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look book 2018

look book 2018

look book 2018

MAERI is a contribution to the booming ethical fashion and
textile industry. Stemming from the need of the hour –

sustainability and the revival of extinct weave– the label
produces superior quality and well-designed handbags
using non-degradable plastic waste.

Maeri is much more than just material and weaves. It is an
intersection of culture , change and opportunity. We are inspired
by sustainability and the revival of the very stunning, but almost forgotten
century old techniques of Knotting. Our label is a crossroads of craft and
community, where we create handbags with modern design aesthetics for
the contemporary women of today. Each handbag is meticulously hand
woven using a collection of polyethilene (recycled plastic) original and
colored articles, by women weavers from insurgent areas in India. Every
craftsperson invests between 8 to 22 hours into creating a single product, 
depending on the design and size. We encourage less privileged women,
those who may be disabled, women in old age homes, and empower them
with the opportunity to work from home, as for many, stepping out to work
may not even be an option. In fact, Maeri collaborates only with partners
respecting Fair Trade Principles, particularly women from villages or slums,

insuring them a fair income so as to enhance their livelihood.

Why Sustainable
Fashion ?

the idea started to
seriously brew in our mind,
we knew that the brand had to deliver
more than just a fashion accessory .It had to
be something that would prompt a thoughtful
purchase. PLASTIC WASTE were a threat to the
environment. Today, it is being used positively to
manufacture handbags, garments, shoes etc. . In
the current scenario of textile pollution,

choosing green fashion is a sign
of being responsible
and sensible

environment. One
can opt for such green fashion
without making any compromise on choice
or style.
According to a report, 86% of plastic water bottles 
used in US are dumped into the landills. Around 60 
million water bottles are daily used in US, which means
approximately 18,834,000,000 are dumped in the landills 
every year. Besides, each plastic bottle can take up to 700 

years to perish. The alarming rate at which the numbers
of used plastic bottles are increasing in the landills, 
pose high risk to the environment.

Ethical yet high fashion!

Maeri bags are designed in our studio in St. Pete ,Florida, and
manufactured ,by artisan and small-scale ethical manufacturers
from India. With styles ranging from totes, satchels, cross-body bags, laptop
sleeves, evening clutches ,Maeri has a bag to suit your every mood and nine-

to-nine need! our designs and colours are minimalistic yet trendy.

Our Vision

To reduce the poverty and ensure a sustainable livelihood by providing
trainings in handicrafts and job opportunities within the
Fair Trade Principles.

Our Mission

To train socially & economically marginalized community, especially
downtrodden women, in handicrafts, directly or through partnerships

established with different producers’ groups / organizations.

To provide the beneficiaries with fair paid and sustainable employment
within good working conditions.

To build self-esteem and confidence to the producers by enhancing and
promoting their skills.

To fight child labour and to insure education of the beneficiaries’

To successfully implement marketing strategies to meet local and
worldwide buyers demand by ensuring quality handcrafts realized by

these producers.

To provide livelihood and safe environment in term of housing,
nutrition, health, education to the producers through social projects set

up directly or in partnership with NGOs.

Sustainable Fashion

Contemporary bags with a recycled twist; these bags are handmade using recycled
plastic by female slum dwellers in India.

Every morning a group of women from the slums search through piles of industrial waste,
anything that can be salvaged ranging from metal, plastic, paper, cloth etc.The recyclable wastes
are then sold to respective factories or recycle plants, where the waste is re-created into pipes,
tubes, window frames, plastic sheets, adhesive tapes and insulation wires.

A similar process makes the plastic wires for these beautiful, hands woven totes and
baskets. Available in an array of colors, Maeri Designs buys these recycled plastic wires which are
used by the artisans to weave into these beautiful articles.

First amongst those trained in this craft at SPEED Trust was Revathi. Suffering from terminal blindness,
today Revathi is the master trainer for new women members at SPEED Trust. The artisans engaged in

making these bags are slum dwellers and physically challenged, who have the choice to work from home,
without having to move out of their houses. The plastic wire basket project has helped women
artisans from SPEED Trust to create a sustainable livelihood. They use the income generated
from this activity to educate their children, health needs and other basic requirements
for themselves and their families. The beneit of buying these bags is that it beneits 
marginalized women. Not just the weavers, but also the rag pickers who saved
your bottle from the landill.

SPEED Trust (Slum People Education & Economic
Development),  is  a  non-proit  organization  based  in  , 
India. The organisation supports, socio-economically
deprived women from the urban slum areas of. SPEED
Trust partnered with Maeri Design, a fair trade network
of organizations which supports various women craft
producers, organizations and cooperatives working towards
creating better livelihood opportunities, self-sustainability
and a platform for their products.


BlackandSilverStripes BlackandSilverIkat
MetallicClutch MetallicClutch

GreyandGold inStripe GoldandBlackStripe
MetallicClutch MetallicClutch


Meet your new favorite for every day. The Solid tote was made to
complement any ensemble while keeping necessities organized. Its
minimalist design and luxe faux leather construction combine for an
always-chic accessory that you’ll love forever. It comes along with rose

gold tone hardware and a cotton canvas detachable pouch.
Length : 23” , width : 9” , height : 12”

Solid Color Totes

Black Solid Tote Royal Blue Solid Tote

Black and White Disco Solid Tote Dark Grey Solid Tote

Pearly White
Solid Tote

Laid-back yet luxe, our Pearly White Solid Tote redeines big-city accessorizing. 
We love the combination of transparency against the gold tone hardware. With
its inner pockets and delicate straps, it’s a feminine take on the enduring

design. Length : 23” , width : 9” , height : 12”

White Disco
Solid Tote

Meet your new favorite for every day. white disco tote was made to complement any
ensemble while keeping necessities organized. Its minimalist design and luxe faux
leather construction combine for an always-chic accessory that you’ll love forever. It
comes along with rose gold tone hardware and a cotton canvas detachable pouch.

length : 23” , width : 9” , height : 12.5”


he Shoulder check
bag is a complete
package. Paying

homage to the
classic plaid, rebirth

of a chic version,
with a sleek,

compact shape in
woven polymer.
It is accessorized
with faux leather
and adorned with
rose gold hardware.
It is designed to
keep essentials

it includes a
detachable cotton
woven Pouch for
those girly extras..
Length : 12” , width 
: 6” , height : 14.5

Royal Blue &
Dark Grey Check Shoulder Tote

Check Shoulder Totes

White &
Dark Grey Check Shoulder Tote

White Disco &
Black Disco Check Shoulder Tote

Black & White Check
Shoulder Tote

Black & White Anka
Shoulder Tote

Black & White Anka Shoulder Tote delivers elevated elegance for every day.
Rendered in a new weave and woven handles. the tote delivers an exotic touch

to any look. Its interior boasts plenty of room for everyday essentials.
Length : 13” , width : 4” , height : 11”

Black & Gold
Hand Tote

Our effortless Black & Gold Hand Tote is one you’ll want to carry everywhere.
We took Black and Gold polymers and accented it with our woven handles.
An enduring daytime essential, it tops our list for being both practical and

polished. Length : 10.5” , width : 6.5” , height : 10”


e it at work or
a Sunday brunch
make a statement
with Maeri’s very

own Portfolio.
A chic hand-
woven portfolio with
thin strap, adorned
with Gold tone
metal hardware.
Carry it by its
elegant strap or go
hands-free with the
removable shoulder
strap; making a
statement where ever
you go in a more
sustainable way.
Length : 15” ,
width : 1” ,
height : 11”


Black & White Disco Portfolio

Dark Grey & White Disco Portfolio Royal Blue & Dark Grey Portfolio

Dark Grey & White Portfolio Balck & White Portfolio


ross body strikes the perfect balance between understated
and luxe, with a lightly structured and compact design
that’s woven in recycled polymer . Finished with thin
strap , this everyday favorite is an easy way to elevate any
outit. Length : 10” , width : 2” , height : 7”


Royal Blue & Dark Grey Crossbody
Dark Grey & White Crossbody
Black Disco & White Disco Crossbody
Black & White Crossbody


e the star of the
night, make your
selves feel like one
in a million with
our evening clutch.
Simplicity is in , hand
woven clutch with a
small  faux leather lap 
adorned with gold tone
metal hardware giving
it that dash of luxury .

Length : 13” ,
width : 1” , height : 7.5”


Black Clutch

Black & White Disco Clutch Royal Blue Clutch

Black Disco & White Disco Clutch Dark Grey Clutch

There is no one more precious than “your mother” and there is no better
feeling in the world than “being a mother”.
Maeri is an ode “ to my mother and to me being a mother “

Maeri Jewellery aims at transforming something common, something that
otherwise  be  landill-bound  into  wearable  art.  Made  from  100%  reclaimed 
metals, Maeri’s unique jewellery has a purpose and yet is trendy and beautiful.

Capturing and reinterpreting texture and shapes from soft organic forms
into lustrous metal is an integral part of Maeri’s design philosophy.
Maeri Design is a brand that pioneers the hopes to change the jewelry
industry with its social and environmentally responsible practices. Maeri
promotes local living wage and eco-sustainable business practices.All Maeri
Jewellery are Lead & Nickel Free.

Giving Back
Maeri believes an integral part of being a sustainable company is supporting
practices and causes you believe in. By purchasing a piece of Maeri Jewellery
you will be a part of this charitable action. We annually donate a portion of
the retail sales from our website to Non Proit Organisations. 



Floral Hoops • Size : Diameter : 1.5”
• Recycled Brass
This covetable set of hoop earrings are cast in • 18.5k Nickel Free Gold Plating
polished gold-tone-plated and set to shimmer • SKU : MJ06
with  Matt  surface  inish.  Mix  and  match  in  any 
combination for chic, unparalleled style.

Handmade In India

Since this product is hand crafted, it will have slight
irregularities in colors inishing and patterns, which 
only add to its uniqueness.

Ebony Moon
Drop Earrings

Gold tone metal with hand cut Ebony wood discs of these drop earrings, for a modern approach
to opulence. With a sleek aesthetic that lends itself to perfecting any day or night look, these
must-haves add luxe polish to your style routine.

Handmade In India • Size : Diameter : 1”, Diameter : 0.5”, Length : 1.75”
• Real Ebony Wood
Since this product is hand crafted, it • 18.5k Nickel Free Gold Plating
will have slight irregularities in colors • SKU : MJ20
inishing and patterns, which only add to 
its uniqueness.

Mod-Hook Earrings

Crafted  with  gold-tone  inish,  these  droplet-shaped 
hoops add a sweet statement to any look.This feminine
set has something for every occasion.

Handmade In India • Size : Diameter : 0.7”
• Recycled Brass
Since this product is hand crafted, it • 18.5k Nickel Free Gold Plating
will have slight irregularities in colors • SKU : MJ11
inishing and patterns, which only add to 
its uniqueness.



Crafted with gold-tone inish, these droplet-shaped hoops add a sweet statement 
to any look. This feminine set has something for every occasion.

Handmade In India • Size : Diameter : 0.5”
• Recycled Brass
Since this product is hand crafted, it • 18.5k Nickel Free Gold Plating
will have slight irregularities in colors • SKU : MJ02
inishing and patterns, which only add 
to its uniqueness.

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