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Published by Anis Suraiya, 2019-03-19 04:45:09








By Anis Suraiya
Photographs by Aina Afiqah

My name Anis Suraiya bt Poiman. I have a lot
of dreams that I want to achieve in the future.
Now, I’m already 22 years old and I already
achieve one of my dreams which is further my
studies in Degree of Business Administration
(Honour) Human Resources Management after
I finished my Diploma of Human Resources
Management at Kolej Poly-Tech Mara.
Currently, my main dream now is to grade on
time with an excellent result. I want to gain
Vice-Chansellor's Award at the end of my
studies on 2021. I will try my best to achieve
this dream until the end of my studies. I will
commit myself and will not despair of any
obstacles. I always motivate myself that “If
other people can do it, I also can do it”. I can see
myself achieve it. Achieving this dream make
me a happier person in the world because it
make my parents happy and proud with what I
gain. It is an honour to give them the best of me
to repay back what they already sacrificed for
educate me. Other than that, I want to change
our life to a better life in the future, InshaAllah.
I hope I can achieve it in the future.

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SUCCESS Distractions are just a form of
procrastination. Distractions can be
Anis Suraiya anything from getting up for a cup of
coffee, hangout with friends, playing
Before achieving any success in our life, phone like games or social media,
we have to face many challenges or watching TV or cinema. This is the
obstacles so do I. there is a lot of biggest challenges that I have to face
obstacles that I have to go through. in order to achieve my dream. Stress
Firstly, my own laziness. I need to also one of the obstacles that I have to
overcome it because it will give effect face. I have to handle my stress in order
my efforts to achieve it. Other than to finish all my assessment given and
that, lack of focus in classroom. I also others conflicts in our life as a
always loss my focus in classroom so, it student and youth. 
will affect my knowledge and
understanding on the subject. Page 2

In order to achieve this dream, I need
to work with people who is close to
me which is my family, lecturers and
friends. I want to thank my family Mr.
Poiman Selamat and Mrs. Zuraina
Zainudin for supporting me and give
me a lot of positive advices to go
through my hardship in my studies. I
also want to thank all my lecturers
who guided me throughout the
progress of all assessment from the
very beginning till its completion.
Surely, without such commitment and
tolerance, I may not have finished
this task efficiently. Last but not
least, I want to thanks my friends
Nurul Syahira, Siti Nur Syahira, Nur
Shahnaz Syahira and Sharifah Aina
Afiqah because without them I cannot
achieve this dream. 

In addition, in order to achieve my
dream, I need to know how to manage
my time properly and wisely so, I can
do all kind of activities as a student
such as involve in co-curriculum and
others activities held by HURES’s
club. I also need to develop a
multitasking skill so I can do a few
task in a same time. This skills is very
important as a student or a worker
because we can finished a few task on
time or in advanced.

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“What’s in it for me?”

It's easy to get a scholarship to
pursue a Master or PhD degree in the
Among the special requirements for
PhD scholarships abroad
Be attentive to the companies for
work acceptance but not all
companies look on the result
No need to pay PTPTN because the
loan will be transfer to scholarship
Be able to has better life in the
future like a big house or an
expensive car
Be able to make our parents happy
and proud 
Be able to travel all over the world
as one of my dreams

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I will design a schedule for all my daily activities
in order to have an organized life
I will try my best to do as much revision after
attended the class
I need to ask lecturer anything that I am not
understand before the class ended
I must be a responsible student to finish all the
assessment received
I must develop myself to be a confident and out
spoken person in class so I can answer all the
question without feeling hesitate

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