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Published by Ariana Wu, 2019-09-09 11:44:10

History Of Me Ariana Wu

History Of Me Ariana Wu

History Of Me

By Ariana Wu


Over Summer break, we took a road trip
to New York City to watch Hamilton on
Broadway. I remember thinking about
how it looked like a giant version of
Downtown L.A. Especially with all of the
people, stores, and tall buildings
everywhere. Manhattan was always lit up,
loud, and busy with people, no matter
what time it was. It was also always under
construction. On every turn and street,
you would see support beams and tarps.
Occasionally, you would see different
posters for music artists and Broadway
musicals, like Dear Evan Hansen. There
was always a lot of traffic, so everyone
travelled on the subway or walked.
Sometimes it was hard to hear each other
over the sound of honking.


Every Christmas, my entire family meets
up at my great grandparents’ house in
San Diego. However, those of us who
arrive on Christmas Evening go to the
local church for a service. The service is
where everyone lights candles and
sings Christmas carols. Some people
volunteer to help light and pass out
candles. Once it reaches Christmas
Day, however, we all play a game called
White Elephant, and open presents from
each other.


An invention that has improved
my life would probably be
electricity. It’s my usual source of
entertainment, and I also use
them for school work. Without
either, I would have fewer things
to do during the day. On the bright
side though, I would get to go
outside more often or ride my


One of my house rules that I’ve been
taught since I was a child was to never
call an adult, or anyone older than me, by
their first name. I could only call them by
Ms/Mr followed by their last name. The
way you would address a teacher. The
only exception for that was if said person
prefered me to call them auntie or uncle.
For example, I used to call my mom’s
former co-worker, Mrs. Park. However,
now I call her Sung Emo. Which means
Auntie Sung in Korean. As I got older and
my parents introduce me to someone,
they no longer tell me what to call them
because I do it by habit now. Often, when
I break a rule, my parents will talk to me
and tell me not to do it again.


Every Saturday, my family all cleans the
house. My household chores are to
clean up the upstairs bathroom and my
room. However, sometimes my parents
would ask me to do a few other small
tasks around the house, such as
watering the backyard plants or cleaning
the living room.I used to get allowance
for doing chores, however, my parents
don’t give me allowance anymore. My
grandparents do give me money on my
birthdays or on Lunar New Year’s.

Social Structure

In my family, there are four people. Of
course, I have my mom and dad, whose
names are Rocio and Roger. Then, I have
my sister, whose name is Brisa. My family
always enjoys travelling together. Some
other people in my family who enjoy
travelling just as much as we do though.
For example, my tia and tio, whose
names are Rebecca and Adam. They are
also a family of four. They have their
eldes, a daughter named Idria, and their
youngest, a baby boy named Nico.

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