 891 316 All Thread Rod A193 Grade B8M
619 Ruspert finish 037 Stainless 304 Dome Head GRINDING DISC
Commercial Concrete Screw w/Blue (Inch) Type 27
276* Ruspert finish 100* Proferred® Rivets Steel/Steel Large
277* Drop-In Anchor Zinc Knurled Body 132 Flange Dome Head STEEL ROD/BAR
278* w/Setting Tool 134 R18 Steel Rounds Unthreaded Rod
618 Drop-In Anchor Setting Tool 136 Proferred® Rivets Aluminum 5052 /
426* 137 Aluminum 5052 Large Flange Dome Zinc Bake
R17 Drop-In Anchor 304 Stainless w/ W30 Head R19 Steel Square Keystock Zinc Bake
R37* Setting Tool W31
273 Sleeve Anchor Acorn Nut Zinc W32 Proferred® Rivets Aluminum 5056 / STUDS FLAP DISC
W33 Steel Large Flange Dome Head 775 A193 Grade B7 Stud Plain A10 Type 29
274 Sleeve Anchor Flat Head Zinc
W34* Proferred® Rivets Stainless 304 / A12 Type 27
263 Sleeve Anchor Hex Nut Zinc W35* Stainless 304 Large Flange
275 Sleeve Anchor Hex Nut 304 Stainless A20 Hand Pad
R06 Proferred® Rivets Steel/Steel Coun- CONCRETE DRILL BITS
280 Sleeve Anchor Round Head Zinc tersunk Zinc C10 SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill WIRE BRUSH
R02 C11 Slow Spiral Masonry Drill C38 Carbon
Sleeve Anchor w/Rod Hanger Zinc Proferred® Rivets Aluminum/Alumi- R62 Concrete Bit - For Concrete Screw C39 Stainless Steel
262* num Countersunk C12 SDS Plus + Stop Rotary Hammer Bit
893* Eye Coupling Nuts Zinc C13 SDS Max® Rotary Hammer Drill SAWS
143* Proferred® Rivets Aluminum 5056/ C19 SDS Hex Bit - For Concrete Screw
Lag Screw Expansion Shields Short Steel Countersunk C99 Concrete Screw Installation Kit BI-METAL RECIPROCATING
084 Zinc Alloy C60 Bi-Metal Reciprocating Blades
Lag Screw Expansion Shields Long Proferred® Rivets Stainless 304/ METAL CUTTING DRILL BITS
Zinc Alloy Stainless 304 Countersunk C20 Proferred® Drill Bit Set
Double Expansion Shield Zinc Alloy C21 Proferred® M2 HSS Twist Drill Bit
Proferred® Rivets Stainless 304/ C22 Proferred® M35 Cobalt Twist Drill
Single Expansion Shield Zinc Alloy Steel Countersunk
Machine Screw Anchor Zinc Alloy Proferred® Rivets Aluminum/Steel C23 Proferred® M42 Super Cobalt Double
Dome Closed-End
Machine Screw Anchor Setting Tool End Drill Bit
Proferred® Rivets Aluminum/Steel
Wood Screw Anchor Lead Alloy Countersunk Closed-End

Self-Drill Drywaller Anchor (Nylon Proferred® Rivets Aluminum/Alumi-
and Zinc) num Dome Closed-End
Toggle Wing Zinc
Proferred® Rivets Stainless 304/
Toggle Bolt with Wing Zinc Stainless 420 Grooved Dome Closed-
Toggle Bolt "Acoustical" with
Wing Zinc Proferred® Rivets Steel/Steel Zinc
TogglerTM - Hollow Wall Anchor Dome Head Multi-Grip Type
Plastic (TA-TB-TC)
Proferred® Rivets Aluminum/Steel
Zinc Dome Head Multi-Grip Type

Proferred® High Leverage Heavy Ironclad® Cold Condition Gloves
SOCKET SETS Duty Lineman’s Pliers GLOVES Ironclad® General Gloves
Proferred® 1/4" Drive Standard SAE Proferred® Straight Jaw Groove Joint Proferred® Disposable Nitrile Gloves Ironclad® Knit Gloves
Proferred® 1/4" Drive Standard Pliers Powder-Free Ironclad® Welding Gloves
Metric Proferred® Diagonal Cutting Pliers Proferred® Industrial Gloves Ironclad® Redline Gloves
Proferred® 3/8" Drive Standard SAE Proferred® High Leverage Heavy Proferred® Cut Resistant Gloves EXO® Gloves by Ironclad®
Proferred® 3/8" Drive Standard Duty Diagonal Pliers Armadillo Impact Orange with TPR EXO® Tactical Gloves by Ironclad®
Metric Proferred® Side Cutting Long Nose Swirl Palm EXO® Cold Condition Gloves by
Proferred® 1/2" Drive Standard SAE Pliers with Cutter Ironclad®
Proferred® 1/2" Drive Standard Proferred® Long Nose Pliers without KNEE PADS EXO® Mining Gloves by Ironclad®
Metric Cutter Proferred® Gel Knee Pads Ironclad® Oil & Gas Gloves
Proferred® 1/2" Drive Impact SAE Proferred® Slip Joint Pliers KONG® Gloves by Ironclad®
Proferred® 1/2" Drive Impact Metric Proferred® Internal/External Snap CABLE TIES Vibram® Gloves
Proferred® 3/4” Socket Master Set Ring Pliers with Quick Switch Tips Proferred® Nylon 66 Natural
Tiny Bone 5 in 1 Ratchet Handle Proferred® Locking Pliers Proferred® Nylon 66 UV Rated Black
Crescent Curved Jaw Locking Plier
1/4" Drive SAE Socket RIVETERS Proferred® Flashlights
1/4" Drive Metric Socket Hand-Operated Rivet Tool
3/8" Drive SAE Socket Hand-Operated Lever Tool RAIN GEAR & COVERS
3/8" Drive Metric Socket Proferred® Covers
1/2" Drive SAE Socket RIVETER KITS Proferred® Rainwear
1/2" Drive Metric Socket Steel Deluxe Hand Riveter Kit
Impact 3/8" Drive SAE Socket Aluminum Deluxe Hand Riveter Kit EYE PROTECTION
Impact 3/8" Drive Metric Socket Safety Glasses ANSI Z87.1
Impact 1/2" Drive SAE Socket SCREWDRIVERS Compliant
Impact 1/2" Drive Metric Socket Proferred® Acetate Cushion Grip
Impact 3/4" Drive SAE Socket Proferred® Go-Thru EAR PROTECTION
Impact 3/4" Drive Metric Socket Proferred® Insulated (1000V) Proferred® Ear Protection
Proferred® Acetate Screwdriver Sets
SOCKET ACCESSORIES Proferred® Interchangeable Bit SAFETY VESTS
Pear Ratchet Handle (No Mark) Screwdriver Sets Proferred® High Visibility Vest
Flex Handle (Breaker Bar)
Cobra Flex Handle (Breaker Bar) HEX KEYS
Drive Extension Bar Proferred® T-Handle Hex Key Set
Drive Impact Extension Bar Proferred® Long Arm Ball Point Hex
Universal Joint Key Set
Impact Universal Joint Proferred® Short Arm Hex Key Set
Adapter Proferred® T-Handle Hex Key
Magnetic Aluminum Socket Rail
SNIPS Proferred® Iron Staple Gun Tacker Proferred® Mask
Proferred® Aviation Snips TPR Grip Proferred® Hammer Tacker
Proferred® Staples (1.2mm Thick TAPES
ADJUSTABLE WRENCHES 10.6mm Wide) Proferred® Packaging Tape
Proferred® Standard Phos. Finish Proferred® Duct Tape
Proferred® Tiger Paw with Padded COMBO WRENCHES Proferred® Blue Painters Tape
Handle Matte Finish Proferred® Flex Ratcheting Combina- Proferred® Vinyl Electrical Tape
Proferred® Quick Snap Matte Finish tion Wrench Chrome Finish Proferred® Thread Sealing Tape
Proferred® Plumbing Phos. Finish Proferred® Combination Wrench Set Proferred® Caution / Danger Tape
Proferred® Ratcheting Matte Finish Proferred® Combination Wrench
Proferred® Mining with Hammer ASSORTED SAFETY & CONSUM-
Proferred® Hammers
PIPE WRENCHES Contractor Bags
Proferred® Pipe Wrench TAPE MEASURES Poly Sheets
Proferred® Tape Measure
Hex Drive UTILITY KNIFES Proferred® Hand & Tool Wipes /
Tamper Proof Proferred® Retractable Utility Knife Shop Towels / Lens Wipes
Bit Holder Proferred® Blade (12PC)
Magnetic Nutsetters HACKSAWS Vibra-TITE® Threadlocker
Slotted Drive Bits Proferred® Hacksaw Frame Super Glue
Star Drive Proferred® Hacksaw Blade
Square Drive
Proferred® Gauge (Inch & Metric)

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