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Final Print - 133182 WV Free Will Baptists Messenger Feb-Mar 2017

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WV Free Will Baptists Messenger Feb-Mar 2017

Final Print - 133182 WV Free Will Baptists Messenger Feb-Mar 2017

The West Virginia


Making a Difference

Spring 2017 | Volume 17 Number 1| West Virginia State Association of Free Will Baptists

IN PERSPECTIVE with the promotional director

Making a Difference In Someone’s Life

O ur theme for the Spring on my life and ministry. God truly has used
issue of the Messenger is them to make a difference in my life.
“Making a Difference.” This Jesus said in John15:13, Greater love hath
thought is found in Jude 1:22, no man than this, that a man lay down his
And of some have compassion, life for his friends. My prayer for our State
making a difference. When I Association is that every member of our
consider this verse my thoughts churches will strive to make a difference in
go back in time to 1957 to those who made a someone’s life this year.
difference in my life.

The first person to make a difference in my Rev. Carl Lilly
life was my wife, Paula. She took me to the State Promotional Director
# 2 1 H o lden F WB Yo u n g Pe o p le ’s m e e t i n g
where I heard for the first time the wonder-
ful Bible stories about Jesus. We were truly
b le sse d to have Yo u th Le a d e rs lik e D e a c o n
John Shepherd and his wife Shelby and our
Sunday School Teacher Rose McCloud.
Three years later at the age of 20, I attend-
ed a revival at our church and Rev. John T.
Vanc e , the pastor o f th e c h u rc h , p r e a c h e d
the message that night. I felt an old fash-
ion, Holy Ghost conviction in my heart that
led me to the altar where I gave my life to
After 56 years of being saved and nearly for-
ty years as a minister of Christ, it has been
my privilege to hear many great teachers and
preachers. All of them have had an impact

Are you doing enough

Message from the Moderator

Jude 1:22 And of some have compassion, pulling them out of the fire. This little story

making a difference: Jud 1:23 And others makes a good point………

save with fear, pulling them out of the fire;

Our theme for this edition is;”MAKING A The Boy and the Starfish

DIFFERENCE”. Really, isn’t that what we A man was walking along a deserted beach

all want to do in life? Our minds are bom- at sunset. As he walked he could see a young

barded daily with so much negativity that if boy in the distance. As he drew nearer, he no-

we’re not careful the devil will convince us ticed that the boy kept bending down, pick-

there’s no hope and there’s nothing we can ing something up and throwing it into the

do. That’s why we need to read the Book. water. Time and again he kept hurling things

The world has been a dark place since the into the ocean. As the man approached even

fall of man, but God has always had a peo- closer, he was able to see that the boy was

ple whom He used to “make a difference’. picking up starfish that had been washed up

People who were willing to be obedient to on the beach. One at a time he was throw-

Him; like Moses, David, Daniel and the He- ing them back into the water. The man asked

brew boys. Then the lesser known ones; like the boy what he was doing. The boy replied,

Naaman’s little maid and Ananias who went “I am throwing these washed up starfish

to Saul (Paul). back into the ocean, or else they will die

I read something the other day that chal- through lack of oxygen.” But, said the man,

l e nge d my hear t. It s a id th a t w e s p e n d o u r “ Yo u c a n ’t p o s s i b l y s a v e t h e m all. T her e

life trying to be comfortable.God hasn’t are thousands on this beach, and this must

called us to be comfortable, but committed. be happening on hundreds of beaches along

C o ul d you see Br o . A n a n ia s c o mfo rta b l e a t t h e c o a s t . Yo u c a n ’t p o s s i b l y m ake a diff er-

Damascus? God said; Ananias, I need you to ence.” The boy looked down, frowning for a

move out of your comfort zone and go talk moment; then bent down to pick up another

to a man for Me. Ananias; Sure Lord, who? starfish, smiling as he threw it back into the

God; Saul of Tarsus. Ananias; Whoa!!! I’ve sea. He replied, “I made a huge difference

h ea rd of him, ar e Yo u s u re th a t’s th e m a n ? t o t h a t o n e ! ”

God; I’m sure. So he went and he “made a

difference”. Do you know where revival will

start in our lives, our churches, our world? Yo u r S e r v ant in Chr ist,

It’s when we’ll hear the Lord and move out

for Him. Lost men and women, boys, and Rev. Earl White

girls are headed to a burning hell without State Moderator

Jesus. We can make a difference in some,

to make a difference ? 2

Messenger Devotional
with Assistant Moderator, Bro. Mike Smith

The book of Jude may be small in size, but certainly that a little could accomplish a lot. The conversion
not in volume. Jude covers so much in just one chapter, of Saul would bring forth rest for the church and a
that when you are finished you have been reminded of great missionary. The jailor who was ready to take
many events of the Old Testament. As the book ends his own life, received life and not only him, but his
you are building up yourself on your most holy faith entire household. In chapter eleven of Hebrews, the
and keeping yourself in the love of God. In verse 22, writer helps us to see what a difference faith makes
and of some have compassion, making a difference. in our lives; the effect of trusting and believing, and
the provision of God. We always need to remember
We are currently studying the book of Acts in our the thing that made the greatest difference in our lives
Adult Sunday School Class. As Acts begins, Jesus is was the acceptance of Jesus Christ.
commanding the Apostles to wait at Jerusalem for
the promise of the Father, a promise that would bring Paul on the ship headed to Rome stood among men
power, a power that would make them witnesses, who had lost hope, with some of the most encouraging
witnesses not only at home, but abroad. There are words of hope; still there were men ready to flee the
many things that can make a difference in our lives, ship. Paul, making one more plea, said, except these
but not always for the good. Peter spoke on the day abide in the ship, ye cannot be saved. Jude said, and
of Pentecost and the power of the Holy Ghost added others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire. I
unto them about three thousand souls. One thing to know that there are discouraging times in our churches
remember is that these are the very people who had and for preachers in our ministries, but keep sounding
just heard Peter say, ye have taken and by wicked the alarm. Don’t give up, don’t faint, keep working to
hands have crucified and slain. The difference that the make a difference in some lost soul’s life. May God
gospel makes cannot be compared to anything else bless you all.
because it begins with God, who so loved the world
that he gave his only begotten son. If we want to see Rev. Mike Smith
a difference in ourselves and others, then the word of
God is where we need to start. Assistant Moderator

For the lad with the fishes and loaves, he saw

Hebrews 11:6 “... Without faith it is impossible to please him ...”

3 THE MESSENGER • Spring 2017

Greetings to all, Great Commission
As you probably know, I’m not a person who makes News

New Year’s resolutions. However, I do want to wish Romans 12: 1 and 2.
everyone a Blessed New Year 2017. A wonderful thing has happened at Free Will Baptist

I was planning to write about something else. But, International Missions. For six years the finances, at
my mind went into high gear when I recently heard that the end of the year, have shown a large deficit. The year
the theme for this edition is “Making a Difference”. 2016 ended in the black, not in the red. Our Lord has
rewarded our missionaries, the Mission administration
Here are a few of my thoughts on this subject. We and staff, and donors who make a difference by doing
should seek to make a difference, always remembering that which counts for eternity. God moved on the hearts
to make a good/positive difference, not a bad/negative of His people and many, especially through the World
difference. An example: instead of moaning, sighing, Missions Offering, gave sacrificially and generously so
fussing because an elderly lady is taking too much time that all missionary accounts in the deficit were erased.
in the check-out line, offer to help unload her cart. This God is Good! This has made a great difference and we
is a bad/negative difference (fussing) turning into a have reason to rejoice. However, the deficit will be
good/positive difference (helping). Another example: there again unless our people give on a regular monthly
Two young brothers in one of my Good News Bible basis. This is the only way that our missionaries can
Clubs used to be happy, carefree, came prepared to function longterm. It is possible that some of you have
recite their memory verse, etc. Everything changed. I never made a difference by committing to pray and give
wondered why. The answer came through their prayer on a regular basis so that our missionaries can work
requests . . . “my Dad is sick and lost his job; Mom without the stress of their accounts going in the red.
and Dad’s fussing keeps us awake, pray that my Mom Please prayerfully consider helping our missionaries
won’t divorce my Dad”. What a bad/negative difference serving in the U.S.A. and those serving overseas. Open
these things made for these little guys. Thankfully, your hearts to receive the many blessings that God
they began asking for prayer. God’s people interceded. bestows upon His children who walk in obedience to
Things are getting better. Prayer, as always, made a His command to “go into all the world and preach the
good/positive difference. Praise the Lord from Whom Gospel”.
all Blessings Flow!
Until He Comes,
Having a motto of “trying to make a difference” isn’t Alice F. Smith
bad. But, many of the results are just temporary. My 304-949-2713
desire is to seek to make a difference by doing those
things which count for eternity. Things that will be laid
up as treasures in Heaven. Who and what is eternal?
God, His Word, and the soul. In order to even come
close to achieving this, I must “ present my body a
living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God and . . .do not
be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the
renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that
good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”

Join the 2017 Prayer Team for the National Association in Louisville! 4

The West Virginia State MISMSISISOIONN BBOOAARRDD of the
Association of Free Will Baptist of the

WesWt VeisrtgiVniiragSintaiateSAtsastoecAiastsiooncioaftFiroene Will Baptist

Of Free Will Baptist

It's March For Mission Time . . .

This will be our 35th annual March For Mission fund drive. Since I have been treasurer
of the W.V. State Association Mission Board (1979); Churches, Conferences, and
Individuals have contributed $848,373.75 to March For Missions.


Last year only 45 Churches and 8 Conferences participated, and we still raised
$53,870.89. Wouldn't it be great if every Church and every Conference would participate?
Think of how much more would be raised for Missions?

Why is giving to Missions so important?
It helps to fulfill Christ's Great Commission . . .
Matthew 28:19-20 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of
the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things
whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of
the world. Amen."
Proverbs 29:18, "Where there is no vision, the people perish...."
You and I may not be called, or able to go to other places; but, that does not lessen our
obligation to support those who can, and will go. We must have a vision for lost
souls, or we fail in doing our part in God's plan for reaching the lost.
Will you have a vision, and help to fulfill the Great Commission. I would like to

encourage you and your church to participate in this years March For Missions?

Every penny is used in the support of Missions.

- 1/4 To Tim and Lydia Awtrey (Foreign Missionary to Bulgaria)
- 1/4 To Jonathan and Amy Postlewaite (Foreign Missionary to Bulgaria)
- 1/4 To Josue and Cristina Rivera (Hispanic Ministry - State of West Virginia)
- 1/4 To the General Fund of the W.V. State Mission Board

All checks and money should be sent to:
W.V. State Mission Board
% Rickie Holstein, Treasurer
P.O. Box 4624
Charleston, W.V. 25364

Please Ask God What You Can Do . . .
Thanks For Your Support . . .

Your Brother In Christ, Rickie Holstein

Rev. Rex Cox (304-684-9458); Rev. Rickie Holstein (304-595-4246); Rev. Raybon Cook (304-682-6168);
Rev. H.B. (Bert) Hall (304-400-4799); John Poling (304-684-3433); Rev. Joseph Fortner (304-525-2280);

Rev. John Hudson (304-342-2879); Rev. G.W. Mounts (304-475-3446)

5 THE MESSENGER • Spring 2017

Upper Ohio Valley Conference

and area Churches are having a

March for Mission Revival

90 Stanley Lane
Greeneville, TN 37743
E-MAIL: [email protected]

Like, Follow, and Share! We have field representatives available to come
and share about Family Ministries with your
churches. Log on to our website for a list and
contact info for our reps. 6

“I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the Update!
Lord sustained me.” [Psalm 3: 5] God can give true
peace and sleep. Fear can destroy peace and joy. Submitted By: Rev. Rickie Holstein
Don’t let fear destroy you. Jesus can provide true
freedom from destructive fear! He can defeat fear
completely! The true follower of Jesus should focus
on Him rather than allowing fear to dominate them.

Fear can control the heart. God’s word can for-
tify a person against fear. Praying to God is another
fortification against fear. Jesus can provide victory
over fear for His true followers!

Jesus can take away fear. Fear cannot stand
against Him! The true follower of Jesus can have
sweet victory over fear!

By, Rev. Darrell Wellman

7 THE MESSENGER • Spring 2017

WAC News with Sister Jody Sullivan

Can you make a difference in this world? the work in Ivory Coast during the last 50 years.
Absolutely! My heart was touched when I read We’re planning a meeting for the Huntington
a Lakota Sioux proverb that said, “We will be area on July 11th and one in the Beckley area
known forever by the tracks we leave behind.” on July 14th. How exciting! There will be more
How true! We can make a difference in our world details on these meetings later on. So…how can
and “leave tracks” for those behind us to see. you make a difference for them? Let’s help pay
Let’s inspect some tracks left for us in the Bible. their expenses to the National Association of
In Acts 9, we read the story about a lady named FWB in July. It will be held in Louisville, KY.
Dorcas. She was described as a woman full of I’m guessing that it will cost around $1,000 while
good works and alms deeds. She was known they’re in Louisville. If you can do anything to
for the coats and garments she had made for the help with their expenses, send a check to our
widows of Lydda. Turning over to Acts 16, we treasurer earmarked for Ivory Coast ladies. Send
read about Lydia. She was saved, witnessed to her your checks to: Linda Hutchison, 3381 Holland
household and won them to the Lord and showed Branch Road, Barboursville, WV 25504. Let’s get
great hospitality to Paul and his entourage. These started ASAP so their trip will be paid for before
women may not have changed the entire world they arrive in the states.
but they made a difference in the world around Retreat will be held on September 8th & 9th at
them…and you can do the same. the Cornerstone FWB Church in Crab Orchard,
Sunshine FWB Church in Huntington will be WV. Sis. Phyllis Smith and I will speak on “The
hosting our Annual Convention on May 20th. Sis. Obstacle of Unbelief” and “Believing God.”
Sandy Burdette will develop the theme “All My There will be special music, drama teams amongst
Days.” The Lord has a plan for our lives and knows other things during this retreat. How can I make
the events that will occur in all our days on earth. a difference for someone at this meeting? We
(I’ve been told that Lydia Awtrey, missionary to will be receiving an offering for Brian and Emily
Bulgaria will be at our meeting.) Here’s how you Williams, Church Builders in New York and also
can make a difference in the world around us at for Trif and Vanya Trifanov in Varna, Bulgaria.
this meeting: we will be having a Baby Shower for It’s suggested that each WAC group bring $100
Birthright of Huntington that day. Items needed for each mission work.
for those less fortunate are size 1 diapers, baby Even if you can’t make a difference in the entire
wipes, ointments, shampoos, baby wash, baby world, determine in your heart that you’ll change
towels and wash cloths, crib sheets, sleepers (size the world around you. We can change our world
3-6 months) and receiving blankets. for Christ. Let’s work ‘til Jesus comes!
We will have an opportunity this summer to do
something that we’ve never had before. We will Pray for us as we pray for you.
be hosting the National WNAC President and past Jody Sullivan
WNAC President from the Ivory Coast in July!
These ladies will be in the USA the month of July WV WAC President
and specifically requested to come to WV to thank
the women of WV for all they’ve done to support 8

WV Christian Education Board -

Updates and Upcoming Activities

The 2017 Bible, Music Adopt A Granny
& Arts Festival
How’s your Adopt a Granny go-
will be held at McCorkle Freewill Baptist Church ing? We’ve been hearing some
on Saturday, April 22nd. Check-in and breakfast great things about this ministry
will begin at 8 am with presentations beginning at going on! Send us your letter or
log on what you are doing with
9 am. Lunch will be served at the church. your Adopted Granny/Grandpa/
Registration forms are due by April 1st. Any reg- Individual by March 30th. The
istration forms or changes made to registrations Christian Education Board will be
received after April 1st will be subject to a $10 late selecting participants to be hon-
fee. Registration Forms and Model Release Forms oured at the Bible, Music & Arts
Festival in April. We will also fea-
can be found on the WV Christian Education ture participants on our website, so
Board Website and Facebook page. don’t forget the pictures! Informa-
tion can be sent to John Preece at
Registration forms and model release forms can be [email protected] or PO Box
submitted to Linda Hutchison at:
24, Lenore, WV 25676.
3381 Holland Branch Road, Barboursville, WV

or by email at [email protected]
If you have any questions, you may contact Sis.

Linda at 304-634-5102.

Sunday School Enlargement

You’ve been challenged! All of the churches are chal-
lenged to grow their Sunday School attendance! The

churches with the largest percentage of growth in
their average attendance from December to April will

be presented with a trophy at the State Association
Meeting in June.

9 THE MESSENGER • Spring 2017

Vacation Bible School Freedom Freewill Baptist 2nd

Material Exchange Annual Youth Rally A Great

Summer will be here before you know Success!
it, and with it comes VBS! The most
exciting time at the church for kids Freedom Freewill Baptist Church, located on New
in the summer. VBS materials can be Route # 3 in Inez Kentucky hosted their 2nd Youth
expensive, and some years, hard to find Rally January 20th. Once again, God showed up and
just the right one. Don’t toss those blessed the rally abundantly, around 150 people were
kits when you’re through with them! in attendance and the rally saw two souls saved. It was
Save them to bless another church. We
invite all churches to “recycle” their an extreme blessing to be part of.
VBS kits. Send us information about The rally was blessed with two great speakers, An-
the kits that you have: Title, lessons/ drew Fletcher and Michael Williamson. Both of these
theme, skits/props available, format young men brought the word of God to their audience
(weekend, 4 night, 5 night, etc), and in a powerful way. The rally once again was so happy
contact person for your church. We to have the “ The Collective” back with them. These
will post the information about avail- young people ministered to the group through music
able kits and contact info on our web- and testimonies that drew many to the alter for prayer.
page for other churches to view and A The evening was filled with praises for our Father!
to be arranged. For more information, We’d like to thank all that helped, including; WV
or to submit your VBS kit information, Christian Education Board and Bro. John Preece for

contact Amy Smith at: their support.
[email protected]

Email Announcements

Help us get announcements and activities out to you quicker and straight to

your inbox! Send us your email address and telephone number to John Preece at;

[email protected] or sign up though the Contact Us page on our webpage.


The Christian Education Board has a new webpage! This new webpage will be a
great place to see upcoming events, get information about all of the Christian Edu-

cation Board programs, and share what’s been going on at your church and with
your youth! Send us photos and write-ups of your church and youth events for us to

Check it out at:

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Published Triannual by the
West Virginia State Association of Free Will Baptists

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Rev. Carl Lilly, Promotional Director Adam White, Editor and Publisher
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Cell: 304-972-5507
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

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Messenger Submissions

The West Virginia Free Will Baptist family loves reading special news & events from your
local church and conference. Please email your articles to [email protected].
Article deadline for the Fall edition is April 30, 2017.

By submitting material to The Messenger, you agree all submissions are property of The
Messenger, and you agree The Messenger has been granted the non-exclusive right to edit,
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