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Graham ERG Playbook

Graham ERG Playbook

Graham Packaging Company


What is an ERG?

Employee Resource Groups (“ERGs”) are voluntary, employee-led groups that serve as a resource for
members and organizations by fostering a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with Graham Packaging
Company’s mission, values, goals, business practices and objectives.

ERG Strategy:

ERGs provide support, contribute to professional growth and enhance career development for
employees. ERGs contribute to retention and members often provide assistance with new employee
referrals and recruiting.

Workplace Workforce WORKPLACE
 Diversity & Inclusion training
 Workplace culture
 Contribute to new ideas
 Dispel myths and misconceptions


 Recruitment
 Internship Programs
 Employee support system
 Provide education, personal growth and

idea sharing


 Work to enhance civic engagement
 Strengthen community service initiatives
 Sponsor internal/external events
 Champion the employment brand


How do I start an ERG?

Groups seeking official recognition as an ERG or an employee with questions should submit the following
information to [email protected] outlining the following:

▪ Proposed name of the group
▪ Goal of the group
▪ A mission statement demonstrating how the group will support its members and Graham

Packaging Company’s commitment to diversity & inclusion
▪ The names of at least five employees seeking to establish this group

Areas of Focus:

ERGs are known for engaging employees through various programs, activities, events and community
service. Employees join ERGs not only to fuel their engagement, but to grow, develop and network with
other employees. ERGs at Graham Packaging Company will have these areas of focus:

1.Employee 2.Community 3.Workforce
Development Outreach Development

1. Provide networking opportunities, leadership roles within group, support
managerial effectiveness, and career development. Members may also
participate in high profile activities and projects assigned.

2. Work to enhance and strengthen community involvement where we live and
operate. Lead volunteer initiatives in community.

3. Assist with recruitment, retention and talent development. Share
knowledge, raise cultural awareness and act as a bridge across culture
issues while improving Graham Packaging Company’s culture competence


Guiding Principles:

Guiding Principles are “Principles or precepts that guide an organization throughout its life in all
circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goals, strategies, type of work or the top management.”
It is important that Graham Packaging has guiding principles that govern current and future ERGs. These
principles will allow the ERGs to flourish and expand, while keeping sight of the ultimate goal and purpose
of their existence. As ERG leadership teams brainstorm programs, events and other activities, the
Guiding Principles should be consulted to ensure the proposed engagement aligns with at least one of
the state principles below:

1. Deliver long-term business benefits to Graham Packaging and provide professional and personal
development to ERG members and within the organization.

2. Exemplify Graham Packaging’s guiding principles, while driving engagement internally and

3. Enhance the employee experience and connection by fostering a diverse and inclusive
environment where all are welcome, respected and valued.

4. Impact employees globally, regardless of job title or location.

Employee Resource Groups DO NOT:

▪ Engage in any activity that is inconsistent with Graham Packaging Company’s mission or values
▪ Exclude employees from participating in meetings or activities
▪ Advocate for or take a position that could be considered exclusive
▪ Engage in discriminatory conduct on any basis
▪ Promote political, religious, or ideological views, agendas or causes
▪ Engage in political activities, make political or legislative endorsements, or promote candidates

for public office as a group (individuals can pursue political activities outside of company)
▪ Engage in fundraising activities, either internally or externally, without advance approval
▪ Make direct charitable donations

Organizational Support:

Each group will have an annual budget, funded by HR/General Fund, at the beginning of each fiscal year
(or pro-rated based on when in the budget year the group is established). The ERG will provide an
accounting of their expenses to HR at the end of the fiscal year. Unused funds cannot be rolled over to
the following year. The budget is intended to support ERG activities at all locations.

Graham Packaging Company reserves the right to dissolve an Employee Resource Group if the
leadership of the group requests that the group be dissolved, or if the group is found to be out of
compliance with Graham Packaging Company’s guidelines, other policies or rules.


Position Descriptions:

Executive Sponsor Chair HR Advisor


Executive Sponsor:

A VP or above supporter and advocate for the group who provides strategic guidance and serves as a
liaison to other leaders and HR. He/She should mentor and guide the ERG members in their efforts to
create a dynamic, inclusive workplace.

ERG Chairperson:

The overall lead for the ERG who manages the group and is responsible for communications, activities,
and frequency of meetings, annual theme and promotion of group. Resource Groups will meet quarterly
at a minimum.

ERG Co-Chairperson(s):

ERG member(s) who will assist the ERG Chairperson in managing the group and is responsible for
helping to lead/assist with communications, activities, meetings, etc.

Human Resources Advisor:

A Director or above supporter and advocate for the group who provides guidance from an HR and Talent
Management perspective in an effort to create a dynamic and inclusive workplace.


Charter, Mission & Vision:

The ERG leadership team will develop the charter, mission statement and vision statement for the ERG.
An effective charter document provides ERGs a solid foundation and structure to understand and carry
out its purpose, goals and objectives. The charter ensures members understand the exact purpose of the
ERGs and what should be accomplished.
The mission statement is a sentence that describes the group’s reason for being the vision statement
defines the optimal desired future state of the ERG. Mission statements are usually more succinct,
whereas vision statements can be a little longer.
Each ERG is required to have a minimum of one goal in each focus area.

Membership Drive:

Our goal is to have ERG members who are actively involved. It is important that we are able to share the
value and benefits of ERG to encourage an increasing number of employees to get involved.
Let’s kick off the ERG’s with a bang! What ideas do you have to drive membership of the ERG? Posters?
Food? Videos? What can we do to provide an overview of what the ERG is and why our colleagues
should join?

Membership Growth:

We will measure the success of each ERG using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s):


 Growth in number of members year over year (Y/Y)
 Attendance tracked at meetings
 Number of community initiatives held annually
 Number of employee development initiatives held annually
 Number of recruiting events ERG members sponsor and/or participate in annually

What would you
say to encourage
a colleague to join

the ERG?


Sample Activities:

ERG activities commonly range from panel discussions and workshops to social outings and
volunteerism. Identifying programs and activities that resonate with their current life state can be wildly

What programs and activities would you like the ERG to develop? What were some of the best programs
or events other ERGs have developed?


When thinking about events and
programs, keep the Guiding

Principles in mind!

Sample Chart: Focus Community
Employee Workforce
Development Development

Workforce Host a key speaker on Attend a career fair
Workplace women in the with talent team


Strategy Volunteer a day at the
homeless shelter as a
group, sponsor a
charity drive for a
local non-profit

Training managers on Create policy that all

workplace bias employees have one

volunteer day


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