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Published by Haley Parker, 2019-05-09 14:00:32

Temperate Forest (3)

Temperate Forest (3)

Temperate Forest

By : Haley Parker and Jamarion Dickens

Climate and Weather

The weather is an average 50
degrees . In summer it is a
average of 70 degrees.

Animals and plant

Animals and plants need each other because animals need plants for oxygen and shelter.

Animals Plants

1. Reindeer 1. Oak Trees

2. Rhino 2. Walnut Trees

L ocation

Major Places Located

1. New Zealand
2. Japan
3. Europe
4. Eastern China
5. Eastern North America
6. Southeast Australia

Animal Adaptation

Animals in Temperate Forest have to adapt

To season changes. They must be able to cope
for cold winters and hot summers.Some animals
hibernate and migrate Q

Fun Fact

Recieves 30-60 inches of rain each year and are ranked second only to the rainforest as
the rainiest biome.


1. H ow many inches of rain does the temperate forest each year ? Answer: 30-60
2. Where are temperate forest are found at , name two? Europe , Japan, Eastern China
,New Zealand ,Eastern North America,and Southeast Australia
3. Name one animal and name one plant?Answer:

Plants: Oak trees,Walnut trees
Animals: Reindeer,Rhino



The End

Thanks for reading .

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