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Directions: Review the results of your personal vision introspection and record the findings below

Based on my personal research, these are the things that motivate me/
bring me joy and satisfaction:

My greatest strengths/abilities/traits/things I do best:

At least three things I can start doing/ do more often that use my strengths and bring me joy

This is my Personal Vision Statement (In 50 Words or less)


Directions: Find a quiet place without distractions and think deeply about the topic in question.
Try and answer all the questions, and discuss your response with someone you trust.

What Brings Me Happiness/Joy

Two Best Moments of my Past Week

Three Things I’d do if I Won the Lottery

Things I Can Do at the Good-To-Excellent Level

What I’d Like to Stop Doing or Do as Little as Possible

My Most Important Values (Tick)

Having Integrity Others? (Add)
Serving/Pleasing God
Having a relationship with God
Being fit and healthy
Having a nice home and belongings
Leaving the world, a better place
Having fun
Learning and improving myself
Making others’ lives more pleasant
Enjoying my family
Being creative


Directions: : Use this worksheet as an agenda, place to make notes, and a record of progress.
Identify one or more goals or topics for this meeting and be open to additional topics.

Date/ Time Location

Progress made/ Success to celebrate Challenges (Situations and feelings about them)

Solutions to challenges (Fill in after discussion with mentor)

Specific goal(s) and topic(s) for this meeting Key learning from this meeting

Follow-up Actions:

Mentor (if any):

Next meeting, date, location and tentative topic(s)


Directions: Write some goals you want to accomplish with your mentor. Make them SMART.
Be prepared to discuss them with your mentor and if appropriate, make modifications after the two of you meet

and create your work plan.

The tentative Personal/Professional goals I’d like to accomplish with the help of my mentor


I’d like my mentor to receive the following benefits from our partnership?


One year from now, we’ll be able to say this about our partnership:


Other goal(s)


How can your mentor best provide the following:

5 Corrective Feedback

Help with your skills, knowledge, attitude


Directions: This form is designed to assist you in establishing and defining the parameters of your
mentoring relationship. Discuss the topics with each other and write the tentative agreement.

Remember, the two of you can update and modify your agreement throughout your partnership.

This agreement will cover the period from to
Expectations we have of each other:

How often, when and where we will meet:

Beyond face-to-face meetings, other ways we will communicate with other and how often:

Any limits or constraints that will affect our interactions (time constraint, travel etc.) and how we will
handle these:

How the mentee prefers to receive corrective and positive feedback from the mentor (direct and to the
point, privately etc.):

Our agreement for handling confidentiality (everything discussed between us is considered confidential
or only things that are specified during our discussions):

Challenges we are likely to face and what we can do to prevent or manage these:

Other agreements if any:

This mentoring agreement sets forth how we will work together. We agree to commit ourselves to the
mentoring initiative for the specified period and to make a good effort to resolve any issue that may arise
between us during the term of this agreement.

Mentor’s signature/ Date Mentee’s signature/Date


Directions: After every learning session or one-on-one session, pick a skill you would like to develop
in and/or increase confidence. Ensure that the outcome does not become more important than your learning

Topic Date







Directions: For each statement,
Indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with it by circling one number from the scale provided.

After completing the survey, add your total score for the 20 items, and record it in the space provided.

1= Strongly disagree | 2= Disagree | 3= Neither agree nor disagree | 4= Agree | 5= Strongly agree

It is enjoyable having people to count on me for ideas and suggestions. 1------ 2--------3-------4------5

It would be accurate to say that I have inspired other people. 1------ 2--------3-------4------5
It’s a good practice to ask people provocative questions about their work 1------ 2--------3-------4------5
It’s easy for me to compliment others 1------ 2--------3-------4------5
I like to cheer people up even when my own spirits are down. 1------ 2--------3-------4------5
What my team accomplishes is more important than my personal glory. 1------ 2--------3-------4------5

Many people imitate my ideas 1------ 2--------3-------4------5

Building team spirit is important to me. 1------ 2--------3-------4------5

I would enjoy coaching other members of my team 1------ 2--------3-------4------5

It is important to me to recognize others for their accomplishment 1------ 2--------3-------4------5
1------ 2--------3-------4------5
I would enjoy entertaining visitors to my firm even if it interfered with my
completing a report 1------ 2--------3-------4------5
It would be fun for me to represent my team at gatherings outside our 1------ 2--------3-------4------5
department 1------ 2--------3-------4------5
The problems of my teammates are my problems too 1------ 2--------3-------4------5
1------ 2--------3-------4------5
Resolving conflicts is an activity I enjoy. 1------ 2--------3-------4------5

I would cooperate with another unit in the organization even if I disagree
with the position taken by its members.
I am an idea generator on the job

It’s fun for me to bargain whenever I have the opportunity.

Team members listen to me when I speak. 1------ 2--------3-------4------5
1------ 2--------3-------4------5
People have asked me to assume the leadership of an activity several times 1------ 2--------3-------4------5
in my life.
I’ve always been a convincing person

Total Score =

Interpreting the Total Score
90-100 = High readiness for the leadership role
60-89 = Moderate readiness for the leadership role
40-59 = Some uneasiness with the leadership role
39 or less = Low readiness for the leadership role

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