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Fred has to overcome obstacles to get to work, but he is going to have a bad day.

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Published by Jesse Stranlund, 2019-05-08 11:57:47

A Wacky day in candyland

Fred has to overcome obstacles to get to work, but he is going to have a bad day.


​A Wacky Day in Candyland 

​By Jesse Stranlund 



One stormy Monday in February at 3:00 am, Fred Smith, woke up with 
hundreds of frogs flopping around in his room, put there by his pet skunks, 
most likely planned by Bill. He scrambled to get out of his room, get his clothes 
on and ran outside. He said goodbye to his pet skunk, Bill.  







He hurried to his car so not to get his grey sports jacket and black jeans wet 
from the raining milk and cookies. Then got in his favorite rocket-powered 
limo. Then he blasted off down the gravel road heading to work.  




As he was racing along the road, a mammoth-sized frog came and rolled 
Fred's car off the road and off the steep cliff. The car rolled and tumbled down 
the steep mountain of jawbreakers and other hard candy. At the bottom, Fred 
came crawling out of his car, which was bent, twisted, and torn apart. Luckily 
he got out, for it erupted into flames. Boy was he frightened, you could tell, 
because he was sweating fish, and scrambled to get away.   




As the melting car burned and smoldered, Fred started to limp off,to try to 
get to work. After a few hours, the milk stopped and the cheese moon and stars 
came out. Fred was thankful that the pouring rain stopped. Then he came upon 
a forest of dead sugar and lollipop trees, that were tall and blocked the 
moonlight making it pitch black.  



After he got out of the woods, he came to an overflowing river of ice cream 
and slushies. So he thought that he would take the bridge, but the raging cream 
had washed the old licorice bridge away.  
So Fred had to swim across the freezing cold cream.  



In a half hour, he had crossed the cold river and was very tired but had to 
keep going. In another hour or two, he got to the head building of Mine It. He 
went inside the glass doors and ran to the meeting room, but when he got there 
he found that the safety meeting was over and the boss was so mad at him, he 
threatened to call his dad, Barry Smith, a 10000 Billionaire.  



Then after a long talk with the boss, Fred went to finish putting the 
mining carts fuel lines in place. Then the mining cars rattled down to a load of 
chocolate needing brot up. But a mile underground, it blew up with a bang. 
Thus causing the Ten thousand dollar mine collapse and all ten million workers 



The boss was furious and fired Frid and sent Fried home. But Fred needed a 
car to get home and had to rent a car and had to go the twenty miles to get to a 
workable bridge. He drove the car up the mountain and to his house. He went 
into his home and to the big fat feather bed. Then he crawled into bed and 
snuggled up with his pet skunks, Bill, Bob, Bobby, Press, and Joe and fell fast 
asleep. The end of a horrible day in Candyland. 




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