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Published by Ijaje Kalahiki, 2018-12-14 08:35:28




By Ijaje

Table of contents

Chapter 1……….lego history
Chapter 2……….lego business
Chapter 3……….lego today
Chapter 4……….what is lego

Chapter 1

Lego history

Lego has a long history and it was created by a business named lego way in the
1930s by a guy named ole kirk christiansen and Godfrey. At the time ole died Godfrey
had a problem the lego was too fragile to pick up So Godfrey Put tubes in the Legos.

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Chapter 2


The lego business is made up out of parks,movies,stores and many different kinds of
toys but still you build out of them toys such as lego technic douplox and blocks.
Theme parks are called LegoLand and in the theme parks there are many store and
rides. Lego has made a lot of movies a lot of them are animated. Lego makes a lot of
toys every year.

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Chapter 3

Lego today
Lego today has some problems but its still good. Lego has been facing some
competition agents fortnite. The good thing is that lego has other part of the Business
Are theme parks stores and toys.

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Chapter 4

What is lego

What is lego? Lego is a block with circles on the block the circles help the blocks
connect. There are many different block sizes. The blocks

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