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Published by vicar, 2019-12-02 11:06:14

December Magazine

Dec-Jan Mag 19-20

The Parish Magazine of
St Andrew’s, Norway

December 2019 50p
January 2020

VICAR: 425, Seaside, Eastbourne, BN22 7RT
Tel: 01323 723739

CHURCHWARDEN: Mrs Elizabeth Stanton
32, Long Beach View, Eastbourne,
Tel: 01323.479637
Mrs Sally Hood, 70 Queen’s Crescent
ORGANIST & CHOIR Tel: 01323.737748
Mrs Frances Gardner, 49 Beatty Road,
Eastbourne, BN23 6DB.
Tel: 01323.639286

Father David King:
Tel: 01323.723739

Lee Wooding

Please let the clergy know of anyone who is ill at home, or in hospital, or
who has recently moved into the parish, and would like a visit. Communion
from the Reserved Sacrament can be given in Church or at home at any

time by arrangement with the clergy.
Baptisms, Marriages & the Calling of Banns of Marriage should be

arranged with Father David.

‘For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the
government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called
Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of
Peace.’ (Isaiah 9:6)
As Christmas approaches, we are all very aware of the political
and economic uncertainties that face us. The forthcoming
General Election, the uncertainty of BREXIT and across the world
items that fill our television screens and newspapers can all lead
us to be concerned and worry.
The prophet Isaiah also lived in such uncertain times, as the
Assyrians had just conquered the northern kingdom of Israel
(734-732 BC). This fulfilled Isaiah’s warnings to the people, who
had turned their back on God and His ways. However, Isaiah is
able to bring a word of hope, promising a Messiah who would
come like a great light: ‘The people walking in darkness have
seen a great light’ (Isaiah 9:2). These words are fulfilled in the
birth of Jesus 700 years later and describe person of Jesus:

Wonderful Counsellor: He will give us the wisdom we need,
especially when we have difficult decisions to make at work or
home, or in dealing with our finances or future direction.

Mighty God: He will provide the help and strength to face a
difficult diagnosis, family crisis or relationships breakdown, as we
trust His plan and purpose for our lives.

Everlasting Father: He cares for us as a father cares for His
children, so that we can come to Him when we feel alone or we
are really struggling, knowing that He hears and will answer our


Prince of Peace: He has secured peace by His cross and
resurrection, and so we can find in Him true acceptance,
forgiveness and peace for our lives, relationships and future.

Christmas is the time to celebrate a God who is faithful to all His
promises, so whatever we face; the national, international and
personal issues, remember the faithfulness of God and the
promises of new beginnings that He brings through the birth of
His Son. And remember it is not through our strength, or the
promises of any political leaders, but ‘the zeal of the Lord
Almighty will accomplish this’
With many blessings

Fr David

Christmas is a time for giving, and we do it well. The British have
been ranked among the most generous nations in the world, after a
recent study found that six out of ten of us have helped a stranger in
the past month.

The research, which surveyed 1.3 million people in 128 countries
over a decade, found that despite a growing culture of charitable
giving, there has been a downward trend in thoughtful behaviour in
many of the world’s wealthiest places.

However, the report, commissioned by the Charities Aid Foundation,
found that the UK now appears 7th in the worldwide rankings for

60 per cent of us have helped a stranger in the last month, with 71
per cent of us giving money to charity, and 30 per cent offering even
our time, in order to help a good cause.

The countries which topped the global rankings are: United States,
Myanmar, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Canada. At the
bottom of the table, ranked lowest in terms of generosity, were the
State of Palestine, Serbia, Yemen and Greece. China was ranked the
least generous of all nations.


‘Fear not: for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall
be to all people.’ Luke 2:10

Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. The word
‘Advent’ is from the Latin word ‘adventus’ meaning ’coming’.
Sometimes called ‘Little Lent’, it’s a time to prepare our hearts for
the future Second Coming, as well as the birth of Christ.

We celebrate the season with advent calendars, candles and
evergreen wreaths – symbolising Christ as Light of the world,
bringing new and everlasting life.

Here are seven simple tips to help you experience and share the joy
of Advent!

Connect with your inner child: Think back to the time when you were
a child, on the simple things that made you happy at Christmas.
Focus only on the good and feel the joy of Christmas come flooding
Keep it simple: This year, go for gifts and cards that share the
meaning of the season, shop early and stay within your budget.
Be people focused: Remember the story of Mary and Martha – keep
meals simple and allow yourself time and space to focus on enjoying
the company of your guests.
Make Room for Jesus: Take some time at the beginning of each day
to read your Bible, meditate on Scripture and pray. Focus on giving
thanks to God for His gift of Christ to the world and for all He has
done for us.
Me Time: God wants us to prosper in body, soul and spirit, so try to
eat healthy, don’t overindulge, take time for long walks and enjoy the
good and simple things in life!
Wear a smile and share the Joy! Finally, being joyful is a choice, it’s
not about your circumstances. So, decide to be thankful this season.
Wear a smile, act and talk positively, do small things with great love,
be on the lookout for opportunities to do good to people. Give to the
homeless, visit the sick, or take gifts to lonely neighbours.
If people ask you about your joy, don’t be afraid to share your faith.
Simply explain to them that ‘Christ lives in my heart, and He can live
in yours too.’


Do you remember the excitement of Christmas Eve when you
were a child? There was so much to look forward to the next day,
and when you went to bed that night, probably later than usual,
you were buzzing with excitement. Eventually you fell asleep and
then the next morning you were woken by either a sibling or a
parent, saying ‘Wake up! It’s Christmas!’

As we get older the excitement of Christmas probably fades
somewhat and we perhaps feel overwhelmed by all that has to
be done and worn out by the busyness around us. But still it is
good to ‘wake up to Christmas’ in the sense of becoming
conscious again of what the Christmas season is all about.

What are we celebrating really? The coming of the Saviour of the
world, born as a little babe in the stable at Bethlehem. God’s
salvation plan coming to pass, and the opportunity for us to be
brought into relationship with Him again. These are wondrous
truths, and we need to wake up again to the meaning of

Bethlehem was a busy place when Christ was born. The inns
were full, with visitors returning for the census, there was no
room for the young couple from Nazareth. In the busyness many
must have missed what was happening right before their eyes
that night as the babe was born. The greatest event in history but
because they were not ‘awake’ they missed it!

Don’t be asleep this Christmas time. Don’t be so busy that you
fail to notice the significance of what we are celebrating. Let the
wonder of it capture your heart again and create in you a sense
of gratitude and thankfulness for all that God has done for you.
The Saviour has come, rejoice and be glad!.


St. Andrew’s Flower Club

Sue Thompson came from Tonbridge for the
Flower Club’s last demonstration of 2019 –
‘Tis the Season’!! It was fabulous, her
beautiful roses, carnations,
chrysanthemums, amaryllis, liatris and
foliage in perfect condition, with just enough
sparkle, baubles, berries, dried fruit and
cones to say Christmas!! The amaryllis was
my favourite, Sue explained with their thick
steams it’s difficult to place in oasis, insert a
stick and the
steams rest on the oasis. There
were 8 lovely arrangements for the
raffle and I was not lucky enough to
The next meeting is the Christmas
Party, 10th December, when the
Flower Club are guests of St.
Andrew’s Ladies Club.

Jackie Mattinson

Lord, as I enter into the fast-paced season ahead, help me walk slowly
and quietly. Let me stop and listen to the angels sing of the greatest
news ever told. Let my heart, mind and soul join the chorus. “Glory in
the Highest!! The Messiah has been born!”

Among all the bright sparkling lights and cheery holiday tunes, let my
spirit travel once again toward Bethlehem to honour and worship
Jesus, my King, The Prince of Peace, the Lord of Hosts, Mighty
Counsellor, Son of God, the Lamb. All Your love, mercy and power
somehow made flesh in the tiny form of a humble baby born in a
manger. Let me worship the only one who is worthy to take our sin
away and open the gates of all eternity!

by Daphne Kitching


Silly Time by Steve

Oh my goodness I'm rich! Silver in my hair .. Gold in my teeth ..
Crystals in the blood .. Lead in the butt .. Iron in the arteries .. And
an inexhaustible supply of natural gas!

I changed my password to incorrect, so whenever I forget what it
is, the computer will say your password is incorrect.

A drunk goes to court the judge says "You've been bought here for
drinking." The drunk says "Great let’s get started."

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in
a fruit salad.

A thief broke into my house last night....he started searching for
money, so I woke up and searched with him.


What is a grandchild?
Well may you ask!

It's a song in the heart
It's an ache in the back
And swings in the park,
It's crumbs on the floor
And a cry in the dark,
It's kittens and tadpoles

It's jigsaws and snap
It's scissors and paste
A squirm in your lap,
And a hot clutching hand
It's a stake in the future
The hope of our land.....

That's all folks


When I told my children the
story of how the Wise Men
brought gifts of gold,
frankincense and myrrh for the
infant Jesus, my six-year-old
daughter was not impressed.
“Mum, a Wise Woman would
have brought nappies.”

Good advice
If you have a lot of tension this
Christmas and you get a
headache, do what it says on
the aspirin bottle: ‘Take two
aspirin’ and ‘Keep away from

First Christmas

Daniel aged four, had gone to Sunday School just before
Christmas. He came home with a new understanding of the
Christmas story…
“There wasn’t a Father Christmas way back then, so these three
blokes on camels had to deliver all the toys. And Rudolph the Red-
nosed Reindeer with his nose so bright wasn’t there yet, so they
used this big light in the sky to find their way around.”


Do you want a few minutes away from
the hustle & bustle of life?
Why not join us for some

Reflective Prayer.

We start with some music followed by a reading and then 30
minutes of peace. We end with Benediction

The next Reflective Prayer is 21st December

St. Andrew’s Church at 9.30 a.m.

Neil Gallini Driver Training

Search Neil Gallini Driver Training on Facebook

Learners Telephone 07544 578282
Taxi Training Email [email protected]
Semi intensive courses
Motorway training
Block booking discount

St. Andrew’s Parish Hall

For Hire

Did you know that St. Andrew’s Church has a Parish Hall? This is
situated across the road from the church, and behind the Arlington
Arms. It is a modern building which benefits from a well- equipped
large kitchen, outside space, parking and also accessible toilet.
Available to hire privately for parties, receptions, meetings, classes
etc both during the day and evenings.
To enquire about a booking please contact Vic our Hall Manager

T: 07546463555 or 01323 730428

E: [email protected]

We are on Facebook too, where you can find
details on regular groups that meet at the hall, and
photographs of the venue itself.



Delighted to support
St Andrew’s Church.



Call01323 722244

Lottbridge Drove (oppositeTesco)


When I was a PSV Bus and Coach Driver … Part Three

I continued my job as a conductor
until I was old enough to pass my
PSV public service vehicle licence,
they call it a PCV now days (people
carrying vehicle). There were still a lot
of half cacs on the road and one in
particular they used for tests (it was
an old guy, that was the make of the
bus by the way). I have a photo of it.
There were no automatic gear boxes
in them days the buses had gear
boxes in them called crash boxes,
and changing gears was known as double-de-clutch which means
roughly you couldn’t put it into gear until you dip the clutch, put it
into neutral, wait for the revs to die down, dip the clutch again and
put it into gear you require. Now is that clear? Good. It was hard
at first but you soon got the hang of it. We did have rehearsals
before our tests. Come the day of the test and there were five of

us taking it, most of the test was done
in Meads because there are lots of
steep hills there! There were two
testers in the bus and one from the
Ministry of Transport. My turn, and the
bus was at the bottom of the steepest
hill. The tester put his cigarette packet
under the back wheel, I had to start up
and drive off without running back over
his cigarettes, doing so was a fail!
When we got to the top of the hill I
turned the bus round facing down the hill and had to start off in
first gear and go through the gears into top and down through the
gears into bottom gear and stop the bus in the lowest gear
without ever touching the brakes. Next came the Highway Code, I


had been swotting up on that so I found it not too bad. Then it was
back to the Depot for the results. We were called into the office one
at a time for the results. Everyone passed bar one. When I asked him
what he failed on he told me the Highway Code, apparently it was an
old book he was swotting up on and things had changed since then. I
felt sorry for him as he was a good driver, so I asked the inspector if it
was possible for him to have an hour to swot up on the new code.
The inspector came back to him and let him have one hour. He
And now I was a Bus Driver!!

See you next month! Steve

How do you gift wrap love? The nearest you will ever get to that is
what Mary did when the child was born – she ‘wrapped him in
swaddling clothes. Ian Gregory


Everyone is welcome to join us for the Parish Breakfast!
The cost is a donation to the pot at the end of breakfast to cover expenses.

28th December 2019

We meet in the Parish Hall at 10 am for 10:30 am.

Please sign up on the list at the back of Church, so we know for


St. Andrew's Norway South Wall

Visitors to St. Andrews will have seen that the scaffolding on the
south wall of the church has been removed and that means that
the repairs have been completed.

It is hoped that the work that has been carried out will stop the
damp problems that have occurred and the associated crumbling
of brickwork on the inside of the church.

Here is a summary of the work that was completed

· The top guttering was removed, shot-blasted and repainted
before being re-installed

· The removal of this guttering revealed that the original
leadwork was not installed correctly and so new lead had to be
installed prior to the re-installation of the guttering.

The failure of this leadwork meant that water was seeping into
the cavity of the wall.

· New downpipes were installed at both ends of the upper
guttering to improve the dispersal of rainwater from the roof

· All the pointing on the buttresses was raked out to a depth of
25mm and new lime pointing installed.

· New shaped bricks have been fitted to some of the window
mullions and some standard bricks have been replaced on the far
east side of the south elevation

· Twenty bricks in the wall have been replaced with second-hand
Southwater bricks


· Repairs have been carried out to a number of the
crosspieces on the stonework on the windows.

· It was found that water was getting into the building around
some of the leadwork on the windows and the leadwork on all the
windows on the south wall has now been sealed

· Additional work has also been carried out to the south side of
the west apse to clear out a rainwater hopper that had become
blocked with vegetation and other debris. This should alleviate a
problem on water ingress on that wall. The cost of this work was
borne within the main contract.

· Also Polegate Roofing, the main contractors, went around
the rest of the church and cleared gutters and downpipes where

A very big thank you to everyone who donated towards the cost
of these repairs including these external donors

Chalk Hills Trust £3,000.00
All Churches Trust £1,950.00
Sussex Historic Churches £9,000.00
Garfield Weston Foundation £5,000.00

Phil Gardner

Let us remember that the Christmas heart is a giving heart, a
wide-open heart that thinks of others first. The birth of the baby
Jesus stands as the most significant event in all history, because it
has meant the pouring into a sick world of the healing medicine of
love which has transformed all manner of hearts for almost 2000

years….Underneath all the bulging bundles is this beating
Christmas heart. Helen Keller


St Andrew’s Ladies Club

At our October meeting we were taken on whistle stop visit
through time, to learn about the origins and history of the Pearly
Kings and Queens of London. I think most members learnt
something new about these people who continue the founders
work for charity.
Our December meeting is on the 10th, we will be hosting the
Christmas Party with St. Andrew’s Flower Club. In the new year
on the 28th January we will have our A.G.M.
Please come and join us, you will be most welcome as a guest,
or better still join us as a member.


Open to anyone who would like to come along,
meet other people, have a chat over a cup of
tea and a piece of cake, share stories, play
Scrabble, cards or dominoes or just enjoy
some company

Wednesday 18th December

Transport provided if required
Tel: 01323 723739 for more details

If you know anyone who would like to come along please let
us know!



Home Maintenance

Internal / External
decorating and
general repairs


Delivering a Quality Service

01323 411948 07736 711533


¼ Page £20 per annum
½ Page £35 per annum
Full page £65 per annum

If you are interested in advertising
in this magazine please contact
Mr Phil Gardner on 01323.639286


On a certain occasion in the House of Commons, Churchill said
something which caused another Member to jump to his feet
bursting so strongly with disagreement as to be almost
unintelligible. “My right honourable friend,” said Churchill,
“should not develop more indignation than he can contain.”


A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman of the next


Families shopping this festive season will receive two great give-
aways telling the Christmas story. HOPE Together, Bible Society
and Speak Life are working with The Entertainer toy stores to help
customers appreciate the reason for the season.

The Entertainer chain is the UK’s largest independent toy retailer
and each store has a nativity scene in its shop window at Christ-
mas. This year, The Entertainer nativity scenes will feature the pop-
ular Happyland characters as Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the Wise
Men and the Shepherds.

To tie in with these nativity scenes, Bible Society is producing a
special Entertainer edition of its Christmas booklet. Each family
shopping for Christmas in The Entertainer stores will receive a

Shoppers will also be given a copy of the Christmas HOPE maga-
zine, also featuring a centre-spread with the Happyland characters
telling the Christmas story. This 32-page magazine is packed with
topical features to inform, challenge and entertain readers. This
year’s Christmas HOPE cover features Tom Hanks, ‘the man be-
hind the honours’; the new Cats movie; Allison Becker: the world’s
best goalkeeper and Street Pastors ‘keeping party-goers safe this

As well as featuring the nativity scene in shop windows and giving
away The Christmas Story booklets and Christmas HOPE maga-
zines, The Entertainer stores will screen a specially-made Happy-
land nativity animation which is being made by the Speak Life
team. The animation will be available on social media and to down-
load for use in schools and churches.

All the Christmas resources are also available for churches to order
and will be available from the end of October on the HOPE Togeth-
er website The Christmas HOPE
magazine is an ideal giveaway for churches visiting homes carol
singing or to invite local residents to Christmas events.


On 3rd December Fr John will be installed in his new church, St
Nicholas Skirbeck. His installation falls on the feats of St Francis
Xavier, but who was this saint?
Ignatius Loyala sent his friend and follower Francis Xavier (born 1506)
to the Orient as a missionary. What a missionary! Imagine David
Livingstone, Billy Graham and the Alpha Courses rolled into one. His
mass conversions became legendary – he baptised 10,000 people in
one month and in just ten years of work was credited with 700,000
Xavier became the most famous Jesuit missionary of all time, working
so hard that he had only a few hours’ sleep each night. He was known
as ‘the Apostle of the Indies’ and ‘the apostle of Japan’.
In 1549 he ventured on to Japan, translated an abridged statement of
Christian belief, and made a hundred converts in one year at
Kagoshima alone. When he left Japan, the total number of Japanese
Christians was about 2,000; within 60 years they were resisting fierce
persecution, even to death.
Wherever Xavier sailed, he left after him numerous organised Christian
communities. Not bad for a man who suffered seasickness and had
trouble in learning foreign languages!

Sargeant Hall Ltd

M.O.T Test Centre
Finmere Road
Tel: 01323 644491
Proprietor: J R Sargeant




Home Hairdressing

Cut & Blow Dry
Shampoo & Set

Have your hair cared for in your own home

Tel: 01323 736920

His & Hers Hair Styling at Reasonable Rates


· Design, supply & fitting of
double glazing

· Design, supply & fitting of
kitchens and bathrooms

· General building work and

0800 112 3544
07833 469 190


Our Holiday 2019 - Part 4

This morning at club L made Christmas
Decorations, yes in August! More on that later.
The sun was shining today, so we decided to
head along the road to Ballater. We felt blessed
to have found the last parking space in the free
car park!! As we started our virtual caching trail
in the small town, we thought something was
afoot! There were lots of people in kilts, and
also people lining the main street. We joined
them to see what was happening. Well what a

treat!! We were there just in
time to see the parade
heading up to the Highland Games, two full
pipe bands, meant a tremendous musical
sensation! We were swept up with everyone
else as they joined in the parade and followed
them up to the Highland Games field in the
town. We decided to continue our walk and
explore the town. We found a train station, left
in the design it was made in, postcards and
also a fudge shop. The trail led us to a granite crane that was
used locally, and also to the beautiful river Dee
and some beautiful views. Back to the town, and
we took a moment to visit the church in the
centre, once inside the peace and quiet was
palpable…bliss. There was also some beautiful
stained glass. Back outside we found a bakery
and bought meat pies to have for lunch, and
drove up the road to a quiet layby in the
Cairngorms. Wow the pies were delicious!! A
quick photograph stop for the Flower Show
(trees), before we retrace our journey back
towards the campsite. We decided to stop in the
village close to site to grab some of the virtual trail caches there,


but after two we found there was some distance to cover, so we
get the far out ones and plan to return another day. Back to site,
we have a chance for supper before we get changed into our
Christmas outfits. Tonight we attended the Christmas Party on
site … complete with decorations made by the children,
Christmas music, games, quiz, a flying visit from Santa and his
elf along with turkey to eat (if ordered)!

The Slaughter Family


Christina Rossetti, British poet and hymn-writer, died of cancer 125
years ago, on 29th December 1894. She was 64.

Christina was the youngest child of poet and Dante scholar
Gabriele Rossetti, who emigrated to England from Italy in 1824,
and the half-Italian Frances Polidari, who he married in 1926.

Christina was also sister of the pre-Raphaelite painter-poet Dante
Gabriel Rossetti, whom she resembled in some ways: she had an
innately passionate and sensuous nature and a fine sense of
humour. But she was consummately religious and put self-denial
at the top of her priorities. Her brother much admired her poetry
and helped to promote it.

She was a serious and devout High Church Anglican and broke
engagements twice for religious reasons – to James Collinson in
1850 and to Charles Bagot Cayley in 1864. After this she led a
quiet and almost saint-like life, and in 1871 she contracted Graves’
Disease, a disfiguring and life-threatening thyroid disorder.

Some of her poetry was published under the pseudonym Ellen
Alleyne, and she is widely regarded as one of the two best women
poets of the 19th century. Her widest known hymn is possibly In
the Bleak Midwinter, a Christmas favourite.



My first full day in Milan started with breakfast, before making my
way back to the Ambrosian Basilica for Mass. There were two
services on offer in the morning and I decided to attend both.
The first was the Sunday Parish Family Mass, attended by a
good number of people of all ages. Just like us, the basilica had
a wonderful team of young servers (although I have to say, ours
perform their duties with much more reverence and could have
taught the Milanese servers a thing or two!!) The service was
easy to follow as the structure was very similar to our own at St
Andrew’s. I have to admit I got a little lost during the sermon but
enjoyed the rest of the service. The second Mass of the day was
a full blown Ambrosian Mass in Latin (Fr John would have loved
it!)- with a superb choir providing
the musical accompaniments to
the antiphons and responses. It
was very easy to get caught up in
the beauty of the liturgy in the
stunning setting. A wonderful
experience! Coffee was provided

after the
Mass by the
local Scout
group! After
a light lunch in the park near my hotel I
visited Castello Sforzesco situated in Parco
Sempione not far from the centre of Milan.
The castle has been there for many
centuries and has undergone renovation
and remodelling, including some redesign
work carried out by Leonardo Da Vinci in

the 15th century. Today it houses a number
of museums and exhibition spaces and is open to the general
public all year round. Walking through one of the castle gates
one finds themselves in the Parco Sempione, a huge public park


with lakes and green areas and
public spaces. In the heat of an
Italian Summer, the park was
very busy, but I did manage to
find some quiet spaces to do
some more reading of St
Ambrose’s works. In the corner
of the park was a very tall
observation tower, and for the
cost of a few euros I was able to

go to the very top and was
rewarded with some stunning
views of the city. The Arco della
Pace or Arch of Peace is at the
far end of the Park and was
constructed in the mid 1800s. It
serves as a triumphal entrance
gate to the city. After spending
some more time in the park,
reading and enjoying the
sunshine I made my way to the
Naviglio grande or Grand Canal. I
wandered along the canal sides
enjoying the views and soaking up
the atmosphere before finding
somewhere suitable by the waterside
to eat my evening meal. After a very
plate of
is with
prawns and chillis, washed down
with a small beer, I returned to my
hotel ready for my adventure to



06 January 2020 For Your Diary Eve U
08 February 2020 5:30 PM I
25 February 2020 Epiphany Service PM I
25 February 2020 Quiz Night (CPP event at St. Andrew's) Eve U
26 February 2020 Pancake Event Eve U
29 February 2020 Shrove Tuesday Service of Penitence Midday I
07 March 2020 Ash Wednesday Service Midday I
14 March 2020 Frugal Lent Lunch Midday I
21 March 2020 Frugal Lent Lunch Midday I
22 March 2020 Frugal Lent Lunch 10:00 AM U
28 March 2020 Frugal Lent Lunch Midday I
04 April 2020 Mothering Sunday Midday I
05 April 2020 Frugal Lent Lunch 10:00 AM U
09 April 2020 Frugal Lent Lunch Eve U
10 April 2020 Palm Sunday 10:00 AM U
12 April 2020 Maundy Service & watch 'til Midnight AM U
12 April 2020 Good Friday Family Service 10:00 AM U
18 April 2020 Easter Day - Mass of the Dawn & Breakfast All Day O
TBA (April 2020) Easter Day Service
Model Show
Annual Parochial Church Meeting

U ‐ Church Services … O ‐ Fundraisers … I - Social Functions
CPP = Cross Parish Partnership

sTue (term time) 0845 Drop in Cafés )2nd Sat 1000 Mantime( {Last Sat 1030 Ladies that
Brunch{ JWed (term time) 1900 Youth ClubJ vThird Wed 1400 CAMEOv.

Dates subject to amendment, please see the Parish Magazine, Pews News and Posters for more


The St Andrew’s Community Flower Show will now be called

The St Andrew’s Community Autumn Show

Which is more in keeping with the time of year.
The date for next year is September 7th 2020
The title for the photographic class will be “In the Garden” giving us

lots of time to get snapping



Saturday 14th December

Ann & Mike invite you to drop in for a
coffee/tea/mulled wine
and mince pie/cake
for a small donation.

All Donations for
St. Andrew’s Church
10.00 am until 4.00pm

There will also be a craft stall and raffle

(67, St. Anthony’s Av)

Drop in for 10 minutes, an hour or
stay all day.


FSW November update

Dear Friends,
We had a very busy time during the October half-term holiday.
With many services closing for the week, the families we support
needed extra help from us to manage their days and keep their
children occupied. We held extra half-term activities in Bognor,
Rustington, Pulborough, Haywards Heath and Crawley that were
very well attended and very much valued.
With the clocks changing and the temperatures dropping we
know that the next few weeks can be very tough for families
trying to cope with their children's excitement in the lead-up to
Christmas, particularly when finances are difficult and more
money is needed for heating homes. We have launched our
Winter Fuel campaign this week, asking those who receive a
Winter Fuel payment from the Government but may not need it,
to consider donating it to us so that we can help families with
their fuel bills over the winter months. We would be so grateful for
donations of any size that we could pass on to families who aren't
eligible for this support.
Thank you as always for your ongoing support of FSW.

October's work in numbers
• 196 individual meetings with families supporting 25

grandparents, 235 parents and 320 children
• 44 supported meetings with other agencies
• 35 group sessions supporting 19 grandparents, 254 parents

and 379 children
• 190 food deliveries made Prayer points
• Give thanks for our overflowing foodbank as a result of

extremely generous Harvest donations
• Pray for the family of M, the mother in a family we have been

supporting. She died from cancer last week at the age of 30 l
eaving 2 young children behind and a husband who does not
speak English. The family does not have permanent leave to
remain in the UK even though the children were born here,


and they cannot access benefits, so the future is extremely
• For all of our practitioners as they enter an incredibly busy
time of meetings, training and planning Christmas parties for their

Nikki Kerr, FSW Director of Fundraising and Marketing


A man was walking down the street with a DAB radio on one ear
and a fish sticking out of the other. A friend was walking the
other way and with a puzzled look asked
"What on earth is wrong with your ears?"
His friend replied
"Oh I'm wearing my new digital herring aid!"

An old man was on his death bed and asked that his wife, two
sons and his solicitor should be summoned straightaway.

As soon as they had all arrived he made the following bequests
"To my elder son I leave all the terraced house in West Acton"
"To my younger son I leave all the semi-detached houses in

North Ealing"
"Finally to my wife I leave the Georgian Villas in Kensington &

As they were leaving the hospital the solicitor turned to the wife

and said " I didn't know your husband was such a man of

The wife replied "Property be blowed, they're all his window
cleaning rounds!"


Christmas is nearly here! More than two thousand years ago the Jews
were longing for the coming of their Messiah. The Old Testament had
promised that when He came, He would preach good news to the poor,
bind up the broken hearted, proclaim freedom for the captives and
release from darkness for the prisoners, proclaim the year of the Lord’s
favour, comfort all who mourn and to bestow on His people a crown of
beauty instead of ashes. Jesus did all those things. He was and is the
Son of God, and whoever has seen Him has seen the Father.
Whoever believes in Him will have the best gift of all – His Spirit within
them, which gives them eternal life.
Messiah, Broken, Heart, Freedom, Darkness, Favour, Prisoners,
Comfort, Mourn, Bestow, Crown, Beauty, Ashes, Son, God, Jesus,
Seen, Father, Whoever, longing, thousand


Sunday 8th December 5pm
“Carols around the Trees”

The culmination of our Tree Festival as we come together to hear
again the Christmas Story in Readings and Carols.

Tuesday 24th December 6pm
Crib and Christingle Service

A very special service for the young and all who are young at
heart. Our Christingle service is a beautiful candlelit service with
carols and the blessing of the crib. But it goes beyond this as the
Christingle tells a story of God’s love for us – come along to find

out more.

Tuesday 24th December 11.30pm
Midnight Mass

A service that always has a very special atmosphere as we
welcome the Christ Child and celebrate the First Mass of


Wednesday 25th December 10am
Sung Mass with Carols

A Family Communion Service for Christmas Day



1. The Life and Witness of this Parish, Our Clergy: The recently
Baptised, Our God children and all God parents; Alexandra Rd

2. St Mary’s Old Town, Tom Mendal: Insurance and Finance Industries;
Mothers Union; Allfrey Rd

3. St Saviours & St Peter’s, Mark Macaulay, Tom Crowley: Our local
councillors, MP’s. the Mayor, Our Drop in Café; Anson Cl

4. Christchurch with St Philips, David Charles: St Andrew’s Youth Club;
Sussex Down’s and Park College, Brighton Universities; Astaire Ave

5. St Richard’s, Timothy Ezat: Guides, Girls and Leaders, Utilities,
Gas, Water, Sewage, Electricity and Waste Disposals; Badlesmere

6. Shinewater Community Church: Judges and Magistrates, Probation
Officers, Local Police: Baillie Ave

7. St Michael’s & All Angel’s: Undertakers, Funeral Directors; Beatty

8. The Life and Witness of this Parish, Our Servers and
Sacristans: the recently married; Belle Vue Rd

9. St Nicholas Pevensey & St Wilfrid’s Pevensey Bay, Tony Windross:
St Andrew’s School, Mrs Carol Meakins: Those away at college, the
self-employed; Benbow Ave

10.St Mary’s the Virgin Willingdon & Church in the trees, Kevin Agnew,
Sue Wilkinson: St Andrews Flower Club; Hotels and B & B’s and
Guest Houses; Bexhill Rd

11.St John’s Polegate, Chris Spinks, Graham Burrows: Tollgate School,
Mr Stephen Dennis: Social Workers, the Archery Youth Centre:
Birch Road Industrial Estate

12.St Luke’s Stone Cross, James Vine, Danny Pegg: Church Cleaners;
Fire officers, air sea rescue, coastguards, ambulance crews, our
local RNLI; Blakes Way

13.St Barnabas, Langney: The Haven School: Building and
construction industry; Manual Workers; Bowood Ave

14.St Mary’s Hampden Park and St Peter’s the Hydneye, Adam
Ransom: Mantime, The Society of the Holy Cross, Local offices,
pubs, garages, local shops; Brede Cl

15.The Life and Witness of this Parish, Our Organist and Our
Choir: Confirmation Candidates; Bridgemere Rd

16.St Elizabeth’s, David Gillard: hospitals, doctors, nurses, health
workers, dentists; Brydges Cl


17.All Soul’s, Mark Redhouse, Sam Carter: Monks, Nuns and Members
of Religious Orders: The newly moved in; Burleigh Pl

18.St Wilfrid’s L, Willingdon, Richard Herkes: CAMEO; Citizens Advice
Bureau, Samaritans: Channel View Rd

19.Holy Trinity, Phil Coekin, John Brook: Bridgemere Fellowship with St
Anthony’s; work with Young Families, Family Support Work:
Churchdale Ave

20.Chaplaincy, DGH, Dennis Nolan: Guild of Servants of the
Sanctuary, those who work at home: Churchdale Pl

21.All Saint’s, Robert Lovatt, Jon Haines: The confraternity of the
blessed sacrament, Home Communicants; Churchdale Rd

22.The Life and Witness of this Parish, Our Church Wardens,
Church Officers, Synod Representatives, the PCC: Cochrane Cl

23.St John’s Meads, Giles Carpenter, Jill Preece, Ben Sleep: The
Redundant and Unemployed, People Matter, Employment agencies;
Collier Cl

24.Ss Simon & Jude, East Dean with St Mary’s Friston & St Andrew’s
Jevington, David Baker:St Andrews Ladies Group; Matthew 25, the
local homeless; Acts 435; Collingwood Cl

25.The Haven: Queen Alexandra Cottage Homes, Ashley Gardens,
New Derby House, All who work with the elderly, Home Helps, those
who cares for elderly relations: Cook Ave

26.St Mary’s Westham: The magazine producers and distributors: the
press and media; Cornwallis Cl

27.Hospice: Mission to Seafarers: Gatwick Airport, Newhaven Ferries,
Buses and railways, Sussex ports and the fishing industry;
Cunningham Dr

28.St Catherine’s College, David Garrett: The Shrine of our Lady of
Walsingham, Ladies that Brunch, The Sovereign Leisure Centre,
The Oval Football Ground and all who use it; Desmond Rd

29.The Life and Witness of this Parish, Our Sunday School: St
Andrew’s Parish Hall and all who use it; Drake Ave

30.Rural Dean David Gillard: Lay Chair, John Bourdon; U.S. those who
produce and supply our food, factories: Ecmod Rd

31.Deanery Treasurer, Brian Etheridge: Secretary, Hugh Lowries:
Christ the King, Fr Neil: Social Workers, the Archery Youth Centre;
Fairlight Rd


December 2019

1 Sun Advent Sunday 8am Mass, 10am Family Mass, 6.30pm
CPP Advent Carol, Service at Christ Church

3 Tue 7.30pm Fr John’s Licensing at St Nicholas, Skirbeck

6 Fri 10am-5pm Christmas Tree Festival

7 Sat 10am-5pm Christmas Tree Festival

8 Sun Advent 2 8am Mass, 10am Mass, 12noon Christmas
Tree Festival, 5pm Carol Service

10 Tue 8.45am Drop in Cafe, 10.30am School Christmas Service

11 Wed 10.30am School Chrsitmas Service, 6pm Mass, 7pm Youth

12 Thu 10.30am School Christmas Service

15 Sun Advent 3 8am Mass, 10am Mass

16 Mon No Mass 6pm St Catherine’s Carol Service

17 Tue 6pm Carol Singing around the parish

22 Sun Advent 4 8am Mass, 10am Mass

24 Tue 6pm Christingle service, 11.30pm Midnight Mass

25 Wed 10am Family Mass with Baptism

29 Sun Holy Family 8am Mass, 10am Mass

January 2020
5 Sun Epiphany 8am Mass 10am Family Mass
12 Sun Baptism of the Lord 8am Mass, 10am Mass
15 Wed 2pm CAMEO, 6pm Mass, 7pm Youth Club
19 Sun Epiphany 2 8am Mass, 10am Mass
25 Sat 9am Mass, 3pm Rosary Group
26 Sun Epiphany 3 8am Mass, 10am Mass
29 Wed 11am Mass at Ashley Gdns, 6pm Mass, 7pm Youth Club

The usual pattern of Daily Masses and other regular activities will
continue unless indicated above


Thursdays 6.00 – 7.30 pm. For more information
please contact Sarah Halbhuber on 07973414299

For information about the choir please see
Mr Wooding in church on Sundays

ST ANDREW’S LADIES GROUP: Meet monthly 4th Tuesday of the month.
See inside magazine for details.

ST ANDREW’S FLOWER CLUB meets on the second Tuesday of each
Month, please see local adverts for information or the church website

CHURCH CLEANING takes place after mass, and a cup of coffee, on
Thursday mornings from 9.45 a.m. onwards. New volunteers always

Controlled School attached to this church. For information about the
school please contact the Head Teacher: Mrs Carol Meakins, at the school
on 01323.724749.

School with the Diocese of Chichester. For information about the school
please contact the Head Teacher, Mr Stephen Dennis, at the school on


Tel: 01323.730428 or Mob: 07546463555

Mission Statement: St Andrew’s is a worshipping, witnessing community,
faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ within the Catholic tradition of the Church of
England. With God’s help we are seeking to show the love of Jesus in worship

and prayer and the service of others.
For up to date information about the parish visit our website:

You can also keep in touch via our Facebook page:

St Andrew's Church, Seaside, Eastbourne


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