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A publication of the West Virginia State Association of Free Will Baptist.

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WV FWB Messenger (2018 Spring Issue)

A publication of the West Virginia State Association of Free Will Baptist.

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The West Virginia

Spring 2018 | Volume 18 Number 1| West Virginia State Association of Free Will Baptists

“...Lift up your
eyes, and look
on the fields; for
they are white

already to


Greeting from your State things to the State Web Site, in an effort to make more
information and resources available to our people.
Promotional Director. I have very There is more work that needs to be done and Jim has
agreed to help in that process.
much enjoyed my first six months as
As part of the effort to get more information
Promotional Director. My wife and out to our people, a joint effort of State Leaders
and Brother Jim Cox was made to put together The
I have been busy traveling all around Southern Minister and Deacons Workshop, which
was held at Holden 5&6 Free Will Baptist Church on
our beautiful state, visiting with October 14th. There were three Sessions, six different
speakers, and eight topics taught. A lot of good
Conferences and Churches, and being information was shared with those that attended the
Workshop. It is my desire to see more of theses across
able to fellowship with our Christian brothers and the state in the future.

sisters. We have enjoyed seeing old friends, as well I also coordinated with State Promotional
Directors, and Pastors in both Texas and Florida in an
as meeting new people, and making new friends all effort to help flood victims of Hurricanes Harvey and
Hurricane Irma.
across the state. I have been warmly welcomed in I would like to report, that Free Will Baptists across our
state responded in a great way, donating $22,316.90
every Conference and every Church I have visited. I to help Free Will Baptist Churches and FWB families
affected by the disastrous flooding.
have heard some great preaching and singing. I have
There is a lot more that I would like to say, but
been moved by the testimonies I have heard. I have my page is filling up fast. Let me make one observation
and two requests . . .
enjoyed every service. It is truly a joy to get together
1) It is an honor to serve with the men and
with God’s people! women of the West Virginia State Association.

Since the last issue of the Messenger: I have 2) I am available, and would very much like
to come to your church to speak on state and national
visited the Wayne, Greenbrier Nicholas, Liberty, Unity, projects, and or just preach.

Wyoming, Tug River, Kanawha, Elk River, Upper 3) Please continue to pray for me that the Lord
will direct me in all that I do, as I travel across our
Ohio Valley, and Logan Conferences; attended the state, and that God will encourage and richly bless our
Southern Minister and Deacons Workshop at Holden
Rev Rickie Holstein
5&6 Free Will Baptist Church; attended the National State Promotional Director

Leadership Conference and a Randall House Training

Session, both in Nashville, Tennessee; attended several

Board and Committee Meetings; and attended several


The leaders of the State Association have been

working with me in an effort to get information and

announcements out to more of our people. In the

past, the call system we used could only call up to 200

people. With the help of the State Mission Board that

has now been increased to 500. Better communications

is a good thing. We are now able to call every minister

and every deacon listed in the State Minutes Book, as

well as all the officers of the State Association. Thus

allowing more people to be informed as to what is

happening and when it is happening. Jim Sturgill (our

webmaster) has been working with me to add a few

To schedule Rev. Rickie Holstein at your church,
Contact him at: (304) 595-4246

John 4:35 Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest?
behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are

white already to harvest.

As we approach our annual “March for Missions”, I wanted to encourage us all to remember our
Mission and Example. Jesus knew all about Samaria, (a tough place). He knew all about the
woman, (a tough case). He also knew about the Father’s Will and precious souls, so He went through
Samaria. He was tired, thirsty, and hungry, but He went that souls might be saved. He didn’t try to win
the whole town at one time, He simply went to one person (one on one evangelism) then she went
and told others and a great revival broke out. That’s really a good way; Andrew brought Peter, Phillip
brought Nathaniel, etc…. I think many times we want great revival without first having a vision and
willingness to go to the ONE. I believe too many times we are discouraged by the enormity of the
task and we think we can’t make a difference. Sometimes we listen to the lies of the devil; I’m not a
preacher, I don’t know enough Bible, they won’t hear anyway, someone else can do a better job…. And
we miss opportunities to win souls. As your State Moderator, I want to challenge us all in this New
Year, to make it our “Mission” to try to personally win one person to Christ….May God Richly Bless
Your Labors.

Rev Earl White
WV State Moderator

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Messenger “Going Somewhere”

In our daily life it seems that we are always trying to on where we are going.
get somewhere. Mornings usually start early with work Even as a captive in Babylon, Daniel was going
and school, Sunday mornings especially getting ready somewhere. God allowed him to spend a night with the
for Sunday school or morning worship services. We lions in order for others to see the great power of God,
are always trying to get somewhere. If were not careful and hear a King such as Darius declare that God is the
we will spend our life in a hurry getting somewhere living God.
and missing out on the blessed journey of going We find a very trying time in the life of Naomi, returning
somewhere. from the land of Moab. You find Orpah weeping and
I believe our life would be much better spent with the turning back, but Ruth choosing to follow. There was
thought in mind: we are going somewhere. This world much suffering in the land of Moab for Naomi and Ruth,
and this life are but temporary, we are headed for a but much rejoicing in returning to the land Bethlehem.
home eternal. Once we have been called from sin and Ruth may have never left the land of Moab, but she had
begin our glorious journey with the Lord we become someone that she loved and trusted who knew where
people of promise, people of faith, people of hope, and she was going, so Ruth followed. Isn’t it good to know
people that are going somewhere. The greatest thing that we do not have to walk this way alone? We have
about walking with the Lord is he will help us. a blessed Savior who is leading the way for us, we are
Do you remember when Abram was called of God to just following along.
go out of his country and begin the journey to Canaan I believe this is a true statement for a lot of us; we have
and he brought along with him Lot his nephew? Wasn’t spent more years than we have left to spend, we are
long until there was strife among the herdsmen, but God leaving, going somewhere. The thing we need to be
helped Abram and made a way for them to separate sure of is our affection, that it is set on things above.
from one another; Lot choosing to stay in the plain, Jesus said And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will
but Abram, well, he just journeyed on because he was come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I
going somewhere. Sometimes we are like Abram we am, there ye may be also. (John 14:3) Adam had lost
are trying to bring things along with us that will hinder our place with God, but Jesus who went to Calvary,
us along the way but the blessed Lord will help us to shed his blood, gave us a place, and made the way for
leave them behind so that we can keep our eyes focused us to go to Heaven.

West Williamson West Williamson Freewill Baptist Church built a “bless-
FWB ing box” -- a 4-by-5-foot cabinet that contains various
items that can be used by needy Williamson residents.
“Blessing Box” Church members say the box has been refilled several
times since it was first installed. Anyone can participate
and assist in restocking the box and anyone is welcome
to use items needed by them or their family from the
box. Items needed for the box include non-perishable
food, blankets, socks, pillows, toiletry items, and baby
items. The church requests that no clothes be added to
the box and that all packaged items be removed from
the package and individually placed inside. Removing
the items from the package takes up less room and al-
lows more items to be packed inside to benefit those
in need. Plans to install more blessing boxes are under
way to further provide for the many that struggle to
make ends meet throughout the area.

The Season’s of Life AVOIDING
One season brings the pure white snow that PLACES
glistens off the hill, another season brings the
showers so flowers bloom in the field.

One season brings the autum so beautiful to
behold, with leaves who’s colors turn yellow,
red, and gold.

Next comes the summer sunshine humid hot
and dry, but all these work together to point us
to the sky.

Our Heavenly Father the Creator of it all,
looks down in love from up above to help us
when we fall.

So when life has no meaning before you start
to quit, just kneel and pray and face each day a
little bit by bit.

Our Heavenly Father who watches all, with
tender loving care, like your own Mother who
unconditionally loves us despite our fears.

By: Rev. Thomas Dibble


West Virginia State Association of Free WillBaptist

It’s March For Mission Time . . .

This will be our 36th annual March For Mission fund drive. Every year we do this to raise sup-

port for, and awareness of our Missionaries. They have the vision - They have committed themselves to

go. The least we can do is to support them.

Will you give that our Missionaries can stay on the field, serving the Lord and laboring that souls

can be saved?

I would like to encourage you and your church to participate in this years March For Missions?

Every penny is used in the support of Missions.

- 1/5 To Tim and Lydia Awtrey (Foreign Missionary to Bulgaria)

- 1/5 To Jonathan and Amy Postlewaite (Foreign Missionary to Bulgaria)

- 1/5 To Josue and Cristina Rivera (Hispanic Ministry - State of West Virginia)

- 1/5 To Maitland and Jessica Bailey (Missionary to Morgantown, W.V.)

- 1/5 To the General Fund of the W.V. State Mission Board See Pages

All checks and money should be sent to: 9 & 10
W.V. State Mission Board
% Rickie Holstein, Treasurer

P.O. Box 4624 For Revival
Charleston, W.V. 25364

Schedules!Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish....”


The West Virginia State Mission Board and Free Will Baptist North American Ministries have
partnered together to send Maitland Bailey to plant a church in Morgantown, one of the fastest growing
areas in W.V.

The State Mission Board is currently seeking churches and individuals to partner with Mait-
land and his family as they make their journey to Morgantown. If you would like to partner with them
and make a faith promise commitment, send you donation to the address above.

Remember All our Missionaries in your prayers and with your support.
The Awtrey’s, the Postlewaite’s, the Rivera’s, and the Bailey’s.

Meet our new WV Missionaries to the Morgantown Area!

“The Bailey’s”

To our fellow Christians in the state of West Virginia, We do ask and covet your prayers as we move
greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. We thank forward. We have great confidence in the Lord that
God for His great riches in Jesus Christ and for the he will use the strong and faithful saints within the
privilege He has bestowed upon me, by calling me Free Will Baptist churches to help accomplish this
to preach the gospel, which is the power of God unto work. If you would like to reach out to us directly
salvation to every one that believes. Born and raised you can use the following contacts: Phone - 304-
in southern West Virginia, a true Mountaineer, we are 920-5412 or Email [email protected]. If
excited about the opportunity to minister the gospel you would like to follow on Facebook, look for us at
and serve in the Kingdom of our dear Lord as we bring Bailey Missions. God Bless, and we look forward to
the message of hope and good news to the citizens hearing from you!
of Northern WV. We have recently partnered with Maitland, Jessica, Kaitland, Bryce and Madison
the WV State Mission Board and Free Will Baptist Bailey
North American Ministries (Home Missions) to plant
a church in the Morgantown WV area. Having been .
saved and called to preach the gospel in Morgantown
over 13 years ago, I now get the opportunity to return
there, and establish a work for the Lord.

Over the past month we have enjoyed making new
acquaintances and visiting our brothers and sisters
in Christ while traveling around the state raising
awareness and support for the work in Morgantown.
For anyone that is interested, we will be taking
appointments in the next few months to come and
speak with pastors and churches about the details of
this work. If the Lord is stirring your heart to partner
with us in this work, give us a call and we will be glad
to make the necessary arrangements to get with you
or your church.

Churches Praying Ministers Desiring
for a Pastor to Pastor

Your Info Your Info
Belongs Here Belongs Here


“I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the Lord sustained me.” [Psalm 3: 5] God
can give true peace and sleep. Fear can destroy peace and joy. Don’t let fear de-
stroy you. Jesus can provide true freedom from destructive fear! He can defeat fear
completely! The true follower of Jesus should focus on Him rather than allowing
fear to dominate them. Fear can control the heart. God’s word can fortify a person
against fear. Praying to God is another fortification against fear. Jesus can provide
victory over fear for His true followers! Jesus can take away fear. Fear cannot
stand against Him! The true follower of Jesus can have sweet victory over fear!

Brother Darrell Wellman

WAC News 1:5-6. The cost of the meeting will be $5.00 for each
lady at the door. We will have special music, dramatic
Everyone has things they’d like to do in the future. portrayals and a special speaker. This being our annual
Some people have made a “bucket list” of things convention, we will be doing business during the
they’d like to do such as travel across the country by afternoon session. Our mission project for the meeting
train, sky dive or climb a rock wall. I haven’t created will be having a shower of paper products (toilet paper,
a bucket list but I have wanted for several years to go tissues and paper towels) and Wal-Mart gift cards for
to Bulgaria to visit our missionaries that are serving Sound Mind Ministry of Lester, WV. Sound Mind
there. Well, 2018 is the year! Linda Hutchison and I Ministry is a faith based, clean-sober living program
have bought our tickets and have started tossing things for men. Their goal is to empower men to live free of
in our suitcases. the bondage of drug and alcohol addiction.
Others have personal goals they want to achieve. Some Fall Retreat – Sept 7-8, 2018. Our retreat will be held
want to lose weight, change their appearance or get at the Chesapeake FWB Church in Chesapeake, WV.
rid of a bad habit or two. I think we all want to be The cost of the meeting will be $10 per lady payable
better Christians and sometimes it takes the “want to” preferably before the meeting or at the door. The
to achieve healthy habits of praying and reading your theme of the meeting will be “The Eye of God” based
Bible every day like MamMaw Boytek used to say. It on Ezra 5:5. Our special speaker will be Sis. Judy
should be all of our desires to improve our spiritual life DeLong from Kentucky. There will be workshops
every day…at least share Jesus with someone every done during our retreat: “An Open Door” by Sis.
day. I hope the Free Will Baptist ladies in West Virginia Linda Hutchison and “A Call to Service” by Sis. Illene
have a desire to participate more fully in the WV WAC Barr. Of course we’ll have special music and times of
Women’s group. prayer. Our mission project for the retreat is to bring
Here’s a little update on what we’ll be doing this year: $100 each for Bro. Josue Rivera (Hispanic Ministry
Annual Convention – May 19, 2018. This meeting will in the eastern panhandle) and Jeff & Susan Turnbough
be held at the Fairdale FWB Church in Fairdale, WV. (FWB International Missionaries).
Our meeting will begin at 10 a.m. The theme this year We’d love to invite new WAC groups to join us this
will be “Who Are You Listening To?” based on James year. Let’s make this an outstanding year!

In His Grip,
Jody Sullivan
WV WAC President.

2018 Upper Ohio Valley Conference
March for Missions Revival Schedule

Monday, March 19, 2018 Good Hope FWB Rev. Josue Rivera
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 Maple Lane FWB Rev. Josue Rivera
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 Hope FWB Rev. Josue Rivera
Thursday, March 22, 2018 Mt. Hope FWB Rev. David Crowe
Friday, March 23, 2018 Bonds Creek FWB Rev. David Crowe
Saturday, March 24, 2018 Evergreen Hills FWB Rev. Maitland Bailey
Monday, March 26, 2018 Veto Gospel Tabernacle Rev. David Crowe
Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Beech Run FWB Rev. David Crowe
Wednesday, March 28, 201 Emmanual Fellowship Rev. David Crowe

Brother Josue, our Hispanic Missionary, will be starting off our March for Missions Revival this year.
Brother Josue and his family are back in the Eastern Panhandle. Continue to pray for the Rivera family and
their mission work. Brother Maitland Bailey is a new missionary. The Baileys will be in the Morgantown
area. Please pray for the Bailey family as they endeavor to do God’s work. Brother David will finish out
our revival. Brother David is the Executive Director of the Freewill Baptist North American Ministries.
He enjoys preaching, encouraging and visiting churches around the nation. Pray for Brother David and
his family as they do God’s work too.
All services start at 7:00pm and there will be a freewill offering each night. The monies from the offerings
will go to the missions. Pastors are asked to have the devotionals. The minister(s) are scheduled for each
church. There will be plaques given to the top three churches and youth groups that raise the most monies
for the month of March.

Everyone is Welcome!!
Rev. Rex Allen Cox

2018 Unity Association
March for Mission Service

Unity Association will havae a one night service held at Nolan
FWB Church, near Williamson, WV on Saturday, March 17, 2018
at 7pm. New WV Missionary Maitland Bailey will be speaking.

An offering will be lifted and everyone is welcome to attend!

2018 Tug River Conference
March for Missions Revival

Will be held the week of March 4th. Line up is the following:
Sunday March 4th - Rawl FWB Church with our WV
missionary Maitland Bailey preaching that night at 6pm
Monday March 5th- Parsley Bottom at 7PM
Tuesday March 6th - Marrowbone at 7PM
Wednesday March 7th - Freedom at 7PM

Thursday March 8th - Curry Memorial at Kermit at 7PM
No service Friday

Saturday March 10th - Big Elk at 7PM
Each church will be getting the speaker for the night.

Thank You
Rev. Danny Lucas

Great Commission In working or in waiting,
News Another year with Thee.
Another year of mercies,
Happy New Year 2018 greetings to you, Of faithfulness and grace,
At the beginning of a new year, I usually take some Another year of gladness
time to look back on the past year. Once again, I In the shining of Thy face.
can praise the Lord for His faithfulness in the year Another year of progress,
2017. He has kept His promises, supplied my every Another year of praise,
need, and walked in the valleys and on the mountain Another year of proving
tops with me. Forever, he remains my Wonderful Thy presence all the days.
Savior. As I look forward in this year 2018, I choose Another year of service,
to continue serving Him. I choose to obey His Great Of witness of Thy love,
Commission through every opportunity He gives. I Another year of training
pray that you will join me on this journey of sharing For holier work above.
the Good News. Another year is dawning,
The following poem was written in 1874 by Francis
Ridley Havergal. I hope it will speak to you as it has Dear Master, let it be
to me. On earth or else in Heaven,

“Another Year Is Dawning” Another year for Thee.
Another year is dawning, God bless you. Please continue to pray and give so
Dear Master, let it be, that your missionaries can continue to serve at home
and abroad. It is not too early to begin getting ready
for the March for Missions Revival. May the Lord
open our hearts to give like never before.

Until He Comes,
Sister Alice


Messenger Submissions

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Ar ti cl e deadl i ne f or t he S u m me r edi t i on i s Apri l 30, 2017. You c an s ubm i t Fa cebook a rt i cl es

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