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Published by JULIAN LOWE, 2019-05-23 15:23:58

Multi genre project

Multi genre project

​ ALLy 




Multi genre project 




An ally of my own may be the death of me.
I may be put in the ground like his pedigree
But what do I know?
If my own ones leave, what should I prove?
How do I react to my partner being gone?
Me and my ally were one, now they’re gone.
Gone but not forgotten.
We will be remembered for our greatness, through the drought and depression.

Meaning:​Iwrote this poem a while ago but it brought back so many memories when i wrote it and it 
helped me have that good of a process and trying to have a mindset of how to cherish who loves u

By Julian lowe


“Learn to see me as a brother instead of two distant strangers.” Tupac Shakur


Tupac said in his song "changes" that to not see your self as a bad person but to interact with your 
people and be open in the community and understanding the process of friendship and 


What is peace of mind in a person?
When they’re alone, feeling worthless.
Why should their thoughts be locked in peace of itself?
They’re alone, why the others get the help?
Should they cry in peace, on their own?
Or gain a speech and take the throne.
So why discriminate?
Because the bully always wants to win and take.
So you should be able to try to fight the power.
Make something be greater than you and them.
So why discriminate?

Meaning:​I wrote this because i can relate to being an outsider and wanting to fit in but u as a 
person always can't do that your just gonna have to be yourself and gain power upon yourself.ways 
that can be bad for someone is by not defying yourself in own thoughts and pain.

What this drawing means is that men have a easier chance because of certain jobs and how men 
can get things easier and how they feel physically and mentally and not focusing on a womens 
leadership skills and work ethic.


Poem about love

What is love and the values it may bring
The eye of your love is what u see
Focus on your future of love
Because your past pain may think above
What is love to me
Its thinking of a person place or thing
Because the love u feel may all be a dream

Meaning:w​ hat this poem is representing is that u as a person have to fight your problems and 
express your pain and feelings to others so they can understand you.


Meaning:T​ he meaning of this heart that no matter how broken u are as a person no matter the 
battles u may face u can always have something whole to keep u pushing and thats what the heart 
represents for love

About the author

Julian lowe is an author of this project and he
examines the details and ways that each word and sentences intersect with each
other and it shows the viable detail and balance he gives an audience with his
explanations from each of the topics and how they relate to the real world in it

passage selected

● On page 54 he was talking about this girl he knew from the past and he
referenced seeing her in his future.

● On pg 97 it was stating that he was thinking of himself and the issues and
the things he faced threw what he went when he lost his father.

● On page 113 he was saddened by his father leaving and being dead and how
he went out and the mindset he was trying to not feel like he lost his ally
and father who was their for him alway

● On page 13 he was talking with moshie and trying to find a way out and to
be helped to freedom with his family

Dear reader,

A message to my reader is that night has so many different storylines to it and it's
amazing to see the outcome and cause and effect moments it brings as a reader.
The reason i choose the word ally is because it shows who has loyalty to you and
who will have your back in the end and how they would represents u as a
person.what i've learned from this book is that u can always have doubts and it
gives u an atheist standpoint like a canvas and to always think of any situation no
matter what it may can come at u fast and u have to be ready and take the
fight to the enemy even if its a opportunity u dont want to have.The word ally in
night is hard to really examine because their was ways u didn't realize u had one
and it mentally challenged characters and the experiences they had.

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