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GVC Members User Guide 2019

GVC Members User Guide 2019

Member’s Guide

Where the Voyage never ends


Welcome to Global Vacation Club 3 The Quintessential Club
Privileged Benefits 4 for the
Your Voyage 5,6
How to use your Points 7 discerning Traveller
How many Points do I need? 8, 9, 10
GVC Reservations 11 2
Other GVC Benefits 12
GVC Voyagers 13, 14, 15
GVC Gems 16,17,18, 19
GVC X 20
GVC X & GVC X City Linx 21, 22
GVC Grabs 23
Contact Details 24

Welcome to Global Vacation Club

Congratulations on seizing the opportunity into a lifetime of adventurous vacations and
thank you for joining Global Vacation Club, the quintessential club for the discerning

Travelling to exotic destinations is both fun and exciting, so begin planning your voyage
right here, using your GVC Member’s Guide.

Whether you wish to sail on one of the world’s river arteries in an exotic destination,
travel to several countries on a luxurious ocean liner, relax at a beach resort or immerse
yourself in a mountain retreat, GVC provides endless possibilities to suit your travel

If you prefer to get up and go or prefer to plan well in advance, use this guide to help you
discover your very own travel pattern. Learn about destinations, our collection of resorts,
hotels, apartments, luxury campers, river and ocean cruises.

Should you prefer GVC to plan your vacation, be sure to check out our 2 vacations, 1
voyage Gems and Voyagers where you will find a wide variety of choices that combine a
stay at a luxurious resort with a lavish river or sea cruise to amazing destinations in every
corner of the world.

You are about to embark on a new journey to a lifetime of incredible vacations, and we
have got you covered every step of the way, welcome aboard GVC where the voyage
never ends.

Kind regards,

The GVC Team


Privileged Benefits Global Vacation Club has been dynamically designed to accommodate
the 21st century travelers requirements.

When you become a Global Vacation Club Member, you receive an
annual allotment of GVC Points. The points are the currency which you
use to acquire your dream vacations for you and your family.

As a Member, a whole world of travel options becomes available to
you. You have the flexibility to choose from thousands of resorts,
hotels, apartments in the unit size you require, length of stay and
dates you wish to travel, all based on the number of GVC Points you
have acquired.

GVC Points is an excellent way to freeze future vacation costs at
today's prices. Each property is accorded a Points Value according to
quality, unit size, season and location.

You have the privilege to save and borrow your GVC Points from the
current or following year, allowing you to increase your vacation time
and/or upgrade your unit size in any one year.

You have the freedom to use, loan or rent out your GVC Points.

You have the opportunity to choose from a vast selection of luxury sea
and river cruises and have the option to fully (selected cruises) or
partially offset some of the cost on selected cruises with your GVC


Your Voyage Some of the Global Team members have been creating luxury,
unique individual and group holidays for decades. With an
unparcelled record of client satisfaction and a crew that knows the
world from their own extensive travels, we are ready to start
planning your special adventures.

Freedom over your vacations
You get to choose how long, where and when as well as how many
times you wish to holiday from using your GVC Points or taking
advantage of additional offers year after year.

Space to enjoy
You get to choose the unit size that fits your travelling party from a
wide selection of studios,1,2 or 3-bedrooms sleeping up to 6 people
and more.

Secured vacations
GVC Members enjoy the certainty of ensuring ideal vacations are
assured throughout their lives.

As a Member, you get to save substantial amounts of money
depending how you holiday.

Peace of mind
Knowing that your Club paves the way for you to pamper yourself in
luxury in many of the beautiful destinations throughout the world


Your Voyage

Personalised vacation guidance
Our Global advisors will assist you in achieving the best out of your membership. Our
corporate mission is to ensure you get the most memorable and unforgettable
experiences on your voyages year after year.

Vacation by design
You have access to many luxury sea and river cruises to a multitude of destinations
around the world. Our 2 Vacations 1 Voyage features have been carefully selected to
ensure the ultimate experience.
Unforgettable voyages
We have created one of the most thrilling vacation concepts available. As a GVC
member you are able to access amazing vacations designed by our experts. Check
out GVC Grabs for 2 Vacation 1 voyage a great city stay followed by a super luxury
mobile camper exploring villages and towns curtained by stunning mountain
landscapes and lakes.

A vast amount of accommodation choices
You access a vast selection of hotels, resorts and apartments, chateaux's,
houseboats, glamping and much more.


How to use your Points You can use 3-years of GVC Points in 1-year by saving from the previous year
and borrowing from the following year.
The cost of vacation accommodation continues to increase year-on- Should you have used up your GVC Points allocation in the 3-year use window,
year and an average family spends a substantial amount of money you have the opportunity to purchase additional time by way of cash in a
on vacation accommodation over a life time. Therefore, securing destination of your choice, simply submit your request to GVC Members Services
your future holidays and by becoming a Global Vacation Club Points and they will respond with various discounted offers available.
Owner potentially could save you tens of thousands of dollars.
Your GVC Points are credited into your account on every
Anniversary Date (the date you became a Member) and are
available for use in your Anniversary Year (the 12-months period
commencing from the date you joined). Your GVC Points account
operates in a similar way to your bank account.

When you wish to make a reservation, simply contact GVC Member
Services of your request through the booking portal, stipulating the
destination of choice, number of people in your traveling party,
preferred unit type (apt/room), the date when you wish to check-in
and the length of stay and GVC will do the rest.

GVC Reservations will contact you within 24-hours of receiving your
request with the best fit accommodation and the GVC Points
amount it will cost. Upon you confirming to proceed to booking, the
relevant GVC Points will be deducted from your account
accordingly. You can continue to make as many reservations within
your Anniversary Year as your GVC Points allow. Any unused points
can be saved to the following year or in the event you don’t have
enough points you can borrow for the following year.

How many Points do I need?

Every resort, hotel and apartment property has its own
Points Value. The Points Value varies in accordance to:
Property you choose;
Location you desire;
Unit size you require;
Season you wish to stay;
Date you wish to check-in; and
Length of stay.

Opposite are examples of upcoming reservations for
various properties features in GVC X and GVC C City
GVC Reservations will always try to accommodate
Members in the best fit solution, meaning great quality
for the least amount of GVC Points as possible.
Should you have any further questions pertaining to the
amount of GVC Points you need, contact one of our
GVC Points Advisors at:

[email protected]


How many Points do I need?

When assessing how many GVC Points you should
possess for your annual allocation, you can determine
by the following criteria:
Travelling Party average size;
Frequency of nights you travel annually;
Locally the number of nights you holiday;
Internationally the number of nights you holiday;
Quality rating you generally accept for your vacation;
Length of time you spend on each vacation; and
Unit Type you require (apartment or resort/hotel).
If you find any difficulty in assessing your GVC Points
needs, do not hesitate to contact the Club as one of our
GVC Advisors will assist in calculating your travel
requirements using our vacation planners at:

[email protected]
If you are not a frequent vacationer, do keep in mind
that you can always save or borrow your GVC Points
from the current of the following year.


How many Points do I need?

GVC Points Reservation Examples
The reservations you see both and this page and the
previous 2 pages are live bookings across a wide
variety of countries in different unit sizes
accommodating anywhere from 2 to 6 persons.
These selected reservations are for indication purposes
only and do not reflect the only unit size in a particular
vacation property.
GVC Reservations will at all times identify a property
that suits your required travel needs at that time in the
destination of your choice for the lowest amount of GVC
Points possible.
Although all reservation samples are for a period of a 7-
night stay, they can be as little as 1-night up to 14-
nights or more.
Start planning your next vacation and contact GVC
Reservations at:


How far in advance can I request a reservation?

You can request a reservation as far as 1-year in advance.
Reservations are subject to availability and based on a first come, first
serve basis.

The Club reminds all Members to be certain of their dates of travel to
avoid GVC Points penalty charges incurred for cancellations. Please see
below for further details.

How do I save my GVC Points to the following year?

Any unused GVC Points from your current use year can be saved to the
following year. You must inform GVC Member Services within 3-months
or more prior to your current Anniversary Year end that it is your
intention to bank over your remaining current use year’s points.

Please note that failure to notify GVC Member Services will result in the
forfeiture of any remaining points in your current use year should you
cross the 3-month notification window.

You can also borrow a portion or all of your GVC Points from your
forthcoming Anniversary Year in order to extend or take additional
time in the current year.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Some resorts, hotels, apartments etc., located in popular destinations

Reservations may incur a cancellation charge of GVC Points, try to ensure your

travel dates are fixed prior to confirming your booking to avoid penalty

charges. GVC Reservations will inform you at the time of making your

request of such charges. 11

What Voyagers are a combination of a landed vacation property stay combined
GVC benefits with a cruise on a luxury Ocean liner. Choose from a selection of our hand-
are there? picked fabulous “2 Vacations 1 Voyage” vacations.

Where the Voyage never ends Gems are a combination of a landed vacation property stay combined with a
luxury River cruise. Choose from a selection of our hand-picked jewels of the
world’s arteries, bursting with culture “2 Vacations 1 Voyage” vacations.

GVC X is a wide selection of landed vacation properties around the world. No
matter what your traveling party size is, GVC X will accommodate. We have
thousands of luxury hotels, resorts, apartments, villas and more.

GVC X City Linx covers most major cities of the world, allowing access to a
wide variety of luxury hotels, apartments and in some cases resorts. Members
have the flexibility to stay anywhere from 1 or more nights.

Grabs provide Members with a wide variety of additional vacation
opportunities without the need to use GVC Points. From luxury camper vans,
glamping, short cruises, city-breaks, themed vacations and more.

Coming soon Explorers is an exciting new feature to the Club, which will be revealed soon.
GVCs research and product development team are continuously exploring
fantastic new ways of vacationing.



Alaska 2 Vacations 13
1 Voyage

Land & Sea Voyagers were created from listening to Members Celebrity Apex
who wanted the enjoyment of exploring a particular resort, hotel
or apartment destination on “Land” and with the added Norwegian Fjords
adventure of a multi-destination experience on “Sea”.
2 Vacations
Luxury Land Resorts, Hotels & Apartments 1 Voyage
Choose from a vast selection of amazing vacation properties that
come equipped with all of the luxury and amenities you require Rhinefield House
or just let the Club know what type of accommodation you like
and we will do the rest. Sothampton, England

GVC Points
You can either use your GVC Points or you purchase a discounted
unit for all of your vacation property stay requirements.
The Club identifies luxury accommodation in properties located
close to Sea and River cruise departure or arrival ports for easy
access to ships. Your second vacation onboard a luxury cruise
will allow you to discover different cultures and in some cases in
different countries, while being pampered throughout your
Whether you are travelling alone, with the whole family, looking
for a specialty cruise, such as a rock and roll theme cruise, or a
transatlantic crossing, we have something to match your needs.

GVC Points for Cruises
You can use your GVC Points as currency for partial payment on
selected cruises. Check with GVC Member Services for further
details on these exciting offers and begin your voyage.


Reservations Land stays post of prior to cruising Meals on cruise ships

How do I book a Voyager vacation? Land stays at one of the Club’s selected vacation All ocean cruises featured in Voyagers are
properties are normally for the period of 7-nights packaged with all inclusive meals at designated
This is quite a simple process due to the fact that ensuring plenty of time to visit all of the dining restaurants onboard the vessel. The Club
all of the planning of GVC signature 2 Vacations 1 attractions that location has to offer. Most will recommends Members avoid restaurants that incur
Voyage concept has been pre-designed. include breakfast only and some may include additional charges unless they wish to frequent
excursions. This part of your Voyage is free and them. In the Club’s view the designated
Select which Voyager vacation you wish to easy, you get to do your own thing. restaurants included in your fare are more than
embark on and contact GVC Reservations with the adequate to fulfill all meal requirements.
date you require to travel. Do keep in mind that Cruising
cruises may have certain departure dates and Drinks on cruise ships
may not comply with your exact date of travel, All luxury ocean liners selected by the Club go
however as long as you are slightly flexible this through a stringent qualifying criteria to ensure Most cruise packages include water and juices in
feature will work for you. optimum Member satisfaction. the standard package. For Members wishing to
consume carbonated or alcoholic drinks be sure to
Visa’s Cruise ship cabins check with GVC Reservations for additional drinks
packages that may be on offer.
Depending which country you are from and the At the time of making a reservation request do
type of Voyager you select, visa entry may be keep in mind a simple cabin selection process: Cruise ship amenities
required to enter international nations for the
luxury liner scheduled ports of calls. GVC Inside means a cabin located in the ships interior Mostly all ocean liners allow free use of all
Reservations will inform you of such with no windows. Perfect for budget travelers or amenities onboard with the exception of massages
requirements. Unless you qualify for Visa On passengers who spend all of their day exploring or beauty treatments.
Arrival (VOA), you will be required to apply to the vessel.
each country’s Embassy located in your country. Cruising port of call excursions
The Club advises Members to acquire the Outside means a cabin located on the ships
necessary visa’s before confirming a booking. exterior featuring a porthole window. Land excursions are not included in the package
and can either be purchased onboard the ship or
Balcony means a cabin with its own private at each port of call from local providers. Please
balcony located on the ships exterior. note that you allow plenty of time to return to the
vessel for tours taken with local providers as ocean
Remember to check with GVC Reservations as to liners operate strict departure times.
maximum occupancy allowance for your chosen
cabin as ocean liners operate strict policies due to
health and safety reasons.
Members travelling on their own (single) will incur
single supplement charges.

Royal Savoy 2 Vacations Spirit of Chartwell
1 Voyage
Madeira Douro River
Portugal Portugal


12 nights African Safari River Cruise

Global Land & River vacations were designed to give you the luxury of a resort, hotel or self-
contained apartment in a fantastic location then pick up an exciting river cruise along one of the
many major rivers in the world.

Unlike their counterparts, ocean liners, river ships have far less cabins onboard giving you
an opportunity to meet everyone on your cruise whilst on this exciting journey. You will
find the cabins are beautifully designed, very spacious and the standard amenities
onboard the vessel will have a restaurant, bar, lounge, library, sky-deck and some with a
whirlpool and sauna.

River cruises consist of 3 main activities, cruising, dining and touring with the Chobe River
cruising generally taking place overnight while you are fast asleep.
East Africa
The food on river cruises is very good and consistently ties in with local dishes with
some cruises providing wines and beers at no extra charge. 2 Vacations
1 Voyage

Victoria Cape Town
Safari South Africa

12 nights Magical Egyptian River Cruise

Alf Leila Wa Leila Resort E
A 7-night luxury stay in themed resort, G
portraying the life of the Pharaohs and Y
Bedouins. This luxurious oasis boasts an P
amphitheater, holding 2,500 guests with T
shows depicting the life of the Egyptian
kings and Arabian tales. 18

An array of exquisite eateries & great

Close to a fabulous white sand beach and
exciting water excursions.

Winter Palace 2 Vacations
1 Voyage
Luxor, Egypt

Travel the Nile like Pharaoh All Inclusive

Day 1: Check into Winter Palace Luxor Meals & Excursions
Day 2: Embarking in Luxor, a sumptuous lunch is served after
which you will visit the Temples of Luxor and Karnak.
Day 3: Valley of the Kings & Hatshepsut Temple & Colossi of
Day 4: Esna Lock, after lunch visit the Temple of Edfu.
Day 5: El Sheikh Fadi island & Komombo Temple.
Day 6: Philae Temple & High Dam – Disembark in Aswan

Reservations Land stays post of prior to river cruising Meals on river ships

How do I book a Gem vacation? Land stays at one of the Club’s selected vacation All river cruises featured in Gems are packaged
properties are normally for the period of 7-nights with all inclusive meals at the main restaurant
This is quite a simple process due to the fact that ensuring plenty of time to visit all of the onboard the vessel. Meals comprise of breakfast,
all of the planning of GVC signature 2 Vacations 1 attractions that location has to offer. Most will lunch and dinner and some ships offer early
Voyage concept has been pre-designed. include breakfast only and some may include morning coffee, tea and snacks for those very
excursions. This part of your Gem is generally free early risers who awaken before the main breakfast
Select which Gem vacation you wish to embark on and easy, you get to do your own thing. is served.
and contact GVC Reservations with the date you
require to travel. Do keep in mind that river Cruising Drinks on river ships
cruises may have certain departure dates and
may not comply with your exact date of travel, All luxury river ships selected by the Club go Mostly all river cruise packages include water,
however as long as you are slightly flexible this through a stringent qualifying criteria to ensure juices, coffee and tea as well as carbonated drinks.
feature will work for you. optimum Member satisfaction. Additionally, many river ships provide local wine or
beers served with lunch and evening meals as part
Visa’s River ship cabins of the package. Be sure to check with GVC
Reservations to check if alcoholic drinks are
Depending which country you are from and the Almost all river ships featured in Gems vacations included for your selected Gem vacation.
type of Gem you select. River cruise are mostly are standards luxury cabins and do not offer a
navigating one country’s waters and may only selection due to their size. The cabins feature all River ship amenities
require one visa. GVC Reservations will inform modern amenities you require for your journey.
you of such requirements. Unless you qualify for Most of the luxury river ships come with their own Mostly all river allow free use of all amenities
Visa On Arrival (VOA), you will be required to balcony with the exception of a couple of ships onboard with the exception of massages or beauty
apply to a country’s Embassy located in your that have windows only. treatments. Due to their size, luxury river ships do
country. The Club advises Members to acquire the not have a huge selection of amenities like their
necessary visa’s before confirming a booking. The cabins are generally larger than their ocean liner counterparts. Some have a plunge
counterpart ocean liners, giving more space to pool, sunbathing deck, reading and lecture areas
relax and take in the stunning awe inspiring views and a bar.
along the way.
River Cruising port of call excursions
Remember to check with GVC Reservations as to
maximum occupancy allowance for your chosen All Gem land excursions are included in your fare.
cabin as ocean liners operate strict policies due to There are a couple of river ships that offer
health and safety reasons. additional excursions that you may want, these
incur additional charges.
Members travelling on their own (single) will incur
single supplement charges. 19

Open your eyes to a new world of Vacation Finland Bavaria
Ownership! GVC X is a wonderful fusion of out of New Zealand Maldives
the ordinary vacation boundaries.
Ireland 20
Experience Arabian glamping in a lavish Beit al-sha-
r to noble stately homes in the English countryside
or dine and sleep beneath the ocean in your very
own clear-view domed villa or never miss the
Northern Lights from within your own luxurious
glass igloo.

Hold up in a luxury tree house, explore chateaux’s,
palaces, Wild West cowboy trails, or even a visit to
Count Dracula’s castle, ultimate villa destinations
and so much more.

One of the driving factors behind introducing GVC X
was based on our member’s expectations being
affected by external sources. Our answer was a
quintessentially easy one, leave everything to us.
Gone are the hassles of banking weeks and never
getting exchanges, or not understanding the
complexities that some exchange companies use.

Broaden your holiday horizons as you step into the
world of GVC X. Included within our portfolio of
thousands of hotels around the world, you will come
across many magical and truly inspirational
vacations. For the penultimate one stop travel
solution log in to GVC X.

What is GVC X? Switzerland Thailand GVC X & City Linx Reservation Window
This Club feature allows Members to access a vast You can book anywhere from 24-hours up to one year
selection of luxury vacation properties around the prior to your required check-in date. All reservations
world. GVCs global search to identify unique retreats with GVC X are provided on a first-come-first-serve
set the foundation for a wonderful vacation experience. basis and subject to availability.

What is GVC X City Linx? What if I have used all my GVC Points?

This Club feature allows Members to access vacation You may reserve additional time in either GVC X
properties in most capital and popular cities around the and/or City Linx for selected vacation properties by
world for a minimum of 1-night or more, in your way of a discounted one-off cash payment. Contact
required unit size to accommodate you’re travelling GVC Reservations with your request. Please note
party. priority is given to GVC Points reservations and are
subject to availability.
Can GVC Points be used in GVC X & City Linx?
Invite Guests along in GVC X & City Linx
Yes, there are many resorts, hotels, apartments and
more. Simply let GVC Reservations know which You can invite your extended family members or
destination you wish to go to, dates you wish to travel, friends either to accompany you on your holiday or
how many people are travelling with you, your you can book accommodation on their behalf. A Guest
preferred unit type and let us do the rest. GVC Certificate will be required for Guest(s)
Reservations will respond to you with the selected accommodation(s).
choices and GVC Points values for that reservation
within 24-hours. Cancellation Policy for GVC X or City Linx Some of the more popular destination properties incur
a GVC Points forfeiture. At the time of your reservation
request, GVC Reservations will inform you as to
whether your selected choice(s) incur or does not incur
a cancellation penalty of points. The Club advises
Members to be certain of their travel dates to avoid
loss of GVC Points. 21 21

Bali Dubrovnik
The quality of properties? Beijing Breakfast

In the age of 21st century Locations of properties Be sure to check at the time of
tourism, providing excellent reservation request as selected
quality services at resorts, Perhaps the most essential resorts and hotels may include
hotels or apartments, ensuring element of a resort or hotel breakfast.
customer satisfaction, is one of destination is its location.
the key factors used by GVC to The Club sometimes negates
gain a competitive advantage Whether it’s a capital or rooms with a complimentary
and customer retention. popular city in a developed or breakfast. However, the
undeveloped part of the world, quality of food served is an
The Club sets strict guidelines Members can choose between important factor to ensure a
when assessing the overall a remote location with great certain level of Member
quality of a vacation property beaches, culture and an array satisfaction. Special breakfast
prior to entry into the Club. of activities, or a location to all are not available.
the modern conveniences and


Budapest 22

South Island, New Zealand Grabs are additional time at GVC Resorts, Are Global Grabs Limited?
hotels, apartments cruises, themed
vacations and can range from a 2-night to a Global Grabs are not limited to your
7 nights or more stay. They are available to membership. You may request Global Grabs
members without the need to use your GVC to any GVC location.
Points. Global Grabs can be booked at short
notice, however they are subject to Cost will vary depending on unit size,
availability. location and season of the destination you
No matter the size of your travelling party
you will be very hard pushed to find a Can my family and friends join me?
cheaper alternative anywhere else.
Your loved ones and friends can join you on
Whether you want to navigate on your own your vacation or they can stay at a GVC
houseboat, or tour around Scotland in your Resort with your consent, in your absence.
own super luxury motorhome, including a
week in one of Edinburgh’s finest hotels as If your loved ones or friends are intending to
part of the package. take a vacation in your absence, you must
ensure that you inform GVC Member
We have diligently selected the highest Services and furnish their full details on a
standards whilst keeping costs as low to the GVC Guest Certificate so that the relevant
floor as you will find. Also note a number of GVC Resort(s) are informed of their arrival.
our incredibly popular 2 vacations one
holiday on land and river or land and sea
offering huge savings on waterways from
around the globe. 23

As a member of the GVC family, outside of
your membership alone our Grabs concept
will save you and your family thousands of
dollars every single year.

GVC believe in delivering what you want, not
the other way around. Being in good
company and with our endless commitment
to deliver more and more of these savings all
year round it’s now about enjoying your
holidays to the fullest and keeping more
money in your pocket.

Correspondence Address
Global Vacation Club
67/100 Moo5, Bophut,Koh Samui,
84320 Surattani, Thailand

Email addresses
[email protected]
Where the Voyage never ends


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