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BY: Niyeem Jones & Natalia Parker

Climate and weather changing

How might climate change affect a place like the Sonoran Desert, whose bimodal
precipitation regime is the primary cause of the area’s amazing species and lifeform
diversity? The Sonoran Desert Network is monitoring several vital signs that will likely
show the effects of climate change. Below is a summary of the network’s local-scale
findings to date, as well as some examples of how monitoring will detect future change.

Animals and plants in the desert

● Desert fox, Chile. Now for the cool animals; the Addax antelope
found in the Sahara Desert is one of the most beautiful antelopes
in the world. ...

● Addax antelope. ...
● Deathstalker scorpion. ...
● Camel. ...
● Armadillo lizard. ...
● Thorny Devil. ...
● Rockhopper penguin.

Location Of The Desert

Most large deserts are found away from the coasts,
in areas where moisture from the oceans rarely
reaches. Some deserts, however, are located on the
west coasts of continents, such as the Namib in
Africa, or the Atacama in Chile, forming coastal
fog-deserts whose aridity is the result of cold
oceanic currents.

Animal adaptations

Many animals have physical adaptations that serve as a disguise. ...
The adaptation that allows some animals to blend into their
surroundings is camouflage . Color, patterns, and body shape are
adaptations that help camouflage both predators and prey.

Fun facts

Only around 20% of the deserts on Earth are
covered in sand. Areas covered in ice or snow can
sometimes be called 'cold deserts', compared to
'hot deserts' in warmer areas. The largest cold
desert on Earth is Antarctica. The largest hot desert
on Earth is the Sahara.


Desert Quiz Questions
Where can most of the animals live in the desert ?
`In a little place like a grassland or a little habitat that a animal live in.
What animals can live in the desert ?
Camel, lizards, iguana.
How do cactus grow?
Fill a shallow container with high-drainage soil, water it well, then drain it so no standing water remains.
Spread your cactus seeds on top of the soil and cover them with a thin layer of soil or sand. Cover the
container with a transparent sheet and set it in the sun to grow



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