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Published by Global Vacation Club, 2019-12-12 01:36:50

GVC Product Disclosure Statement 2019

GVC Product Disclosure Statement 2019

Product Disclosure Statement

GVC Franchise

Valid for the year 2019

Where the Voyage never ends

Table of Contents 3 Reservations 17
4 GVC information 18
Welcome Aboard 5 Annual Levy, Payment of Fees & Data Protection 19
Company Directors 6 Fee Guide 20
An introduction to GVC Points 7 Significant Benefits of being a GVC Member 21
How the Club work? 8 Global Vacation Club 22
Features 9 GVC contact information 23
GVC Grabs 10
GVC Voyagers 11 2
GVC Gems 12
GVC X & GVC City Linx 13
Banking/Saving Points & Cancellation policies 14
Bullet Questions & Answers (1 of 3) 15
Bullet Questions & Answers (2of 3) 16
Bullet Questions & Answers (3 of 3)
GVC Points examples

It is a great honour to welcome you as a new Franchise Welcome
License Holder to Global Vacation Club. Aboard

GVCs Board of Directors have a wealth of experience in
the hospitality and holiday ownership sector spanning a
combined total of over 80years.

GVC has been designed to cater for the 21st Century
discerning traveler, who commands quality
accommodation as well as a wide variety of
destinations and cultural experiences to cherish.

GVC is proud to invite you and your clientele to the
world’s most diverse and unique holiday concept where
members and their loved ones can enjoy many unique
club features, such as our “2 Vacations 1 Voyage”
giving an endless array of far reaching jewels to

GVC has something for everyone, no matter what their
taste. Your Club is packed with an abundance of
alternative features ensuring complete satisfaction.

Welcome to our world, where the Voyage never ends.

Directors and Team of Global Vacation Club


Company Directors

Mohd Shaifulhakimi has a decade of Inartistically commencing his career in the Craig Bingham
Shaifulhakimi experience working in the Royal Navy, upon his departure to civilian
administration and finance life Craig’s influence has been instrumental
B. Ismail operation of a vacation ownership in advising some of the world’s leading
company in Asia. He brings a hotel and resort chains into undeveloped
wealth of experience in both markets. With over 20 years’ experience in
business administrative processes the vacation ownership industry has served
and finance. He holds a degree in in senior management positions to
Business Administration. evaluate, conceptualise, and protract the
company’s entry into evolving markets.

Thomas has over two decades of Brian has been the driving force behind Global
experience in the vacation Vacation Club. He was a key senior
ownership industry. Working for management figure for Europe’s largest
some of the largest companies in vacation ownership company. He later
Europe before turning his attention consulted one of the largest hotel chains in Asia
to Asia. and also a hotel and resort subsidiary of an
Asian nation’s semi-government State
With a vast background in Sales & Economic Development Corporation. He has
Marketing within the Timeshare over 25 years of high-level experience within
industry he plays a key role at the vacation ownership and hospitality industry.
Thomas Bingham Global Vacation Club today. He He also has over 15 years experience in the
brings a wealth of knowledge and Cruise industry.
dedication to our club, paving the way for excellence as
well as high standards whilst serving our valued 44

Brian McDonald

An introduction to GVC Points GVC (“the Club”) operates a points based system (“GVC Points”) and is
governed by a Club Constitution, ensuring Members rights are protected.
An innovative way to holiday. Members have the good fortune to save
substantial amounts of monies on their future holidays. GVC allocates an allotment of points to a portfolio of vacation properties
This Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) explains the many features of accommodation worldwide and Members buy only the amount GVC Points
Global Vacation Club, encompassing flexibility, uncomplicated ease of use in they need to fulfill their annual vacation requirements. This ensures far
a vast variety of destinations. greater flexibility, allowing Members to stay at a vacation property in the
Holiday Ownership has been around for over 60 years and has for many been destination of their choice, housed in the unit size large enough to
regarded as the rapid growing sector of the tourism industry. However, we at comfortably accommodate their travelling party for as little or as long as their
GVC devised a unique travel concept that adapts to today’s 21st century points allow.
traveler, avoiding the pitfalls associated with the Holiday Ownership industry,
generally related to lack of accommodation availability in capital or popular The amount of money an individual or a family spends on a lifetime of
tourist cities around the world. vacation accommodation for the purpose of vacations can be quite
monumental. As a Member of GVC, they can shield themselves from the
soaring costs involved in the tourism industry. Their investment is relatively
stable and their bucket of GVC Points deliver quality accommodation for the
lowest points possible.

The Club also allows Members to access an array of additional travel options
such as luxury ocean liners, river cruises, motorhomes, and even last-minute
travel deals.

The Club’s cruising features “Voyagers” and “Gems” comprise of GVCs
signature concept “2 Vacations 1 Voyage”. These vacations combine a stay at
a landed vacation property followed by a luxury ocean or river cruise.


How the Club works • Choose the type of vacation property best suited for the Member’s
When a Member acquires GVC Points, it gives them the right to stay at a
vast selection of vacation properties comprising of hotels, resorts, • Enables Members to access many city hotels, resorts and
apartments, villas and chateaux's in the unit size they require, on the apartments in capitals and popular tourist cities via the Club’s “City-
dates they wish and for the period of time that their GVC Points allow, for Lynx” feature. City-Lynx stays can be from as little as 2-nights or more
a term of twenty-five years, commencing from the date of purchase as the Member’s GVC Points allow.
points, deemed their “Anniversary Date”. Their GVC Points are available
for use within the 12-month period commencing from their Anniversary • Access to a variety of luxury ocean liners sailing to popular tourist
Date, deemed their “Anniversary Year”. Each year throughout the tenure destinations in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North
of their membership, their GVC Points are replenished on their Anniversary America, South America, Africa and Asia combined with a stay at a
Date. vacation property on land prior or post cruising. This signature feature of
the Club promotes its “2 Vacations 1 Voyage” concept “Voyagers”. From
Here are some of the benefits GVC Members enjoy: time to time the Club allows Members to offset selected Voyager cruises
with their GVC Points.
• Able to use their GVC Points to stay at any current or future GVC
affiliated resorts, hotels, apartments, villas or chateaux. • Access to a variety of luxury river cruises navigating some of the
world’s most popular water arteries in Western Europe, Eastern Europe,
• The ability to save any unused points over to the following year as well North America, South America, Africa and Asia, combined with a stay at
as borrow from the forthcoming year, should a Member wish to take a vacation property on land prior or post cruising. This signature feature
additional vacation time or increase the number of units (rooms. of the Club promotes its “2 Vacations 1 Voyage” concept “Gems”. From
apartments etc) to accommodate an increased travelling party. time to time the Club allows Members to offset selected Gem cruises
with their GVC Points.
• Allows Members to make a reservation up to one year in advance.
• Allows Members to purchase (cash currency) additional time in a wide
selection of vacation opportunities when they have exhausted their GVC
Points allocations. These vacations vary from short cruises, super luxury
motorhomes, houseboats, themed holidays and more via the Club’s
feature “Grabs”.

• As GVC continues to organically grow, adding new and exciting features
to the Club, Members qualify to take full advantage and use of them.

• Members can invite distant family members or friends along for any of
their vacations using either their GVC Points or in the event the
Member’s points have been exhausted, the Member can purchase by
way of cash, additional time in any of the vacation features of the Club.


Where the Voyage never ends

Coming soon


What are GVC Grabs? GVC Grabs vacation types

Grabs are designed to provide Members with additional vacation time Members can select from a short-break of 2-3 nights up to a 14-nights
at discounted rates throughout any period of the year. Should the vacation to a choice of destinations around the world. From an all-
Member have used up all of their GVC Points allocation for a particular inclusive short cruise on the Rhine River to a large luxury houseboat on
year and wish to take an additional vacation, they simply log in to the Murray River, Australia to a super luxury camper van touring
Grabs and select from the offers available. The Club advises Members Scotland or New Zealand, there is something for everyone. Grabs are
to log on frequently as GVC continuously updates extra vacation time unlimited, however they are subject to availability. Members can
bargains. GVC holds the right to remove and add any type of Grab choose as many as they want, whenever they want, at the time they
vacation at any time, ultimately with the aim of improving this Club want, perfect for frequent vacationers.

GVC Grabs Prices

Grab vacations cannot be acquired using GVC Points, they are strictly
cash only. Grabs vary in price, depending on the length of vacation
time a particular Grab offer. Members can choose from last-minute
bargain holidays or up to 2 or 3-months prior to the check-in date. GVC
is continuously committed to providing Members with additional quality
vacation time for the lowest possible prices in excellent destinations
around the world. Members can request additional accommodation
should they wish to invite family members or friends along for the trip.
Grabs are available on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to


What are GVC Voyagers? What is included in a GVC Voyagers vacation?

Voyagers comprise of a stay at a quality hotel, resort or apartment The land vacation property stay in most cases includes accommodation
complex for a period of 7-nights followed by a cruise on a luxury ocean and breakfast only. Members are responsible for paying all other costs
liner for a period not exceeding 20 nights. related to their stay at the property.

GVC Points can be used to book a stay at one of the selected landed The cruise comprises of an all-inclusive package that includes cabin, all
properties and the cruise is to be paid for in cash. From time to time meals in designated restaurants on the ship, water and juices
the Club may offer a cruise and the land stay to be paid for using GVC (depending on the vessel) and coffee and tea.
The cruise package does not include alcoholic and carbonated
All Voyagers incur port charges for cruising, GVC Points cannot be used beverages. Most ocean liners offer drinks packages, however Members
to offset these fees. should know that these incur additional charges in the form of cash.

Tourist visas should be applied for prior to booking a Voyager vacation. All amenities onboard are free apart from massage, hairdressers or
The Club will not be held responsible for visa rejections to any country. beauty treatments.

What about cruise shore excursions?

Shore excursions are not included in the package and can be purchased 9
onboard the ship or at the port of calls.

The Club advises Members who purchase excursions from a party other
than the cruise liner (local port of call operators) to allow ample time
for their return to their ship as liners operate to a strict scheduled
departure time and will not wait for passengers.

Departure times for each port of call are printed and disbursed to all
cabins on the vessel.

Members should be aware that many ships incur a gratuity charge
(service tips for crew), a nominal fee to be paid onboard the vessel.
Gratuity charges are an additional charge not covered in the package
price or by GVC Points.

What are GVC Gems? What is included in a GVC Gems vacation?
The land vacation property stay in most cases includes accommodation
Gems comprise of a stay at a luxury resort, hotel or apartment complex and breakfast only. Members are responsible for paying all other costs
for a period of 7-nights followed by a cruise on a luxury river ship for a related to their stay at the property.
period not exceeding 10-days. The cruise comprises of an all-inclusive package that includes cabin, all
meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and soft drinks in the onboard
GVC Points can be used to book a stay at one of the selected landed restaurant. Selected river ships additionally include local wines and
properties and the cruise is to be paid for in cash. From time to time the beers from the region where the ship is sailing, these are normally
Club may offer a cruise and the land stay to be paid for using GVC served with lunch or dinner only and do incur additional charges.
Points. Almost all provide free use of facilities, albeit are somewhat limited due
to the ships size.
Most river cruises include port charges in the package, however Most ships offer shoe cleaning service upon returning from land
Members should check with GVC Reservations at the time of request a excursions.
Gems vacation.
Tourist visa(s) should be applied for prior to booking a Gems vacation.
The Club will not be held responsible for visa rejections to any country. 10

What about cruise shore excursions?

All river cruises include land excursions itineraries allowing Members to
get right up close to locals at the destinations port of call.

Several cruise ships include the odd lunch or dinner with wines
throughout the voyage.

All excursions are generally accompanied with a professional guide
familiar with the region’s history and culture. A number of ships offer
onboard lectures conducted by local academics pertaining to local
cultures and traditions.

A handful of ships may offer additional land tours which incur an
additional charge, however we find that all river ships that have been
meticulously picked by our GVC experts, have adequate all-inclusive
adventurous and fun filled excursions.

Gratuity charges are generally included in the package, Members are
advised to check with GVC Reservations at the time they are inquiring
about a Gems vacation.

What is GVC X? GVC X and GVC X City Linx information

GVC X comprises of a vast variety of accommodation choices in hotels, Vacation properties in these features are generally accommodation
resorts, apartments, villas and chateaux's. only, however from time to time the Club does offer breakfast included.

The Club’s portfolio development team constantly searches the world to GVC Points reservations do not incur any additional fees other than the
identify unique vacation properties to organically increase the amount Club’s statuary Annual Enrolment Fee and Annual Levy paid by each
of choices a Member can access. Member (revert to the Fee Guide contained herein).

Many of the vacation properties featured in this feature can be booked Members are responsible to ensure they have their Tourist Visa entry
using either GVC Points of purchased by cash should a Member have requirements for any chosen international destination. The Club accepts
exhausted their points allocation. no responsibility for visa rejection. Members are advised to apply for
Tourist Visas prior to making a booking to avoid any loss of GVC Points.
Members can make a reservation request online through the Club’s
portal and GVC Reservations will respond within 24-hours with a The Club retains the ultimate right to add or remove any vacation
selection of vacation properties and the GVC Points or in the event of property in these features. Cancellations of a booking may incur
exhausted points the amount in cash required to make that booking. penalty forfeiture of GVC Points or cash if purchased.

What GVC X City Linx?

One of the driving factors behind introducing GVC X City Linx was
based on Members expectations being affected by external sources,
such as a timesharing memberships, whereby capital or popular city
stays were virtually impossible to book.

Therefore, to counteract such circumstances GVC embarked on a
worldwide strategic mission to build a unique portfolio of amazing
properties in capital and popular city locations around the world.

City Linx covers most major cities globally and can be accessed by way
of using GVC Points or by cash payment should a Member have
insufficient points.

Members can make a reservation request online through the Club’s
portal and GVC Reservations will respond within 24-hours with a
selection of vacation properties and the GVC Points or in the event of
exhausted points the amount in cash required to make that booking.


Banking & Saving Points Voyagers incur cancellation penalties which vary for each vacation both for
the vacation property and also the cruise. At the time a Member makes a
Cancellation Policies reservation, GVC Members Services will inform of the charges incurred.

Banking and Borrowing GVC Points Gems incur cancellation penalties which vary for each vacation both for the
vacation property and also the cruise. At the time a Member makes a
Bank a portion or all of GVC Points over to the reservation, GVC Members Services will inform of the charges incurred.
following year to extend the vacation period or
upgrade the unit size to accommodate the travelling GVC X vacation properties may incur penalty charges. At the time of making
party. Members are required to inform GVC Member a reservation request, GVC Member Services will inform of the charges
Services in writing that they wish to Bank over their incurred (if any).
Points 3-months prior to your Anniversary date of the
following year to avoid any forfeiture of unused GVC GVC X City Linx vacation properties may incur penalty charges. At the time
Points. of making a reservation request, GVC Member Services will inform of the
charges incurred (if any).
Failure to notify GVC Member Services will result in
the balance of GVC Points being forfeited in a Grabs vacations may incur penalty charges. At the time of making a
particular Anniversary. reservation request, GVC Member Services will inform of the charges incurred
(if any).
Borrow a portion or all of the following years Points
to extend or upgrade the unit size in the current
year. Do remember that your Levies must be paid for
the upcoming year should one use this facility. 12

SUBJECT Bullet Point Questions and Answers (1 of 3)


GVC is a private vacation ownership club in which one purchases points that then can be used
to book time in a variety of vacation properties within the Club.

What is Global Vacation Club? Members get to enjoy additional benefits of the Club's features such as GVCs signature "2
Vacations, 1 Voyage vacations, combining a luxury vacation landed property stay with a
luxury river (Gems) or ocean (Voyagers) cruise to amazing destinations.

Members also enjoy super value vacations (Global Grabs) accessing short vacations, mini-
breaks, last minute deals and much more.

Who owns the Club? As a GVC Member, one has the luxury of enjoying trouble free, luxury vacations, saving
What is the life-span of my GVC Points? substantial amounts of money in one of the most innovative vacation membership concepts
Who manages the Club? of the 21st century.
What is on offer?
FR Global Holdings Sdn Bhd
Where can I holiday? 25 Years (the membership term)

How many Points do I require? Global Vacation Club
The opportunity to purchase "GVC Points" which are renewed on an annual basis throughout
Will the points increase for a particular vacation property? the tenure of the membership, referred to as the "Anniversary Year". GVC Points can be
Is there a minimum number of GVC Points I need to buy? utilised to accommodate a Member at their chosen GVC vacation property in the unit size
When must I use up my GVC Points? required, the length of stay they want at their desired time of year.
Can I rent out my GVC Points?
Can I sell the Points? Log into and check out all of the features offering an array of amazing
choices in fantastic destinations or make a request to Member Services.

This depends on how many vacations a Member wishes to take on an annual basis, the
number of people in the travelling party to evaluate how many rooms are required at the
time of year they wish to travel. A GVC Advisor will assist the Member in calculating the
amount of GVC Points required.

The Club holds the rights to amend points values, however it always works in the interest of
the Members. Properties may be removed or added depending on rates negated by the Club.

A Member must purchase a minimum number GVC Points at the time of becoming a member.
There is no ceiling on the maximum number of GVC Points one can buy.

Within a 2-year window (should a Member bank their GVC Points).

Yes a Member can rent their Points, however GVC will not rent on Members behalf. 13

Yes, simply advise GVC with regards to one’s intent to sell and the Member wi1ll3be issued with

a transfer of membership form.

Bullet Point Questions and Answers (2 of 3)


Becoming a GVC Member ensures one’s future holidays are at secured the lowest prices.

Members have the flexibility of choosing the length of time they wish to stay, the unit size to
suit their travelling party size and on their desired dates.

The ability to save GVC Points from the current year to the next and/or borrow from the
following year.

Share one’s GVC Points with loved ones by providing them a vacation or rent out vacation
time to a friend.

Use GVC Points as partial currency against Voyager (Ocean) Cruises with a multitude of
destinations worldwide (limited to certain ships).

What are the Benefits of being a GVC Member? Use Points as partial currency against Gem (River) Cruises with a multitude of destinations
worldwide (limited to certain ships).

Enjoy additional vacations throughout the year when GVC Points have been exhausted. GVC
Grabs offer an ever evolving selection of vacations, comprising of short-breaks, to medium or
long term getaways at discounted cash rates (subject to availability).

Is there a limit to the amount of GVC Points sold? Enjoy membership to one of the world’s most dynamic and innovative club concepts who’s
Can I buy more GVC Points at a later date? committed and highly driven research and development team continues to comb the planet
Is there a limit to the amount of GVC Points I can buy? for more quirky and exciting vacation opportunities, creating even more choices.

Enjoy access to all new additional features added to the Club over the duration of one’s
membership. GVC is on a continuous journey to explore new exciting vacation opportunities
for the Club. As a new features is added, Members are informed that they may now access
and use that particular new feature.

Yes, each Tranche of GVC Points are allocated to our portfolio of properties and once those
points are sold, the Tranche is officially closed. GVC as part of its growth strategy, will then
affiliate additional properties in popular vacation destinations to open up the next Tranche of
GVC Points to be sold at the prevailing market rate.

Yes, providing GVC issues an available Tranche of GVC Points.

When assessing how many GVC Points you require prior to the decision to enrol with the

Club, providing finances permit, one should buy what one needs at that time. 1H4owever, you

may purchase and add points at a later date at the prevailing market rate without limitation.

Bullet Point Questions and Answers (3 of 3)


The Annual Levy is calculated in accordance to the amount of GVC Points you own, check the
Fee Guide herein for the cost.

Non-payment of the Annual Levy may result in a forfeiture of an Annual Points Allocation.

The Levy is subject to an annual increase of no more than 7.5% p/a.

Other items of importance Accommodation is subject to availability and is operated on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Additional benefits are offered from time-to-time, GVC holds at its sole discretion the right to
withdraw or add product features at any time without notice. This is to ensure product
features that may fail to achieve GVCs quality threshold or value for money will undoubtedly
be removed or replaced.
GVC Points are sold in Tranches, corresponding to the limited amount of properties in a
particular period of time. Each Tranche of GVC Points value will inevitably increase primarily
due to inflation.

GVC Points are a lifestyle product providing vacation benefits and should not be considered a
financial investment for resale.

What is the Annual Levy? Each GVC Point is accorded a set fee and collectively (from all Members) contributes to the
How do I become a Member? operations and services of the Club provided to each Member.

Complete the application form and decide the number of GVC Points one wishes to purchase.

What is GVC X and GVC X City Linx and do I get automatic entry when I purchase GVC X comprises of a collection of landed vacation properties around the world currently
GVC Points? numbering in the thousands. As a GVC Member you are entitled to use all of the GVC X
products as well as all of the GVC X City Linx hotels, resorts and apartments. A Member is

automatically enrolled into these features from the date they purchase and ac1ti5vate their

GVC Points.

GVC Points

Each apartment / room within the GVC
portfolio of hotels, resorts and apartments
are assigned a Daily and/or a Weekly
Points Value.
One simply calculates the amount of points
require to fulfil one’s vacation
Do remember that most vacation
properties have strict occupancy guidelines
with regards to the number of people that
can occupy a unit, which is generally due
to Health & Safety regulations.
The Table to your right shows an example
of the required GVC Points.


How to make a Reservation Reservations How to cancel a Reservation

Reservations are made on a first-come-first- The Club recommends a Member wishing to
served basis, and are subject to availability. cancel a GVCX, City Linx or Grabs vacation, to
Members can make reservations up to 12 months notify GVC Member Services via the Clubs online
in advance of the first day of occupancy at their portal at:
chosen vacation property.
As availability is subject to demand and seasonal
constraints, the earlier one makes a reservations, Vacation properties in the above features may
the higher the probability of obtaining the incur penalty forfeiture of GVC Points or cash
request. should the booking have been paid for by way of
cash, credit and/or debit card.
Under the Constitution, GVC must ensure that
there is sufficient accommodation available to Members are advised to ensure their travel dates
satisfy all issued Member Points in any given are fixed, they have adequate accommodation to
year. GVC satisfies this obligation by its allocation accommodate their travelling party and tourist
for Points when each property is admitted into visas are in order for the country they intend to
the Club. visit.

We recommend that all reservations are requests Additionally, Members are advised to ensure their
are made online rather than by facsimile or email passports have a minimum of 6-months or more
as this will ensure the timeliness of your request prior to its expiry date. Passports should contain
and avoid any possibility of lost documents via at minimum of 2 blank pages.
How to cancel a Voyager or Gem?
Members may book as many reservations as their
GVC Points allow. Please refer to the GVC Cancellation of these bookings follow the policies
Members Guide for further information. of individual cruise companies who own or lease
the ships. The Club advises Members to ensure
You can find the Club’s online reservations at: when selecting Gems or Voyagers vacation to
enquire with GVC Member Services pertaining to cancellation policy prior to proceeding with the
booking. All cancellations should be submitted

Member Guests Renting Out Points Member Referrals Selling Points

Guests are welcome to stay Members can make a Members wishing to refer Members have the right to sell
with a Member at a vacation reservation using their GVC family members or friends to or transfer their GVC Points to
property or in the Member’s Points and then rent it to the Club are advised to another party subject to the
absence. A Guest Certificate another person(s). contact the official GVC following:
and fee is required if a Guest Franchise Holder in their
occupies a room/apartment They will need to inform and respective geographical No monies owing to the Club
(refer to the Fee Guide herein). furnish GVC Member Services region. Some Franchisee’s are outstanding.
the name of their Guest and offer incentives for such
Guests are responsible for their ensure they are provided with services. The Club accepts no The receiver (buyer) agrees to
behaviour while on the the confirmation document responsibility for none be bound by the constitutional
property. Any additional which will be required upon payment of such incentives. guidelines of the Club.
services and consumables check-in to the Resort.
incurred by the Guests are their GVC from time to time at its The GVC Transfer Fee has been
responsibility. Members are entitled to discretion, may provide paid to the Club (refer to the
charge that Guest any incentives to Members who Fee Guide herein).
We recommend that Members amount for that reservation actively use their membership
inform their Guests before they as they deem appropriate. by way of promotional referral In the case of a death, GVC
embark on their holiday to be programs. Referrals generated Points will transfer to the
respectful of the A Guest Certificate is required are then handed to the Nominated Person(s) as per
accommodation where they will respective Franchisee. the GVC Points Purchase
stay. Agreement, free of charge.

Members should inform their Transfer forms are available
Guests of the Vacation from GVC Member Services.
Property’s Occupancy Policy as
this may be strictly enforced The Club does not provide a
due to Health & Safety reselling service for any
regulations. Member’s GVC Points to a third
party. .

Annual Levy Payment of Fees

Ensuring longevity and providing premium products and services to the Payment for the purchase and registration of GVC Points must be made
benefit of the Members, the Annual Levy is calculated fairly on a Fee per to the relevant GVC Franchisee located within the Member’s geographical
Point basis. The more GVC Points you own determines the amount of regional area.
Annual Levy you pay. The reason for this is that the Members who own a
greater number of GVC Points will be occupy a higher amount of room The Annual Levy and Enrolment Fees are payable directly to the GVC by
nights than a Member who has less. each Member directly through the Club’s encrypted payment gateway at

The Club continuously strives to improve products and services to its
Members. The Annual Levy contributed by each Member allows the Club to
organically evolve and add to existing or new features throughout the The above stated fees must be paid in advance of the Member’s
tenure of one's membership. Anniversary Year in order for that year’s GVC Points allocation and
services can be used. The Annual Levy and Enrolment Fees are a
Each Member’s Annual Levy for each year of the Member’s membership recurring payment and are payable to the Club on an Annual basis for the
term, deemed the “Anniversary Year” is due and payable in advance by no tenure of the membership.
later than the first day of the month immediately preceding the Member’s
Anniversary Date in respect of that year of membership. Data Protection

A Member’s full or partial usage of GVC Points can only be utilised A Member’s Data will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to
providing the Member has no outstanding Annual Levy. external organisations, other than those acting as agents for legitimate
reasons. Data will be used, unless a Member informs GVC otherwise, for
The Club Constitution stipulates that Members may forfeit Annual Points providing a Member with products and services of the Club, including
allocation should the outstanding Levy remain unpaid for a period of 30 mailing GVC offers and publications. The data will be made available to
days or more, post notice issued by the Club Manager to the Member. GVCs Administrative Departments. In practice this means you may be
contacted via post, email or telephone with product promotional offers
The Club Constitution stipulates that the Levies may increase by no more and publications, targeted event invitations and other general
than 7.5% annually in line with inflation. The Club cannot increase the communications giving relevant GVC news. Any other use deemed to sit
celling rate of 7.5%. within GVCs data protection statement Emails will be tracked and stored
to ensure the Club is better able to tailor communications. A Member
has the right to object to the use of their data for any of the above
purposes by contacting


Method Payment of Fees Fee Guide (US$)

Annual Levy All fees displayed in this Fee Guide must be made by way of credit or debit card via GVCs Payment Gateway. For
Members who do not possess a credit or debit card, payment can be made by cheque, bank draft or telegraphic
Guest Certificate transfer (Member to inform GVC Members Services).
Add or Remove Supplementary Name
Membership Transfer 0.25 per The Annual Levy Fee payable for each year of the tenure of the membership, deemed the “Anniversary Year” , must
Deceased Member Transfer point be settled in advance prior to a Member’s use of their annual allocation of GVC Points.

Outstanding Levies Example: GVC Points owned = 2,000 x 0.25c = $500 (payable on an annual basis).
Dishonoured Cheque / Direct Debit
25 Payable on the date of your Guest Reservation request. To be paid by Member.
One Year Enrolment
Five Year Enrolment 100 A person (other than the Applicant and/or Spouse) to be added or removed.

Voyagers 199 Payable upon transfer of your membership.
GVC X & GVC X City Linx 0 Due to death of the current member / spouse.
Overdue Payment Charges

15% p/a Calculated from the due date of the payment.

25 Returned / rejected cheque charge or dishonoured direct debit.

Annual Enrolment Fee

349 Entitles the Member full access to all GVC products and services.

1,495 Entitles the Member full access to all GVC products and services.

GVC Features 20

Free A Member is entitled to free access of this GVC feature throughout the tenure of their membership. 20

Free A Member is entitled to free access of this GVC feature throughout the tenure of their membership.

Free A Member is entitled to free access of this GVC feature throughout the tenure of their membership.

Free A Member is entitled to free access of this GVC feature throughout the tenure of their membership.

Member Points are renewed annually Significant benefits of being a GVC Member
Right of access to all GVC current Club Features
Annually on each Anniversary date of the year, a Member’s GVC Points are renewed throughout the tenure of the

Members have access to all of the current GVC product features such as GVC X, GVC X City Linx, Gems, Voyagers,
Grabs and any new products added to these services.

Right of access to all new GVC Features Members will automatically gain right of access to all new Club Features added to the Club throughout the tenure
of their membership at no extra cost.

No bank lein or charge over GVC GVC will not grant any lien or charge over its beneficial interests in the Club.

Quality of accommodation GVC at its discretion and in the interests of maintaining a certain criteria of quality in a vacation property, may add
or remove a hotel, resort or apartment complex. This ensures that all accommodation offered to Members is of a
good habitable quality ensuring continuous Member satisfaction.

GVC a 21st Century Club founded on 21st Century Travelers Membership to GVC opens up a whole new world of vacation opportunities that have been well researched and
thought out by travel industry experts who are driven by the need to be different from competition. GVC
organically growing concept ensures the Club remains a market leader, not a follower.

Points Use Members have the absolute right to use, loan, rent, will, save and sell their GVC Points.

Lifestyle The Club is intended to give Members quality vacation lifestyle opportunities.
Luxury Ocean Cruises-Voyagers
Members can access a multitude of luxury cruises in amazing destinations around the world. GVC planners have
Luxury River Cruises-Gems carefully selected luxury liners and combined them with a resort, hotel or apartment stay close to where the cruise
Late-breaks and bargain vacations-Grabs embarks or disembarks, enabling the Voyage to comprise of 2 vacations. GVC Points can be used on all resort,
GVC X hotel and/or apartment stays and some ocean liners.
Members have access to an array of luxury river cruises on most of the world's water arteries, with almost all
offering an all inclusive package that includes all meals, excursions, soft drinks, coffee and tea and some offering
local alcoholic beverages. Packaged with a resort stay, you can enjoy 2 vacations on 1 voyage. The savings on
these trips are substantial, you will keep coming back for more.
Members get to enjoy a variety of vacations ranging from short breaks to super luxury campers to quirky themed
vacations at amazingly low prices.

Members can select from a vast selection of quality resorts, hotels and apartments in many destinations around
the world by using either GVC Points or by discounted cash payment.

GVC X City Linx City Linx allows Members to access most major cities around the world. This additional Feature was added to GVC
X based on the overwhelming conclusion that many vacation ownership programs throughout the world are unable
to provide access to popular capitals or high-demand tourist cities. City Linx can be used with GVC Points or by
way of discounted cash payment.

Global Vacation Club referred to as “GVC” or the The Points “Use rights in the Vacation Properties
“Club” in this Product Disclosure Statement Accommodation” and selected cruises are
(PDS) is responsible for the operations of the provided by way of GVC Points, with each Point
Club for the benefit of the Members. representing an equal undivided use right in the
Club, unless the Constitution provides
GVC manages all Member reservations for GVC otherwise. A Member Point does not confer on a
affiliate Resorts, Hotels, Apartments, Ocean Member any beneficial right to a particular part
Cruises River Cruises, Global Grabs, GVC X and or asset of the Club during the term of the Club.
GVC X City Linx for the sole purpose of
providing the Club’s Members with additional The rights of Members include the right to “Use
benefits for GVC Points usage. Accommodations as allowed by GVC”.

GVC conducts due diligence on all affiliated Holding Member Points does not entitle the
Resorts, Hotels and Apartments, Cruises or any holder to interfere with the powers of GVC,
related products featured on its official domain claim any interest in respect of any Club assets to ensure these or require the transfer to him or her of any Club
properties and products meet the luxury assets.
standard befitting the Club’s requirements.
Liability of Members is limited to the amount
GVC is a proprietary points-based vacation Club unpaid on the Member Points and Annual Levy.
governed by a Constitution and operating under Members will not be liable to indemnify GVC or
Club Guidelines. any creditor of the Club.

The Club Constitution governs the relationship
between the Members and GVC.


Product Disclosure Statement Global Vacation Club

This Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is a Governing Document 67/100 Moo5, Bophut,Koh
provided by Global Vacation Club to prospective Members that Samui, 84320 Surattani,
describes the Club and the benefits of being a Member of the Club. Thailand
The PDS will be revised from time to time if considered appropriate
by GVC. For example, when new features are added to the Club or [email protected]
Members Benefits are added or changed.

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