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Debra Montgomery - Informational Text Template

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Published by Debra Montgomery, 2019-05-06 13:06:43

Debra Montgomery - Informational Text Template

Debra Montgomery - Informational Text Template

The Life Of A Dinosaur!

By:Debra.M & Emily.A

Table of Contents

1. Life
2. Body parts
3. Dite

8.Goodbye world
9.Compare the two


I am the Compsognathus ( komp-sog-nat-hus). I weigh about 2.5 kg ( kil-o-gram) (6.5
lb)( pounds) I lived during the Jurassic period (jur-as-ic per-re-id). My name means
“pretty jaws.” I am 1m (meter) long and 3 ft tall (3 rules). I am an insectivore
(in-sect-o-vore). I am a fast runner. I am almost as fast as an ostrich. Some
Compsognathus have feathers like me.

Fun Fact

Some compsognathus
do not fly. Well,
I walk on two
legs and I lived
150 million
years ago. I also

have wings.

Body Parts

MY bones are hollow ( hol-low) like chickens bones.My legs are very fast. I can
run up to 12 meters ( met-ters) per second, which equals about 27 mph
(mi-les-per-hou-er). I lay eggs just like birds. I have a beak and teeth.


I eat insects and I am an omnivore ( om-no-vore). When I get hungry, I get in a

pack called theropod ( there-o-pod). I sneak on my prey and CHOMP!!!!!!!!!. The

insects can’t outrun me.


I died because of the following things: a Meteorite; Extreme coldness; extreme
heat; mammals; volcanoes; planets that crashed into each other; impact; force;
etc. You would not believe what scientist think killed them. Drumroll please……..A
bug. Yes. You heard it correctly. A bug. Can you believe it?


I am the Amphicoelias (Am-phi-coeil-as). I lived in a group
called Sauropods (Sa-uar-pods). The word Sauropod came
from a greek language and means ‘’lizard foot’’. Sauropods
fossils where found in every continent even antarctica
(Ant-arc-tica). We have small heads but big bodys and big
nostrills (.Nost-rils). They have been found from New
Zealand,Italy and Australia. I went extinct around 65 million
years ago. am a plant eater like all the other sauropods.


Mom sauropods can have over 40 or more eggs that are
grapefruit sized. They can grow up to be 100 feet tall but
i’m 200 feet tall.


I eat up to 400 or 2,000 pounds of food each day. I am bigger
than the titanic. I ate plants,flowers,leaves.I was the tallest
dinosaur to walk on the earth. I was 200 feet tall and I
weighed 110 tons. I first came out in the Jurassic
(Jur-as-ic)Period about 200 million years ago. The

Good-Bye World!

I died because of a Meteor,Tsunami,Volcano, and a bug.
You get the point, but maybe not the bug.

Compare the two!

I am the Compsognathus I weigh 2.5 kg and I lived in a group called a theropod
there would be 5-10 of us in that group like the Anchiornis Huxleyi,Epidexipteryx
Hui,Palaeoptera Thomson,Ornithomimus Mintus,Parvicursor,Microraptor
Zhaoionnus,and then me. . I am omnivore and I am an insectivore so I eat bugs and
meat and vegetables.

Compare the two!

As you know I am the Amphicoelias I live in a group called sauropods.
I weigh 120 tons I am 200 feet and I am the tallest dinosaur to walk on
earth .I eat plants,flowers,leaves and that stuff.All the dinosaurs that are

in the sauropods are me,diplodocus,apatosaurus,brachiosaurus
those are the dinosaurs in my group.


3,9,12- life

4,7-Body parts

6,10- extinct


Compsognathus-A dinosaur
Jurassic period-A time period when dinosaurs lived
Insectivore-A you eat insectivore
Hollow-inside is not full
Meters-A distant
Mph- limit of speed
Omnivore-A meat and a plant eater
Theropod-a group of little dinosaur
Meteorite-A big rock that comes from the sky
Extreme-something that is big
Amphicoelias-a dinosaur
Sauropods-group of tall dinosaurs
Titanic-A big boat
Jurassic-time period where dinosaur lived

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