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Published by Mrs Hope, 2022-06-06 17:17:13

Luna Pre-School

Luna Pre-School

Pre-School Learning



Elderbank Early Years

Settling back into Early Years and having fun. Welcome back Luna.

Luna enjoys exploring all the areas in the playroom she has
settled in really well and is happy to be back playing with her

friends. She enjoys drawing lovely pictures to take home.
Luna had lots of fun cycling
around the track on the
Luna helped to pull the
potatoes out of the soil.

August 2021

First Luna ticked the
names on the register

✔ and then she
counted the children in
the stars group. There
were 4 children today.

Luna enjoyed completing her star helper jobs. Well
done Luna ⭐

August 2021

September 2021
Luna enjoys playing with her friends at
nursery especially role play. She likes the
play dough and playing with the dolls.

My Personal Learning Plan Child’s Plan
September - December
I would like to learn about ...
Happy with plan
I am learning to take responsibility for and begin
to plan my own learning. As part of my PLP

targets I identified that I want to draw people.

Shared on Seesaw. 14.09.2021 September 2021


Luna wanted to draw a lovely picture of her Daddy.
She added a horse ying in the sky with big wings.

September 2021

September - December Luna helped to pull up the rainbow line. She is happy
that she can now play in all the nursery.
Luna is learning to develop strategies to deal with her
emotions. She is learning to stop and take a deep breath
and then say what the problem is and then blow it away.
She is very good at talking about how she is feeling and is a

happy little girl. I am so proud of her.

I’m happy and tired

Luna enjoyed painting a lovely picture. She said
“don’t worry I can wash my hands later”

Luna said she was happy and tired. She is happy Luna enjoys The Colour Monster book and
because it’s nearly the weekend and tired because characters. It’s a visual book about feelings and
she was up at six o’clock emotions. Luna can name, recognise and has a good

understanding of all the emotions .

Bundle 4/6
Luna is learning to show self
control and cope with change.

September - December First I made a tent then
Luna likes the Room on the Broom book. we can go camping.
She can talk about what happens in the
story as she turns the pages and using

the pictures to help her.

Luna could retell the story Luna made her own story about
of Goldilocks and the camping. First she said let’s make a
Three Bears. She even tent ⛺ She has a great imagination
when acting out her story with the
put on her character voice
for each of the three small world people.

Luna used the puppets from the bears. Fantastic Luna
Gruffalo to explore and retell the
story. First she used the mouse and

then the fox.

Bundle 4/4 Luna said she was making a
Luna is learning to talk about the sequence of events in a story using fruit cake. First she added all
the language of order - after, next, last, first, what’s missing, then. the fruit and then she stirred
it all together carefully

September - December

Luna was looking at the shapes on
the Halloween table cover.

Bundle 8/6 Luna can name the 2d shapes and talk about the features of
Luna is learning to describe the features and properties of shape eg. each one. She said “a circle has no straight edges and it
rolls.” Well done Luna you are a superstar ⭐
Straight, curved, corner and edge.

September - December 2021 Luna was getting
everything ready for
Using role play to invent a
situation. Luna was the a special picnic.
driver on the bus. Yummy

Matching and sorting Using sma tools
and explaining what I e ectively and with
control.  We done Luna
am doing.

I can draw a detailed
person with a head, body,
arms, legs and features.

ll ff ll

Luna had a great time at
the woods. She was

balancing, playing on the
tree swing, making a
witches spell and even

made a leaf kebab.

September - December

October 2021

I was dressed up as

Luna had lots of spooktacular fun at the
Halloween Party. She enjoyed exploring the
sensory experiences and had a spooky feast.

Luna was helping to

decorate the
Luna was writing the
Christmas tree first letter from her
name in the snow ⛄

Luna made two beautiful
decorations at home for
our Christmas tree

Luna enjoyed making a
Christmas decoration and a

sparkly snowman ⛄

Luna was excited to be opening
the advent calendar


Luna had fun pulling the
Christmas cracker

98.84% Evaluation of Learning Plan
Amazing Luna well done. ❤ September - December

Luna is happy to be back after the holidays, she
enjoys role play and spending time in the house
corner with her friends, she has a really good

Luna has been learning all about emotions and
developing strategies to help her deal with them.
She is enjoying the Colour Monster story and is very
good at discussing and identifying a range of

emotions, I am so proud of her.
Luna enjoys story books and is good at retelling
and talking about what happens while putting on

her character voice.
You have worked hard this term Luna well done ⭐

Shared on Seesaw. 19.1.20

December 2021

My Personal Learning Plan Child’s Plan
January - March
I would like to learn about ...
Happy with plan.
I am learning to take responsibility for and begin
to plan my own learning. As part of my PLP
targets I identified that I want to read the
Flamingo book.

Shared on Seesaw

January 2022

January - March I was catching and
Luna enjoyed our throw and playing ball.
catch game with her friends


Bundle 11/3
Luna is learning to throw and catch a ball with both hands.

January - March

That’s me looking at the
different parts of the

Luna has a good understanding of book words. She
confidently names the spine, blurb, author, illustrator and


Bundle 10/4
Luna is learning to become familiar with book words (title,

page, cover, author and illustrator).

January - March How big was I?

Luna enjoyed filling the jar with the snow. She
was guessing how many were in the jar.

Luna measured herself and said she was bigger. She also
measured Myla too.

Bundle 1/6
Luna is learning to estimate in contexts of number and

measurement using the appropriate language.

Luna followed the recipe
and mixed the ingredients

to make pancakes

January - March

Playing in the water. Learning how to
draw a straight

line using a

Looking 321 blast
after the off.


January - March
Playing outside in all weather

and having lots of fun.

Luna had lots of fun taking
part in all the Easter activities.

31st March 2022

Amazing work Luna we are so proud ❤ Evaluation of Learning Plan
January - March

Luna is a lovely sociable little girl who enjoys
sharing her learning experiences with her peers.

She has worked hard on her targets and
continues to show resilience and confidence
within the playroom through her own strategies
of coping with her emotions. I am so proud of

She enjoys small world toys and role play and
Luna enjoys looking at books. Luna has a great
understanding of book words and can name the
title, spine, author and blurb. She has a good
grasp of mathematical language and can use
this in the correct concept. Luna has shown an
interest in adding two numerals together to
make an amount, we are exploring this concept
and using finger patterns during group time.
Well done Luna you have worked hard achieving

your targets ⭐

March 2022

My Personal Learning Plan Child’s Plan
April - June
I would like to learn about ...

I am learning to take responsibility for and begin
to plan my own learning. As part of my PLP
targets I identified that I want to do some

I was balancing.

April 2022

April - June
I was saying Humpty

Luna was making a picture in one circle and then Luna was learning how to record her voice onto the talking
she copied it in the other one to make them both cloud, as she wanted to recite the Humpty Dumpty rhyme.
She listened well and followed all the steps in the correct
sequence. Well done Luna.
Bundle 11 (0-21a)
Luna is learning to work out the order for dealing with Luna enjoyed playing on the
information or tasks. I can repeat tasks in the correct assault course, she followed

sequence. all the instructions in the
correct order to complete it.

She climbed and balanced
with great concentration.

April - June
I was writing letters.

Luna is busy copying some letters.

Bundle 14/4
Luna is learning to copy/write some letters in random order.

April - June
I was doing adding. That
was 5.

Luna was very busy and used all the Luna used the
numicon to match the numerals to 10. She tweezers to count

then placed them in the correct order. out 12 bears.

Luna is exploring early addition and enjoys
using her fingers to show her

understanding of adding two numerals
together to make an amount.

Bundle 2/4
Luna is learning to touch and count a set of objects beyond

10 and begin to explore early addition.

Luna had so much fun with her
Mum and Leo, they enjoyed
taking part in the woodland
activities together.

Happy 5th birthday 31st May 2022
Luna from all of your
We all sang happy birthday to
friends at nursery Luna, she opened her birthday
card and then chose 2 little gifts

from the birthday box.

95.73 Evaluation of Learning Plan
% April - June

Luna has a keen interest in exploring early
addition. She has a good understanding of the
concept that two numerals added together make
an amount, she likes to use her fingers to count.

Luna is a good listener and can deal with
information to complete a task. She had lots of

fun learning how to record her voice onto the
talking clouds, she wanted to recite the Humpty

Dumpty rhyme. She listened really well and
followed all the steps in the correct sequence.

What a superstar! ⭐
Luna has worked so hard this term I am so
proud of her. I will miss her cheery wee face and

chat in our Stars Group.
Good luck and enjoy the next chapter of your
learning journey in your new school Luna.

June 2022

Working hard and having fun at Elderbank Early Years. ⭐

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