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Plastic mold technology
Plastic mold technology
Plastic mold technology is also known as plastic molding technology is a process that has been around since 1872, it is the process of creating and manufacturing plastic components by injecting molten materials into a plastic mold. The process of plastic molding technology is actually quoted as a complex one. First, a mold designer must come up with the final mold design. Once this has been created, the start to manufacture, like drilling, CNC, EDM, polishing and the last step to make the mold is mold fitting, when everything is finished in making a mold, that the actual molding process can start, at the beginning molding process we called mold trial. Although plastic molding technology is not something that most will be knowledgeable about. We all use products that will have been manufactured by using this method. Things like bottle caps, automobile parts, home appliances, cooking equipment, toys, and even construction parts. We can say everything needs plastic molding parts.
Injection molding, injection moulding, overmolding
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