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Bristol School Magazinefinal

Bristol School Magazinefinal

Christmas MagazineBristol School Magazine2018


Bristol School Magazine 2018

Christmas 2018

Bristol School

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

Time goes by very quickly and another Bristol School magazine is coming soon.

The Christmas season has arrived, bringing colourful decorations to brighten streets, houses and cheer up our
hearts on these short days. It is a blessing which makes Winter warmer and more beautiful.

Let’s forget all our problems, all our negative episodes and replace with good memories, positive attitudes, joy and

Let’s give place to good news and I must tell you that we have a bunch to share with you.
Both the Bristol School in Maia and in Ermesinde have already celebrated their 30th anniversary and in a very few
years we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary!

We feel very proud of our students and teachers and are very grateful to both the former and the latter for the
wonderful success achieved over 3 decades of teaching. We are now a Cambridge Examination Centre and this
enables our students the privilege to do their International English Exams at our premises.

Once again last June we achieved 100% success in the KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE exams.

Let’s keep up on this fantastic track and continue our high level of performance.

Obviously we would not be able to give you such good news if our students and teachers didn’t work with
commitment and enthusiasm. It is undoubtedly your merit!

Congratulations and thank you all for making the Bristol School a prestigious and well-known school for its high
quality standards.

Thank you dear students, teachers and staff for your effort and

contribution to make this magazine so earnestly,

full of inspiring and creative pieces of writing and drawings.

We wish you all and your families a Merry Christmas and a
HappyNew Year

The Directors

Bristol School Magazine 2018

Porto, December, 2018

Dear Emre,

How is it going? I hope you´re fine.

I´m writing to wish you a Marry “Christmas” and a happy new hear.

I know that muslins don´t celebrate this date ( December) but, honestly, I hope that you
celebrate its meaning.

For me, Christmas, in addition to being a supposed date of the
birth of Jesus, is a time of love. It´s the best time of the year to share
“us”; to remember all the people that we love but are far away like you;
and feel grateful for being alive.

Yesterday, I saw this on Facebook:

This is the true Christmas spirit and I believe that all people,
regardless of their race, religion, city, etc, deserve to live a Christmas
inside them.

This new year I wish you much healthy, courage, love and
determination. I hope it´ll be a year of changes and of growth.

Life is the most wonderful thing in the universe despite all the
doubts and unanswered questions… Maybe love is the answer regardless
of the question.

In this letter, I send a kiss from all of us to you and your family.

“Saudades”. Christmas writing
With love,
Ariana Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!
Ever since I was little, I have always wanted Christmas
MISSING SOMEONE THIS CHRISTMAS? time to come, so my family can be all reunited.
CHRISTMAS IS UNION Actually, I love not only Christmas day but also the
WHERE THE FAMILY GATHER TOGETHER Christmas season, which is during the whole month of
THAT INDEED IS THE TRUE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS December. During this month downtown is decorated
BUT THIS CHRISTMAS, WILL I MISS YOUR PRESENCE? with Christmas lights and there’s a huge tree in front of
the city hall, which is amazing.
RENATA, TIAGO, DANIEL, LARA One thing that I cherish a lot are the traditional
Christmas desserts, my favourite ones are” rabanadas
“and “aletria” which are typical Portuguese desserts at
When I was five, I received a barbie doll and I was so
happy because it was the barbie from my favourite film
at the time” Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper”.
Unfortunately, I do not know where this barbie is
anymore and to be honest presents aren’t and never
were the most important thing for me!
From my point of view, it is the perfect time to share
love and happiness all round!


Bristol School Magazine 2018

Boom Santa

On a certain day, Santa was making presents when he felt very lonely.The elves were the only ones who knew he
actualy existed.He started wondering what he could do so that people all over the world would know that he was
alive. Santa got an idea: he decided to deliver bombs and guns instead of toys that year.
The elves weren't very happy about the fact that they had to make guns and bombs, after all, they were good elves.
Santa gave them a drug which put them to sleep. When they woke up, they were willing to do whatever Santa told
them to do.
It was Christmas night!!! Santa was delivering the "presents"and he was very indiscreet. When the clock struck mid-
night, the bombs stared falling and exploding.
The following year he didn't get any requests for presents. As a result he couldn't send any presents without the
requests. So , he sent flowers with an apology note.He got bombs as a reply instead, but it didn´t bother him because
he knew that he deserved it.
He learnt his lesson and decided to stick to doing what he did best : making toys for children.

Sofia Cabeda, Mara Poças and Ana Rita Gonçalves . B1.1 b

The best yet worst phone ring

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a new cellphone as a Christmas gift?
Most people would answer this question immediatly with “Yes” but I wouldn’t. Why is that? Well, let me tell
you an experience I had a few years ago.
Christmas was getting closer and I really wanted a phone because everyone had one in the 7th grade and I
felt that I was the odd one out. My parents told me not to hold my breath but I knew they would get me
one. And so it was.
On the night of Christmas Eve, when everyone was opening their presents I heard my mum screaming my
name but she hadn’t opened her mouth. I didn’t understand what was going on and everyone was laughing.
That’s when I realized. It was the ringtone of my new phone! You’re probably thinking that it was a great
way to give me the phone but, trust me, it was very embarassing at the time.
Since then, I’ve been too attached to technology. So, as you could see, sometimes getting a new phone isn’t
always a good idea.

Catarina Fernandes (B2.2)

Christmas thieves

Seeing films at Christmas is a tradition in almost every family. Everyone is around the fireplace staring at the
My favourite Christmas film is “Home Alone”. So predictable, right? When I was a child I remember that the film was
on Christmas eve every single year. My parents can not stand it anymore, but I kept the tradition. I watch all of the
“Home alone” films every year.
My favourite film is the first one. In my opinion it is genius, it was the first of its kind. Besides that, I like the actor
that plays Kevin in this one. However, I think that the two last films are not that good because they have too much
At the end of each movie, I start to think what I would do if I was in Kevin’s position. I wouldn’t be so brave for sure,
but I find Kevin the most delightful child and no one could steal my Christmas if he was around.

Inês Babo, B2.2a

Bristol School Magazine 2018

That is not fair

Christmas is just round the corner even though according to some supermarkets it has
already started. Christmas itself is happiness, love and friendship, but I will never forget the
worst present that I received, every time I remember this moment I just feel down in the dumps.
What about you, which was the worst gift that you have ever received?

As you may noticed I love this holiday and in 2013 I felt the same, I was surrounded by my
relatives and with the hope that ‘Santa’ would bring me my deepest wish, a pair of basketball
shoes. I am pretty sure that if I have shown them to you, you would totally fall in love with them,
they are poetry in motion. My biggest chance was that my parents would give it to me, or my
aunt. At midnight, my parents gave me a present and it didn’t look like a pair of shoes I opened it
and I think that you have already guessed, it wasn’t a pair of shoes, but a basketball however it
was pretty good. Half an hour later, there was only two presents left and none of them looked like
a box. My aunt gave me a gift and it was soft I opened it and it was socks, Christmas socks, in that
precise moment I felt all kinds of emotions, how would you feel in that situation?

I think that I learnt a lot from this moment, Christmas is not about presents but about
being with your family.

Pedro Brandão

It’s pretty hard, at least for me, to pick the right Christmas gifts.
I mean, I know it always seems that people love their gifts but, most of the time, they are just pretending
they like them.
So, if you don’t want to give a bad present, here are some tips for you…
… Top 5 worst gifts of all time!

- Exercise Gear: we all have at least one friend who’s obsessed with fitness, but you don’t want to risk
unintentionally insinuating that she needs to lose weight;

- Cash: little kids or teens might want cash but giving grown adults a wad of dollar bills is just

- Air freshener /cleaning supplies: you might be happy, but your friends and family will think that
you’re saying “your house is dirty and smells – fix it”

- Socks/toilet paper/Fly swatter: come on ,you can do better than that!
- Plan tickets! There’s nothing “bon” about a “voyage” that you didn’t get to plan whatsoever! Except

maybe…. Souvenirs- Did they visit this place? Then they don’t need to buy a tacky magnet to
commemorate your experience”

Well, need more ideas? At least now you know how to avoid giving horrible presents this Christmas.
B1.2 f

Bristol School Magazine 2018

Christmas festivals

There are many Christmas festivals around the world, here are so me examples:

1. Winter Wonderland: 2. Christmas Festival of lights:

This is a festival located in London where a lot of This festival is located in Portland, USA.
people go to. About a million lights are used to
It has the biggest skate ice rink in London. You decorate this whole area. There are also
can discover mystical creatures and also ride in a concerts and puppeteers.
tradicional carousel.

3. Budapest Christmas Fair: 4. Christmas on Ice:

It is located in Varesmarty Square. At the fair This is a winter ice park located next to Santa
you can buy a lot of things like food,wine, honey Claus´s house on 101 Street, Nicholas Drive in
etc. You can also visit indoor and outdoor pools the North pole, Alaska. It features Christmas-
of course the outdoor ones are thermal. themed ice competitive pieces and ice

5. Santa Claus Christmas Celebration:
This festival is located in Indiana. There you can find
a lot to do, like ice skating, Santa Claus’s Post Office
and you can also see Santa’s Toys at the Evergreen

João Pedro Teixeira,
Francisco Paulino,
Bernardo Pereira – B1.1e

Bristol School Magazine 2018

Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is a large annual Christmas
event held in Hyde Park, London, typically from mid-
November to early January each year. It is one of the
biggest, and most well-attended events in the world,
featuring several festive markets, over 100 rides and
attractions from across Europe, a Giant Wheel, numerous
live shows, including a circus, ice show, and live music, as
well as numerous bars and restaurants. Since its launch in
2007, Winter Wonderland has attracted 14 million visitors.

Budapest Christmas Fair, Hungary

The annual Christmas Fair in Budapest, Hungary usually takes
place from the mid-week of November to the 1st week of
January. It is one of the most anticipated events in the city
during the year as it involves so many family friendly
activities. This fair includes fun festival games, night markets
and entertaining programmes. If you are in search for a
unique holiday gifts or festive Hungarian delicacies, the
Budapest Christmas Fair is something to put on the list.

Christmas Festival of Lights – Portland, Oregon

With almost 25,000 people visiting the Festival of Lights
every year, it is without a doubt one of the biggest
events that happen during the holiday season. It is
labelled as one of the most magical festivals around the
world for it features around 500,000 light displays in the
village. It features the famous Holiday Village, wagon
rides and the world’s largest Nutcracker!

Ice Festival – Alaska

Where else can one truly experience Christmas other than in
the North Pole?! Alaska is one of the most popular tourist
attractions every time the Christmas season approaches. One
festival in particular is the Ice Festival. This is when ice
sculptors showcase their amazing work of art through
sculpting and decorating everything directly from ice!
Contests are held to choose the winning ice sculpture and
tourists are also encouraged to try creating one themselves!

Bristol School Magazine 2018

Natal Luz – Gramado, Brazil

Gramado has been categorized Brazil’s Christmas capital
which is why the biggest festivals are held here. During
Gramado Natal Luz, the 99-foot tall Christmas tree is
lightened and visitors can experience how it feels like to
be inside it. It has over 3,500 ornaments, 2,600 string
lights, 1,000 strobe lights and an artificial snow machine.

Apart from this, the event also has so much festive
attractions like unique stalls, lighting shows and contests.

Maria Leonor Guedes; Lia Bandeira; Diogo Cruz; Diogo Correia - B1.1

How “The Grinch” Stole my Heart

“The most beautiful time of the year” is here! And what a better way to celebrate it than watching some
Christmas movies while snuggling in our PJs and drinking hot chocolate.
Although there are many movies about this season, for me there is one that stands out: “The Grinch Who
Stole Christmas”.
Based on the Dr. Seuss book this story is about a creature that hates Christmas because of past situations
and he wants to destroy Christmas Eve for the Whoville residentes. Meanwhile, Cindy Lou Who wants to
know the real meaning of Christmas, their paths cross and together they discover the true meaning of the
Christmas Spirit.
This is a fim about friendship and loyalty and the most important thing: trusting each other. The whole
scenario leads to a utopian world where everyone is happy and problem-free.
I would recommended this film to everyone because it is a good movie to watch with your family.

Inês Temudo (B2.2)

Santa Claus’s Dream
Santa Claus was dreaming a beautiful dream, of which he did not want to wake up. It was Christmas Eve and everyone
was happy!
Nobody was alone! Everyone had a family and a house to with, the table ready for the Christmas dinner and food for all.
There was no poverty, no hatred, no wars. They were all friends, no fights no bad words, no bed education, and Santa
Claus saw how kind they were to one another. People on the streets, on the way home, cheerfully sang Christmas songs,
taking the last gifts to put under the pine tree. Neither dog not eat were alone on this cold night. Everyone had a cosy
place to stay.
And Santa Claus could not stop smiling, so happy to see the world full of peace, love and harmony!
But Santa Claus woke up and saw that it was not reality.
So he decided to help all the children of the world to be happy by asking their elves for Christmas Eve to give all the
children a family to protect them.
The following year with the help of the elves all the dreams of the children were fulfilled, and the Santa Claus was very
Mário Oliveira, A2.1

Bristol School Magazine 2018

A Christmas Prank

Once upon a time, in a little village called Santland, there lived a man called
Nicholas, but everyone called him Santa Claus.

He was old, kind, had a big white beard and an enormous factory of toys.
Helping him were many elves.

Every year since 1948, on the night of 24th December, he would give presents
to children around the world.

One day, an elf decided to play a prank on Santa Claus. While he was sleeping
,the elf shaved off his beard ! As a result, Santa became so depressed that he
didn´t give any child a present that year.
He then fired the elf. Only when his beard grew back on again, did he feel
happy and confident enough to go out on Christmas Eve, and give every child
their present for Christmas !

Ana Margarida, Maria Ana, Maria Quelhas and Mariana Batista, B1.1(b)

Xmas story Santa was a bad boy

Christmas is the happiest time of the year . As Once apon a time there was a normal boy that was on
always ,on the 24th of decenber , I was super a boat trip. On the third day of the trip he was
excited but I couldn`t magine what the future punished by her mother because of his bad behavior
was holding me . Early in the morning i received and he decided to hide from her. He place he choose
a message to go to the roof . I wasn`t sure but to hide was the rescue boat but he didn`t think of the
now , thinking about it , I`m glad I did it . Santa danger and he fel to the ocean and ended up in the
was waiting for me and I fell o the ground . Half north pole.
an hour later I woke up and was still there , can
you believe it ? He took me into his sled . I When he get there he was really cold so he started
couldn`t believe it but an amazing journey walking, after a few minuts walking he found a dwarf
began . I travelled around the world during the that helped him, gave him a red coat and gave him a
entire day . My journey ended in the north pole present.
eating some delicious cookies from mummy
santa . When I left Santa gave me presents for He liked the present so much that since that day he
my parents and myself . It was simply the best
moment of my life . decided to give presents to everyone with the help of

Miguel Ferreira (smiley) B2.1e the dwarf. Beatriz Mota

Mr President
I heard that you wanted to create a law banning Christmas, but I disagree with your decision.
Christmas is a time of celebration that everyone likes and if there wasn’t Christmas, many people would be sad and
angry, especially children. It’s also a night when families get together for a special dinner. If you banished Christmas,
the population would revolt, wanting it back. So, I think it would be a bad idea to ban Christmas.
I hope I have been clear and that I have been able to help you make your final decision.
Best regards,
Ricardo Abreu – B2.1f

Teatro InBtristeol rSchaoolcMatgaziinve o em2018
Inglês nas Escolas


This year, we present SIX EXCITING INTERACTIVE SHOWS for your students to
enjoy, plus two Christmas Shows in December!

Our shows are based on classic tales, with a lot of extra added fun!
For a range of ages, from Primary School up to Grades 11 and 12.

Magic Matilda Not Romeo and Juliet

Based on Roald Dahl’s Matilda (for Grades 5, 6 and 7) Based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
(for Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12)
Honest Ernest
Based on Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being
Earnest (for Grades 10, 11 and 12) Based on Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist
(for Grades 5, 6 and 7)
Where’s my Mum?
Robin Hood
Based on Julia Donaldson’s Children’s Book
(for Primary Schools) Based on the classic folk story (for Grades 7, 8 and 9)

Nativity Nightmare! The Spirit of Christmas

Our Brand New Christmas Show! The Original Christmas Show, based on Charles
Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

For Teachers
Our Interactive Plays involve your students. They will be encouraged to participate, help the characters and, most

importantly, use their English!
Whichever play you choose, Bristol School will provide you with a lesson plan to prepare your students for the ideas

and vocabulary they’ll come across in the play.
Selected plays are followed by a fun team quiz to consolidate language and learn about the culture.

For more information about our Interactive Plays:
Contact us: Drª Idalina Meireles on 967614610 or e-mail [email protected]

Cursos de Verão emBIrinstgollaStcehroroal MeaEgasztianedos Unidos2018

A Bristol School organiza cursos de Verão no Estrangeiro há mais de 30 anos. No Verão de 2019 iremos a
Bath/ Bristol com dois dias em Londres e New York.
Serão duas semanas de divertimento, aventura e imersão total na língua em escolas internacionais com
alunos de várias nacionalidades.
Os alunos School são sempre acompanhados por líderes / professores da Bristol School.
Em ambos os destinos, o curso inclui:
- Alojamento e alimentação completa em Campus Universitário;
- Aulas de inglês em turmas com o mesmo nível e alunos de diferentes nacionalidades;
- Certificado do curso;
- Programa cultural e social com excursões de dia inteiro e tardes de visitas;
- Atividades supervisionadas no Campus, todas as noites;


Inglaterra: 30 de Junho a 14 de Julho New York: 30 de Junho a 15 de Julho

Programas muito prometedores! Consulte-nos na Bristol School para obter mais informação.


Bristol School Magazine 2018

Top 5 worst gifts of all time

Hello everyone and today I’ll be ranking the top 5 worst gifts of all time without further details, let’s get

5- School things “Mom, I want the new Nintendo Switch”, “Ok
Just imagine this situation: you’ve been waiting all Honey”.
year to get a new videogame and Christmas day When Christmas arrives, you see something in
finally arrives! But when you open your present front of you called “Nainteidow Suietche”. Your
you see a Portuguese Notebook because YOUR mom just bought it in the Chinese Shop and it’s
PREVIOUS ONE FINISHED LAST WEEK. one of those games where you need to press the
button and fit the underwater rings in the stick.
Seriously, just don’t. Please don’t! Yes, that happens a lot.

4- Getting a thing you don’t want 2 – Food
Yeah!! Christmas day arrives, and your mom gives You’re a sports lover. Your soccer ball exploded
you something expensive, but you didn’t want it. last week, and you want a new one. When
And you must be thinking: “Oh, but if you don’t Christmas day arrives, you see something big and
want it just exchange it!” BUT YOU CAN’T. WHY, round and you ask.
YOU SAY? BECAUSE THEY BOUGHT IT ON SALE. “Yay mom, you bought me a new soccer ball?”
The small letters that were in that giant poster “No honey, it’s just a watermelon”
was surely laughing in your face! Huh And the last one……………….

3 – Things that aren’t original 1- Socks
I don’t mean like shoes or clothes, because there AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
are pretty similar. I mean… Huh, forget it just
imagine this situation.

Please, don’t ruin your children’s Christmas.
Don’t give them socks. They don’t want them.
They don’t need them. Please, don’t!
And these are my picks, hope you enjoyed them,
and you can now pray you don’t get any of them.
(Unless you´d like to get them but would be
See you then,
Guilherme Russo

Today, we are going to talk about the worst gifts of all time.
Sometimes, people just go to your house, eat your food but don’t give you a present. Not even money!
They only say: “Oh, I forgot about that”
Next one, it’s a really bad thing. Imagine, you have a PS4, but people give you an Xbox game. That’s for
You want a phone, but what do they give you? A Nokia. Nobody wants a Nokia. You could give me a
Samsung or an iphone.
Now, if people gave this to you, shame on you. You want a new piano or something like that, but you
receive a guitar. What the heck am I going do with that? I don’t know how to play it.
This one, it’s just to make fun of you. Your mum gave you a sandwich for lunch, but you only ate half of it.
Then, you receive it for Christmas. How good! You’re going to cry but it’s so funny for your parents but
then you receive something really cool.
Remember guys! At Christmas, you can’t trust anybody, because they tell you that you are going to
receive something good, but you just receive a piece of a sandwich. Good Luck with that!

Rodrigo Carvalho and Duarte Anjos - A2.2

Bristol School Magazine 2018

RECIPES  160g chopped crystallized fruit
 200g chopped nuts (pine nuts, almonds,
King Cake
Ingredients: walnuts and raisins)
 3 tbs of brandy
 750g of flour  Butter for spreading
 120g of sugar  Flour for sprinkling
 120g softened butter  1 beaten egg for brushing
 40g of fresh baker's yeast
 2 dl warm water Decoration:
 1 pinch of salt
 3 whole eggs, size L  Crystallized fruit
 Orange zest (1 orange)  Crystallized Cherries
 Walnut kernel halves
Method:  Icing sugar

1. In a bowl, combine the crystallized fruit with the chopped nuts. Add the brandy and mix well. Let it stand.
2. In another bowl, combine the baker's yeast with water.
3. Pour the flour on the table (or countertop) and open a cavity. Add salt, sugar, butter, orange zest, eggs and yeast mixture.
4. Mix everything together and work the dough well, until it comes off the table and hands. Add the fruits, mix well and work
the dough a little more, sprinkling with flour (to get it off the table and hands).
5. Then make the dough into a ball and place in it a bowl dusted with flour. Cover with a cloth and let it rise in a warm place
until the volume has tripled its size.
6. Then pour the dough back on top of the table dusted with flour and work it a little more. Make it into a ball and make a
hole in the center. Then shape it into a circle, place it on the oven tray, previously greased with butter, and let it rise for
another 40 minutes.
7. Turn the oven to 180º. Then brush the dough with the beaten egg and decorate it with the fruit and icing sugar.
8. Bake for 40 minutes. Remove, let cool and serve.

Catarina Gomes, Beatriz Ferraz and Lara Paiva – A2.1g

Gingerbread biscuits - 1/2 teaspoon salt
This recipe makes perfectly soft and chewy biscuits. - 1 tablespoon ground ginger
- 1 teaspoon baking soda
Ingredients: - 1/2 teaspoon salt
- 145g of butter - 1/2 teaspoon allspice
-150g of sugar - 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
-250g unsulphured molasses
-1 egg
-400g of flour


1- In a large bowl beat the butter for 1 minute. Add the sugar and molasses, and beat. Next, beat in egg

for 2 minutes.

2- In a separate bowl, beat the flour, baking soda, salt, ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves together

until combined.

3- Preheat oven to 170 °C, then line 2-3 large baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone baking


4- Divide de dough however you want and put it inside the oven for 8 to 10 minutes. After let them cool

for 5 minutes and decorate as you want.
Francisco Silva B2.1

Bristol School Magazine 2018

Top 10 places to visit in Porto at Christmas time!

1-Avenida dos Aliados (Avenue)- There we can gaze at the wonderful Christmas tree and Christmas lights. On this
day people get together to see the Christmas lights go on in the city.

2- Torre dos Clérigos (Tower) - We can get a fantastic view of the city during Christmas time with magnificent views
of Porto, Gaia and the Douro river.

3- Livraria Lello ( Bookstore) - There is an extensive variety of books which you can buy as presents for Christmas, it
is also one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world especially around this time of year.

4- Pista de gelo (ice rink), is known for attracting a lot of people to have some fun with the people they love the
most, as a tumble a few times, but that is the spirit of Christmas!

5- Caves do Vinho do Porto (Port Wine Caves) - In addition to being able to taste some of the well- known wines in
the history of Porto, during the Christmas season we can accompany these events with a traditional Portuguese fruit
cake called ‘ Bolo Rei’.

6- Rua Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina street), It is known for its commerce all year round but in the Christmas
season, you’ll be able to find the best gifts to give to people.

7- Casa da Música (Concert hall) - It is a building where there are some shows and concerts, and at this time we can
watch and live in the moment with some Christmas songs.

8- Mercado do Bolhão (Market) - It is one of the oldest and most well-known places in the city, known for its spices
and at this time they prepare a Christmas fair, so if people need any ingredients for their Christmas dinner they
already know where to look.

9- Ribeira (River bank) - As well as its incredible view, this place hosts wonderful parties and Christmas dinners in
the small cute cafes and restaurants nearby.

10- Teatro Sá da Bandeira (Theatre) - This theatre is very popular and sought after for its incredible shows. We can
watch many plays related to Christmas.

A2.2 - Beatriz Mendonça, Carolina Soares , José Martins e Patrícia Ribeiro

What’s the best gift” It’s Christmas and is going to be the best holiday ever!
I always go shopping on Christmas Eve. I think that
It’s 23rd December evening and you realize that you forgot September is too early. I spend like 150,00€ to 300,00€
to buy Christmas gifts for your family, you get dressed on Christmas shopping, that’s enough for me. I hate
quickly , get in your car and drive to the shopping centre. doing the Christmas tree, because I don’t really know
When you drive there, you realise that everyone in town how to put the balls, the snowman’s and the stars, it’s a
had the same problem as you, because the shopping is so lot of work for me. I send Christmas cards to everybody
crowded that you can barely move. in my family, that’s what I do best. I go to church at
But well, you’re already there so the next stop is thinking midnight every Christmas because my parents make me.
of a gift for your family, and that’s another problem. All my family goes to church, but I’m sleeping while the
Everyone knows that you aren’t creative enough to priest celebrates mass. I feel like an elephant, when I
surprise anyone, but at the same time you want to give finish dinner. There are tons of food on the table.
something that people will like. You go around the When Christmas is over I feel very sad, because I want
shopping for a few minutes and you finally decide to get more Christmas presents. Just a little bit more chocolate
“Ferrero Rocher” for everyone; even though you know and that makes me happy. Christmas it’s still the coolest
that’s one of the worst gifts you can give to someone holiday ever.
because it shows that you didn’t care about giving Gabriel Cardoso – A22.g
something that really means something special. So, I think
that the best present you can offer is something made at
home. And in this way, you’ll show that you really care
about the person.
Luana Santos – B1.2 f

Bristol School Magazine 2018

The origins of Portuguese Christmas cooking

Like in all countries, Portugal has its traditional Christmas desserts and dishes, such as French toast, King cake,
Codfish and Vermicelli. Here we are going to address some of their origins.

King cake

“Bolo-rei” is a typical Portuguese cake that is traditionally eaten between Christmas and the Day of the
Kings, referring to the three wise men.

Round and with a large hole in the middle, it is made of a soft white
dough mixed with raisins, nuts and crystallized fruit. Traditionally,
inside the cake was also a dry bean and a small hidden gift, usually
made of metal. If someone got the bean in their slice of cake, they
have to buy next year´s King cake. If they got the gift in their slice, it
would supposedly bring them luck for the future. It is said that there
were still those who put small riddles inside the cakes, whose reward
would be half a pound of gold, or even the gold coins for themselves,
as a gift to those who offered the cake.

French Toast

In the past, the word “French toast” was used only to the north of the Mondego river, and the name
“Golden slice” or “Parida´s slice” was attributed to the same
sweet from the southern bank of the river. They are also
typical in other countries like in Spanish celebrations of Lent
and Holy week, as well as in various parts of Mexico, such as
Zacatecas. In Brazil, it is usually served at Christmas parties.

It is also known as “Parida´s slice”, because it was believed
that the sweetness in the bread helped in the production of
breast milk. The French toast is a must and cannot be
missed at the Christmas table or New Year´s celebrations.


During Christmas supper, Portuguese traditions tells us to eat boiled codfish and potatoes and cabbage, together
with good extra/virgin olive oil.

Some families choose to cook codfish in the other ways or opt for
octopus or roasted turkey… but there isn´t a more typical Portuguese
tradition than eating codfish on Christmas Eve.

The tradition of codfish at Christmas, arose in the Middle Ages with
the Christmas calendar, where people fasted at the time of the main
Catholic holidays - Christmas and Easter. Since you could not eat
meat at this point, and cod fish was the cheapest fish, you started
eating cod. The meat was only left for Christmas lunch on 25th

Vera, Inês, Patrícia and Mariana, A. 21 G.

Bristol School Magazine 2018

Once upon a time, a little girl, called Charlotte, was writing her letter to Santa. She was very different from the
other girls, because she loved reading books written by authors from other centuries, writing imaginary stories or
poems, or simply sitting on the sofa to think about what is really important in life. During one of these reflexions, she
understood that she was happy, but it wasn’t enough. She didn’t have any friends. Young people, in general, didn’t like
her. They thought that Charlotte was very weird.

Therefore, she told Santa that she would like to have a friend. Only a friend. The perfect gift, for life. Well, on
Christmas night, Santa didn’t give her a friend, but he gave her a present: a paper “tsuru”. Firstly, she was very
confused, but then she realised what Santa was trying to say with his present. According to a Japanese legend, if
someone folded a thousand “tsurus” – an “origami” which is a bird -, they can have everything they want.

So, she folded the paper “tsurus”. A thousand of them. And then the girl understood that we can only have
what we really want if we make an effort. Besides that, she realised that she didn’t try to get on with people, never, so
she had to understand other people better to make friends.

Christmas is very special and we can always learn something new and change…
Mariana Rocha, B2.1d

The Worst Xmas meal

Have you ever had a bad Christmas meal? Well, I The worst X-mas meal
thought I would never have one but I was wrong.
So, it was Christmas Eve and everybody was expecting When most people think of an X-mas meal, they
a splendid meal with lots of flavour. Firstly, we ate think of codfish and for my brother, my cousins
codfish. It was very dry and very salty. The potatoes and myself it is horrible. I mean, who likes codfish
were burnt, I couldn’t eat anything so I waited for when they're a kid?
When the desserts arrived I was hoping for them to Codfish is the most tradicional christmas meal,
be sweet and delicious but they weren’t. I hate dried and of course us being kids didn't like it. After
fruits and nuts and the cakes all ha them. having fun and playing all day, we want to have
It couldn’t be worse! The best night of the year was an enjoyable meal, and it takes forever to be
almost ruined but the Christmas Spirit and Family cooked so we are constantly eating candy to feed
Union saved it. the hunger.

Tilly B2.1 When it was finally time to eat, I was not hungry
and had a big plate of codfish in front of me. First
of all, it smells worse than stinky socks, and
second of all, I was made to eat it, my family
woudln't let me leave if I didn't finish eating it, so
time takes forever to pass.

All in all, the food is the worst part of Christmas,
at least until the desserts.

Bristol School Magazine 2018

Christmas Stories

Christmas Eve, 3 a.m. I hear a noise. It’s Santa!
“No, you idiot, you’re 22 years old, it’s not Santa”, immediately retorts my logical self. No reason to panic anyway, I am
simply home alone… Without any alarm systems… wearing fluffy pyjamas… GAAAAH I’m going to dieeeee. And I’ll be
found in these unicorn socks, what will my parents think? Okay, no reason to panic, I am an independent woman. “No,
you’re not”. Well, okay, no matter, all I need is my trusty frying pan.
I head towards the source of the noise, making as little sound as possible or, as I call it, bumping into everything and
then meowing but swear words, swing by the kitchen, grab my always eager partner in crime (non-tick, by the way)
and, dramatically, jump into the living room.
There’s a man wriggling out of my fireplace. Nothing weird there. “Who are you?!” I show in the least girly way
possible. “Ho-ho-ho, I am Santa Claus, the intruder retorts.
“No, you’re not.”
“How do you know?”
“You’re wearing black clothes.”
“Maybe I am going through an emo phase, Santa gets deep too, you know.”
“Fair enough.”
“Who are you?”
“Santa’s brother?”
“Mother in law’s third cousin, twice removed!”
“Hm… No.”
“Smart kid!
“Thank you” but “who are you?”
“The name is Bob.”
“Yes, Bob, no need to be witty about it. Must you really insist on the frying pan?”
“Well, it is the season”.
The intruder slowly walked across the living room, grabbed some cookies I had left on the table and sunk into the
couch, throwing his feet up.
“Well, Bob, what brings you here? And by all means, do sit down?”
“I am one of Santa’s oldest friends. He gets awfully annoying, you know around this time, so I made a break for it.
Ended up here, I guess this is where the reindeers must have thought I was needed the most. Where is your family?”
“They have all gone away to see my brother. I had to stay for my exams.” I lower the pan, as he doesn’t really strike me
as a threat. More like a friendly blob.
“Oh, I’m sorry”
“It’s okay, I don’t really mind”
“Of course, you do. Even if you don’t, I am going to annoy you into having the best Christmas possible”.
“Isn´t that why you ran?”
“It’s different when I do it”
“I see”
We played poker until dawn, and then, in the morning, I woke up in my bed. Still dreamily, I searched the house but
found no sign of Bob.
Must have been a dream. (There was, however, a new present under the tree, labelled “Love, Bob” “PS: See you again
next year)”
The end
C2 Ana Sofia Camoes

Bristol School Magazine 2018

Einstein’s Rabanadas

It is already known fact to all earthlings who have before witnessed Christmas that the time tissue described in the
Theory of Relativity appears different around the holidays. In fact, it is not at all unlikely that it was the stress
surrounding Hanukkah, stretching the hours and minutes, that inspired the great physicist’s work.
So much time to be filled, so much sorrow to be consoled… The perfect occasion for getting out your frying pan and
make some rabanadas. You might believe it at first to be a waste of your life’s time and environment’s resources, as
all your great-great-aunty will already be disputing whose are the greatest, tastiest, crispiest and love filled, but this
will soon be revealed to be your holiday therapy. Better than yoga or counselling, the cinnamon floating in the air
will align your chakras in such a way that discussing your aunt Mabel’s neighbour’s cat’s case of cervical cancer will,
gladly, become your main goal and objective in life for the hours being. The effect is in such a way magical that
boiled codfish starts sounding appealing and being gifted oversized underwear just makes your heart feel warm.
By now you must be considering running to the nearest over decorated convenience store and stock up on all
ingredients but, beware, not all is sweet. The holiday hangover must be considered. The lethargy and feeling of
having recently been hit by a bus, although normal after all family celebrations get worse with every rabanada.
Maybe it is the cholesterol slowly clogging up your veins that makes you more relatable and talkative to elderly
relatives. Or maybe it is just the sugar high making you try to re-enact a scene from “Home Alone 2”. Truth is, next
day you wake up sore and with various text messages asking how your ex-boyfriends new wife is dealing with his
snoring. Fairly odd, you at least have a full year to recover and gain back your strengths for the following round.
After all, the holidays are just a never-ending match of boxing where you never win.
And remember kids, consuming does not benefit anyone!!

Leonor Borges, C2

Okay he’s not Santa but he did have a very good reason for breaking into the

Christmas day, ten minutes have passed from 2 a.m. and I find myself breaking into my neighbour’s house. How did I
end up here? Well, that is a legitimate question to which I will gladly provide an answer for. However, for it to sound
minimally reasonable you might want to grab a hot drink and sit down. Comfortable? Good. Now blatantly brush
aside everyone surrounding you along with their mirror issues and unapologetically indulge in the story I am about
to tell you.
It all started after everyone went to bed on Christmas Eve. I did it too. I promise! However, soft, careful steps sliding
through the wooden floor disrupted my sleep (I know I am quite the light sleeper). Ignoring the screaming urge to
hide and pray for my survival, I got up and headed downstairs to find the source of the shuffle (at the time I
remember regretting such idea even occurring to me, but now I shall leave it to your own judgement). And there he
was in his flushed glory, in his complete plumpness and a certain distant familiarity, fulfilling my childhood dreams:
Santa Claus. The moment would have been perfect if we hadn’t both screamed at the same time. Apparently, Santa
was just as perplexed as me. Then for my utmost horror his fluffy white beard soundlessly hit the floor and my inner
happiness fell as quickly as his facial expression. Santa was not Santa. I like to believe I behaved admirably and
modestly courageous but that wouldn’t accurately resemble reality. My practically non-existent survival instincts
kicked in and I grabbed the nearest object to my reach – a lamp. Poor Santa (unknown man quietly pleaded for me
to stop and let him explain the unfortunate situation we’d found ourselves in. Clearly all my will to live left my body
compelled. After an excruciating hour long interrogatory, Steve, whose name I had recently learned, confessed he
was just trying to leave gifts for his friend’s children. He had the misfortune of entering the wrong house, though.
Inclined not to trust this stranger, I strongly tried to figure out a plan to call the authorities.
My ability to nationally think escaped through the back door the minute I spotted his look of absolute
disappointment. Therefore, I am sure you have concluded what I decided to do as I’m standing in the middle of my
neighbour´s front door living room. All due to my inability to put together my discombobulated mind. I am afraid
how we got into the house will have to be left for another time. Steve gently placed the beautifully wrapped gifts
under the Christmas tree. His proud smile afterwards made the ordeal all worth it, although I still don’t understand
why he went through the trouble of putting on a Santa costume if he wasn’t supposed to be seen. Emphasis on
After leaving the house, he apologised for the millionth time and thanked me for my help. I ran straight back home
and dived into my blankets’ warmth. I could not believe what I had done. You see, he was not Santa but did have a
very good reason for breaking into the house.

Sofia Rua, C2

Bristol School Magazine 2018

Let’s have fun!!!

What was the elf allergic to? Who is Santa’s favorite What did one snowman say to the
singer? other snowman?

Which Christmas Carol parents like What do you have in December that
best? you don’t have in any other month?

The letter D Silent Night!

1. What do people put on a plate on Christmas night for Santa Claus to eat?
2. An activity that people do, when they are buying presents.
3. An item of clothing that people wear when it's cold.
4. A group of people that you can share your presents with.
5. A snow sculpture that is similar to a human.
6. A type of footwear that Santa Claus wear.
7. An event with a ritual significance, performed on a special occasion, like Christmas.
8. A notepad where Santa writes the names of the children who are are good or bad
9. A vehicle that Santa Claus uses to go to people’s houses.
10. The place that Santa Claus lives.
11. A small and green creature that works for Santa Claus.
12. The belief that people have about Christmas.
13. He Is known as "Santa's ninth reindeer" or the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
14. An old person that brings gifts to well-behaved children.
15. A synonym of sweet.
16. A piece of clothing that goes around the neck, when it’s cold.

Can you smeel carrot? Efl-is Presely! Sh-elf-ish

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