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Bristol School Magazine2019-10

Bristol School Magazine2019-10

Christmas MagazineBristol School Magazine2019


Bristol School Magazine 2019

Christmas 2019

Bristol School

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,
Christmas is coming soon… the end of the first academic term is getting near, too.

We hope that all our students’ results meet their expectations! Fingers crossed!!

We have fantastic news from Bristol School. Being an Exam Centre for the International Cambridge English
Examinations, we are happy to announce that the number of candidates for these International Exams has been
steadily increasing and the grades awarded have systematically been very good!

Last June we ran young Learners Exams (YL Movers) for the first time and our lovely young students achieved 100%
success!! They were outstanding! So were our students who took up A2 Key, B1 Preliminary, B2 First, C1 Advanced and
C2 Proficiency. We had 98% success in these exams, and most of our candidates passed with “A’s” and “B’s”!

Pieces of good news are to be shared and we can’t help but share them with all of you.

We want our students, parents and teachers to be as proud as we are!

Thank you, dear parents for your cooperation, consistent determination and for being aware of the importance of
English in your children’s future. It will definitely be an essential tool for their life.

Thank you, dear students for your effort and good performance! Keep it up! Never give up!

A big thank you to all the staff for your hard work and cooperation.

Last, but not least thank you, dear teachers for your commitment, professionalism and zeal. You play a vital role in this

Without everyone’s precious contribution, the Bristol School wouldn’t have the good reputation it has gained and the
excellent results achieved over 30 years of teaching.

Our target is to do better and better and to have a more and more fantastic school where everybody feels happy
and welcome!

We wish you and your family a joyful Christmas and All the Best for the year 2020.

May all your dreams come true!

The Directors,

Bristol School Magazine 2019

“A Christmas Carol”

Write about your favourite Christmas book or movie

Ebenezer Scrooge is a grumpy man that doesn't like Christmas. He works in an office in London with Bob
Cratchit, who is a poor but happy man, and with a big family. One day, on the Christmas Eve, when Mr.
Scrooge comes home, he receives a visit from his partner, Jacob Marley, who died seven years ago. Jacob
had come to warn Scrooge that three spirits would come and visit him, in an attempt to change Mr.
The first spirit arrives and takes Scrooge to the past, the time of his childhood and the beginning of adult
life, the time when he still enjoyed Christmas. It was the spirit of the past.
The second spirit shows him the Christmas celebrations in some houses, especially the Cratchit's house
where Scrooge sees a poor but close family. It was the spirit of the present.
The third spirit and last spirit arrives and takes him to a place where he can see his solitary death, without
friends or love. It was the spirit of the future.
From that moment, after the visit of the three spirits, Scrooge changes his way of thinking and acting. He
starts loving Christmas and helping others with joy and pleasure.

Maria Luis Coelho B1.2e

Riding in a one-horse open sleigh Christmas is a joyful season when we celebrate
Jesus’ birth and children usually receive presents
In a small village lived a 5-year-old boy called Vasco. He from Santa. In our opinion, it’s better to be a kid
didn’t have many friends at school and he also suffered than an adult at Christmas.
bullying, because he was fatter than his other peers.
Because of that, he wanted to have at least one friend and First of all, kids get toys without having to do
that friend would be Santa Claus. anything. When we were kids, our parents gave us
everything we wanted, because we always asked
On Christmas Eve, Vasco was very depressed because he for cheap things, and it was a good way of making
didn´t have anything to do and also, his parents were us happy.
always arguing so he decided to go to bed. He woke up to
his mother yelling that the food was ready so that they Secondly, when we were younger, we believed in
could have lunch. But instead of listening to his mother, Santa and it made Christmas a more magical
Vasco left home and went to the highest point in his city to moment. But when we grew up, we realised that
try to find Santa Claus. Santa was only a myth and we stopped seeing
Christmas the same way.
After a long time of waiting, Vasco was sad because he
couldn't see Santa. Suddenly, he heard a noise in the sky On the other hand, adults waste a lot of money
and he finally saw Santa Claus. Vasco started to run back buying gifts for their children and don’t receive
home as he knew Santa Claus was going to deliver his anything in return. They also waste a lot of time
presents. searching for the perfect gift.

When Vasco met him, Santa Claus was very scared, All in all, we believe it’s better to be a kid at
because it was the first time that somebody had ever seen Christmas time, because we have everything we
him on Christmas night, so, because of that, he tried to need.
escape, but obviously, as Vasco was younger than him, he
caught him. After this, Vasco told him what his biggest wish Francisca Soares and Ricardo Abreu, B2.1e
was, but Santa Claus didn´t have much time to talk, so
instead, he invited the kid to help him to deliver the
presents to all the houses.
Diogo Morais, Miguel Santos, Francisco Leal, B2.1a

Bristol School Magazine 2019

My favourite Christmas movie

My favourite Christmas movie is, I think a bit “cliché”. Everybody has seen it and near Christmas Day it is usually on TV.
It’s “The Polar Express”.

The movie starts with a boy entering a train that magically stopped in front of his house. After a long journey, the train
finally arrives at the North Pole. The train’s driver explains to the children that thousands of elves are in the city centre
waiting for Santa Claus to give his first gift to whomever he chooses. When they arrived at the city centre, they see all
the elves, Santa and the reindeer. Santa decides that the boy should be the first to receive a gift that Christmas. He
could have anything that he wanted, but he decided that he wanted a silver bell. As they are about to arrive home, the
boy realized he had lost his gift. He was very sad but surprisingly the next morning his little sister gave him a little box
with his name on it. Inside it, there was the bell that he had lost the night before. The boy continues to believe in the
spirit of Christmas and is able to hear the ringing of the bell even as adult.

I recommend that everybody sees it because it shows the magic of Christmas Day and that even as an adult, we can
feel it!

Rodrigo Marques B1.2f

The Grinch

One of the best Christmas movies is without a doubt “The Grinch”.

This film was first produced in 1996 by Dr. Seuss´s “How the Grinch stole Christmas”. The recent
version spreads the same message which is that you cannot buy Christmas.

The Grinch lives on a mountain high above gingerbread-pretty town of Wholive, where festive
goodwill is spreading like an epidemic.

Like Scrooge, another Character who hated Christmas, there´s an explanation for his shriveled
heart. He grew up unloved in an orphanage where Christmas was unknown to the children.

The Grinch wants to destroy Christmas, stealing the town´s presents, at the same time Cindy Lou,
a believer of Christmas, makes a plan to trap Santa as he comes down the chimney to be sure that
her Christmas wishes would come true.

The movie is very funny and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys animated movies to go see

Pedro Juvandes – B2.2

A Christmas Carol: A book everyone should read

The greatest moraI lesson I have ever picked up was from this book, “A Christmas carol”.
The main character is Ebenezer Scrooge who is an old, rude and selfish man that hates Christmas.
One night he is visited by the ghost of his business partner, Marley. He tells Scrooge that he has a single
chance to avoid the same fate and that he will be visited by three spirits and must listen or be cursed to
carry much heavier chains of his own.
The rest of the story describes Scrooge's attitude to life and people after the spirits visit him, and this is
the part where I reflected on my actions, and how they have consequences.
This book, really made me think clearly to change my behaviour towards those around me.
That’s why I strongly recommend it to everyone! It’s an amazing and very simple book that can and should
be read by all of you. I have read it a lot of times and it always makes me assess my morals.

Beatriz Silva , B2.2d

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Home Alone: New York City

Last Christmas, I saw a film considered to be a Christmas tradition among almost every family
around the world. I enjoyed it a lot due to the fact that it shows us an adventurous and brand
new concept of Christmas.
“Home Alone” tells a story about a boy who got into trouble. At the beginning, he was
complaining about his family because they were ignoring him and so he wishes he could be alone
during Christmas. Because of the confusion at the airport, he entered a different plane from his
family and he landed in New York. Surprisingly, he had his father’s credit card and for that reason
he was able to stay in the best hotel in the city with a huge Christmas tree. While his family was
worried about him, he was relaxing and ordered every single food he wanted. He was in a
different city far away from his home so he wanted to explore it because he realised there was an
enormous toy shop there, with hundreds of Christmas lights. When he went there, there were
two thieves that had already tried to rob his house. The boy was on his own to defend himself
from the thieves and so he had to arrange a plan to escape from them.
I’m a big fan of comedy films and people who enjoy them too, I would strongly encourage them
not to miss it. In fact, this is one of my favourite films of all time.

Álvaro & Ana Sofia C1.1

Dear Jom, Once upon a time….

How are you? Thanks for your letter. There was a family who lived in a tiny village near
Bietsko-Biata. It was a small family made up of
Well… let me start by saying that it’s almost Mafalda, the mother, Paulo, the father and Peter and
Christmas day. You know, here in Portugal, we give Sophia, the children.
a big importance to this time of the year. So, would
you like to help me choose the best gifts for my One Christmas Eve, the children were on their way
parents? Do you think that a photograph with a home when, suddenly, they noticed an enormous
little poem about them is cool? Please, give me Christmas Tree right in the middle of the street.
more ideas. I need them! Astonished, the children decided to change their
route to a side road in an attempt to find more trees.
Besides that, I must confess that one of the best
parts of Christmas time is the food. It is so With all the excitement, the children got lost and
delicious, mainly the desserts. My favourite is found themselves stuck in the middle of the forest. It
“Rabanadas”. My dad makes them really well. You was getting dark and they were desperately trying to
need to taste them one day. Honestly, I hope that find a way back home. Out of nowhere, Santa Claus
you visit Portugal as soon as you can. But, as I appeared on his sled led by the wonderful reindeers.
know that you love talking about decorations, you
have to see my new tree. It is white and so bright After noticing the lost children, Santa Claus came
that I need to send you a photo to show you its closer and looked at them. Then, he asked them if
beauty you will adore it, I promise. they needed a lift. He dropped them off safe and
sound at home, happy as that could be to have met
Finally, I hope that everything is going well there in their idol.
Finland. I really miss you.
Santa Claus waved goodbye at the children and went
Please, write back as possible as you can. away.

Best wishes, Mafalda Sofia & Pedro Gomes, C1.1 a

Beatriz B2.1d

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Where do you want to spend your Christmas holiday?

If you don’t know where to spend your Christmas holiday, we have a few suggestions for you!

1. Serra da Estrela
If you like the cold and love winter sports, well, go to Serra da Estrela!
Serra da Estrela is a wonderful place.
You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding as well as making snowmen.
You can see the beautiful landscape.
The hotels are a little bit more expensive because it’s a big touristic point
in Portugal.

2. Óbidos
If you like a traditional Christmas inside the walls of an old castle
you should go to Óbidos.
The city is lit up with a lot of fun activities like ice skating rinks,
inflatables. You can visit Santa Claus and see the manger.

3. Porto
Finally, you can go to Porto and watch the incredible
light show near Santa Catarina Street.

We hope we have helped you choose the best place to go at Christmas.

Enjoy your travels and … Merry Christmas!

Leonor Sousa, Matilde Moutinho, Beatriz Aires – B1.1

THIS CHRISTMAS I HOPE This Christmas I hope…

1. That my family has health and that we 1 – to play with my dog Lucky
are very happy; 2 – to receive a hoverboard
3 – my mother receives lots of gifts
2. That there is less poverty in the world; 4 – to spend time with my family
3. To have good grades at school; 5 – to receive a lot of money
4. To have a traditional family Christmas; 6 – to receive speakers JBL FLIP 4 GRY
5. To be with my friends; 7 – to get high marks in my tests
6. To have the gifts I want; 8 – to get lots of toys & sweets
7. To visit new places; 9 – to let my mother relax more
8. That there is no homework; 10 –the world becomes more peaceful.
9. To have a happy new year;
10. To have a nice Christmas dinner. Inês Setas, A2.1c

A2.1 André Rabaçal

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Christmas at my home

On Christmas Eve I celebrate with my mom, my dad and my grandma. Mom makes a special dinner for the 4 of us.

In early December we put up our tree. It has got stars, balls and a big heart.

We don’t have fish at my home because I don’t like fish, we have meat.

My mom and dad are mysterious. I know they are Santa and Mrs. Claus, somehow the presents appear in our bathroom and
not under the Christmas tree! I don’t see them entering the room, this is why I say they are mysterious.

Christmas at my home is a mystery because Santa Claus is fast, I open my presents on the same day.

This is Christmas at my home. Vitória Rocha Rodrigues, A2.1a

I love Christmas because of what I do at Christmas
this time of the year. It's for me the best
part in the whole year because of this: In my point of view, Christmas is better for children,
because I think that adults don´t have a lot of Christmas
#1-Being together with a big part of my spirit and they see Christmas in another way than children.
family In my opinion, children like Christmas more than adults
because of the presents, children always want presents, so
#2-Family dinner when children think about Christmas, at that moment they
#3-Opening my presents are always thinking of their presents, that gives them a
#4-Giving presents feeling of happiness. However children should know that
#5-Helping people who need it the most Christmas isn’t only presents, and that it is a time of peace
#6-Baking delicious cookies for Santa and being together with their family.
#7-Helping my sister to write a letter to Also, I think that adults don’t enjoy it so much, because of
Santa the presence of mobile phone and other technological
#8-Taking family pictures gadgets, while children enjoy Christmas.
#9-Throwing a Christmas party Summing up, I think that children enjoy Christmas more
#10-School holidays than adults, so at Christmas I think it is better to be a kid.
Miguel Teixeira B1.2e
Goncalo Lima B1.2 f

Christmas Spirit

It is normal at Christmas to receive gifts because it is a common tradition. I think it is exaggerated to get
lots of gifts. Some people think that gifts aren’t everything. It is much more important the little things like
being next to the people we like and being happy.

Many people my age at Christmas value material goods a lot and don’t care about other people. For
example, the poor. While I am not happy because I didn’t get what I wanted, a poor person with little is
very happy.

At Christmas we should share with those who need it and shouldn’t be worried about receiving many gifts.

Joana Reis A2.2g

Bristol School Magazine 2019


Now let’s talk about the things that annoy me the most at Christmas and when I say this, I’m talking about the
worst gifts that you could ever get.

So first, we have CDs, there are many types like rock; pop; hip-hop those types are nice but when you get CDs
and the type of music is fado like a CD of Ana Moura or Cuca Roseta, I don´t even know who they are so Oh dear if
you receive one of these, just smile when you recive it and then put it somewhere where no one could ever find it.

In second place, socks. They can be red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink or even multicolored. Just do the
same thing as me, put them in your brother’s or sister’s bedroom, but if you don’t have siblings, you can always sell
them online.

Third place, we have soap. Just say “Thank You” and leave it in the bathroom, just as easy as that but if you
want it you can always put it in another person´s room.

Then we have the type of people that forget your gift and when they come to your house they grab something
that you have there and put it inside a bag and then give it you. Those presents are my least favourite…

I got one present that my uncle forgot and he stood up to the Christmas tree and grabbed a decoration and then
put it inside a bag, closed the bag and gave it to me on the same night and he said: “Here you go hope u like it!”. When
I saw the bag I thought it would be something good because the bag was big, but when I opened it……there was one of
the decorations. As I picked it up, I looked at the Christmas tree and there was some thing missing.

These are the worst gifts that you could ever get and which gifts were the worst for you?

Maria João Costa, B1.2e

Reset saved the day!

December 1st 2019

Today was a busy and complicated day! Christmas is almost here and we still have a lot to do.
Oh, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Shinny and I´m the oldest elf of Santa’s toy factory.
I woke up at 5 am as usual, I got dressed, had breakfast and went to work. We elves live in the same
building as the factory, it is really big so it only took me 5 minutes to get to work. I´m responsible for the
packaging section and when I got there all my colleagues were already working. It surprised me once they
are always complaining about everything!
The morning was going very well, we had our aims almost done until the machine stopped working. We
waited for more than half an hour! When it started working again instead of making the presents go forward
for us, it was making the presents go backwards! We couldn´t shut the machine down so I called Santa so he
could give us some advice. He wasn’t answering the phone so we had to find a quick solution before it was
too late to save Christmas. Nobody could find a way to make the machine go forward until I had an idea that
we should have done an hour ago! Do a reset on the system. We did that and it worked. We had to restart
everything and hopefully we have everything in order for the big day.

Mariana Batista, B1.2e

Perfect Christmas day

On Christmas Eve, my family is all in the kitchen making cakes for Christmas day!

When the cakes are all ready, my family goes to my grandparents´ house to prepare Christmas Day.

In the evening, there are uncles, cousins, grandparents and parents all in my grandparents‘ house to celebrate

Christmas day. Everyone loves the food!

At midnight, Santa Claus appears and all the children have their presents and everyone is happy! For me that’s a

perfect Christmas! Mariana Delgado

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Christmas Day

Christmas holidays is ALL about the family. Kids may think that the presents are the most important thing at
Christmas, but they are wrong. It is right that everyone likes to receive a present or two sometimes but, in some
families, it is the only day that the family is altogether. Some people are emigrants (for example) and all they want to
do during the whole year is to be with their families. A long time ago, kids believed that Jesus was watching us ALL the
time and if we had a good behavior, we received a LOT of presents but if we didn’t, we could FORGET them. For some
reason, Coca-Cola invented a character called Santa Claus. Santa was a big, fat old man, with a long white beard and a
red hat. Now Santa Claus has replaced Jesus and, he is a kind of SYMBOL of Christmas. In my family (when it is
Christmas) we get together at my grandparents’ house and eat and drink all day! In the evening, we usually eat
codfish, French toast, figs, walnuts, hazelnuts… which is the most traditional, however there are people who eat
turkey or octopus. When we are not eating, we are playing cards and surprisingly we have a lot of fun. This is my
Christmas day; I hope you like it

Bye and Merry Christmas

Afonso Freitas, B1.2f

Dear diary, 23th december 2019

My last Christmas Christmas is coming and I am very busy because I am
helping Santa Claus to finish the presents. We elves start
My last Christmas was wonderful. I was with my our day very early at 7 AM, we get dressed and we start
family and my friends. It happened at my house like wrapping presents that Santa Claus is building.
the other years. My entire family was there, my
mother, my father, my sister, my grandmother, my Then we go to put them on the sled and then take care of
grandfather, my uncle, my aunt, and my cousins. the reindeers. After lunch we read the news about Santa
First my mother helped my grandmother to cook Claus going around the world. It is very interesting; I learn a
the cod, while my sister and I set the table. lot.
Normally, the Christmas tree is already made. My
Christmas tree was very simple but very beautiful In the afternoon, I go home to get some rest and then get
and I loved it. back to work. I finish working at 9 PM and I sleep at my
At half past eight people start to come and the mother´s house.
house is full. When dinner was ready we started to
eat. When everyone finished eating, we waited until Tomorrow´s going to be a great day because it is Christmas
midnight so we could open the presents. Until then night and I am going to help Santa Claus deliver gifts.
we played games, played cards, talked...
When midnight came, we started to open the Ines Reis A2.2g
presents. People started leaving because the next
day there was another party. What Christmas means to me?
The next day was more relaxing, we ate, played
games, talked... Christmas means happiness, family and food.
I hate the moment when people go home, because Christmas is special because we stay with our families.
it means that Christmas is over. At Christmas we have candles, presents, a Christmas
I love Christmas because I have time for my family. tree, stars and good food. Santa Claus is a jolly
character with red pants, a red coat and red hat.
Raquel Pereira A2.2g Christmas is the best day of the year. At Christmas we
celebrate the birth of Jesus. Everybody likes Christmas
because it’s special.

Vitoria, A2.1a

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Popular Portuguese Christmas Traditions

Most Portuguese families spend their Christmas together. They have some traditions like putting up their own
Christmas tree, making the crib and decorating their houses with Christmas lights and figures.

Also, groups of friends sometimes give presents to each other and they don’t have to buy presents for everyone.
They play a game called “secret Santa" where you put everyone’s name on a piece of paper and then you draw a
name at random. Then you buy a symbolic gift for that person.

On Christmas day, families sometimes exchange Christmas cards, eat the “consada" where they can eat turkey,
octopus or codfish. For dessert they eat “bolo rei" (a type of fruit cake), French toast, vermicelli and “pão de ló”
(sponge cake).

Finally, at midnight, everyone opens their presents and goes to midnight mass

These are the most popular Christmas traditions that almost every family does at Christmas, especially in Portugal.

Sofia Alexandre, Sofia Ferreira, Inês Barbosa – B1.1

Christmas at my home London, 1st December 2019 ,
Dear Mr. president,
My Christmas starts, when I set up the We are writing this letter regarding the new
Christmas tree with my parents. I usually do Christmas ban.
it on 1st December. Although we understand your point of view, we
We often put the decorations on the believe that Christmas is the perfect time to bring
following Saturday, on the 8th December the whole family together and to have a break from
with my mom. My dad usually sleeps or a tough year of hard work.
watches TV, he is very lazy at the weekend. Christmas is a jolly season where you see people
On the 18th, I often participate in a music offering gifts,
concert that last 2 hours. Then I have dinner doing charity work and enjoying the friendly
at Mc Donald’s with my parents and my atmosphere that
friend, Lara. surrounds them.
On 24th December, we pick up my grandma Christmas also unites people through their religious
at her home and she comes to our house. beliefs,
We rarely go to mass. We have dinner at therefore, people do good deeds and celebrate the
eight o’clock. We eat bread, as a starter, soft birth of Jesus Christ,
drinks, as a drink, cod and potatoes, as a making them remember their own family values.
dish, and ice cream, for a dessert. I usually As you can see, Christmas only has benefits and
stay up until two o’clock to watch movies creates magical moments for everyone.
and mingle with the family. So in our opinion, Christmas should not be banned
It may not the best way to celebrate and everyone should have the right to celebrate it
Christmas, but I like it. without having to breaking the law.

Ana Francisca, A2.1b Best regards,

Sofia, Carolina, Pedro, Filipa Brites, B2.1e

Bristol School Magazine 2019

A Christmas Tree's Diary Rita Branco – B2.2
Tuesday, 24th December, 2019
Today is Christmas Eve. I’m so excited. I haven't seen the light of day for ages! After almost a year
hidden in a box, it feels so good to be out, literally!
So, today I woke up with the noise of the vacuum-cleaner and mum yelling because “everything needs
to be perfect” she said.
At lunch, everyone ate a sandwich and then they went somewhere (I think they had to buy the last few
Xmas presents, but they didn’t talk about this in front of me).
At night, when all family arrived and said praises about my new decorations (they didn’t notice but I
blushed a little…), they had dinner and talked about all the things that they weren't able to do this year.
I can’t wait for tomorrow to see their reactions when they open their presents.
Love, Christmas tree Xx
Wednesday, 25th December, 2019
Finally, it was my day to shine! All the family was around me and I’ve never been so happy. They all
looked so excited about their presents… what I liked most was mum's present. She got a jumper with a
lot of sequins on it. It was so beautiful… and, to be honest, I think it could even fit me!
After that, they had lunch and played cards. Of course, grandma and grandpa won (as they do every
Now, I’m going to sleep. It's been a long day.
Love, Christmas tree.
Tuesday, 26th December, 2019
It's morning. I’m extremely emotional. Every year I feel the same way and I almost forget the feeling
when I'm inside my box. I don't want to even think about having to go back inside it again! I suppose
they are sad too that had to put me away and that’s what makes me feel so special.
See you next year, Love, Christmas tree.

The Christmas Triad

(Through the eyes of a Christmas tree)
Apparently, the 24th of December is the day where a long bearded guy slides down chimneys to deliver presents. The
kids’ excitement fills up an entire room and they’re always nagging their parents to put a glass of milk and some
cookies near the window. How does that make any sense?
Every year, I watch the same routines: the mother walking back and forth, bringing plates of food to the dining table;
the father trying to appease the mother; the children stealing chocolates that are hanging on my branches.
At midnight, the children open their new presents and start playing with them almost immediately. The adults
appreciate their gifts even though they are always the same – bottles of wine.
On the 25th, the house is empty as the family drives off for Christmas lunch with their extended family and, when they
get back, the young ones, with their cranky faces, complain about socks that they were given as presents.
Finally, on the 26th, the parents have the chance of getting the house in order, cleaning the mess the others made.
So now they’re going to put me away so that this time next year we start this all over again.

Beatriz Andrade B2.2

Teatro InBtristeol rSchaoolcMatgaziinve o em2019
Inglês nas Escolas


This year, we present SIX EXCITING INTERACTIVE SHOWS for your students to
enjoy, plus two Christmas Shows in December!

Our shows are based on classic tales, with a lot of extra added fun!
For a range of ages, from Primary School up to Grades 11 and 12.

Magic Matilda Not Romeo and Juliet

Based on Roald Dahl’s Matilda (for Grades 5, 6 and 7) Based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
(for Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12)
Honest Ernest
Based on Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being
Earnest (for Grades 10, 11 and 12) Based on Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist
(for Grades 5, 6 and 7)
Where’s my Mum?
Robin Hood
Based on Julia Donaldson’s Children’s Book
(for Primary Schools) Based on the classic folk story (for Grades 7, 8 and 9)

Nativity Nightmare! The Spirit of Christmas

Our Brand New Christmas Show! The Original Christmas Show, based on Charles
Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

For Teachers
Our Interactive Plays involve your students. They will be encouraged to participate, help the characters and, most

importantly, use their English!
Whichever play you choose, Bristol School will provide you with a lesson plan to prepare your students for the ideas

and vocabulary they’ll come across in the play.
Selected plays are followed by a fun team quiz to consolidate language and learn about the culture.

For more information about our Interactive Plays:
Contact us: Drª Idalina Meireles on 967614610 or e-mail [email protected]

Cursos de Verão emBIrinstgollaStcehroroal MeaEgasztianedos Unidos2019

A Bristol School organiza cursos de Verão no Estrangeiro há mais de 30 anos. No Verão de 2020 iremos a
Lincoln/ Cambridge e a New York ou Washington DC com fim de semana em Niagara Falls (Canada).
Serão duas semanas de divertimento, aventura e imersão total na língua em escolas internacionais com
alunos de várias nacionalidades.
Os alunos são sempre acompanhados por líderes / professores da Bristol School.
Em ambos os destinos, o curso inclui:
- Alojamento e alimentação completa em Campus Universitário;
- Aulas de inglês em turmas com o mesmo nível e alunos de diferentes nacionalidades;
- Certificado do curso;
- Programa cultural e social com excursões de dia inteiro e tardes de visitas;
- Atividades supervisionadas no Campus;
Programas muito prometedores! Consulte-nos na Bristol School para mais informação.

Summer Courses 2020

Inglaterra: 28 de Junho a 12 de Julho EUA: 5 a 19 de Julho

Last summer, we had
maybe the best
experience of our lives.
We went to New York
city with friends and an
amazing group leader.

We stayed at Montclair

State University for 2

weeks in Newark, New

Jersey. Not only did we

visit the landmarks of

US / UK 2019 NYC, such as Central

Last summer I went to Bath and London with the Bristol School. It was very cool. Park and Times
This was my first time in the UK and it was a fantastic experience! I hope to go
there again. I wish I could go every year!! In the morning, we always had classes Squares, but we were
with different teachers, and we discussed about different things, only in English, of
course. Then after lunch in a lovely canteen, we went to visit different places. At also in contact with the
the weekend we went to Wales and London.
It was absolutely superb! American culture. We
We had the opportunity to make new friends, talk to classmates from other
countries and know about different cultures. followed their diet full
These two weeks were the best of my life! Everything was amazing!
of fast food and sugary
Luis Ilunga, B1.1d
desserts and we met

American high

schoolers. It was a

memorable trip and

we’re certain WE WILL


Ana Catarina Cruz &
Joana Azeredo, C2.1a

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Christmas Gifts – what you can´t give at Christmas

Christmas gifts. What a funny thing, but if it´s a bad one… oh, you may smile and then sell it online. Hello, my
name is Lara and I´m the person that has received the worst things at Christmas!

First, let´s talk about socks… yellow, green, pink, blue, red, purple, any of these colours are ugly in socks. You
need to understand that people prefer cheaper chocolates than the most wonderful sock. So, don´t give socks to that
person that you love. You can do that just to that person that is stupid and writes the past participle of the verb read

Another thing that isn´t good to give someone nice is an alarm clock. Are you calling the person late?, or lazy?
Well you can not do that or you might lose your friendship. Really? A clock? Please! Even an old blanket is better.

Now, let´s see the gift vouchers… Can´t you use your imagination? Gifts like these only show lack of interest in
the person… Think about it! Maybe a game or some clothes that show the person that when you bought that present
you thought about the person who is receiving it.

Spring clothes ? Are you serious? I´m fifteen years old and I don´t do laundry in my house. Even a three-hundred
page book is more interesting.

Soap? You can´t be serious! Smelling bad by any chance? A soap is only given to those who stink. Go to the one
euro shop where you´ll get a better gift.

That was it! I hope you have not been offended by my words… If you did, it´s because you are wearing a hood!!!
Goodbye and I hope you improve your Christmas gifts to make people happier.

Lara Pinto B1.2e

My Christmas Christmas at the

For me Christmas is a very fun day. My family, my friends and I love it. I Olhero’s Home

spend Christmas Day at my grandparents’ house. My Christmas is spent at my
house with my family. Before everyone
My Christmas starts on Christmas Eve, 24th December. On this day my arrives on Christmas Eve, my mom, dad
and I prepare the table and all the
family and I prepare everything for Christmas day: the Christmas tree; food.

the candles; the angels; the Christmas balls; the candies … On the 24th At my house we have fun and
mingle until it’s dinner time.
December I always eat turkey, potatoes and soup but I never eat salad. I
While we eat, we talk, we
usually watch a film with my family. I always go to bed early to have laugh, we tell old adventures and
memories. As soon as my cousins and I
energy for the next day. finish dinner we leave the table and go
back to my room and there we play on
On 25th December, Christmas Day, I always go to church I have to wake our Ipads. We talk, we play in the dark
room until midnight.
up early, but it isn’t a problem. At lunch we usually eat octopus with rice.
At midnight we gather the
It is very delicious. In the afternoon my family and I sometimes sing whole family in the dining room to
open the presents and this is a bit of
around the Christmas tree. Then my cousins and I always prepare a my Christmas.

theatrical play to present to my family. It’s lots of fun. I have dinner at Joana Olhero, A2.1a

nine o’clock, and we eat cod and potatoes and I always eat vegetables.

At ten o’clock we open our presents and we sing a song about Christmas

again. After this, at eleven o’clock, I go to bed.

This is my Christmas. Beatriz Reis Martins, A2.1B

Bristol School Magazine 2019

A new Christmas tradition

There are a lot of different holiday traditions related to Christmas and they can change from family
to family. In our family we are used to decorating a Christmas tree together and giving each other
presents, but this year we want to try something new…

We would like to spend Christmas Eve in a nursing home because we believe that the people who
live there don’t really have a family anymore, so they deserve love as well. We also imagine it must
be sad not to have anyone listening to our stories. We would play games with them and try to
distract them from the negative thoughts that normally come up around this time of year.

It would be even better because our family would be there as well and we could start to understand
how important it is to spend time together.

This might look difficult but it is as simple as being with that someone to brighten up their day and

giving them the attention they deserve. Ana Vieira, Mariana Marques, B2.1a

Santa Claus The missing tree

Every year, as usual, Santa goes to a small village to bring presents to It was almost Christmas and everyone had
the children. But this year there was a misfortune: Santa Claus was late, already started decorating the tree with white
and the village children were worried that they had not received the and red baubles and small figures in the nativity
gifts. scene and Santa was already prepared for one
- Where is Santa Claus? One of the village children asked his friends. more year to distribute the presents, but one
"We don't know," they all said in chorus. "Santa hasn't come to our thing was missing in his house, the Christmas
house yet!" Tree. Santa had to find the perfect tree and he
- Santa Claus is late ?! Asked one of the children. went looking for it, riding his sled that was
- How strange, Santa Claus is never late! - Said the other. fuelled by a heard of reindeer and when it had
- Let's meet him at the North Pole! Said a child enthusiastically. enough speed, it took off from Santa’s house,
- Good idea! - Everyone said - Let's go to his house! same time later he found a tree that had the
They said it, they did it! They all went to Santa's house, and when they qualities he wanted, it was big and heavy and
got there they knocked on the door and said: when he finished cutting the tree, he came back
- Santa Claus! It's us, the children from the village. home, prepared the tree for Christmas putting
Santa went to open the door and said: the star on top at last and in the end, it was so
- Enter children, enter. Sorry I got a sick reindeer and had to get bright that it could be seen from space.
another one, I was just going to the village…
- Santa Claus, we didn't know what had happened and we were Afonso Marques B2.1D
worried. - Interrupted the children.
- Now we can all go on my sled to the village! Suggested Santa. The Christmas Pine Tree
- Yes! We were going to love it.
- So let's go! The story goes that on Christmas Eve, next to
They all went to the village, but when they got there they found their the crib, there were three trees: a data palm, an
mothers very worried about their children's disappearance, and about olive tree and a pine tree. When the trees saw
Santa Claus being late. Jesus born, they wanted to offer him a gift. The
"Oh, we forgot to warn our mothers, and they are worried now." olive tree was the first to offer, giving the baby
"Look," said one mother, "aren't those our children and Santa Claus?" Jesus his olives. The date palm then offered her
- Yes! But how are our children with Santa Claus? sweet dates. But the pine, as it had nothing to
- We don't know! offer, was very unhappy.
It was too late, and it was well past time to open the presents.
- We went to see Santa because he was late and we forgot to warn you, Afonso and Vasco B1.1a
sorry! - All the children said, ashamed.
One of the mothers answered:
- Never mind, what matters is that everyone is fine. Let's open the
Santa then gave the presents to the children and promised never to be
late again.

Inês Moutinho B1.2 f

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Codfish is good Boxing Day

Happy is the way we feel when we When is it ?

Receive presents!

In our house we Boxing Day is on the 26th of December and it´s always an
oficial holiday in the United Kingdom as well as in most
Stay with our family Commonwealth countries such as New Zealand, Canada,
Australia and South Africa. In some European countries like
Together around the Christmas tree Germany ,Poland and the Netherlands , it´s celebrated as
a second Christmas day.
Midnight mass is a tradition
There are many different stories as to the origins of
And it’s boring! Boxing day. Some say that the name comes from the habit
that many British bosses had of giving gifts to their
Santa Claus doesn’t exist!!!:( workers after Christmas. However, other people think it
comes from a tradition of donating boxes of food to the
A2.2 Marta Magalhães churches that would then give it to poor people. There is
also the story of a duke, who on a certain day after
Maria Inês Castro Christmas saw someone in the woods chopping trees on
one of his lands. The duke then got some clothes, wine
The impossible present
and food, put it in a box and delivered it to the man´s
Once upon a time, in a village far, far
away, a girl called Diana who lived in an house.
orphanage was looking at the stars imagining how
her life could be different if she had a family. How do you celebrate it ?

Every year, she used to send a letter to There are two ways to celebrate Boxing day: You can go
Santa Claus hoping she could be adopted. This to a British pub and drink some beer or you can go
time, she decided to write a letter again and shopping because it is the beginning of the Winter sales (
asked for a family but she was without hope. All this depends because nowadays sales happen a lot
her friends asked for superfluous things, such as throughout the year !). There is still a football tradition as
toys or clothes and they didn’t get why she there is usually a match on . There is often more than forty
wanted to have parents. For them friends were matches on that day on TV( maybe that´s why going to the
more important than two grumpy parents. But she pub is the option of many ). In Australia there is a big
didn’t think like that, she wanted to feel loved and game of cricket with India. In New Zealand and South
have someone to share her feelings and secrets. Africa there are sports events the whole day.

On Christmas Eve, Diana was waiting What about Portugal?
patiently for Santa. Suddenly, she heard Santa
arriving to the orphanage with his reindeers. She Boxing day in Portugal is just another opportunity to go
sat in the corner of the room watching Santa shopping. Some stores have special sales on this day.
handing out presents to the other children. At the
end, Santa gave her a little box. Diana, opened it, Christmas is coming Tiago
it had a key inside. She was surprised and didn’t It's December Vidoedo
understand what that meant. He grabbed her Christmas is coming
hand and took her to a house lost among the with the streets adorned B1.1f
mountains. for lights to shine
With the gifts underneath
When she opened the door of the house the Christmas tree, and the family
with the key, she saw two lovely parents and a celebrate together
beautiful Christmas tree with colourful baubles. She joyfully
was over the moon and smiled to Santa Claus. When the 24th arrives
gifts will be opened,
After that day, Diana started to believe children smiling
that Christmas Magic is real and what seems from ear to ear!
impossible can actually become true. All we have
to do is to believe it is possible. Ana Filipa Castro, A2.2

Mariana Rocha. Matilde Alves, B2.2B

Bristol School Magazine 2019

The true Christmas spirit isn´t to give but, to share!

You know the smile on your face when you receive a present on the special The first day of Christmas
night of Christmas (true smile or a false one, it is still a smile) some people Was like heaven to me
can´t have the opportunity to have that, and you know it…
I tried to deny
Let me tell you one thing, most of the people think they feel bad for those But it didn´t take that long
people but, they don´t even move a finger to help.
To finally arrive
There are thousands of people you can help; you don´t need to give them
money or food!?You just need to put a smile on those people´s faces…But Th second day of Christmas
How? Two homeless guys passed by

Simple, you just need to give them a present, material or psychological help. And I couldn´t wait
You can also give them presents (toys, clothes…) or just have a special To make them smile.
Christmas dinner with them!
The third day of Christmas
But on Christmas I have dinner with my family ! (you may think) It was already over
I even tried to cry

But I was so happy this time

Beatriz José Pereira B1.1(c)

And you can, but some people don´t have a family to have a meal with and you
can be that “family”!

So, this Christmas it´s up to you if you want to make people smile and be
HEROtheir Christmas !

Helena Rocha A2.2e A Special Guest

Santa Claus : My daily routine on Xmas My story took place last year on the
Eve 24th of December. As usual my parents
and I went to the village to spend
Hello, I´m Santa Claus! Christmas with my grandparents and the
rest of the family. On our way there, we
I´m going to tell you about my daily routine on this special day. I get saw a lot of snow in the mountains and
up at 9 o´clock and have a shower because I sweat a lot! I also get it was very cold. As we got on to the
dressed, have breakfast , make a list of all the people that I´m going highhway towards our destination we
to give presents and onions to. Oh sorry ! I don´t give onions ! And then saw something lying by the roadside.
I read my December calendar, and… OMG It´s the 24th December! We slowed down the car and saw that
it was a dog. It was in danger of being
At midday I have my lunch. I eat chicken, potatoes, codfish, salad and run over. I then asked my dad to stop
more food.I finish my lunch at 2pm because I also sleep during lunch. At the car, after all the poor animal must
4pm I prepare to take the presents, but first I read my list of children have been abandoned. We thought it
and their countries : would be best to take him with us. So we
took him with us to take care of him.
- Yosh = Japan , - Roberto = Italy , - Virginia = Portugal , -
Chicken nuggets… = Fridge ! That night we had a special guest and
we also prepared a special dinner for
Chicken nuggets ! , What ! Sorry ! him. The family decided on a name for
him : It was Nicholas and he has been
And then I go with Rudolph to deliver the presents. At 8pm I arrive part of the family ever since that
home and have dinner. I go to bed at 10 pm and think `Finally, my night…
dream, my bed !`This is my wonderful day , Christmas Eve.
Gonçalo Monteiro B1.1(b)
Joana Branco A2.1(g)

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Hi! My favourite Christmas activities
Top 10
I am an elf of Santa Claus and today I come to tell you
about my daily routine. 1. Tree Lighting Ceremony
Every day, I wake up early for a super-duper fun 2. Doing the Christmas tree
breakfast and party because we're still there. Every 3. Offering presents
day is a party where we go dancing to the factory with 4. Going out with friends
our chubby Santa. 5. Volunteering
In the factory we make the toys (but in a special way): 6. Seeing Christmas movies
we do karaoke and when we sing we start producing 7. Making cookies
the toys. It's fantastic!!! 8. Local Christmas Festival
At lunch we feed on bad emotions so we can get 9. Going ice skating
them out of the world. 10. Family time
We go back to karaoke until dinner comes, where we
eat cookies and milk. Maria Leonor Pinto Guedes B1.2e
At night we go to sleep and Santa snuggles us.
This is the routine of my days. The best Christmas cake in the world

Leandro B1.2 e Ingredients:
6 eggs
This Christmas I hope .... 200 grams of sugar
300 grams of flower
This Christmas I hope for a lot of presents, for me as 150 grams of chocolate
well as for my cousins. 500 grams of love
This Christmas I hope that everyone is happy and in 150 grams of gratitude
good health. 10 hugs
This Christmas I hope everyone fulfills their dreams. Kisses
This Christmas I hope every child has everything that First, you stir the sugar, love and hugs in a
they ask their parents and Santa Claus for. blender until you are sure the mixture is
This Christmas I hope happiness and harmony with homogenous. In another bowl, you whip the
me and my family. egg whites into stiff peaks and while you are
This Christmas I hope that my cousins don´t cry at the doing that you add the yolks. With a wooden
end of the night. spoon you mix the sugar, love and hugs
This Christmas I hope to have great grades at school. mixture with the eggs and stir for about 10
This Christmas I hope that my friends have good minutes. Now you add the flower, chocolate
grades at school too. and gratitude each at a time and little by
This Christmas I hope that all my family could be little. Put it in the oven (that should be pre-
together. heated to 180º) and wait for about 30
This Christmas I hope we can have food and sweets minutes. When it is done, you take it out of
at Christmas dinner. the baking tin and sprinkle it with kisses.

This Christmas I hope, my homework is 100%:) Francisca Ferreira & Duarte Vieira C1.1 a
Henrique Bessa Carvalho A2.2e

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Christmas is coming CHRISTMAS MAGAZINE
and with my family THIS CHRISTMAS I HOPE
I´m going to celebrate!
1. I hope to get airpods
On Christmas Eve 2. I hope to to have a spectacular new year
My family is reunited 3. I hope to have peace
We feel love and not hate 4. I hope to have more friends
5. I hope my family are happy and healthy
In my house, we have a 6. I hope to have my father present at all times in my life
Table full of Christmas sweets 7. I hope to receive money
And Xmas tree is full of presents! 8. I hope to have good moments
And trust me! There´s a lot to eat! 9. I hope to get a new carmex balm
10. I hope my grandfather gets well soon
To all the families
A Merry Christmas A2.1 Ana Sarmento
Full of joy, love and food
Let´s get together
Enjoy these moments
To be in a happy mood!

Santa´s wish list

If I was Santa…

 I would like to have a brand new electronic sled, because my old one makes my reindeer

tired, and I think they deserve to rest;
 I would like to have a new Christmas hat that plays Xmas songs. This would be great

because I would get more excited about doing my work;
 I would like to have a comfortable new uniform, because my old one is quite ugly and I don’t

feel great wearing it;
 Maybe I would like to have new machines to make more toys in less time;
 I really need funnier and more helpful elves to help me with all my work because I am getting

 And since material goods are not everything I would rather bring peace to the whole world;
 I really need a new tablet to put down all the kids’ gifts because I am already a little old and I

might forget someone;
 One of my biggest wishes is to help kids with terminal diseases because I believe that kids

are our future and they keep my name and spirit alive;
 In an ideal world, there wouldn't be any homeless people because everyone has the right to

live in a house and not live on the street.

Ana Luís Palácios,Joana Pereira, Carolina Teixeira,B2.1 e)

What Christmas means to me…
December 25th is a festive day celebrating the birth of Jesus.
Christmas to me means love, peace, happiness and tenderness. It is a special date
that is celebrated every year. It is the time of year when the family gathers, eats
typical food and sweets.
On Christmas Eve, we wait until midnight to open the presents, it's a mysterious
and special day.
It also marks the arrival of the end of the year. For me this is Christmas.

Inês Sofia Correia da Silva A 2.1a

Bristol School Magazine 2019

The perfect Christmas day

Christmas is known for being a season where people get together with their family or friends to celebrate what is
most fundamental around this time of year like love and generosity towards those who need it.

In my point of view, the perfect Christmas day would be spent in a foreign country with my friends. Personally
speaking the ideal destination for such an important holiday would be somewhere like London owing to the variety
of places where we could spend our unique day out.

The best way to start off this wonderful adventure would be by having a delightful brunch while enjoying the view
of the river Thames. After this, we would set off to visit the most iconic places and museums in London such as
Madame Tussauds, where famous wax figures can be seen and where we would certainly take a lot of photos
together to have great memories of this day. Obviously we would have a ride on the famous London Eye and then
before having dinner we would go to the Sky Garden, to enjoy the breath-taking sunset views. For dinner we would
go to the Hard Rock café to rock out to lively music. And to finish our special holiday we would see the gigantic and
amazing Christmas tree in Convent Garden.

Even though all these activities would certainly make this day memorable, the most important thing would be to be
in the company of those we love.

Beatriz Caires, Leonor Lopes, Tatiana Carvalho, B.2.1a

What Christmas means to me

For me, Christmas is a time of fraternity and unity with one another. I
don’t care about the presents, I just want to be with the people I care
most about at Christmas.
I usually spend Christmas only with my grandmother, my great uncle,
and my parents, and I enjoyed seeing my uncles and cousins.
I even like to go to mass, but I wake up too late. I think we should want
peace, and a good Christmas for everyone. I think this is more or less
what I think of Christmas.

Ana Francisca, A2.1b

The most popular gifts to buy for men / women / children / pets:

It is increasingly difficult to choose gifts, because there are more and more choices.
But we have listed some gifts for men, women, children and animals.

For men we choose perfumes, t-shirts, and games, because they like to smell good and
are very basic.

For women we choose make-up, accessories and wallets, because they are so vain.

For children we choose toys and colouring books, because there are a lot of adverts
about these things.

Finally, for pets we choose toys and collars for them to play with their owners.

B1.1 Daniela, Filipa, António

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Codfish is good
Happy is the way we feel when we
Receive presents!
In our house we
Stay with our family
Together around the christmas tree
Midnight mass is a tradition
And it’s boring!
Santa Claus doesn’t exist!!! 

Maria Castro, A2.2

Bristol School Magazine 2019

Let’s have fun!!!

– What’s Christmas? – said the child. In the holiday season:
The mother answers:
– It’s life, hope, … The judge asks the defendant:
– I’m enjoying the conversation, keep
going. – said the turkey. Dear Santa this year I would like to – What are you accused of?

Top 10 Hashtag Xmas activities have a slim body and a fat bank – I’m accused of doing Christmas
#tellchildrenthatsantaisreal account. shopping ahead of time.
#helphomeless P.S.: Don’t change these things like – But this is no crime. How far in
#makechirstmascookies last year. advance?
#mistletoekisses – Before the store opens.
#watchromaticcomediesaboutXmas Afonso Sousa, A2.2e

Leonor Marques B1.2e Answers to jokes: 1 – What’s the best Christmas Present?
1 – A broken drumb – you can’t beat it 2 – Why didn’t the skeleton go to the Christmas
2 – He had no-body to go with party?
3 – The turkey – it’s stuffed 3 – What never eats at Christmas dinner?
4 – He has a black belt! 4 – How do you know Santa is good at karate?
5 – The elf-bet 5 – What do Santa’s little helpers learn at school?
6 – Toy-otas 6 – What type of cars do elves drive?
7 – Elf-is Presley
8 – To the elf center!
9 – He got 25 days!
10 -It's Santa Claus rolling down a


7 – Who is Santa’s favorite singer?

8 – Where does Santa go when he’s sick?

9 – What happened to the man who stole a

Christmas Calendar?

10 - What is red and white and red and white

and red and white?

Rui, Salvador, André A2.2b

Fill in the blanks with the correct words to the
popular Christmas songs

Merry/ Toy/ Snowman/ Shiny/ Way/ Glows/ Happy /
New/ Nose/ Bells/ Open/ Could

Jingle ____________, jingle bells,
Jingle all the ___________!
Oh what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse ___________ sleigh.
Rudolph, the red-________ reindeer

Had a very __________ nose
And if you ever saw it

You would even say it _________
Santa Claus won't make me __________
With a _____________ on Christmas day

I just want you for my own
More than you ___________ ever know

Frosty the __________________
Was a jolly happy soul

Francisca Sousa, Sara Marques, Victoria Oliveira,A2.2

Bristol School Magazine 2019

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