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January 2019 Newsletter Issue

January 2019 Newsletter Issue

January 2019 6th Edition

thedistrict voice


Our Leaders

Rotary International

Barry Rassin

District 7020

Patrick Adizua

District Rotaract

Leah Lowe

Vocational service can be hard to define, but it is easy to
describe: It is simply the point where our Rotary lives and
our professional lives intersect. When we put our Rotary
ideals to work through our work, that is vocational service.
When I returned to the Bahamas after many years working
in health care administration abroad, I realized that my
country badly needed a modern health care facility.

The resources we had at the time were out of date and inadequate, and people
who were unable to travel abroad for care often did not receive the care they
needed. Without the experience I had gained in the United States, I could have
done nothing to change the status quo. But since I did have that experience, I was
in a unique position to have an impact. I knew I could turn my professional path
to good and make a career out of improving Bahamian health care.

As Rotary became part of my journey, I discovered that the words of Paul Harris
that became the basis of Rotary — that shared effort knows no limitations —
were also true for my vocation. I could not bring modern health care to the
Bahamas alone. But through partnership, both with the doctors who eventually
became my partners in Doctors Hospital and with all the dedicated staff
members who worked in the hospital over the years, we could change everything.
My goal became a shared goal — and then it became reality.

Rotary emphasizes the dignity of every vocation and the worth of every calling.
Remember that the four founding members included no doctors or peacemakers
— just an attorney, a mining engineer, a coal dealer, and a printer. From the
beginning, the diversity of those vocations gave Rotary a special strength. And
that diversity is reflected in our classification system, which aims to ensure that
each club represents the full range of businesses and professions that serve each

Paul Harris put it this way: "Each Rotarian is the connecting link between the
idealism of Rotary and his trade or profession." It was true when he said it and
should be equally true now. We only spend an hour or two a week at our Rotary
meetings, but most of us spend most of our waking time at work. Through
Rotary, those hours are also an opportunity for service: a chance to Be the
Inspiration to those we work with, those who work for us, and the communities
we serve.

Barry Rassin
Rotary International President

The Rotaract Club of South East Nassau
Centennial Gives the Gi t of Love & The Gi t

of Life

MeGnioftthoefRLotiafreact Club of Gi t of Love

Eat Nassau were asked to RSENC Served Beyond Stigmas
as they catered to the homeless
RobSEseNrCvheel'dMitos v2nedmAbnneura' laGlioftnogf during their Gift of Love initiative.
LwifietBhlotohdeDMrivoe.vTehmeybpearrtnered The club provided care packages
aFwniotdhuTTnhhede aRRtooittaoarrnaacctttoCCllruuabbioosffeSTtoarbornoteok including thermal blankets, sweat
ianwGauyraenna.eIsnstefraocrtomrs efrnom'sthheealth shirts, sandwiches, water, juice,
iInstseuraectsCsluubcohf Sat.sApndrroeswt'sawteere socks and much more to those in
calasonicneartt,etnedasntcice.uTlhaerccluabnlocoekrs, need.
faboonrawdradrmdfotreotnhbi'rssiningsiiutniagitcimviedoreine.tchluebfsutounre. They also packed condoms and
APsakrtthiecmiphaowntysoudricdlunb ocatnsbheaave placed flyers inside the Gift of Love
pfoarrt otfhtehee3nrdtiArnenumaloGniftthofoLfife cafe bags to share important
BNlooovdeDmrivbee. r. Successful HIV/AIDS Awareness information.

participants awarded with a

certificate of participation.

Rotaract Club of Grand Cayman's Park Restoration Project In line with the Q2 PR Challenge :"Be
the Change", the Rotaract Club of Grand
Cayman and its sponsor club, Rotary
Club Grand Cayman Sunrise (also
known as Rotary Sunrise) held a joint
park restoration project at Windsor Park.
With the financial assistance of Rotary
Sunrise, new benches and tables were
placed in the park, which were prepped
and sealed by the Rotaractors.

Other tasks included collecting trash,
painting cabanas, benches and play
equipment. Repairs were also
completed to the existing fence and
bleachers which had numerous
damages from years of wear and tear.

In addition, the park restoration project
will be on-going and
upgrades completed in several phases,
as both clubs are seeking
to install commercial grade
equipment for longevity and
safety purposes. Given the various
phases, both clubs are focused
on developing their relationship, and
increase the rate of transition from
Rotaract to Rotary!

In true RCGC fashion, the project
concluded with a shared fellowship
for Rotarians and Rotaractors. Music,
beverages and breakfast was enjoyed
by those in attendance!

Club Hosts Job Readiness Seminar

The Rotaract Club of The University of The Bahamas held a
job readiness seminar to educate and empower members
of an inner city community on the importance of resumè
building. They were aided in this initiative by fellow
Rotaractors of The Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset and
their sponsor club, The Rotary Club of West Nassau. Club
Treasurer T’Shera Adderley and Community Service
Director Myriam spearheaded this awesome initiative!

The Rotaract Club of Cap-Haïtien Raises

HIV/AIDS Awareness

In recognition of World AIDS Day,
The Rotaract Club of Cap-Haïtien
took to the streets of Haiti, clad in
red and equipped with signs to
raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.
The core purpose of the
demonstration was to remind the
public of:

The existence of HIV/AIDS;
The importance of protection,
namely abstinence and the use
of condoms;
The importance of conducting
regular screenings to know their
The stigma and discrimination
against persons living with

Chilling with the Rotaract Club of
Port-au-Prince Champ de Mars

The Rotaract Club of Port-au-Prince Champ de Mars ended
the year with a bang at their Rota Chill night where they
spent quality time with fellow club members. Food, Fun and
Fellowship was the unofficial theme for the evening. Spirits
were high as they ate a traditional stew called ragoût,
danced the night away, and fellowshipped!

Rotaract Club of East Nassau

Making Major Moves World AIDS Day
in Men's Health
Condom Road Trip
Men of the Rotaract Club of
East Nassau were asked to RCEN brought awareness to
observe 'Movember' along with World AIDS Day with a Condom
the Movember Foundation to Road Trip; passing out condoms
raise awareness for men's and educational support to local
health issues such as prostate barbershops to spread
cancer, testicular cancer, and the word about the benefits of
men's suicide. Participants did getting tested.
not shave for the entire month of
November. Successful
participants were awarded with
a certificate of participation.

Candace Russell
celebrates 11 years as a

member of RCEN

The Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset

Pushes Against Polio

The Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset held
its very own Polio Symposium. The Polio
Symposium was planned with the goal of
raising awareness of Rotary International's
fight against Polio. There was also a goal to
raise funds which would aid in providing
children with the necessary vaccinations
against Polio.

DRR Leah Lowe brought opening remarks
and Rotarian Lindsey Cancino, Polio
Eradication Chair for Rotary District 7020,
presented on the Polio Disease, what
Rotary has done so far and the plans for the
immediate future. World renowned artist, Mr.
Allan Pachino Wallace was the special
guest feature as he entertained and inspired
those present with a live Polio-inspired
painting. The painting was then auctioned,
with all proceeds going toward the
eradication of polio.

The Club officially made its donation to the
Polio Fund. With each vaccination costing
$0.60 and each child need 3 doses of the
vaccination, the donation will aid 1,167
children in being vaccinated against Polio!
The goal is to Drop to Zero and Nassau
Sunset is working toward that goal!

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