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Published by The Grapevine Magazine, 2018-12-14 05:57:43

The Grapevine Brighouse Issue 72 January 2019

Brighouse Issue 72

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Issue 72 Jan ‘19

Your community magazine - connecting
local people to local businesses

Happy New Year!

Mental & Physical Health

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing Section

Distributed to 9,500 homes and businesses every month throughout Brighouse including
Bailiff Bridge, Clifton, Hove Edge, Rastrick, Woodhouse, Fixby

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Editor’s Note:LoifecsatlyCleh&risLtmeisausrGeuide Property
Happy New Year! First of all, we wish all readers and
advertisers the best for 2019…

This month we’re here to help with your New Year’s
Resolutions. Our usual Health, Beauty & General
Wellbeing section is at the front of the magazines
and named New Year, New You, New Start. Here, you
can find info on fitness, yoga, hair, beauty and much
much more.

We’ve also put together a feature on Mental &
Physical Health and how the two more often than not
go hand in hand. There, you will find information on
Healthy Minds Calderdale, Andy’s Man Club & crisis

Harveys of Halifax are holding a big January sale with
up to 50% off and Hird & Partners are now open 24/7
with no out of hours fees. 

Wanting rid of your Christmas tree? Overgate will
collect your tree in return for a donation – saving you
the trip to the tip! Call 01422 387 121 to book your

Until February,

Jenny & Helen Holdsworth


Now taking bookings for
February ‘19 onwards,
contact Jenny by email:
[email protected]
or call 07469 234199

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reproduced without the Editor’s permission. All advertisers are
independent of the publication and advert content does not reflect
the views of the Editor. Copyright The Grapevine Mag 2018.

We take our copyright very seriously at The Grapevine Mag,
along with our right to ensure the magazine isn’t used for direct
marketing purposes. Legal action has been taken in the past on
local publications copying content, as we monitor and take action
accordingly. We spend a lot of time and energy each month creating
a unique publication to showcase the local area as best we can.
Although copying is flattering… it’s illegal.

Contact us

[email protected]
07469 234199

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New Year, New You, New Start

Prescription problems?

We speak to the team at Healthy Living Pharmacy, Brighouse

The team at Healthy Living Hipperholme, Lightcliffe & on. to us. Ourselves and our delivery
Pharmacy understand that not Prescriptions are collected drivers know many of our
everyone is in the position to daily from local surgeries and customers on a first-name-basis!”
pick up their prescriptions and once your prescription has Jeanette said.
many need a direct, efficient been collected, Healthy Living
and punctual delivery service. Pharmacy will prepare it and If you’ve been having
Jeanette (the pharmacy manager) deliver the very next day. difficulty either collecting
explained, “Many don’t know Emergency prescriptions will your prescription, having your
that our delivery and collection be delivered on the same day if description delivered or finding
services are completely free of possible. the time/transport to get to your
charge. We want to help those “Wherever possible we’ll go that local pharmacy, Healthy Living
that struggle to get out of the extra mile for our customers. Pharmacy would be happy to
house or even work when their We’re a small team and providing help. For more information, call
local pharmacy is open – we a great service is very important 01484 713 238.
understand that people have
busy lives”.
Healthy Living Pharmacy’s
delivery service covers a
large area, including; Hove
Edge, Rastrick, Waring Green,
Woodhouse, Norwood Green,

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New Year, New You, New Start


Aiding the health & wellbeing for the whole body

We caught up with Louise Alfred stress. It’s very rewarding giving
MGHT of Reflexology for Better people that ‘me-time’ that they
Health to discuss the benefits require in their busy lives but
of reflexology and it’s treatment it’s also great to see the added
in managing pain and stress. benefits that Reflexology brings
“I first became involved with to their general wellbeing” Louise
Reflexology in 2015, as I was said.
having great trouble sleeping at
the time and a friend introduced Just some of the benefits & uses • Reduce symptoms caused by
me to Reflexology” Louise told of Reflexology: chemotherapy, such as nausea
us. “I was overwhelmed with the • Improved circulation & lower and constipation
results and after a few sessions blood pressure • Boosts energy levels & nerve
I began to sleep well again and • Pain and discomfort relief function
felt able to relax again – which I • Reduction in anxiety & stress
didn’t even realize I had lost the
ability to do!” “I have only had a couple of treatments so far which are fab. I highly
recommend going to Louise for some much needed ‘me time’”
“I have a passion for health and
wellbeing and a real interest in “Excellent service, recommended by a friend – thank you!”
pain management and treating

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New Year, New You, New Start

Putting You first

The key to personal growth and healthy relationships

Caring for yourself as much as you do for others
isn’t a selfish act. Your own needs are important and
showing yourself compassion allows you to concern
yourself with your own feelings and hopefully
improve your mental wellbeing.

Maintain your own needs met. This should build your self-
Make note of what you need emotionally, what is esteem, as you’re reinforcing the belief that you
important to you and what upsets/hurts you when deserve to be loved.
they’re not there/ignored e.g. being celebrated
when you succeed and receiving sympathy when Feel good
you’re upset. When someone ignores what’s Identify what makes you feel good, this is all the
important to you, don’t ignore such a feeling. Listen permission you need to do what you love to do
to your feelings and let people know what you will and the more often you do them, the happier you
or will not stand for/tolerate. should be. Don’t let anyone blame you for your
actions, as you will feel better and once you feel
Those that don’t apologise or continue to ignore better in yourself, you will be able to really be there
your boundaries/needs can suffer consequences for others.
that you create. Be assertive and take action to get

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New Year, New You, New Start

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New Year, New You, New Start

Why we should ‘Wobble!’
Plus Health Company

Many of us will be aware of the
national recommendations for
us to undertake regular aerobic/
cardiovascular exercise but
perhaps less of us will be aware
that Public Health England
and the Centre for Ageing
Better also recommend us to
undertake strength and balance
training twice/week (for approx.
30 minutes each session).

Good strength and balance are ‘Initially, I was nervous about attending and being
an essential component of our with other people but found working in a small
overall health, fitness and of group most enjoyable. The targeted exercises have
course our level of function. Did given me confidence to build up my strength and
you know, from the age of 30, balance in both my upper and lower limbs. I have
we lose 3 – 5% of muscle every been pleasantly surprised at what I can do and
year, unless we take steps to found the variety of the classes both interesting and
maintain it? Our risk of falling challenging. I also found the education/discussion
also increases by 76% if we do part of my sessions informative and feel well
not maintain adequate bone and muscle strength equipped to practice at home. I would definitely
alongside good balance and control. recommend Wobble! to my friends and family.’
Linda W, Halifax (Nov 2018)
When it comes to true strength and balance
training, we really need to be challenging ourselves. Wobble! classes are appropriate for most people
Unfortunately, activities like walking and gardening concerned about falling and for ladies and gents
are often insufficient. It’s important that we find of all ages. We would initially invite you to attend
other enjoyable ways of maintaining good strength a one to one consultation in advance of starting
and balance. Some of us might like to play racquet small group sessions so we can tailor classes with
sports, go dancing etc whilst others may prefer (or you specifically in mind. Class content is varied from
need) a more supported and directed exercise class week to week and always includes a short health
such as Wobble! This is where we come in… education/discussion about relevant topics whilst
enjoying a cuppa!
Our Wobble! exercise sessions are specifically
designed to promote strength and balance in those If you know someone who might benefit from
who are either at risk of falling or whom have fallen attending our Wobble! Class (or one of our Plus
previously. We have developed an evidence-based Pilates classes), please get in touch. We’d be
training programme which achieves great clinical delighted to help move you in the right direction.
outcomes and feedback. Not only have strength and
balance scores improved by more than double, but
people attending have really enjoyed their sessions
and feel much more confident in themselves and in
moving. As a result, they have become significantly
more active and less fearful of falling. Here’s one
testimonial from a lady attending our most recent

Wishing all Grapevine readers a happy and healthy 2019 from Plus Health Company x

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New Year, New You, New Start

Plus Health Company

Highly experienced & friendly chartered physiotherapists/pilates
teachers so you can be sure to be in the best hands

Physiotherapist-led Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
Plus Pilates Classes & Sports Massage

Women’s Health Physiotherapy, Ergonomics and Occupational

Pregnancy and Mummy & Baby Health support within the

Pilates Classes Workplace

Appointments & Classes in Halifax & Huddersfield

For further details, please get in touch with us:

T 07824 380358 | 01422 345088 E [email protected]

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New Year, New You, New Start


Brighouse opticians offers advice to reduce dry eye symptoms this winter

Dry and sore eyes are a cross infection from bacteria
problem for many people at in coughs and sneezes by
this time of year, so a local washing your hands before
opticians is offering people touching your eyes.
advice on how to deal with
the growing problem. To book an appointment or get
in touch with your local store,
Cold winds and central go to
heating can play havoc stores/brighouse
with your eyes, leaving them feeling dry, gritty
and bloodshot. The gritty sensation we sometimes Designer Glasses
experience in our eyes during the winter months is AW18 Collection
worsened by dehydration.
Introducing the latest glasses collection from Parisian
Gareth Hart from Specsavers in Brighouse said: couture house, Balmain.
‘Every year, we see people suffering from dry eyes.
The causes can be as simple as having the central The chic new collection features timeless shapes,
heating set to its maximum temperature, having modern materials and expert craftsmanship,
car heaters pointed at face level and sitting directly reflecting the brand’s sleek and sophisticated
next to artificial heat sources, such as gas or electric tailoring.
heaters. These are simple things to fix and make your
winter much more comfortable. Balmain’s signature colour palette of black and gold
is offset by opulent jewel toned rims, tortoiseshell
‘Try to avoid coffee and up your water intake, as with subtle flecks of blue and pearlescent marble
dehydration can aggravate problems such as gritty effects.
eyes that are common during the winter months. If
the problem still persists, using eye drops can add The five piece collection is now in stores, priced at
extra lubrication to dry eyes. £169 for two pairs.

‘The term “dry eye” is used when the oil content of
the tears doesn’t efficiently lubricate the eye. People
with dry eyes often have plenty of watery tears, so
adding eye drops might not seem to make sense, but
it’s actually a vital contribution to the oil content of
the tears.

‘Winter is a great time to get your eyes tested, as
poor light conditions can make you susceptible to
eyestrain. Everyone should get their eyes tested once
every two years, or sooner if you are experiencing

At this time of year many people suffer from
the common cold and flu. These are respiratory
infections and can inflame your conjunctiva – the
clear membrane covering the whites of your eyes,
leaving them feeling irritated. You can help prevent

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New Year, New You, New Start

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New Year, New You, New Start

Mental & Physical Health

The two go hand in hand

We often refer to mental health as ‘mind’ and
physical health as ‘body’, but the two are connected
and shouldn’t be seen as separate.

Mental health affects physical health and physical
health affects mental health. Poor physical health
can lead to an increased risk of developing mental
health problems and vice versa.

When then NHS was formed in 1948, there was
a clear distinction between mental and physical
health but in recent years healthcare professionals
are often considering mental wellbeing when
treating physical conditions.

For example, Scizophrenia is associated with an can make a smoker feel as though they need more
increased risk in death from heart disease and nicotine.
people can be three times at risk of death from
respiratory disease. A healthy, balanced diet is a crucial factor in
influencing the way we feel. The food we eat can
How to combat both physical and mental health: influence numerous mental health conditions
including depression and Alzheimer’s.
Smoking is a way in which many with mental health
problems believe it relieves their symptoms, but Physical activity releases feel-good chemicals
this is only short-term. Nicotine interferes with the (endorphins) in the brain. Even a 10-minute brisk
chemicals in our brain and temporarily increases walk increases our energy and positive mood or
the levels of dopamine (chemical inducing positive tending to your garden.
feelings). In doing so, it also switches off the brain’s
natural mechanism for making the chemical, which What’s available to me locally?

Healthy Minds Calderdale
Healthy Minds is Calderdale’s mental health charity, led by people with personal experience of emotional
distress. Their aim is to provide opportunities for people to understand and build on their strengths to
better achieve what they want from their lives.
For more information on what’s available to you and the services that Healthy Minds provide, visit: or call 01422 345 154.

Andy’s Man Club
Recognising the male suicide crisis and wanting to tackle it, Luke Ambler (from Halifax) set up Andy’s
Man Club in memory of his brother-in-law Andy Roberts.
With the club’s roots being in Halifax, they have now expanded to provide support groups and
conversation to males across the country.
For more information, visit or email [email protected]

For more information on physical and mental health, visit
Crisis numbers: NHS mental health services: 01924 316830 (24hrs a day) Samaritans: 116 123 (free to call)

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New Year, New You, New Start

Don’t tiptoe around it…

The importance of foot health

Your feet have a tough job. On can develop certain problems
a daily basis, walking around as some medical conditions
pounds them with force and can prevent oxygen-rich blood
some forms of footwear only reaching your feet and lower
worsen the situation. legs”.

Some of the most common The Mobile Foot Clinic offers
conditions include corns, an essential service to all ages,
ingrown toenails, fungal especially the elderly who
infections and verruca. A visit sometimes struggle to cut their
from The Mobile Foot Clinic will include cutting, own toe nails but who also struggle going out to
filing, callus reduction along with moisturiser and clinic appointments. Anne Hamer of Brighouse who
massage in any appointment, helping to keep your uses the services of the Mobile Foot Clinic said,
feet in the tip-top shape that they need to be in. “Chris provides a welcoming and competent service
and helps maintain my feet throughout the year.”
We spoke to Chris Kay of The Mobile Foot Clinic.
Chris is a Foot Health Practitioner and is qualified to T: 01484 500 245
provide routine foot care and maintenance to your W:
feet. “Your feet always take the brunt of the force”
he told us, “They’re also the farthest body part First visit just £25
from your heart and this is another reason why they See our ad on the front page!

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New Year, New You, New Start

Making & keeping your New
Year’s Resolutions

Top tips for sticking to your goals in 2019

Be realistic Celebrate do feel confident (going back to
being realistic!)
Remember to do a quick reality If you focus purely on the
check with every resolution you end goal then it’s easy to feel Be SMART
set. It’s great to aim big, but you discouraged, so it’s crucial to
don’t want to disappoint yourself recognise and reward successes A great way to make sure you
in the process. Instead of setting along the way. If you’re trying to achieve all of the above is by
multiple big goals, zero in on one lose weight, celebrate each time making your goals SMART.
and commit to it. you lose a certain amount rather
than when you only reach the Are your goals:
Be specific end goal. This should keep you
feeling proud and encourage you Specific?
You’re more likely to stick to to keep going.
something that’s more focussed. Measureable?
If you want to save money, set a Believe in yourself
realistic, specific amount and link Achievable?
a timescale. This method should Many admit to making a
keep you encouraged as each resolution without believing that Relevant?
time you achieve a stage of your they will ever achieve it. If you
goal, it’ll feel rewarding. wish to really accomplish it, you Time-based?
need to know that you’re capable
Make note of making the desired change. If SMART resolutions should allow
you still don’t feel confident, then you to identify concrete and
Make sure to write down your re-format your resolution so you specific steps.
goals and put them on your wall/
fridge, somewhere where you’ll
regularly see them. This way, you
keep reminding yourself and can
reflect on your progress since
first making note of your goals.

Go public

You’re more likely to achieve
your resolutions when you
go public with them. Sharing
your resolutions holds you
accountable, so it’s tougher
to back out of them. Sharing
resolutions with friends and
family is also a great way to keep
one another on track and share

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New Year, New You, New Start

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Lifestyle & Leisure
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Lifestyle & Leisure

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Lifestyle & Leisure

Award-Winning Home Care

by The Care Collection

Local resident, Catherine Haigh, inadequate leadership by people Their hourly Home Care
founded The Care Collection with no care experience. I felt services range from support
to raise the standards of Home compelled to help and that is with everyday living including
Care and transform the “social how The Care Collection was companionship, domestic
care crisis”. born”. support and personal care
Given the choice, most people The Care Collection develops and through to more complex care.
would choose to remain at implements a model of Home The Care Collection also provides
home whilst receiving care. Care delivery which is entirely live-in care where a dedicated
However, due in part to a lack of Client-focussed, inclusive and carer lives in an individual’s home
understanding about the viability responsive, enabling individuals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to
and benefits of Home Care, some of all ages to lead meaningful and meet all their needs.
people think that moving into a active lives. The Care Collection has recently
Care Home is the only option. Continuity of staff is key to the been recognised as one of the
This is not the case. The Care service they offer, and they Top 20 Home Care Providers
Collection’s award-winning Home ensure their Carers have time to in Yorkshire based on Client
Care service provides a preferred care through minimum 1-hour reviews on leading independent
alternative to a Care Home where visits. Catherine and her team review website,
people receive professional spend time ensuring each care Furthermore, they recently
support in the comfort of their package is highly bespoke and received a “Good” rating in all
own home. adaptable to meet Clients’ needs 5 areas following an inspection
Drawing on over 22 years’ now and in the future. by The Care Quality Commission
experience working across the with glowing feedback from the
whole care sector, Catherine inspector.
Haigh founded The Care Commenting on the CQC
Collection to provide a bespoke, inspection rating, Catherine said:
high quality Home Care service to “The Care Collection was founded
the local community. Catherine to deliver high quality Home Care
explains “During my time working and we are incredibly proud to
in care I saw poor practice and have received this rating, which
lack of knowledge, with many is a testament to the dedication
care companies being run with and hard work of our team. By
recruiting caring and committed
people, and putting our Clients’
needs at the forefront of our
service, we have created a
compassionate culture which
ensures we deliver a service that
the community can rely on and
To learn more about The Care
Collection’s Home Care, please
get in touch on 01484 521712 or
[email protected]
or visit

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Lifestyle & Leisure

Award winning Home Care in
Calderdale and Kirklees

Our award-winning services range from companionship
and personal care through to supporting those with

complex medical conditions. The length of service can
be tailored from 1 hour visits to 24/7 live in care

90 New North Road, Huddersfield HD1 5NE | 01484 521712 19|| [email protected]

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Lifestyle & Leisure Up to 50% off…

At Harveys of Halifax 

It’s safe to say that Harveys, off throughout the departments! home inspiration and ideas all
Halifax’s independent This includes huge brands such under one roof, with a very
department store, is part of as Barbour, Phase Eight & Wallis. helpful, friendly team at hand if
the fabric of Halifax. As an If your home needs a refresh this you need them. Harveys employs
independent, family owned New Year, visit their home-wares over 100 people and with many
store in its 4th generation
of shop based at the main store on of the team having worked there
– Harveys Commercial Street and you can for years, you’re always bound to
embraced change over the also shop home-wares in the see a friendly and familiar face.
years. Tracy Harvey, the store’s Piece Hall shop.
Managing Director, told us As though up to 50% off
“We’ve undergone many changes The department store has floor throughout January wasn’t
within the store over the years after floor of gift, fashion and enough, you can sign up for a
– we’ve adapted the way we Harveys Privilege Card, which
operate to embrace the changing gives you points for every £1
times within Halifax as a town. that you spend, invitations to
We’ve expanded, changed the special Privilege Card events
brands we have in store to attract and exclusive savings and offers.
a new audience and adapted You receive 100 points just for
the way in which we deal with joining, all you have to do is pick
our customers. One trait of ours up a leaflet in-store, fill in and
as a store which has remained hand it to a staff member.
consistent throughout changing
times, has been our unwavering Fancy shopping and dining? Then
commitment to provide each call in to Upstairs at Harveys and
and every one of our customers enjoy a well-deserved cuppa,
an excellent, personal customer lunch, dinner or refuel with a
service.” varied, seasonal menu with
everything freshly made. For the
The Harveys of Halifax January lovers of afternoon tea – that’s
Sale is now on, with up to 50% also on the menu.

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Lifestyle & Leisure



(Inches) (Kg) (Pounds) (Centimeters) (Litres) Virgin / IATA Approved
Grey/Black Blue Teal/Khaki Plum/Purple Red/Burg 2.65 kg 5.83 lbs Cabin Size
EV-411 28" 5050774025063 5050774024943 2.25 kg 4.95 lbs 81cm x 47cm x 32cm 112.80 ltr
EV-411 24" 5050774025070 5050774024950 5050774024974 5050774025001 5050774025032 Set of 3 1.80 kg 3.96 lbs 70cm x 40cm x 28cm 71.68 ltr
EV-411 18" 5050774025087 5050774024967 55cm x 34cm x 20cm 33.32 ltr
5050774024981 5050774025018 5050774025049 Lightweight

5050774024998 5050774025025 5050774025056 4 Wheeled P

All Outer sizes include wheels (Size from the ground)

Shop online at Commercial Street, Halifax, HX1 1LJ Tel: 01422 331188
Opening hours: Friday 21st 9am-6.30pm

Saturday 22nd 8am-7pm Sunday 23rd 10.30am-4.30pm
Monday 24th 9am-4.30pm (Cosmetics 8am-5pm)

Meet and Eat in the ‘Upstairs at Harveys’ Restaurant

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Lifestyle & Leisure

Where There’s a Will…
There’s a Way

A survey covering all areas within the UK carried out crucial for the final distribution of your estate, but a
in 2014 by Lightspeed Research for the charity Will more important document can be a Lasting Power
Aid, surveyed some 2,250 people aged 25 to 84 and of Attorney (LPA) form, because it deals with your
found: day to day affairs whilst you are still here.

• 56 percent of parents do not have a Will at all. In this more complex world of rules & regulations,
• A further 23 percent have a Will but have not being without an LPA can cause your family real
named guardians – which means that 79 percent concerns if there was need for someone’s private
of parents with dependent children haven’t named affairs to be managed.
guardians for them. None of us can predict the future, but for anyone
• Of people who had written a Will, almost 60 that is close to retirement or in retirement there
percent of those hadn’t written a new Will or may come a time when your affairs need to be
updated an old one for more than five years and 21 managed due to a loss of capacity which may be for
percent hadn’t checked their Will still reflected their a temporary period or permanent.
wishes in more than ten years. If you cannot manage your bank accounts and
paying bills - who will do this for you?

Did you know? If you are in need of Care, who selects the Care you
Barry White the soul singer left his ex-wives, need, where you will live or the Care Home that is
girlfriends and children to squabble over his best for you?
multi-million dollar estate because he had no You would like to think it is your spouse, partner or
Will in place. family that make those decisions, but without you
Jimmy Hendrix died in 1970 with no Will and for appointing someone as your Attorney in an LPA they
30 years court battles continued over his estate. will not be able to make any decisions.
Prince Charles under the law (whilst he is alive) Do not be complacent and leave it to another day
is entitled to the estates of people who die to put LPA forms in place, because you must have
without a Will in Cornwall. He has however Mental Capacity to create the forms. For example,
donated any funds to charities. a diagnosis of Dementia or Alzheimer’s may result
in you not being able to put these forms in place,
Why Have a Will? which then leaves your family having to consider a
It first of all creates certainties for those you wish Deputyship Order.
to inherit (family, friends, charities), because if it is A Deputyship Order is a costly route to go down and
not written down and in the right way (by a Will) it has delays before anyone can act for the person that
falls under the rules of Intestacy, which may result has lost capacity and should be avoided at all costs.
in some family members you do not wish to inherit Those reading this article need to understand that a
taking a slice of your estate! person needs to have capacity to make decisions to
It does not end there! execute legal documents.
For anyone close to retirement or in retirement, Consider yourself first for an LPA, but then consider
think about how your affairs can be managed if you your elderly parents and if they have these LPA
lost capacity to make decisions. Having a Will can be forms in place and which family member steps in
as the Attorney? Because families are different and
acting as an Attorney is a responsible role that may
last for years.

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Lifestyle & Leisure

People generally look at what they need to mandatory that Bridge Wills comply with the IPW
accomplish first; for example, accessing a bank Code of Practice which is approved by the Chartered
account because Mum is not able to anymore. Trading Standards Institute under its Consumer
WRONG. Once Mum lacks mental capacity, then Codes Approval Scheme (see logo below).
she can no longer sign any legal documents such as
a Power of Attorney or create a Will, and if no LPA Past Experience
is in place, no one can access the bank account. It’s
FROZEN. Geoff Petherbridge of Bridge Wills had worked as an
Independent Financial Advisor for just over 40 years
If you have capacity to make decisions now then (until his retirement in 2016) and back in 2003 Geoff
act while you are able and put in place Power of added to his services advice on Wills and Powers of
Attorney forms to appoint the persons you TRUST Attorney.
to manage your affairs. With an LPA in place these
problems can be avoided. ‘’With my extensive knowledge in financial
planning, creating Wills & LPA’s for clients I can
ABOUT US present various options many would not think of to
plan ahead and avoid Inheritance Tax, and where
Bridge Wills was established in 2003 and covers all possible save some assets being used when it comes
of West Yorkshire. Geoff Petherbridge at Bridge Wills to Long Term Care’’.
is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Professional
Will Writers (IPW) which is national organisation. Bridge Wills is currently offering a discount of
Anyone can look at the Institute’s website and look £30.00 per document fully completed from our
up past reviews of Bridge Wills. ( normal fees until the end of January 2019 – just
present this page to us to receive a discount. Bridge
All IPW members must have Professional Indemnity Wills provide home visits with no initial costs for
Insurance cover of a minimum of £2 million. In order that meeting and you are not obligated to take up
to ensure that the IPW standards remain high, it’s any of our services.

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Lifestyle & Leisure

Lionel Richie


Friday 1st February 2019
£35 per person

To book or for more
information call 0113 264 1000

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Food & Drink

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Food & Drink

Leek and Potato Soup

Perfectly warming in the colder weather

Equipment: 2 large pans, hand blender or blender add the seasoning and simmer until the vegetables
Stove: High enough to boil are tender. Once you have done this whizz all of it
together (you can do this either with a hand blender
Ingredients for 4- 6 servings or a blender). Reheat all the mixture in a clean pan.
You can then stir in some cream or crème fraiche.
225g of potatoes (cut into cubes) Serve with bread and butter if you choose.
2 medium leeks (sliced)
1 onion (sliced) Fun facts:
1 tbsp of vegetable oil
1.2 litres of vegetable stock It was claimed that girls who slept with a leek under
Salt and freshly ground black pepper their pillow on St David’s Day would see their future
150ml double cream or crème fraiche husband in their dreams.

Method:  Leeks have been cultivated since the time of the
Ancient Egyptians and were probably part of the
Take a large pan and pour in the oil. Then add the diet of those who built the pyramids. Hippocrates,
onions, leeks and potatoes and cook until they have the ancient Greek physician and ‘father of medicine’,
softened. Do this for 3-4 minutes. Proceed to add prescribed the leek as a cure for nosebleeds.
the vegetable stock and bring it all to the boil. Then

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Food & Drink

Early Bird


The Early Bird is available:
Monday – Friday 12 – 2pm & 5pm – 7pm

Saturday 12pm – 7pm
Sunday 12pm – 8pm

FOLLOW US: 01484 715566


Prego/Waterfront Hotel, Huddersfield Road, Brighouse HD6 1JZ

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Caring for your pets…

For over 200 years

Now open 24/7!
Our Halifax Surgery is now open 24hrs a day by appointment and for emergencies, with no out of hour’s

You can rest, assured that if your pet becomes ill unexpectedly throughout the night, you can get an

appointment immediately and won’t have to worry about extra costs.

Small Animals Equine & Farm Animals

Conveniently located in central Hird & Partners are experts in and farm clients. The 24/7
Halifax, Hird & Partners recently equine health and their equine service is also available for large
moved to a purpose built site surgical and diagnostic unit based animals/equine, meaning that
on King Street for their Small at Shelf has been open for over
Animals services, with top of the 20 years now.
range diagnostic and surgical
facilities. Their large animal practice at
shelf consists of 16 veterinary
The friendly team consists of 9 surgeons that provide an
veterinary surgeons, all with your ambulatory service to all equine
pet’s best interests at heart and
the whole team (including nurses
and support staff) regularly
attend continuing professional
development courses to ensure
they’re aware of the latest
advances in veterinary medicine
and surgery.

Hird & Partners are now happy
to provide a 24/7 emergency
service – so they’re around
whenever you may need them.

in an emergency you can be
reassured by a familiar face and a
caring, compassionate service.

The team have been treating
local cattle, sheep, pigs, goats
and camelids for years and are
available to carry out routine
and emergency fertility work,
providing regular visits to farms
to carry out crucial ultrasound

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Families & Education


Spot the Difference

Find the 10 differences between the 2 pictures.

Word Mix Up Extra Letter

Can you rearrange the 1) sowin
following jumbled letters 2) doclc
into words that are to do 3) sitrof
4) clizrazdb
with winter? 5) hulsls
6) troymes
Each one
has an extra letter: Extra Letter Answer:
Identify these to find the
name of something you find in


Answers: The 10 differences are: 1. Branch at bottom right missing, 2. Missing tree in background, 3. Missing snow on left side,
4. Dad missing eye, 5. Girl’s hat colour changed, 6. Boy’s mouth missing, 7. Dad’s jacket colour changed, 8. Front of sledge
missing, 9. Sky darker, 10. Tree on left side changed colour.
Word Mix Up: 1. snow, 2. cold, 3. frost, 4. blizzard, 5. slush, 6. stormy. Extra Letter Answer: icicle

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Families & Education

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Lifestyle & Leisure
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Lifestyle & Leisure

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018 review

Tim Barnes-Clay has been testing the new Mercedes- limo. The brand’s clever ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice control
Benz A-Class recently. Here are his thoughts on the responds well to pretty much anything you ask of it.
German hatchback. Additionally, although the Audi A3 trumps the A-Class
on rear seat space, comfort is better than that offered
The A-Class has become sexier with each incarnation by the rival. The seating and dash materials are
– and 2018’s Mk4 is a car oozing desirability. marginally better, too – and that takes some doing.
Indeed, I’d go as far to say that this Mercedes-Benz
It’s a classy hatch with one diesel option – the A180d. has set the bar one notch higher in the compact class.
Then there are the A200 and A250 petrols. All are
offered with a seven-speed dual-clutch auto. But, On the move, the sporty sound the new A-Class
from 2019, manuals and more powerful engines will makes is gratifying, and it’s always eager to please –
join the party. especially in ‘Sport’ mode. But the hatchback delivers
a calmer experience in ‘Comfort’ setting, soothing the
The A250 I’m reviewing here gets your juices flowing parts that some other compact cars fail to reach.
tastefully. It’s got a bit of ‘oomph’ to it – as you’d
expect from a car with a 224PS 2.0-litre lump under The auto ‘box can sound a bit strained when you
the lid. give the Merc the beans, but most of the time it’s a
smooth operator. What’s more, the shift paddles on
Inside, you feel like a King, with a digital set-up that the steering wheel - if you want to use them - are
you’d expect to find in a chauffeur driven luxury highly responsive.

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As handling and ride go, this small Mercedes is Motoring
perfect for everyday motoring needs. I drove it on
motorways and rural roads and felt satisfied all day. FAST FACTS
Even the potholes on the Cotswolds’ test route didn’t
rain on the parade. The A-Class handled them with (Mercedes-Benz A-Class A250 - as tested)
aplomb. • Max speed: 155 mph
• 0-62 mph: 6.2 secs
The car holds its own at 70mph, and there’s quite • Combined mpg: 45.6
a bit of fun to be had when you point it at twisty • Engine layout: 1991cc four-cylinder petrol
tarmac. The front-wheel-drive Merc hunkers turbo
down, relaxes and then pings you out of the bends • Max. power (PS): 224
accurately and pleasingly. All this makes it an easy • CO2: 141 g/km
hatchback to like. Price: £30,240

So, if sexy looks, a charming cabin, great handling
and a premium-badged hatch float your boat, then
the new A-Class comes highly recommended.

Pros ‘n’ Cons
Handsome √
Handling √
Performance √
Comfort √
Rear-Seat Space X

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An Old Friend on Commercial
Street -1982

By Chris Helme

During 2018 Brighouse The business opened in
has seen some changes on 1923 when the property
the high street, with some was bought from the Halifax
familiar names closing and Building Society. However, we
some new faces moving in. must go back to 1906 when
William Harrison Baguley who
Some of the names that have had a growing business as
closed in recent times include an importer of gas mantles
H. Marsden’s jewellers, VS which he sold on numerous
Cycles and Direct2Mum markets when he first started
children’s prams, car seats his business.
and other accessories on But why the name Murphy’s?
Bradford Road. Along with The answer was that he thought the name Murphy
Kingston Jewellers on Commercial Street, Oddjobs which came from a distant relative would be
in Briggate, Pound World on King Street and Simply more acceptable and easier to remember than
Sweets on Bethel Street, a shop where you could Baguley. His company was officially called Murphy’s
buy all those traditional sweets that we used to buy Household Stores Ltd and had its headquarters in
in the 1960s. Otley. His was a real success story, by 1931 he had
opened 56 shops.
New faces in the town centre include a new Polish Murphy’s closed with William’s grandson nearing
shop on Commercial Street. Trading under the retirement and his two daughters not wanting to
name of The Hut it is the latest addition to the follow in the family business. The shop had been
owner’s shops in Halifax and Huddersfield. The main managed by Mrs Nancy Richardson who started at
objective of this company is to promote traditional the shop in 1967 as an assistant. As the manager
Polish products, many of which cannot be found in she had been assisted by Mrs Peggy Murray since
British stores. 1970. After the Baguley family left the shop did
stay open for a few more years run by the two staff
There are changes ongoing at the old post office members.
on Park Street, and with occupants gearing up to Murphy’s finally closed and the shop was taken
move in at Kingston Jewellers and VS Cycles, these over by a ladies fashion outlet, followed by Slators
businesses will soon be looking for your custom. the Cleckheaton based electrical shop. After
Unlike many other towns of a comparable size, we they closed the shop has been a card shop, men’s
have fewer empty shops. Let us hope those that outfitters and now the Brighouse branch of The Hut.
remain empty are occupied soon and make our Something completely new on Commercial Street
shopping in the town even better. and we wish them well for many years to come.
Chris Helme
This month’s photograph takes you back about 36 email: [email protected]
years, in the days when Murphy’s household store Chris Helme – Local Nostalgia Magazine
was a familiar name on Commercial Street. This was Chris has launched a new, local nostalgia
a shop where you were always guaranteed good magazine. The 3rd edition is out now. You can
service and where you could buy almost anything. find his advert on page 16
When it was announced that Murphy’s was to close
on October 17, 1984, it came as a shock. It was
written in the newspaper at the time that the town
centre was losing an old friend.

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$SULO -81(





$'8/7 d N d $GXOW d $GXOW d $GXOW d

N d &KLOG d &KLOG d &KLOG d

)DPLO\ d 7HDP RI d



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Business, Finance & Technology

Business Owner
Finance Q & A’s

By Debbie Story, Sleigh & Story, Brighouse

Q. I am aware that there is to be a temporary HMRC may reduce a late payment penalty in ‘special
increase in the limit for claiming Annual circumstances’, which does not include inability to
Investment Allowances. Are all assets eligible for pay. In addition, a defence of ‘reasonable excuse’
the allowance? may be available.

A. Unfortunately not all expenditure on plant In relation to payments on account, the maximum
and machinery will qualify for annual investment penalty for fraudulent or negligent claims by
allowances (AIA). The most common examples of taxpayers to reduce payments on account is the
assets that are not eligible are cars and assets that difference between the correct amount payable on
have been used for some other purpose before account and the amount of any payment on account
being brought into the business, for example a made.
personally owned computer. These assets should
still qualify for capital allowances, but allowances Q. Following the 2018 Autumn Budget
will be given gradually over several years, rather announcement, will my company’s capital losses
than the full cost being allowed against income all at be restricted?
once, which is what the AIA gives.
A. Under current proposals, from 1 April 2020, a
The AIA was set at its current level of £200,000 from company’s use of carried-forward capital losses will
1 January 2016, but it was announced in the 2018 be restricted to 50% of capital gains.
Autumn Budget that, subject to enactment, the limit
will be increased to £1,000,000 from January 2019. However, to ensure that the restriction only
impacts on companies making substantial gains, the
Q. Due to cash flow difficulties I have not yet paid Government proposes to extend the allowance of
my self-assessment payment on account, which £5 million (provided for the corporate income loss
was due on 31 July 2018. I realise that I will have to restriction) to capital losses as well. This is designed
pay interest on the amount outstanding, but will I to ensure that over 99% of companies remain
also have to pay a penalty? financially unaffected by both restrictions.

A. As you correctly say, HMRC will charge interest on A consultation paper was published on 29 October
the overdue amount. The charges will accrue from 2018 and it is expected that draft legislation will
the due date of payment (31 July 2018) to the date be published in summer 2019. An anti-forestalling
the payment is made. The interest rate for late paid measure, details of which can be found in chapter 4
tax was increased on 21 August 2018 from 3.00% to of the consultation document, took effect from 29
3.25%. October 2018.

With regards to penalties, you will only be charged Sleigh & Story Ltd, Thornhill Brigg Mills, Thornhill
if your balancing payment (due 31 January 2019) Beck Lane, Brighouse HD6 4AH.
is late. The penalties for late payment under self- You can follow Sleigh & Story on Facebook,
assessment are as follows: or Twitter @sleighandstory.

– 30 days late: 5% of the unpaid tax The information contained in this article is of a general
– 6 months late: additional 5% of the unpaid tax nature and you are advised to obtain specific professional
– 12 months late: additional 5% of the unpaid tax. advice before you take any action.

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Business, Finance & Technology

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Tending to your garden this winter

Winter weeding & preparation for upcoming months

It’s surprising how in a fairly mild winter, weeds can When working on new beds try and remove the roots
still flourish. You may find yourself surprised at the of perennial weeds. It will save you the work in the
amount of invaders taking hold throughout the next future.
couple of months – a time when tending to your If you feel your garden looks bare of plants offering
garden isn’t usually a priority. winter interest, buy some plants in. Hellebores,
Throughout the winter months, it’s a good idea to skimmias, heucheras and euphorbias look great
tidy up the old leaves of bergenia and hellebores. throughout the winter months.
These will be in flower soon. As always, keep an eye If your garden incorporates a lot of potted plants
out for slugs, snails and hellebore leaf spot while and you want it looking in tip-top shape throughout
you’re at work. winter, it’s useful to know that you can buy frost-
When weather conditions permit, dig over free pots and pot feet (to ensure they don’t become
established bed and complete preparation for new waterlogged).
ones. If we have a frosty winter this will help in On particularly cold days, make sure you’re wrapped
breaking down heavy soil clods down into a workable up and warm before going outside. Keeping
texture. extremities warm.
Remember when preparing new beds to leave small While the urge to tidy up can be overwhelming,
paths at the back so you can easily avoid walking hedgehogs (amongst other wildlife) will be relying on
on them (and compacting the soil). If space doesn’t drifts of dead leaves, log piles and ivy to hibernate
allow, stand on planks of wood when preparing the in. If you’re able to leave dog/cat food or mealworms
ground. out as an extra food source for when they do need to
venture out, then that’d help significantly.

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Homes & Interiors
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leaving you on Cloud 9

Most of us don’t think twice about part of our service is showing our Cloud 9 rWepoloadc,eAfalHuilmoemdineoisrub&mroI,nkteenriors
units in
our windows, and why should customers respect. It’s the small
we - a good window should be
invisible. So when we find our
once beautifully clear windows

Value & Ser vicebeginningtocloudup,wedread
things, like turning up on time, UPVC and Velux windows, as
cleaning up after ourselves and of well as repairing locks, handles,
course a warm Yorkshire greeting hinges and mechanisms. Call
on every doorstep’. Paul on 0800 328 8213 for a free,

the hassle of having to replace TheLefaanvtinagstiycosuavoinngCsloauredm9ade friendly, no obligation quote to
costly double glazed units. start enjoying Yorkshires best
by replacing only the glass panes value and service.
That’s where Yorkshires’ no.1 and not the expensive frames.

Mosctlooufdu-sfrdeeonw’itntdhoinwksetwrviicceeaCbloouudt o9ur wCilnoduodw9 so,ffer a taioloffreerdaaptapirlooraecdh
ewrien-gatogpoqoudawlitinydow shotouledacbhecustomeracpopnrsoidaecrhintog the
invissiebrlvei.cSeowwhihcehnsawveesfiynoduomuornoenyc.e beaubteisftuollpytciolenasravaileaabclhe.cTuhsitsocmaner
servtihceatCmloeuadn?9Pcaouml ceosnitnin, oufefse,r‘iAnsgidtoep quaa5liyteyar guaranteteh, seolaytoeusctaennfeeregly
servfircoemwdhoicinhgsaavqeusalyiotyujombo, na evyit.aMl anagecroPnafiudlent of a jobewffeiclliednotnge!lass to
McGeechan says, ‘Being a local Yorkshire company, leave your home
we pride ourselves on exceptional service to leave warm and cosy, whilst keeping those utility bills to a
our customers feeling on cloud 9’. So what does YORKSHIRE’Sminimum. Our glass replacements are backed by a
that mean? Paul continues, ‘Aside from doing a
5 YEARSquality job, a vital part of our service is showing 10 year guarantee, so you can feel confident of a job
well done!
our customers respect. It’s the small things, like
taunrdnionfgcuopuGrLosAneSSatiGmwUAeaR,rAmcNleTYEaoEn*riknsghiurpe after ourselves CLOUDY WINDOWS,Cloud 9 replace failed or broken units in Wood,
doorstep’. greeting on every CLEARED.Aluminium, UPVC and Velux windows, as well as

repairing locks, handles, hinges and mechanisms.
Call Paul on 0800 328 8213 for a free, friendly, no
The fantastic savings are made by replacing only the obligation quote to start enjoying Yorkshires best
glass panes and not the expensive frames. Cloud 9 value anWd seerevipcela. ce only the clouded up

panes not the frames. Save

money and enjoy a brighter,

more energy efficient home.

Call your local fi er Paul for a
free, friendly, no obligation quote

0800 328 8213

*5 Years glass guarantee is valid from the date of the installation. OD0118

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Homes & Interiors

New Year New Home

Ways to update your home in 2019 and how Personalised Home Improvements can help

Established since 1978, Throughout January, Personalised peace of mind. We’re often told
Personalised Home Home Improvements are running our after-sales service is brilliant,
Improvements have been a sale with up to 30% off a wide thanks to Tom who is there for
improving local homes for range of products for your home, your every need.”
over 40 years. Jeremy, Jason & perfect for those with visions and Personalised Home
Tom have recently moved into ideas to improve and add value Improvements offer the full
their new showroom at Royds to your home in 2019. package for your home’s every
Enterprise Park and look forward “We find our work very need:
to welcoming the people of rewarding. Whether we’re • Windows & doors
Brighouse & Halifax to their new improving a bathroom for • Glass upgrades/condensation
premises. first time buyers or fitting replacements
“Over the years we’ve worked the full package of windows, • Conservatories
on thousands of local homes doors, fascias, soffits or even a • Bathrooms
and we love being a part of the conservatory for those wanting • Fascias & soffits
local community. When you to add value and space to their • Bedrooms & kitchens
visit our showroom, you won’t home – our aim is your total • Block paves
be bombarded by sales-people! satisfaction” Jeremy told us. “Our • Garage doors
We’re a family-run business and aim is to keep your home looking The team offer a free, no
myself and Jeremy will be the great, maintenance free and add obligation quote and offer the
only people you deal with,” said that extra bit of security for your complete home improvement
Jason. “Our team of three and package. If your home could do
outstanding craftsmen makes with an update and is feeling/
the process run very smoothly looking a little worse for wear,
– plus as a small business we’re get in touch with Jeremy &
flexible and can offer a bespoke Jason on 01274 771 193. The
service tailored to your needs pair will offer sound advice, a
and budget”. personalised service and a plan
that fits in with your vision and
See what some of their happy customers have to say: budget.

“You are just 1st class from the sales, building and after care
service you provide”

“I just wanted to say how delighted I am with my new bathroom.
It looks simply beautiful. I shall recommend your firm to all my
friends and may well end up becoming a bathroom bore!”

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Homes & Interiors

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Homes & Interiors
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Homes & Interiors

Choosing a Garolla Garage Door

Space saving, thermally insulated and easy to use

Searching for roller garage doors what you see is what you pay.
that offer unmatched quality at No hidden costs or complicated
low prices? Then look no further offers, just low-cost high-quality
than Garolla, an industry leader garage doors.
setting the standard for roller
garage doors. Now available in Made using strong (yet doors are available in 18 colours
Calderdale, it has never been surprisingly lightweight and come in two different slat
easier to upgrade your home aluminium) a Garolla garage door sizes to perfectly fit any opening.
and make a statement with your is built with security in mind. Transform your home the
exteriors. Utilising a patented, reinforced easy way and really give your
Get to know your very own locking system, octagonal barrel neighbours something to talk
personal installer who will be with and high-strength end locks about!
you right from measuring to fitting you can rest assured knowing For more information visit their
and beyond. that your possessions are safe website, or
Price up your home renovation and secure. These garage doors alternatively, give them a call on
the simple way, thanks to Garolla’s cannot be moved by force and, 0800 468 1982.
up-front price promise. Available as they’re made to measure,
on their website, the cost of there’s no weak points that could
your new front door is inclusive be taken advantage of.
of measuring, fitting and VAT so Offering style as well as
substance, these electric garage

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Grapevine - 135 x 90 SEP 2018.pdf 1 24/09/2018 12:25

Homes & Interiors


Tile & Bathroom Centre 7 DAYS PARKING

TILES FROM £1.99m2


SATURDAY 9am - 5pm
SUNDAY 10am - 4pm 01422 371723

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Homes & Interiors

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Homes & Interiors

Heating Advert -Pacific Stoves.pdf 1 17/10/2018 11:09

Canadian Wood Burning Stoves

C Optional fan Metallic
Metallic £50 Inc VAT Ivory
M Black
Y Red



CY Neo 1.2 Short Ivory

Neo 1.2 Long Metallic Black £399Now only
Now only

Was £1216 Inc VAT Was £1195 Inc VAT

MONDAY - FRIDAY 8am - 5pm On display at: GROVE MILLS - ELLAND - HX5 9DZ
SATURDAY 9am - 5pm
SUNDAY 10am - 4pm Waxman 01422 371723

Tile & Bathroom Centre

50 Interested in advertising? Text the word ADVERTISE to 07469 234199 or email [email protected]

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