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What kind of a teacher would you like to be?
“Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world”

quote by Nelson Mandela. From this, we can get to know how important education
was to a nation or an individual. Teachers are the driver of education. Teachers are
also the role models of the children. If the teacher does not have a good attitude, it
will affect the attitude of the student. Whatever a teacher does, will influence the
children. So as a student in Institusi Pendidikan Guru (IPG), the future teacher after
graduation. I know how important it is to have a goal of “what kind of a teacher I
would like to be?” From the previous experiences that I have been through with my
former teacher, I have my own opinion and thoughts of what kind of teacher I want to
be. I want to be a good teacher.

How to become a good teacher? In my opinion, a good teacher has to be
caring and considerate. Caring and considerate teachers will have a good
relationship with their students. Students will share with the teacher their happiness
and sadness, this will make the career of a teacher more meaningful. So, I wish I
could be a teacher like this. The teacher who will consider the student will also be
beloved by his students. They will always think about what is best for their students
and do the best things for them. The students will confide their stress, worries,
trouble, and other problems with the teacher who knows how to care for them. It is
because the teachers will not always feel that wrongs come from you, they will go to
find the solution to solve the problem. As a good teacher, I will always think before I
say. Whatever I say will affect my student’s life. So, I was a teacher cannot say
words that will Hurt my students, this might lead to the low self-esteem of that
particular student.
In addition, teachers must also be responsible. Teachers have the responsibility to
teach the student and give them the knowledge. Some irresponsible teachers did not
care about their students and they just impart knowledge, without caring if the
student has absorbed it. Teachers should make sure every student is keeping up
with the lesson taught during the process of teaching and educating, and should not
let go of any student. We must care for every student, respect their personality, and
promote their development in ideological, moral, intellectual, physical, and other
aspects. Some irresponsible teachers tend to train students only for the immediate

results, regardless of the improvement of students’ ability, the cultivation of good
habits, and the guidance of learning methods. It should be for the unqualified
students who do not know the teacher is responsible. Education is a long-term
development process, so teachers should play their role well and take responsibility
to teach the students.

I would also like to be a fun teacher. For me, a teacher must have a sense of
humor. From what I have experienced, when my teacher took things very seriously
or talked in a very serious voice the environment of the class was dull. I rarely have
an awful day in the classroom. On the other hand, when my teacher had fun with us,
the atmosphere changed and we started to communicate happily and more
effectively with our teacher. The learning process makes us feel meaningful and full
of happiness and I can remember what he thought for a longer time. We know that
fun learning can let the students become more concentrated so that they can learn
more in the class. I would like to make jokes and make my students laugh so that
they will enjoy their studies and they have their sensitivity to go with me. Fun
learning will enhance students’ interest in learning, they will not get bored and fall
asleep or chat in class, they will be very involved in the learning process. The
teacher can use funny stories to attract his students. Stories can also help students
to imagine more vividly the knowledge that they cannot understand. As we know,
normally students can remember the jokes or funny stories that the teacher told in
the class, so as a teacher, we can use a short fun story to deliver knowledge to the

Knowledge is the quality of a good teacher. As a teacher, we need to enlarge
and improve our general knowledge so that it can be a model for students to
encourage their learning. We must constantly improve our teaching and other skills.
As a teacher, we need a variety of abilities, such as language expression ability,
knowledge of ICT, etc. We should teach students about the right and useful
knowledge. So a teacher needs to be open to learning new things and
ever-changing. Life is full of changes. There is a place not only for traditional but also
for new ways. This teacher can chat with students on hot topics. Involve with the
students and get to know their situation and feelings. Going in line with the students

and giving them ideas and helping them to solve the problem with your knowledge
will make students respect and believe in you.

I want to be a creative teacher too. Creative teachers can create a classroom
environment that’s more motivational, interesting, and educational for your students.
In addition, a creative teacher can lead students to love your class, this is because
you can do many creative teaching methods. This will make students feel very
strange and get their attention. So, that can let the students get more knowledge
when they are teaching. For example, a teacher who teaches grammar knows that
grammar is hard to remember and use, so a creative teacher can use other ways like
composing a song that talks about the grammar, to let the students remember the
grammar and use it in the right way.

In conclusion, we know that to be a good teacher you should have many
abilities to face challenges in the future. The challenges include but are not limited to
the attitude of students, the problem about teaching methods, and others. So, if I
want to be a good teacher, I need to have the qualities that I mentioned above. Of
course more than that, I will learn more about how to be a good teacher in the future.

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