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Modul A+ SPM Form 4 English KSSM

Modul A+ SPM Form 4 English KSSM

Keywords: Modul A+ SPM Form 4 English KSSM


Modul Literasi &
Amali Sivik

01 Topic My Malaysia TIME

1 hour

Introduction PENERBIT ILMULove and loyalty for the country is called patriotism. One way to show our patriotism is to
BAKTI SDN. BHD.uphold the image and good name of our country at all times. We must also take pride in our
Core Value country’s rich heritage, culture, history and achievements.
Civic Literacy Love PAK-21
Self, family, school, society, country and global
Objectives Knowledge Socioemotional Action VIDEO
• Describe ways to uphold the • Express pride in being a • Practise the spirit of

good name of the country Malaysian unity and integration in

• Explain the importance of • Express gratitude in upholding the integrity

love for the country being able to uphold the and sovereignity of

• Explain the effects of not integrity of the country Malaysia

upholding the integrity of • Practise willingness to

the country sacrifice for the country

1. Students should be able to justify the importance of showing love for the country.
2. Students should be able to practise the spirit of upholding the good name of our country.

1. Teacher writes on the board:

As students, how can you show patriotism?

2. Teacher divides the class into groups of four or five.
3. Prepare a large manila card for each group to write on.
4. Students brainstorm to discuss the topic.
5. Students present their work to the class.


Group 1
• Stand up when the national anthem is played.
• Fly the Jalur Gemilang during the Merdeka month.
• Support the national team in all sports.
• Promote Malaysia to my friends abroad.
• Attend the Merdeka celebration.

Activity 1: Gallery Walk (PAK-21 Activity)
1. Students to work in groups of six to create a “Thank You Tree”.
2. Each student to write a message on a love-shaped card why they are thankful to our


NTS1 Modul A+ SPM English (CEFR) Form 4 KSSM


Thank you for Thank you for being
providing a stable a melting pot of
and peaceful home. many races and

PAK-21VIDEO 3. Students to hang the messages on the ‘Thank You Tree’.
4. Once all the groups are done, walk around the class to see the trees made by other groups.
BAKTI SDN. BHD.Give comments if necessary.

Activity 2: Let’s Sing Along!

1. Students to work in groups of four.
2. Each group to select a patriotic song. You may find the songs on YouTube.
3. Write the lyrics of the song and pass it to your classmates.
4. Teach your classmates the song and sing it together.

Video Video Video

Scan the QR code Scan the QR code or visit Scan the QR code or visit
or visit https:// watch?v=q51c8D9PxDQ watch?v=f4acGcHOu-k
watch?v=K0WAVBet4lY to listen to a patriotic to listen to a patriotic
to listen to a patriotic song. song.
For educational purposes only For educational purposes only
For educational purposes only

Activity 3: Video Clip and Presentation (PAK-21 Activity)

1. Teacher to show a video clip of spectators watching the national team playing a game
against our opponent.

2. Students to work in groups of four or five. Teacher asks students to brainstorm ideas on
how Malaysians can uphold the good name of our country as sports spectators. What
are the do’s and don’ts?

3. Students display their findings on manila card and present it to the class.

Do’s Don’ts

1. Bring flags or banners to show 1. Jeer or make fun of the opponent or
support. their supporters.

2. Cheer and sing when our team scores 2. Get into fights with supporters of the
or does well. opposing team.

3. Congratulate the opposing team 3. Use bad language on your banners or
even if we lose to show good placards.

Assessment Students are assessed based on observations, oral presentations, group activities or question
and answer.

© Penerbit Ilmu Bakti Sdn. Bhd. (732516-M) 2022 NTS2

Answering Techniques based on the
Latest SPM Examination Format

PART 1: Reading and Use of English

1 Paper 1 is divided into 5 parts and has a total of 40 questions.
2 Each question is worth 1 mark, so Paper 1 carries 40 marks in total.
3 The time allocation for Paper 1 is 1 hour and 30 minutes.
BAKTI SDN. BHD.Part 1 – Short Texts (Questions 1 – 8)

Test Focus
• understanding main ideas
• understanding specific details
• guessing meaning of unfamiliar words

1 In Part 1, candidates are required to read 8 short texts, each about 90 words in length, and answer

1 multiple-choice question based on each text.

2 Each question comes with 3 options – A, B and C. Candidates must choose the best answer.

3 The text types include:

• advertisements • text messages • articles

• notices • news reports • emails or letters

Tips to Score!
3 Skim through the questions so that you know what to look for when reading

the texts.
3 Read the texts carefully.
3 Pay attention to the visual, if provided.
3 Read the questions and options given carefully.
3 Choose the best answer.

Part 2 – Cloze Text (Questions 9 – 18)

Test Focus
• grammar usage
• vocabulary in context

1 In Part 2, candidates are required to complete a linear text with 10 blanks.
2 The text is about 250 – 300 words in length.
3 Each blank has 4 options – A, B, C and D. Candidates must choose the best option. A sample answer is given

for the first blank.


BAKTI SDN. BHD.3 Read the text slowly. You may try filling in the blanks on your own as you

read to connect the sentences.
3 Take note of the tense used and the tone of the passage.
3 Now look at the options given. Choose the most frequently used word.
3 When in doubt, look at other words before or after the blank. Sometimes they

will give you clues.
3 You may also use the elimination process – strike out all the least likely
options until you get to the answer.

Part 3 – Extended Text (Questions 19 – 26)

Test Focus
• understanding main ideas
• understanding specific details
• guessing meaning of unfamiliar words
• recognising author’s attitude or opinion on the topic

1 In Part 3, candidates are required to read a longer text and answer 8 multiple-choice questions. 4 options are
given for each question – A, B, C and D.

2 The text is between 650 – 700 words in length, and may be factual or fictional.

Tips to Score!
3 Skim through the questions so that you know what the focus of the text is, as

well as what you need to look out for when reading.
3 Read the text carefully. Ask yourself what is the purpose of the text, and what

it is about.
3 Read the questions and options given carefully.
3 Choose the best answer.

Part 4 – Gapped Text (Questions 27 – 32)

Test Focus
• understanding main ideas
• understanding specific details
• guessing meaning of unfamiliar words
• recognising typical features at word, sentence and text levels

1 In Part 4, candidates are required to complete a passage with 6 sentences removed. 8 options are given in
jumbled order and candidates must choose six sentences that are most suitable to fill in the gaps.

2 The text is between 350 – 400 words in length.


Hebat Bacaan Bahasa Inggeris

Objectives of HEBAT
Bacaan Bahasa Inggeris

PENERBIT ILMUTo improve To prepare students To help students master
BAKTI SDN. BHD.the teachingfor the PISA reading skills and
and learning of assessment
HOTS skills and become
reading independent readers

Through the HEBAT Bacaan modules, students will be exposed to the following reading strategies:

Reading Strategies


5 W’s and an H THRILD SQ3R QUACK Reading Reciprocal
comprehension Reading


Note that each reading strategy is suitable for different types of texts.


Students will record information about a particular topic in the KWLH chart as follows:


Know Will/Want Learned How HEBAT Bacaan

What you already know What you want to know What you learned during How you can learn
about the topic or will know or after reading more using other sources
(pre-reading stage) (pre-reading stage) (while or post-reading of information – Internet,
stage) experts, magazines, etc.
(post-reading stage)

N1 Modul A+ SPM English (CEFR) Form 4 KSSM

Grammar Drill

The Present Tense

HEBAT BacaanTenseSimple Present Present Continuous Present Perfect
Uses • Habitual actions
PENERBIT ILMU• Instructions or • Actions that happen • Actions that started in the past and
BAKTI SDN. BHD.Examples at the time of continue to the present and may continue
directions speaking into the future
• General truths/facts
• Actions that are in • Repeated actions that do not happen on a
• Jaswinder drinks progress at the same regular basis
milk daily. time in the present
• Past actions with no specific time
• Close the door. • He is eating now. mentioned
• The new school year • While father is
• Mr Kamal has lived here for 30 years.
starts in January. gardening, mother is • I have heard him sang before.
cooking. • The bus has just left the station.

Exercise 1

Complete the blanks with the simple present or the present continuous tense.

1 He usually drinks (drink) coffee but today he is drinking (drink) tea.
2 I won’t go out now as it is raining (rain) and I do not have (not have) an umbrella.
3 David always says (say) that he will mend the window but he never does (do) it.
4 Jaime: What is Daniel doing (do) to his car now?

Radha: I think (think) he is polishing (polish) it.
PAK-21 5 Teacher: Who owns (own) this bicycle?

Aminah: I do not know (not know). Everyone is using (use) it but nobody knows (know)

whose it is.
6 Today is (be) the second day of my trek to Mount Ledang. I am exhausted and my legs

are (be) tired. I just hope I am able to complete the trek. My toes are bleeding (bleed) but I still
want (want) to continue. I am trekking (trek) with Muthu, a close friend of mine. He always walks
(always walk) ahead of me and complains (complain) that I am too slow. But I am doing (do) my best

to keep up with him.

© Penerbit Ilmu Bakti Sdn. Bhd. (732516-M) 2022 N10

Exercise 2

Use the words given to write sentences using the simple past or past perfect tense.

For example: Eric / put on the hat / he / look in the mirror
After Eric had put on the hat, he looked in the mirror.

1 the boy / eat the sweets / he / feel sick
After the boy had eaten the sweets, he felt sick.

2 we / see the movie / we / drive home
After we had seen the movie, we drove home.

3 I / hear the CD twice / I buy it
After I had heard the CD twice, I bought it.

4 he / finish his homework / he watch television
After he had finished his homework, he watched television.
HEBAT Bacaan
BAKTI SDN. BHD.ExamplesPrepositions of TimePrepositions of Place or Prepositions of Direction
Structures Position
at, on, in, for, since, before, to, from, into, out of, towards,
after, etc. in, on, beside, near, under, along, etc.
over, at, between, etc.
• The man called the • She went up the stairs and
police at 9 o’clock. • There were no dirty plates then she came down again.
in the sink.
• I am going to visit • I pushed the paper under the
my uncle during the • She hung the picture on door.
weekend. the wall next to the dining

Exercise 1 Tutorial Video

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions of time. You may use a word more Scan the QR code or visit
PAK-21 than once.
in within about before after for until to learn more about

For educational purposes only

1 My cousin is staying with us until next weekend.
2 Please be there before four o’clock. If you come later you will not be entertained.
3 Mathilda is in her last year of school.
4 Please bank into this account within the next seven days.
5 I have been waiting for you for an hour!
6 The students need about three days to complete the project.

© Penerbit Ilmu Bakti Sdn. Bhd. (732516-M) 2022 N12

Unit Theme : People

1 Staying Connected

SPM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Paper 1 – Part 1

BAKTI SDN. BHD. Extra Practice 1

Reading – Short Texts (Reading and Use of English) SAMPLE Scan the QR code to
Questions 1 to 8 download extra practice
for Short Texts.

Read the text carefully in each question. Choose the best For educational purposes only
answer A, B, or C.

2 Ann will most likely go to the airport

Inviting Bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers! A with Tim

You are all welcome to a workshop called ‘Upload!’ B with May
Come and learn how to create fun and interesting C on her own

content while maintaining authenticity when you

present your opinions and ideas.

15 March

Happening this Saturday, 2 – 5 pm, Hi Anna, have you seen the video I sent you?
at the Tech Store, Digital Gallery, Penang.
Join the fun activities and win attractive prizes! Hi, Sarah. Do you mean the bullying
video that went viral?
Admission is free!
Interested? Go to for details. Yes! Isn’t it horrible? I can’t imagine how the victim went
through it. It must be awful! So, have you heard any news
1 Which of the following statements is true? about the culprits?
A Participants are subject to a small fee.
B Participants have to prepare a presentation. Well, they have not been convicted yet. However,
C Participants will mainly consist of people who they were held at the police station last Saturday and
are active on social media. remanded for three days.

Dear Ann, 3 What happened to the offenders?
A They had been found guilty.
Sorry but I’m unable to send you to the airport. B They were in prison before the trial.
I’m running late for work. I will be sending Tim C They were questioned by the police.
to pick you up at 5 pm as your flight leaves at
7.30 pm. Have a pleasant flight. Call me as soon
as you reach your destination.



There are a few things you can now do with your 6 The graph tells us that
old smartphone. Did you know that lots of old A there are many ways to do digital marketing
smartphones have better cameras than many B email is one of the most effective ways to
surveillance cameras? Why not repurpose your market a product
old smartphone and use it to keep watch over C search engine optimisation is the best way to
your home? Install an app such as SalientEye to introduce a product
turn your old smartphone into an ever-watchful
motion detector. It will be able to text message or Non-verbal communication means all
email you if it senses an intruder. Alternatively, communication that occurs without words.
use the TrackView app to remotely monitor and As a speaker, you need to be aware of the
record video. non-verbal part of your communication. Non-
verbal communication accounts for a great
4 According to the article, why should you part of the total of your message as it reinforces
repurpose your old smartphone to a security and complements your words. Non-verbal
camera? communication can be conveyed through body
A It can remotely monitor and record video. language. In oral presentation, body language
B It has a better camera than many surveillance is an important element as it is in everyday
cameras. conversation. Body language reflects and
C It can text message or email you if there is an enhances your message. It also gives credibility
intruder. and sincerity to your message.

7 Which of the following is non-verbal
A Listening skills
B Choice of words
C Facial expressions
Do you think PENERBIT ILMU It’s definitely not a good idea.
children under BAKTI SDN. BHD.They are too vulnerable at
13 should be such a young age and the
allowed to set danger is they will be exposed
up social media to strangers who might
accounts? manipulate them.

5 From the dialogue above, we know that children Petaling Jaya: With excitement, they left
under 13 their homes to collect their SPM results but
A are not allowed to be active on the media unfortunately the three good friends did not make
B may be exploited by other users of the internet it to school.
C may be protected on the social media platform
As there was a heavy downpour earlier, the car
The most effective tactics used in digital driven by Mohd Alif is believed to have skidded
marketing plan after hitting a pool of water on the highway. The
car swerved across the highway to the opposite
lane, hitting an oncoming car, before turning turtle.

The trio succumbed to their injuries on the spot.

Social media marketing 18% 8 The day turned into a
Content marketing 17% A tragedy
B disaster
Marketing technology 16% D disappointment

Search engine 15% [8 marks]

Email marketing 13%

Search and social ads 11%

Data management 9%


SPM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Paper 1 – Part 2


Cloze Text (Reading and Use of English)

Questions 1 to 10
Read the text below and choose the best word for each space.

Implementation of the home-based teaching and learning (PdPR) for students nationwide is not only a
challenge to parents (0) but to teachers and students as well.
BAKTI SDN. BHD.A teacher at a school in Putrajaya said the (1)of students was quite low. The teacher,

who declined to be named, said other challenges of online classes (2) the monitoring of

students’ discipline and focus on their studies. He said there were students who opened two windows or

applications on their laptop screen – one for online class and (3) for online games.

Students, on the other hand, find it (4) to focus on lessons when studying at home. Noisy

siblings, bad internet connection and lack of motivation are (5) of the reasons for this. Apart

from that, not everything that is taught by the teacher can be clearly understood (6) the

telephone screen is small. (7) it is difficult for them to listen to the teacher and other students.

Parents too had to play their role to (8) that their children stay focused. Many parents

have bought smartphones (9) their children to facilitate PdPR. Some even needed to

learn Google classroom applications and so on to enable them to (10) their children with

assignments or homework, especially those that require them to record videos.

0 A but B and C however D similarly
1 A attend B attende C attending D attendance
2 A added B included C exempted D comprise
3 A more B another C the other D moreover
4 A tough B unlikely C unpleasant D demanding
5 A few B many C some D several
6 A if B yet C though D because
7 A However B Although C Therefore D Nevertheless
8 A assure B ensure C confirm D encourage
9 A to B for C with D through
10 A help B instruct C support D comfort

[10 marks]


End-of-Year Assessment

[40 marks] Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Paper 1: Reading and Use of English PENERBIT ILMU [8 marks]
Part 1: Reading – Short Texts Kota Baru: Indah Waters Berhad will extend its
water supply interruption for Kuala Krai and
Questions 1 to 8 Pasir Mas districts due to the underground pipes
Read the text carefully in each question. Choose the best which have been severed. Restoration work is in
answer A, B, or C. progress.

Soccer Mum The interruption on alternate days for the two
30 minutes • districts will be carried out for a week from April
24 to 30, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. The interruption
My eight-year-old daughter, Susan, showed for Kuala Krai will be implemented on even days
me what she has written in her journal. To my from 24 April to 29 and for Pasir Mas on odd days
amusement, on the reflection column, she wrote from April 24 to 30.
that she will pull up her socks from now onwards
because her teacher told her to do so. She also 2 Based on the news article, choose the correct
asked her teacher how high she should pull up her schedule for the water supply interruption.
socks! LOL!
District Affected Dates
Like Comment Share
100 people like this A Kuala Krai April 24, 26 and 28

Angelina B. B Pasir Mas April 24 to 30 daily

Hahaha…that was really silly of Susan! C Kuala Krai April 25, 27, and 29
Like • Reply• 25 mins
Brother Joe Show us you CARE and SHARE

I hope you’ll explain to her what the First make sure you download the app –
phrase actually means… CARESHARE to your smartphone or tablet. Then
Like • Reply • 22 mins register as a user for free. Post your personal
experiences on social responsibility and your story
1 From the extract above, it can be concluded that might be one of the lucky ones to be featured on
A Soccer Mum is reprimanding Susan radio and TV!
B Susan does not know the meaning of ‘pull up
one’s socks’ 3 Which of these statements about the app is true?
C Brother Joe wants to explain the meaning of A You have to pay to become a user.
the phrase to Susan B It can be downloaded on all mobile phones.
C You may use the app to share your


Part 3: Reading – Extended Text [8 marks]

Your are going to read an article. For Questions 19 to 26, choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

1 After working as a maid in a hotel for almost 18 months, I realised that no job is worth

keeping if it causes a person to doubt her worth. I rarely received any compliments or

appreciation for my hard work. I was underpaid despite having to perform some of the most

disgusting cleaning tasks imaginable. These factors have devalued me as a person and have

motivated me to return to school in hoping to regain my self-respect. 5
2 A maid will begin to lose her sense of self-esteem when her hours of meticulous cleaning
is only met with hard words and complaints. I could reflect the care I took to make the hotel’s
beds, imagining them as globs of clay and moulding them into impeccable pieces of art. I would
teeter from one side to the other, over and over again until every wrinkle has been smoothened.
And my efforts went from room after room. However, without fail, each day one guest would 10
approach me with nit-picking complaints that undermined my efforts.

3 If it wasn’t a complaint about the light bulb in the room, it was an impatient guest
demanding an extra towel or over-insisting his room to be cleaned before the time he returned
from breakfast. Day after day, my spotless rooms were neither appreciated nor complimented
by a guest or management. Eventually, the thankless work began to wear me down. I thought I 15
had become a servant undeserving of gratitude.

4 The lack of a spoken recognition was compounded by the lack of financial rewards. I earned
a measly $3.65 for cleaning one room. By the end of the month, I was barely able to pay my
bills or buy some food. At one time, my landlord threatened to evict me if I did not pay the
rent. Embarrassed, yet desperate, I went to a friend to borrow some money. I felt ashamed and 20

5 Besides that, I was required to clean some of the most sickening mess. Once, I opened the
door of a convention room and I almost gagged at the odour. I immediately beheld a trail of
vomit that began at the bedside and ended just short of the bathroom door. At that moment,
I knew it would take hours to comb this mess out of the carpet. On another day, I spent thirty 25
minutes dislodging the bed linen from the toilet where it had been stuffed. I have never been
afraid to work hard nor do jobs that were not ‘fun’ but the line must be drawn when a person’s
views of herself become clouded with feelings of worthlessness.

6 Therefore, I felt compelled to leave this demeaning job in search of a way to rebuild my
self-confidence. Returning to school has done just that for me. My teachers and fellow students 30
take time to listen to me and compliment my responses. I feel once again a vital, valued and
worthwhile person.


19 In paragraph 1, why did the writer say it is not worth keeping her job as a hotel maid?PENERBIT ILMU
A She does not feel valued. BAKTI SDN. BHD.
B She has to work very hard.
C She has to work long hours.
D She is offered to return to school.

20 In paragraph 2, how does the writer describe some of the guests?
A They are fussy.
B They generous.
C They are grateful.
D They are indifferent.

21 In paragraph 2, which word tells us that the writer is very thorough with her work?
A Efforts
B Meticulous
C Nit-picking
D Smoothened

22 In paragraph 3, the phrase wear me down suggests that the writer was
A worried
B exhausted
C embarrassed
D disappointed

23 In paragraph 4, the writer talks about
A not having a house
B not being paid enough
C wanting to move away from her house
D wanting to borrow money from people

24 In paragraph 5, what does the writer mean when she says the line must be drawn?
A There must be a limit as to what a person has to endure.
B There must be a guideline as to how a guest is allowed to behave.
C There must be repercussions from the management on such behaviour.
D There must be compensation for the staff when dealing with such tasks.

25 In paragraph 6, what caused the writer feel happier about herself?
A She has found a better job.
B Her boss now listens to her concerns more.
C Her boss has promoted her to a better position.
D She is surrounded by people who appreciates her.

26 The passage is about
A the importance of self-esteem
B ways to build up self-confidence
C the importance of doing a job well
D ways to overcome a difficult situation


Paper 2: Writing [60 marks] Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
[20 marks]
Part 1: Short Communicative Message

You must answer this question.
Question 1
You received an email from your best friend who has moved to a new school.


The school holidays is around the corner and my class is planning to have an end-of-year gathering. They
have put me in the planning committee. Do you have any ideas where we could go? What activities should
we do there? Are there any extra things we could do to make the gathering memorable? I really want to
give a good impression.

Appreciate your help.


Now write an email to your best friend in about 80 words.

(Refer to page 103 for sample answer)




[24 marks] Time: 13 minutes

Paper 3: Speaking Part 1
General Questions 3 – 4 minutes

BAKTI SDN. BHD.Interlocutor

Good morning/afternoon.

I’m … and this is my colleague … She’ll just listen to us.
First of all, we’d like to know something about you.

Main questions Back-up prompts
May I call you …?
Candidate A Now, what is your name?
Thank you. Do you live near the school?
Do you come to school by bus?
Candidate B And, your name is?
Thank you.

Candidate A Where do you live?

Candidate B How do you come to school?
Thank you.

Phase 2

Now I’m going to ask you about your daily routine.
(Select one or more questions from the list to ask the candidates. Use candidates’ names throughout.)

Main questions Back-up prompts

What do you usually do after school? Do you attend tuition classes after school?

What is your favourite food in the school canteen? What do you like to eat in the school

Tell me about your best friend. Who is your best friend?

How do you spend your leisure time? What do you do when you are free?
Thank you.


[30 marks] Time: 40 minutes

Paper 4: Listening PENERBIT ILMU [7 marks]
Part 1 4 Participants who wanted to get more details of
the reunion can
Questions 1 to 7 A email Gurvic Singh
You will hear people talking in seven different situations. B contact Yap Hin Ting
For questions 1 to 7, choose the correct answer (A, B or C). C log on to the website

You will hear each recording twice. Answer all the 5 Which of the following is not in the programme
questions. organised?
A Bonfire gathering
1 Some frontliners have not seen their loved ones B Night trekking
because C Solo camping
A there is a third wave of the disease
B they are honoured to serve the country 6 From the passage, the family most likely visited
C of heavy workload in fighting the pandemic A a small town
B a fishing village
2 Why did the woman want to settle down in C an island resort
Nairobi, Kenya?
A She married an African man. 7 The workshop will appeal to students who want
B She wanted to paint pictures in Kenya. to
C She loved the people and cultures of Kenya. A be better debaters
B be a judge in a debate
3 The boys managed to get to the river because C learn about the judging criteria
A of their survival skills in jungle trekking
B they followed the wrong trail
C an orang asli helped them

Part 2 [8 marks]

Questions 8 to 15 9 Most of the students there looked _________ to
You will hear Hairi talking about his first day experience in Hairi.
secondary school. For questions 8 to 15, circle the correct A friendly
answer (A, B or C). B unfamiliar
C recognisable
You will hear the recording twice. Answer all the
questions. 10 Why did Hairi feel a little disappointed?
A He had to go to the hall.
8 How did Hairi feel on the first day of school? B He did not want to be in that class.
A Safe C He did not see his neighbourhood friends.
B Excited
C Anxious



The Living Photograph by Jackie Kay

My small grandmother is tall there,
straight-back, white broderie anglaise shirt,
pleated skirt, flat shoes, grey bun,
a kind, old smile round her eyes.
Her big hand holds mine,
white hand in black hand.
Her sharp blue eyes look her death in the eye.

It was true after all; that look.
My tall grandmother became small.
Her back round and hunched.
Her soup forgot to boil.
She went to the awful place grandmothers go.
Somewhere unknown, unthinkable.

But there she is still,
in the photo with me at three,
the crinkled smile is still living, breathing.
PENERBIT ILMU • broderie anglaise - English PAK-21
BAKTI SDN. BHD. embroidery, usually on a fine

• bun - long hair that is twisted
and worn at the back of the

• pleated - foldes on a skirt
• hunched - bent forward
• crinkled - lines that appear

when one smiles

Stanza Summary

1 The persona is looking at an old photograph of her grandmother and herself. She describes the
photograph – her grandmother is standing tall and straight, dressed in a white embroidered
lace blouse with a pleated skirt, and flat shoes. Her grey hair is pulled neatly into a bun. She is
smiling kindly while holding the persona’s hand in hers, giving her the security and comfort.
As the persona describes their linked hands, it is clear that they come from a mixed race family –
white hand in black hand. The last line seems to suggest that while her grandmother looks well, the
persona knows that her death is near.

2 While the first stanza describes the photograph, in the second stanza, the persona is remembering
her grandmother later, when she is older and has become ill. The persona recalls how her
grandmother soon grows older and more fragile. Her back is hunched and she becomes forgetful.
Soon she passes away and upon her death, she goes to a place that is unimaginable to the persona.

3 However, in the photograph, the persona’s grandmother will forever be alive. She is still there,
holding the hand of her three-year-old granddaughter, with her smile looking so alive and real.

LN1 Modul A+ SPM English (CEFR) Form 4 KSSM

At a Glance Structure Brace Map

PAK-21 Consists of three stanzas with seven, six and three lines
The Living respectively
Photograph Has 16 lines altogether

Setting No specific time frame or place is mentioned. The persona is
most likely at home looking at old photographs.
Persona The poet herself
BAKTI SDN. BHD.Tone/Mood The tone is descriptive and reminiscing.
Themes The mood of the poem is sad and reflective.

1. Memories are to be treasured.
2. Death is a part of life.

Moral Values 1. We must treasure our loved ones when they are alive.
2. We must accept that death is a part of life.
3. We must value family relationships.

Analysis of The Living Photograph

The poem describes how a photograph immortalises a person. In the first stanza, the persona describes her
grandmother in the photograph as a tall woman dressed in a white lace blouse and a pleated skirt, with her hair
in a grey bun. She is holding the persona’s hand, who was three years old at the time the photograph was taken,
and smiling kindly. The line ‘white hand in black hand,’ suggests that they come from a bi-racial family, giving
the reader some background information of the persona.
The photograph triggers the persona’s memory of what happens to her grandmother later. She remembers
her grandmother becoming older and sickly. Her back that was once straight and strong is hunched, and she
becomes small and fragile as well as forgetful. Soon, she passes away.
However, in the photograph, her grandmother will always be alive and well. The photograph does not show
her becoming gradually older and weaker or acknowledge that she has passed away. It will always show her as a
strong and healthy woman, holding the hand of her young grandchild. To the persona, whenever she looks at the
photograph, her grandmother will always be alive in her mind.

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