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Conquer! English Form 3

Conquer! English Form 3

• Santhi Pragasam
• Desiree Kaur
• Kieran Siva




 Civic Module
 PAK-21 Activities

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e-Questions Reading Partner
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Student’s Performance Record


Suitable to be used for Pentaksiran Bilik Darjah (PBD)


Express Notes N1-N16
Unit 1 Family Comes First Questions 7–8
9 – 15
PT3 Review 1: Pemahaman Part 1 (Questions 1 – 8) 16 – 21

Unit 2 Good Food 22
PENERBIT ILMU Questions 23 – 24
BAKTI SDN. BHD. 25 – 30
Unit 3 The Beauty of Nature Questions 31 – 37
38 – 39
PT3 Review 2: Pemahaman Part 2 (Questions 9 – 16) 40 – 47
48 – 53
PT3 Review 3: Pemahaman Part 3 (Questions 17 – 24) 54 – 55
56 – 61
Unit 4 Meaningful Experiences Questions 62 – 67

Unit 5 My Precious Home Questions 68
69 – 74
PT3 Review 4: Pemahaman Part 4 (Questions 25 – 34) 75 – 83

Unit 6 A Fit Life Questions 84
85 – 86
Unit 7 Surviving the Unknown Questions 87 – 110
i – vii
PT3 Review 5: Pemahaman Part 5 (Questions 35 – 40) ix – xvi

Unit 8 Activities to Pursue Questions
Unit 9 Era of Technology

PT3 Review 6: Penulisan Part 1

Unit 10 World of Entertainment Questions
Unit 11 School is Fun! Questions
PT3 Review 7: Penulisan Part 2

Project-based Lessons

PT3 Format Exam

Modul Literasi dan Amali Sivik

Aktiviti Pembelajaran Abad ke-21

Scan and Download

• Student’s Performance Record
• HEBAT Bacaan
• Listening Script


Modul Literasi dan Amali Sivik

Theme: People and Culture

Topic: Stop Bullying

Learning Standard (LS)

2.1.4 Explain own point of view
4.1.4 Express and respond to opinions and common feelings such as happiness, sadness, surprise, and interest

Core Value Context

Love Self, family, school and society

Civic Literacy
BAKTI SDN. BHD.KnowledgeSocioemotional Action

• List the physical and mental • Instil feelings of empathy • Foster friendship without
effects of bullying towards one another prejudice
• Identify ways to curb bullying • Appreciate friendship without • Report cases of bullying to the
prejudice authorities concerned
• Practise saying NO to acts of

Learning Objectives PAK-21 Activities

1 Students should be able to avoid being bullied. 1 Fan-N-Pick
2 Students should be able to discuss methods to 2 Simultaneous Round Table
3 Hot Seat
speak with respect to others.


1 Teacher writes the following words on the board:

hurt, tease, call names, kick, hit, victim, bystander

2 Teacher explains that these words are related to today’s topic.
3 Teacher asks students to guess the topic.
4 If necessary, teacher helps students with unknown vocabulary (but don’t say the words ‘bully’ or

5 Students make suggestions about the topic which is bullying.
6 Elicit or explain the meaning as a mean or hurtful act that people do on purpose, repeatedly and

Activity 1: Fan-N-Pick (PAK-21 Activity)
1 Students work in groups of four.
2 Student A : Arranges all the four cards in the shape of a fan.
Student B : Chooses a card and reads out the scenario.
Student C : Answers or gives a suggestion to the scenario.
Student D : Responds to the suggestion and gives marks for the response.


Aktiviti Pembelajaran Abad ke-21 PAK-21

Activity 1 Hot Seat

1 Students work in groups of four.
2 Teacher brings some magazines to class e.g. National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Time Magazine,

Newsweek or any similar educational magazines.
3 As a group, students identify the key features of a magazine: Headline, Title, Reporter’s Name,

Author, Advertisement, Photo caption, etc.
4 Next, students read the article.
5 Appoint one member in each group to tell the class what the article is about.

Stress in Schools

By Sue Porter

Author If you want to learn something about your from the newcomers that many schools accept Recently, I spoke with a group of educators Headline
school culture, ask a newcomer. While the stress, and I mean chronic stress, as inevitable, who reported that stress at their school
new member of your department may not be and that for many communities, stress is one is almost intractable because students are
able to direct you to the supply closet, he or of the most valuable commodities. Think determined to maintain it at all cost. Many
she can tell you things about your community about it. When was the last time a colleague students believe stress distinguishes them
that you have long since forgotten, or maybe (or a student, for that matter) talked about from students at rival schools, and, thus, their
just want to forget — like how ridiculous a restful night’s sleep or a stolen moment of investment in stress is high. This phenomenon
some of the school’s customs are. A perceptive peace during the school day? Even if these of secondary gain can make dealing with
newcomer can tell you about the pecking things are to be had, it’s no longer acceptable stress in schools very difficult. The greater the
order, whether the community is kind and to talk about them. The message I’m getting secondary gain (what adolescent doesn’t want
caring, and how people actually treat one from the newcomers is this: if you’re not to feel distinguished?), the less likely that
another. Newcomers have too much on their stressed, or overworked, or generally harried, students will see the need to change, regardless
plates to worry about the mission statement or you’re not doing your job. So, get with the of how much they complain.
the strategic plan. They just want to survive. program and get stressed out. I see this phenomenon in the adults working
Over the past decade, I’ve talked to hundreds I have noticed that stress is one of the few, in schools, too, but, for them, it has less
of new teachers, and, throughout this process, and, in some school communities, the only to do with feeling superior to each other
I’ve heard a lot about independent school emotional experience that gets discussed (although this can be part of it) than with
culture, some of it good, some of it not so in any detail. It’s okay to be stressed; in compensating for imbalances in the rest
good. Here’s one important thing I’ve learned: fact, it’s a point a pride. To talk about that of their lives. Teachers often fall prey to
people in schools, students and teachers stolen moment of peace is akin to admitting workaholic lifestyles — whether by accident
alike, are often stressed out — that is, they weakness or dereliction of duty. In this way, I or by design — in which stress is a measure
are hampered by excessive stress in ways that believe stress has become an important part of of success. I once heard a teacher complain/
negatively affect their physical and mental the cultural currency of independent schools, brag that she literally had no time to open her
health. and, perhaps, of the culture at large. For some, mail. This teacher was also a department head,
a stressful community equals a productive and had been for many years, so much of her
Stress: The New Cultural Currency one. Parents especially can get caught in the burden was of her own making. And, yet, this
Wow, you say, like that’s news. You know this grip of this logic. While, on the one hand, is precisely what her head of school wanted
already; you live it every day. But here’s what they rail against how hard their children work, to hear. This kind of “sacrifice” on the part
you may have forgotten, and here’s what the on the other hand they take pride in the very of teachers turns quickly into martyrdom,
newcomers have taught me: life isn’t supposed system that stresses their children out. Parents which doesn’t help anyone in the community;
to be this stressful. Stress isn’t supposed can be very invested in keeping the grindstone we all know how stressful it is to be around a
to pervade almost all aspects of the school grinding. To be not stressed in our culture martyr. So, chronic stress is a given in many
experience. At best, stress is supposed to be a suggests we aren’t fulfilling our potential, independent school communities. But should
side effect, not the main effect of our work. and fulfilling potential is one reason parents it be?
But this is rarely the case today. I’ve learned choose independent schools.


Extended Activity
Each student writes his/her own article on a topic of choice. The article must contain the key
elements of an article e.g. headline, subheadline, author’s name, etc.


Express Notes

Grammar e.g.
(a) That is the pen which I lost yesterday.
Nouns (b) The sun moves around the moon.
(c) I bought a dress at the boutique. The dress is red.
1 Nouns are words that refer to a person, animal,
place, thing or quality. 3 A is used before singular countable nouns. We use
PENERBIT ILMU a for words that begin with a consonant sound or
BAKTI SDN. BHD.2 There are four types of nouns.i-THINK Tree Mapwords that begin with the ‘y’ sound.
4 An is used before singular countable nouns. It is for
Common Proper Abstract Concrete words that begin with a vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u)
and words that begin with a silent ‘h’.
3 Common nouns are general words of people,
animals, places and things. e.g.
(a) I saw a European man standing outside the
e.g. boy, cat, book, mosque
4 Proper nouns are specific names of people, animals, café.
(b) Sara waited in the library for an hour.
places and things. They always begin with a capital (c) Don’t forget to bring a camera.
e.g. Selvi, July, Proton Exora, Jalan Ipoh 5 Articles are not used before:
5 Abstract nouns are words that refer to a quality, an • uncountable nouns (article ‘the’ is used in some
idea, a state or an activity. instances)
e.g. happiness, love, anger, determination • plural countable nouns
6 Concrete nouns are nouns that can be observed with • proper nouns
our five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. • languages
• school, hospital, bed, university, church
(a) Rose baked a pineapple cake for her sister. e.g.
(b) She loves her family very much. (a) I speak Mandarin with my friend.
(c) Father went to the bakery to buy a loaf of bread. (b) She works in Singapore.
(c) He has gone to bed.
(d) Honesty is the best policy.

Articles i-THINK Tree Map Pronouns

1 Articles can be divided into: 1 There are five types of pronouns:
i-THINK Tree Map

Definite Indefinite Personal Reflexive Interrogative
the a/an
Possessive Demonstrative

2 The is used to refer to a particular person, place or Subject Object
thing. It describes things that are one of its kind. 2 Subject pronouns are used as the subject of a verb –
The is also used to refer to something mentioned
previously. I, You, He, She, It, We, They.


Literature Zone i-THINK Tree Map

Poems Literature Texts: Form 3


The Day thePENERBIT ILMUPoisoned TalkThe Elephant Moby Dick We Didn’t Mean
Bulldozers Came BAKTI SDN. BHD.(by RaymondMan (by Herman to Go to Sea
(by David Orme) (by Arthur
Wilson) (by Tim Vicary) Melville) Ransome)

Poem: The Day the Bulldozers Came by David Orme

The Day the Bulldozers Came

The day the bulldozers came The fox
Rooks were building Stirred in his sleep
Crazy egg baskets in the oaks; As the ground trembled.
Green flies sizzled by the pond ‘Ha ha!’ he thought,
And a cold-eyed toad ‘I’m quite safe,
Waited for them. Deep down in the Earth,
No one can get me here.’
The day the bulldozers came Then the bulldozers came.
Squirrels were scattering
Up tree trunks, David Orme
And leapt from branches
That were hardly there.


Unit Theme: People & Culture

1 Family Comes First SoW: Lesson 1

Reading and Speaking

A Read the passage below. L.S 3.1.1

5W’s and an H Strategy
Answer the questions to get the
gist of the story.

It was the time of the Movement Control Order (MCO) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools were HEBAT Bacaan Textbook
closed. Din and his two siblings attended online classes at home. When his mother and father went to
work at their food stall, Din and his siblings were reminded to stay home. Din’s mother always looked at
Din and said, “Don’t meet up with your friends, son. We don’t know who the boys were in contact with.
We don’t want viruses in the house, do we?” Din shook his head.
After being cooped up at home for three days, Din felt he had had it! He told his grandmother,
“Nenek, I’ve to go and get some notes from Amir. I’ll be back in a jiffy” or “Nenek, I’ve got to give this
book to Johan. I’ll be back soon.” And so once a day, to overcome his stress, Din gave an excuse and went
out to meet his friends who lived in another apartment block. He returned home in about 15 minutes or
Then one day, it was reported that one of Johan’s family members had been tested positive for
COVID-19. The entire public housing apartment complex was cordoned off and disinfected, and all
the residents were tested. Din told his parents that he had been meeting Johan in the past two weeks.
Immediately, his father told the authorities and the family underwent PCR tests. His grandmother tested
positive for COVID-19 and was diagnosed as category 3. She had to be hospitalised in Hospital Budiman
in the city. The rest of the family underwent self-quarantine at home.
Din felt very bad. He blamed himself for his grandmother’s illness and the stress he had put on his
family. The family could not visit his grandmother. Din prayed very hard for his grandmother’s recovery
and for nothing bad to happen to her. Din regretted his actions very much.

Pelibatan Ibu Bapa Vocab Assist

Discuss with your parents or family members ● cooped up – confined; kept
the impact of COVID-19 on health and ● diagnosed – identified; analysed
livehoods. Then, share your ideas in class. ● regretted – felt sorry

Performance Level Achieved: Teacher’s Signature: .............................................................................................. Date: ....................................................


Theme: People and Culture

Unit 1 Family Comes First

SoW: Lesson 1

B Answer the questions below. L.S 3.1.1, 2.1.4

1 When did this story take place?

The story took place during the Movement Control Order period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Website 2 Where did this story take place? State the neighbourhood. QR CODE: Website
Scan the QR code or go to
The story took place in a public housing apartment complex. https://www.straitstimes.
3 Who were the irresponsible individuals in the story? students-skip-school-over-
covid-19-fears to read about
They were Din and his two friends, Amir and Johan. students’ fears about school
and COVID-19.
PAK-21 Activity BAKTI SDN. BHD.
4 What happened to Din’s family? For educational purposes
(a) The grandmother tested positive for COVID-19 and had to be hospitalised.

(b) The family had to undergo self-quarantine at home.

poses 5 Why did Din leave the apartment once a day?

He was stressed out after being confined in his apartment for three days.

6 Do you think Din will go out and meet his friends again during the pandemic? Which phrase in
the last paragraph supports your answer? HOTS Analysing

No, he will not. It is stated that he ‘regretted his actions.’

C Choose the correct answers. L.S 3.1.1, 2.1.4

PENERBIT ILMU1 What does it mean when Din prayed that ‘nothing bad’ would happen to his grandmother?
A That she will not die C That she will not become very serious
B That she will live a sickly life D That she will have to stay longer in hospital
2 By undergoing self-quarantine, what hardship did the family face?
A They were not able to see their grandmother.
B They were not able to go out of their apartment.
C The parents were forced to give up their food stall.
D The parents had to close their food stall and so lose their daily income.

ACTIVITY Roam the Room

1 Students work in groups of four.
2 Teacher provides the questions — How has COVID-19 impacted students’ lives?
3 Students are given time to discuss and answer the question given.
4 When the teacher blows the whistle, students move individually to see the ideas of other groups.
5 When the teacher blows the whistle again, all students return to their groups and share what they

have learned from the other groups.
6 Teacher has a discussion at the end of the activity.

Performance Level Achieved: Teacher’s Signature: .............................................................................................. Date: ....................................................


Unit 1 Family Comes First Theme: People and Culture

Grammar SoW: Lesson 3

A Circle the errors in the sentences below. Then, write the correct form of the verb in the present
tense in the table.

Faulty sentence Correct word

1 The children follows the online classes eagerly. follow

PENERBIT ILMU2 Every day, Din’s parents went to their food stall. go
3 Din’s mother patted his shoulder and says, ‘Don’t go out, son.” pats

4 Din find it difficult to follow the Mathematics class online. finds

5 He and Johan discusses the Mathematics problems together. discuss

6 One by one, the residents of the block is tested for COVID-19. are

7 An ambulance arrive and take Din’s grandmother to the hospital. arrives, takes

8 With tears in their eyes, the children waves goodbye to their grandmother. wave

B Complete the paragraph below with the present progressive tense of the verbs given in brackets.

A day before the MCO, the apartment complex is a hive of activity. People Textbook

(1) are coming (come) and (2) going (go). Men

and women (3) are carrying (carry) bags of groceries to their apartments. They

(4) are stocking (stock) up on food and essentials. At the same time, parents

(5) are making (make) sure they have enough snacks for their children. While

at home, the children (6) are always looking (always look) for things to munch. They

(7) are always eating (always eat)! Storing groceries can be a problem. Sometimes

bags of dry groceries find themselves (8) piling up (pile up) in the dining

QR CODE: e-Questions e-Questions
Scan the QR code for

Performance Level Achieved: Teacher’s Signature: .............................................................................................. Date: ....................................................


Unit 1 Family Comes First Theme: People and Culture
Textbook: Page 7 – 8

SoW: Lesson 5

Listening and Writing

A You will listen to a conversation between Danny and Max. For Questions 1 to 5, choose
the correct answer A, B or C. (Refer to the audio or page L1 in the QR code for the listening text.)

Audio L.S 1.1.2

1 Who is Danny’s grandfather?

2 Where has Danny planned to go with his cousin and Max?

3 Where has Danny’s cousin come from?

4 Which game do Max and Danny love playing?


B The incomplete paragraph below is based on the conversation you have heard. Fill in the blanks
with no more than three words and/or a number. L.S 4.1.1

Danny has two uncles and an aunt. His grandfather is ill and one of his uncles who

(1) has a son has come to visit him. Danny tells his

friend, Max, that he and his cousin take (2) after their grandfather .

They have curly hair, pointed nose, (3) tall in height and

are thin in size. Max feels excited when Danny tells him that his cousin will be coming over
(4) to his place for a few days. The trio is going to have fun.

Performance Level Achieved: Teacher’s Signature: .............................................................................................. Date: ....................................................


Theme: People and Culture

Unit 1 Family Comes First

SoW: Lesson 8

Writing and Reading

A Punctuate this paragraph correctly. L.S 4.2.1
who doesn’t love their grandparents i do i love them very much they also adore me and my siblings
they pamper us too “but we’ll correct your mistakes and scold you when necessary” they’ll often say
grandparents support us even when our parents don’t “let the child go camping he’ll learn a thing or two”
they’ll tell my parents lastly grandparents are always praying for us to be kept safe and protected.

PENERBIT ILMUWho doesn’t love their grandparents? I do. I love them very much. They also adore me and my siblings. They pamper us
BAKTI SDN. BHD.too. “But we’ll correct your mistakes and scold you when necessary,” they’ll often say. Grandparents support us even when
our parents don’t. “Let the child go camping. He’ll learn a thing or two,” they’ll tell my parents. Lastly, grandparents are
always praying for us to be kept safe and protected.

B It’s your grandfather’s 80th birthday. Your parents are having a party for him. Your mother wants
you to write an email to your cousin inviting him/her to the party with his/her family.

In your email, you should say: L.S 3.1.2, 4.2.1
• why you are inviting him/her
• when the party is, the time and place
• who is coming and hope he/she will be able to come

Your email should be written in 35 - 45 words. Textbook
Sample answer:

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Subject: Grandpa’s Birthday

Hi Zack,
How are you, brother? It is grandpa’s 80th birthday this Saturday, 22 March, so we’re having a party
for him. It will be held at 7 p.m. at our house. You and your family are invited. I hope you will be able to come. It will
be fun.


Performance Level Achieved: Teacher’s Signature: .............................................................................................. Date: ....................................................



SoW: Lesson 10

Literature in Action

Poem: The Day the Bulldozers Came by David Orme
Work in pairs and discuss the answers. Then, share your answers in class.
A Based on the poem ‘The Day the Bulldozers Came’ by David Orme, complete the circle map with

the animals mentioned in the poem. L.S 5.1.1

i-THINK Circle Map

Non-Textbook Poem Teacher

PENERBIT ILMU 5 fox 1 rooks
4 squirrels Animals in 2 flies
‘The Day the


3 toad

Friends Internet

B Using your own words, state the activity of each animal as mentioned in the poem. L.S 5.1.1

Stanza 1

The rooks are building their nests in oak trees. The flies are buzzing around the pond. The toad is sitting at the pond,
waiting to catch the flies.

Stanza 2

The squirrels are dashing up the trees in different directions, most probably after hearing the sound of the bulldozers.

Stanza 3

The fox is sleeping cozily in its burrow underground. It wakes up when the ground shakes but continues sleeping, as it
is convinced that it is safe deep in the ground.
Accept all suitable answers.

Performance Level Achieved: Teacher’s Signature: .............................................................................................. Date: ....................................................


PT3 Review 1

Pemahaman Hi Alex, we will be celebrating my grandpa’s
100th birthday next Sunday. I hope to see you
Part 1 (Short Texts) at the celebration. It’s going to be at my house
Questions 1 – 8 at 7.00 p.m.
Read the text carefully in each question. Choose the
best answer A, B or C. Susan
 3 Susan is texting Alex to
Hong Choon Mini Market
Dear valued customers, A remind him about her grandfather’s
kindly be informed that we are closed from
11 November to 31 December 2021 as the B tell him how proud they are of her
building and facilities are being upgraded. grandfather.
We will be reopening on 3 January 2022.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in C invite him to her grandfather’s 100th
birthday celebration.
advance to all our valued customers!!!

 1 Hong Choon Mini Market is
A closing down its business.
B undergoing some renovation.
C preparing to make changes in its business.
PENERBIT ILMU Alan, don’t forget to Alright,
BAKTI SDN. BHD. collect the tickets on Mum.
your way back later.

Crystal Water Park
Located in Pahang, this water park offers
over 10 venues for visitors to swim and enjoy!

 4 The mother is
A ordering her son to collect the tickets.
B reminding her son to collect the tickets.
C suggesting to her son to collect the tickets.

Entrance fee (Online) Tourism Malaysia
Adult: RM75.00 invites you to
Child: RM55.00
Entrance fee (Walk-in) Malaysia Night
Adult : RM80.00
Child : RM60.00 where you can enjoy a variety of
Note: Malaysian cuisine!
• Child refers to one who is 3 – 12 years old. Highlights:
• Senior citizens above 60 are eligible for child’s
• A food bazaar
rate. • Chef demonstrations
Book now! • Fruit carving sessions
• A cooking competition
Register online to receive awesome goodies.

 2 If you wish to go to the water park, the entrance   5 Tourism Malaysia is
fee will be cheaper if you A promoting Malaysian cuisine to locals and
A book online. tourists.
B reside in Pahang. B introducing famous chefs in Malaysia.
C visit all ten venues. C encouraging people to eat fruits.


 7 The kitten is called
A Sam.
B Bella.
C Danny.

Plant a tree today!

PENERBIT ILMUMary : Where do you live, Alice? Lend a hand to save the trees.
BAKTI SDN. BHD.Alice : I live in Taman Garuda.Save what saves you.
Mary : The double-storey houses?
Alice : Yes, you’re right.  8 The poster reminds us that
 6 From the above conversation, we know that A trees are essential to life.
B trees can only be saved by our hands.
A Alice is inviting Mary to her house. C trees and our hands save us from all dangers.
B Mary has been to Alice’s house before. [8 marks]
C Mary has been to Taman Garuda before.

• Brown and white Persian
• Last seen around Taman Putra
• Has a long tail and is friendly
• Responds to the name of Bella

Anyone with information, please call Danny or
Sam (03-55684444).


Unit Theme: Health and Enviroment

3 The Beauty of Nature

SoW: Lesson 21

Reading and Speaking

A Read the text. L.S 3.1.6 HEBAT Bacaan

Skim and Scan, QUACK Strategy
1 Read the paragraphs.BAKTI SDN. BHD.
A Whales are the largest and most powerful 2 Students highlight information using the QUACK marks.
creatures on Earth. They live in all of the
oceans of the world and are not fish but
mammals. Whales are called cetaceans just like the dolphins and porpoises. These intelligent and
social creatures travel in groups called pods or schools.

B Whales with teeth are called toothed whales while those without are called baleen whales. The
baleen whale has blades of whalebone hanging down from the roof of its mouth. The whale swims
with its mouth open and traps sea creatures. It closes its mouth and the blades act like a filter. Its
tongue scrapes food off the filter to eat it. Killer whales are larger and have piercing teeth and big
throats. They can swallow whole fish, seals, birds and even other whales.

C Whales breathe through their nostrils, called blowholes. They must surface above the water to
breathe. The blowhole is on top of the whale’s head. A whale’s flippers balance and steer the creature.
The two parts of its tail are called flukes. They move up and down and push the whale through the
water. Whales make many different sounds. The humpback whale sings. It may emit high-pitched
Textbook HEBAT Bacaan screams or low throbs for up to fifteen minutes. Their songs have been recorded. They seem to be
able to sing six different songs. Grey whales talk in grunts, cracking
sounds and whistles. Beluga whales are called canaries because of QR CODE: Reading Partner
their singing. ILMU Scan the QR code
to read with your
reading partner.

B Work in groups of three. Choose one paragraph and paraphrase it using your own words.

Accept all suitable answers. L.S 2.1.1
C Answer the following questions. L.S 3.1.6

1 How does a whale inhale oxygen?

It inhales oxygen through its nostrils, called blowholes.

Reading Partner 2 What can killer whales swallow?

Killer whales can swallow whole fish, seals, birds and even other whales.

3 Name the whale which can sing for at least quarter of an hour.

The humpback whale

4 Are whales categorised as endangered species? Why? HOTS Analysing

Yes. They have been hunted and killed.

Performance Level Achieved: Teacher’s Signature: .............................................................................................. Date: ....................................................


Project-based Lesson

Theme: ScieTnecxetbanodokT:ePcahgneo7lo–gy8


SoW: Lesson 111

Listening and Writing

A Watch the English news on television. Fill in the table below to explain the news you have heard.

L.S 1.1.6, 4.1.1

BAKTI SDN. BHD.News time
Local/foreign news
News that interests you
About the news

B Submit the above piece of work to your parents/guardian. Seek their advice on ways to improve Non-textbook
your writing. Write down their comments in the space given below. L.S 1.1.6, 4.1.1

Teacher to evaluate students’ project work.

Performance Level Achieved: Teacher’s Signature: .............................................................................................. Date: ....................................................


PT3 Format Exam 100

Paper 1

[Time: 1 hour 15 minutes]

Part 1
Questions 1 – 8
Read the text carefully in each question. Choose the best answer A, B or C.
For each question, circle the correct answer A, B or C.
BAKTI SDN. BHD.Open Day at 2 The above is
B an advertisement.
16, Jalan 3/1, C an announcement.
Ampang, Selangor. Mega Book Fair at Seri Bumi Centre,
10 October 2022 Taiping, Perak
9.00 a.m. till 1.00 p.m. 20 November – 28 November 2022
Come and enrol your children who are Books on sale:
– Textbooks
aged 5 & 6. – Business Studies
We provide the best education for – Ancient History
– Biographies
children’s mental, physical, – Fictions & Non-fictions
spiritual and emotional development. – Revision Courses

1 The above advertisement is meant for parents to Up to 30%
A be present at Pintar Kindergarten till 1.00 off!
B open a kindergarten at the address
C register their children aged 5 and 6 at Pintar

Good morning students.

Here are the winners of the public speaking 3 Books sold at the fair are not meant for
competition held last week. The first prize goes A children aged 1 – 3.
to Thevi Sam. The second place goes to Cindy B people who love reading.
Lim and the third prize is won by Ahmad C school and university students.
bin Merican. These three winners are kindly
requested to come up to the stage to receive your


Paper 2

[Time: 1 hour]

Part 1
Read the message from your friend, Jehan.

I’m celebrating my 15th birthday on the 14th of December. My parents are throwing a party for me
at 5.00 p.m. at my house. I would be pleased if you could come.

Your friend,
Unfortunately, you are unable to attend the party. In about 80 words, write a message to Jehan explaining why
you are unable to attend.

Sample answer:

Hi Jehan,

Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party. However, I’m sorry to inform you that I’d not be able to attend
the party. In June, my father booked our tickets to Europe for the year-end holidays. We’ll be leaving on the 10th of
December and will be back on the 23rd of December.
I’ll come over to visit you before school reopens for the coming year. Have a great birthday celebration. Send my
regards to your parents and siblings. See you then.



[20 marks]

Paper 3

[Time: 11 minutes]

General questions Part 1
2 – 3 minutes

Phase 1
Good morning/afternoon/evening.
Can I have your mark sheets, please?
Candidates hand over the mark sheets to the Interlocutor.
BAKTI SDN. BHD.Main questionsBack-up prompts
What’s your name, please? Should I call you …?
Thank you.
And, what’s your name? How do you spend time with your siblings?
Thank you.
Where do you live?
How many siblings do you have?

Phase 2
Interlocutor selects one/two of the following questions for each candidate. Allow candidates roughly 30 seconds
maximum per question. Use candidates’ names throughout.

Main questions Back-up prompts (if required)

What religious festival do you celebrate? Do you celebrate Deepavali?

How do you help your mother at home? Do you take care of your little brother or sister?

Tell me about your hobby. What is your hobby? (Why?)

Which co-curricular activities do you like the most? What games do you play in school?

Do you like going to bed early? (Why (not)?) Do you sleep early at night?

Do you like going out with your friends? Where do you usually go with your friends?

Do you buy your mum a gift for Mother’s Day? What gift do you buy for your mother?

Have you been abroad for holidays? Where do you like to go for holidays?

Thank you.


Paper 4

[Time: 35 minutes]

Part 1
Questions 1 – 5
There are five questions in this part. For each question, there are three pictures and a short recording. For each
question, choose the correct answer A, B or C.
1 Where is Nita going?

BAKTI SDN. BHD.2 Who is Madam Vivien?

3 Which ticket should Sameer buy?
11/10/2022 10/10/2022

HEBAT Bacaan Bahasa Inggeris

To improve Objectives of HEBAT Bacaan Bahasa Inggeris To help students
the teaching To prepare master reading
and learning of skills and HOTS
students for the skills, and become
reading PISA assessment independent readers

PENERBIT ILMUThrough the HEBAT Bacaan modules, students will be exposed to the following reading strategies:
BAKTI SDN. BHD. Reading Strategies


5 W’s and an H THRILD SQ3R QUACK Reading Reciprocal
comprehension reading


Note that each reading strategy is suitable for different types of texts.


Students will record information about a particular topic in the KWLH chart as follows:

Know Will/Want Learned How
What you already know What you want to know What you learned during How you can learn
about the topic or after reading more using other sources
of information – internet,
experts, magazines, etc.

5 W’s and an H

Using this reading strategy, students must find the answers to the six important questions:


Where did it When did it
happen? happen?


Why did it How did it
happen? happen?

Who was

H1 Conquer! English CEFR Form 3

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