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Researchers for the Mayan Civilization

Researchers for the Mayan Civilization


Arts and cultures

The Mayan had amazing art, their art is more complex that the artist today! The
Mayan art includes pyramids, pottery, and clay symbols. The maya are known for
their amazing well-constructed pyramids. Their were two types of pyramids the
Mayan made One of the most famous pyramids is called El Castillo. This pyramid
is the total height of the pyramid is just under 100 feet. Each side of El Castillo has
91 steps. When you add up the steps on all four sides and then add in the top
platform as a step, you get 365 steps, one for each day of the year. In the ruins of
a Maya temple Archaeologist have also found larger pieces of pottery. Scenes
were carved into the pottery, scenes of people in bloody battle, and scenes of
scary critters.

Science and Technology

The Mayan calendar was one of the most accurate clock of all time.
There are many mayan calendars that have multiple cycles of different
lengths. There are 4 well known types of mayan calendars. The 260 day
cycle is called Tzolkin. The tzolkin was combined with a 365 day
calendar for the solar year known as Haab to form a synchronized
calendar lasting 52 haab called the calendar round. In the Haab
calendar there is 20 day in 18 months and then 5 days in a one month
to get 365 days.

Science and Tech Continued…..

The Mayan civilization is the only Native American civilization that
had a full language. The “letters” represent sounds. The “letters” had
intricate drawings on them

The mayan also had a base 20 number system. There were 3 kinds of
place values. There was 1, then 20, then 400. If you put, for example, a 4
in the 400 place you would multiply 4 by 400 to get 1600. There were 3
symbols to represent all the numbers. The basket represented 0. A dot
means 1. A horizontal line means a 5. If you combine them, you can
create all the numbers you need.


The Maya lived in Yucatan and the soil there was extremely rocky. The soil is also very moist and very
good for their crops. There were many mountains, trees,valleys, rivers, lakes and much more kinds of
landscape.Yucatan had a tropical climate, with a rainy and muggy season. There are a lot of step temples
made by the Maya, they were very big actually about 230 feet tall! The biggest was about 2.8 million cubic
meters! The mayan would cut down a lot of trees so that they would have space to for their tribe.The rainy
season in Yucatan runs from May to October so it was very easy to grow crops at this time of the year.
They would plant corn, beans,squash and other fruits and eat it then it would have seeds and plant that
again for more food. Yucatan is mostly forest but some of it is cropland which is good for crops there is
just a bit of bodys of waters in Yucatan and some urban. The Maya were usually farmers and did not hunt
as much. They would farm many things and everything would be used in a way.


The Archaic Period in Mesoamerica during which hunter-gatherer culture moved
toward agriculture Mayan Culture buries their dead individually under homes.The
Olmec Period which saw the rise of the Olmec culture work in stone, first major cities
appear. Tomb of Mayan King K'utz Chman of Retalhuleu constructed in
Guatemala.The Zapotec Period in which writing, mathematics, and astronomy were
disseminated. Calendar developed.

Government and Social

The government is ruled by Kings and priest. They lived in independent city-states. The mayans had
rural communities and large urban ceremonial centers. The bottom of the social structure is slaves.
The slaves could be orphans, captured people, or punished people. Next on the social structure is
Peasants. Peasants some times were sacrifices and worked very hard they served the priest and
nobles. Next is merchants and craftsmen are the next they made craft and art also they ran
businesses for the peasants. Higher on the social structure is the nobles did not have to pay taxes did
not have to make anything and they had lots of free time. Above the nobles were are the priests. They
had the most power in the ancient maya common people gave them gifts and they were the only
people who could talk to gods. Then kings/rulers lived in luxury and the only way for a new ruler was

threw war or his son inherited it.

Maya Religion

● The Maya Built pyramids as monuments for their gods. At the top of the pyramids, there was a flat
surface where a temple was built. The priests would get to the top of the pyramids using staircases at
the temple on the top

● The early Mayans believed in religious sacrifice religious hierarchy
● The Mayans had a religious calendar of humans and animals particularly practiced by the elder

priests in the
● The Mayans believed in a scary afterlife where they got tormented by the gods
● The gods were worshipped with many practices, preparing food without salt and chili, periods of

celibacy, abstaining from meat, fasting, praying and burning incense, offerings of flowers and fragrant
● In Maya culture was the ritual offering of nourishment to the gods. Blood was viewed as a potent
source of nourishment for the Maya deities, and the sacrifice of a living creature was a powerful
blood offerings. By extension, the sacrifice of a human life was the ultimate offering of blood to the
gods, and the most important Maya rituals culminated in human sacrifice.
● The Mayans religion involved several aspects of nature, astronomy and rituals. Most Gods
represented a form in nature, for example, Sun God, Kinih Ahous, or Maize God, Yum Kaax. The
Mayans were known for their calendars and astronomical buildings. These were used during their
religious rituals. Similar to the Egyptians, the Mayans built Pyramid like temples for religious reasons.
● The traditional Maya have their own religious functionaries, often hierarchically organized, and
charged with the duties of praying and sacrificing on behalf of lineages, local groups, or the entire


The Mayan economics were mainly based on food and agriculture. Farming was the main thing the Mayans did for
labor, there were very few women in the farming business. Everyday the farmers went to the field and came back
with a good bit of food. The farmers gave up portions of their crops for money, or they paid with other items like:
salt, honey, cloth, fruit, and domesticated animals to the government. The people do this so their family doesn't
starve to death. Agriculture is the basic form economy. The best crop for the Mayans was corn, many scientists
believed that the Mayans. The other form of agriculture is raising animals, many of the Mayans raised groups of
animals or only one. The Mayans used honey from the bees to trade for money. They often traded animal skins from
cows and foxes.

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