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Life Doesn’t Wear a Shaper by Marie Whitson
Marie is a small-town girl with a passion for life. She has always had a quirky way of handling events and moments in her life that can be downright heartbreaking, pretty quizzical and outwardly hysterical! The best and most interesting part of her journey is how it ALWAYS goes back to her faith in God. Moments of sheer heartbreak when she felt God was standing on the sidelines, to moments she really questioned why God was allowing the brokenness to continually follow her, to her praising God for NOT listening to her during her stubborn refusal to see it His way and do I on her own, to pure joy and extreme happiness for answered prayers. Between her family and working with the public all her life and being an Instructor in a beauty school, it has provided her with many good stories and unusual reactions. Through biblical references and diligent prayer to always being an "investigator" of references on the internet, Marie gives a true to the heart view of how life can shape us through events... good, bad..or anything in between. A great afternoon read for a bit of hope for those wondering if God really hears them - and Marie can tell you, It is ALWAYS the perfect answer at the PERFECT time.
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